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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Candy Stroker Part 5: Another Big Step For Me

first-time Paddler 2018-11-26

Then, just as the guy reached the door, Brad broke the kiss and said, ‘If you weren’t a liar, you’d be enjoying Lois’s incredible body tonight and again and again. “June, you...I wasn’t sure if you’d like it with a girl.” She spread my lips with her fingers and I opened my legs for her, eater to learn to make love to a beautiful woman. “Well, she told me that if we weren’t at her job, she’d tell me a really hot story about what she did to a guy by wearing a huge girdle that covered her whole body. “Well, Lois wanted to tell me what she’d done with this guy who’d lied to her, told her he wasn’t married.

3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 3)

first-time CocoKissX 2018-11-26

I got up off the bed and Brandon came back into the room to see if I was okay then Tay noticed that it was a light, quarter sized amount of blood on the bed. We discussed things I was thinking about like me loosing my virginity to him and how he didn't know that the other guys were going to try to fuck me, but he said he kept checking in to make sure I wasn't doing anything I didn't want to do. We stopped half way then he ask me do I know my way to my place, I did and I felt safe because there were a lot of lights so he gave me a hug said and told me to text him when I got in then we went are separate ways.


first-time lilmissstickykiss 2018-11-25

“Now I can't say that it don't do me a world of good to hear a young man like yourself telling me sweet things but like I said, once you had yourself a younger girl you'll forget all about Mama Kate. Now I don't mean to presume anything so please...” Ms. Kate lifted her dress and pulled down her under things and showed me her naked ass along side Catherine's, “...please spank us both and then you need to fuck us.” I stood looking at both there naked arses and Ms. Kate said again, “Now Master Reece, don't hesitate, spank us hard and then fuck us.

Virgin Girlfriend Fucked In All Styles

first-time bava12 2018-11-25

When ever I get a chance I used to press her boobs and fingered her pussy so many times. Then lifted one of her leg and pushed my dick into her pussy and started to fuck her. After 15mins of hard fucking, i was about to come and she told me to cum on her boobs. In bathroom she gave me blowjob by which my dick became rock hard again.I made her in doggy style and entered my dick from backside into pussy.In that style I fucked very hardly.So moaning like hell. In kitchen I first made to sit on shelf like structure and fucked her from front.While fucking her I was holding and pressing her boobs very hard.

Sarahs first facial

first-time eroticwriter 2018-11-25

Sunday afternoon, while watching CNN, there was a story about women being arrested for soliciting sex for money on Craig’s List.  It instantly struck me that this might be an interesting way to find someone who’d be up for giving a random girl a facial.  I was familiar with the mindset of the people who tend to use CL for casual sexual encounters, and thought to myself, this might make for an interesting way to find someone.  I started reading through some of the ads on CL and decided that this would be a good option to explore.  I had to figure out how to do it without compromising my identity, where I live, etc.  I made the wild decision to just ask a guy to do me in an alley not too far from where I live.  I didn’t care who he was or what he looked like, I just needed someone with a cock who wanted to cum on a girl’s face.


Summer Trucker

first-time Simonize 2018-11-25

"Ok Mike nice to meet you as well however since I am only 31 years old you better stop calling me ma'am and calling me Lila or I am gonna throw your ass out of my truck." She said grinning. She moved up my body stroking my cock with her hand kissing me deeply her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I took her nipple in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it, circling the hard nubbin of flesh as Lila started to really get moving on my cock. I watched in shock thinking I did something wrong as she got on her hands and knees and grabbed my cock again placing it at her pussy entrance again she screamed, "RAM ME NOW!!!"

Her first erotic encounter

first-time TheCritic 2018-11-25

I let my hand slide down her beautiful body, tracing a line with my fingers. It felt velvety soft, and by the way she began grinding her hips in time with my hand, she was enjoying the new feeling. She continued rocking in time with my hand, and making these little moans into my ear. She was thrusting her hips into my hand forcefully, and her breath was coming in little pants. When her moans stopped, I tried to withdraw my hand, but every time I moved it she would shudder again and let out a little moan. You had me feeling so good, and I love you so much I didn't care if it hurt a little." Her voice trailed off at the end.

Last girl in her class

first-time Bethan 2018-11-25

James quickly moved his hand away, thinking he'd offended her, ‘No silly that was lovely,’ Beth whispered between their kissed. Still kissing her, James put his hand into his trousers and pulled his hard cock out of his shorts. Beth wrapped her fingers around his cock and moved her hand slowly up and down as her friends had talked about. Suddenly James’s hold body went rigid, he let out a deep moan and she felt his cock almost jump out of her hand. He pushed his hips hard into her open legs, she felt his balls bump against her and their pubic hair press and catch, and then as he let out a deep groan, his cum filled her pussy.

A Great Day Out

first-time sexslave69 2018-11-25

I look closer and realise that she isn't wearing a bra. But I don't want romance, not when Emily looks like this. As she drives us back to her place, I can't help but notice her amazing tits bouncing up and down with the soft suspension of the car. Emily edges so close that her body is right up against mine, and slowly kisses me on the lips. I can feel her nipples harden as she gets more turned on, and I stop kissing her to slowly raise the top over her head and off her body. I sneak my hand slowly up the inside of her leg until I am inches away from her mini-skirt.

Dream Two

first-time 1941aaa 2018-11-25

Tremors ran all through my body at having the first man ever to kiss my cock and gave out a gasp as he took the head into his mouth and felt his tongue move over the exposed flesh. It wasn’t long before his fingers were digging into my hips as he pulled me back onto his thighs at his forward thrusting, ramming his thighs up to my bum as he neared his peak and then he gave out a groan as he held me tight to him and felt his cock head jump about as he started to come into the condom.

The Night's Not Over Yet

first-time Arcane 2018-11-25

An hour passed as I continued to chat to my friends, Sophie in my arms smiling shyly when I said something funny. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Sophie remove her flannel shirt and pull her tank-top over her head. Sophie sat next to my body and inspected my semi-erect cock that was slowly stiffening in the cool air. Sophie wrapped her hands around the base of my cock as she held the head in her mouth, circling and flicking it with her tongue. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down against the lips of Sophie's pussy. As I continued to enter her, Sophie raised her legs towards her hips so that she looked like a frog ready to spring.

Katie and her Landlord (Part 1)

first-time kaylane88 2018-11-25

“Please, please don’t stop, sir!” She’d never been fucked with three fingers before, let alone a cock, but the way Mr. Carl slammed her into the table was unexpectedly driving her insane. “That’s my good little girl.” Mr. Carl drew his fingers out, quickly shoving them in Katie’s mouth, watching her hungrily lick the cum off this time, a far cry from the tentative girl he’d watched earlier. Katie didn’t realize that it aroused Mr. Carl even more to treat her like a dirty slut by forcing her to pick up her clothes off the floor and head back to her apartment naked with his cum dripping out of her.

From Friends to lovers

first-time NeedSomeLove87 2018-11-25

I gripped the counter with my free hand, bit my lower lip and felt my arousal turn to frustration. “Well, it’s kinda personal,” Jenny said as her eyes traced a few stray beads of water travel down my chest. Jenny finally broke the kiss and for a moment it felt like I had woken from a sweet dream, as cool air filled the space where her mouth once met mine. Slowly, Jenny peeled my hands off her breasts and placed them on her firm, toned ass. My fingers instinctively squeezed and kneaded her round, buxom bottom and I felt Jenny shudder as she assaulted my mouth and her tongue slithered across my lips like a slick, pink serpent.

Teens experience first time while parents are away

first-time Billyb97 2018-11-25

Lauren glanced at John and saw that his recent workouts had his body in good form and his cock must have grown, because it looked nearly 8 inches and thick. As soon as Lauren's bra hit the floor John started to decisively suck, bite and pinch hard at Lauren's nipples making her moan in pleasure. Slowly John started kissing down her stomach and once he reached the waistband of Lauren's pants, he ripped them off her with intent. John started with missionary and pounded Lauren's tight virgin pussy with his cock. Lauren's orgasm started to build until she was pushed over the edge when John pressed all of his engorged manhood into her.

For the first time

first-time sexyguy1989 2018-11-25

We began to kiss passionately and I ran my hands up her slender tan body. Rachel leans over softly and kisses my lips again. This time she works her way down my body and unzips my shorts to reveal my boxers. She works quickly to help me become erect and soon begins to suck my hard long shaft. I react by kissing her lips and working my way back down her body.Rachel’s mound is soaking wet and burning for attention. She looks down at me and smiles as I begin to work deeper into her vagina. Now Rachel and I are completely naked ready to indulge in the full pleasures of each other’s bodies.

Alone In My Room

first-time kittylikeslicklick 2018-11-25

He wrapped his mouth around a spot just above my vagina and I could feel his tongue moving around again and then I felt like he found a tickle spot because every touch his tongue gave me on what must be my clit, recieved a forceful kick in the air, and then I couldn't stop kicking because he didn't stop licking. I felt the tongue move up my stomach and then his hands pulled at my shirt, pulling it over my head, and then like the curious man he was, he lifted my bra ever so slightly to peek down at my breasts.

You little dirty young man...

first-time krad 2018-11-25

My purpose wasn’t to enter any of these bars or clubs, but to stand on the street and take some hot photos. So I took a lot of photos of those women who have sexy asses. I stared at her butt, she had a very firm, sexy ass and her black thong was showing through her white trousers. I started to follow this very sexy lady, and started taking photos of her butt. “You dirty little boy, you were taking photos of my ass? And I’m sure that it’s got hard for quite a long time. What in front of me was a sexy hot ass with a black lace thong. “You little liar, I don’t believe that it’s your first time,” she smiled.

Excerpts From My Inexperience – The First Time I Had An Orgasm

first-time Shylass 2018-11-25

More kneading, getting harder; my fingers had developed a rhythm, rolling sideways from the third finger to the middle finger to the forefinger to the third finger to the middle finger… I had found (without realizing what it was) what I now know was the ugly-named clitoris, which I have given a new name (I’ll tell you later)… fingers rolling sideways from the third finger to the middle finger to the forefinger to the third finger to the middle finger… and now a new progression – still with the rolling, my wrist began to play too, making a stirring motion as my fingers rolled, so I was constantly fingering my whole sensitive area around my… I told you, I’ll tell you the name later… I began to roll my hips in a circling motion too, every down movement of my fingers resulted in an up movement of my hips, to the point where I thought to myself I must be quiet or I would be heard.

I Lost It

first-time ljpsstuff 2018-11-25

One day, I was confiding in another person that lived in Marvelle's Boarding House that I really wanted to get to know Kesia, when he suddenly cleared his throat and nodded in the direction behind me. She was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. She sat there holding my wee wee for a few minutes, and to her delight it stayed hard enough to punch holes through a car door. On the way back, I was told by Kesia she had paid our bail by having, "a little fun with the nice officers." Kesia's face lit up with a broad smile when her hand felt my problem start to grow under her hand that was resting in my lap.


The Best Day of my Life

first-time Marethyu53 2018-11-25

Mackenzie pressed her head against my chest as we both watched Ana waving off family with her boyfriend Max. I felt Mackenzie’s blond hair in my hands while she looked up and smiled at me. Mackenzie leaned back as my left hand found her breast while the right reached down into her jeans and felt a pussy for the very first time. "Dirty enough to do this," I answered, my mouth returning to her pussy while my right hand jabbed a finger into Mackenzie’s butt hole. Mackenzie gasped and I grabbed her hair, pulling on it a little, wrapping my hands through it while I began to pump my dick in and out this goddess’s ass.

The Girl's Plan: Part I

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-25

On their own, however, Valerie and Aria liked to talk about boys, sex, clothes and who was fucking whom at school, generally regular teenage girl stuff. John is holding his magazine pretending to read, but Valerie’s body, her swaying hips, her slim waist and her long wet lustrous hair transfix him. The next day John arranges three jet skis and when the girls arrive Valerie is dressed in very cute tan short shorts that are body hugging and make her rounded firm bum look amazing. John tries to convince Valerie to go on a jet ski alone, but she wants to try it together with him to start, as she’s a little nervous.

Bev's Golden Boy

first-time Rotsen 2018-11-25

With her head on his chest she wanted to play with his balls and cock but didn’t want to upset his sleep so she ran her hand up inside his thigh and tucked it in along his groin. Mike gripped her even tighter, covering her mouth with his hand and pulling her back against his chest as her body stiffened, jerked once then twice and settled back against him breathing hard with her heart pounding in her chest. She lifted her head off his cock and went back to stroking it and after a while she could tell he was ready to cum again so she worked as feverishly as she could until the last moment when she covered the swollen head again with her mouth.

Stumbled Upon

first-time sexharvester 2018-11-25

Well they did Sophie engaged me in a deep French kiss, while Izzy began to suck my cock, the way her tongue flicked its sensitive tip drove me wild. While, I did this Sophie straddled me taking my cock deep inside me and started to bounce up and down. As I did so Izzy worked full throttle on my cock; I was soon hard again, and when she was satisfied with the length see glided it into her very wet pussy, and she proceeded to give me one hell of a deep, hard fuck. The lights dimmed further, and as they did so Sophie slipped my cock into her Pussy, and we both started to thrust slowly.

Scott - Michelle and Amber

first-time Satyr 2018-11-25

I backed up a couple of steps because Michelle charged me with that shirt that damn sure looked like it was about fly off the front of her tits any second and she leans in close and says, “It’s in my bedroom.” I guess I had thought with her layin’ back in the closet with her legs open wide, her shirt up and her boobs hangin’ out and her pink little pussy soaked and open like that, well, seemed only reasonable that we were gonna fuck. Amber don’t want a guy who is shy and inexperienced and fuckin’ Michelle was pretty much all the experience I could ask for. “So Michelle says you helped her hook up her stereo.” Amber said with a knowing little smirk.