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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

For Lane Ch. 02

first-time averyjames 2018-08-18

Avery then told her of how he would pull her across the hot tub and grip her throat, while kissing and sucking his way down her body and finally bending her over the edge and taking her sweet and tight virginity. After regaining her breath she climbed off of him, standing over his body in a sort of split and pulled out his cock, telling Avery, "Its your turn now." She bent down and began taking all six inches of Avery into her mouth, sucking his cock so tight and wet that Avery could hardly believe she wasn't a professional.

getting off at work part 3

first-time hornymilf37 2018-08-18

David sat back on his heels and looking her directly in the eye, pushed her knees apart, giving him full access to her aching pussy.  He looked down at her dripping sex, a small, close-cropped triangle of hair hiding her throbbing wet clit and murmured something Rachel couldn't quite hear.  He reached to spread those swollen lips and dipped two of his fingers inside her at the same time as he leaned forward to catch her left nipple in his teeth.  Rachel tried to keep quiet, but her breathing was heavy and she let out a low moan as his fingers curled up to find her g-spot.  She leaned into his hand between her legs and gasped as his thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing in a circular motion.  She was getting close to an orgasm, David could tell, so he added a third finger into her pulsing pussy while kissing up her neck to her open mouth and squeezing her breast with his free hand. 

the doctor

first-time binympho 2018-08-18

After sniffing it a few times, my mother said: "Oh honey, your pussy smells pretty strong, I think you might need to set an appointment with my gynecologist, Doctor Sandeeb for this. Doctor Sandeeb while still hungrily glancing at my pussy, smiled and said: "Nancy, I'm happily surprised, it's very good that you went without underwear today, it shows you're proud of your sexuality and of being a woman, and that you're not afraid of how your pussy smells to others." Looking at my mother, then glancing at my rectum, he quickly inserted a finger inside me, then pulled it out, smelling it and tasting it while I was still recovering from my orgasm he said: "Yes you're right Kathy, she's definitely clean now, but before the procedure it was quite horrible, yes every 2 weeks will do perfectly!

Dasha's Training

first-time sleakstryder 2018-08-18

She loved it all - the way his body covered hers, the way his arms rested on her back, his hands going through her hair, the way he lightly rubbed the ring of her anus, the way he pulled her hair to bring her lips to his and kiss and tongue her pretty mouth while he slid a little more of his big shaft into her, the way he pushed his middle finger between her pouty lips and fucked her mouth with it. He ached to have her delicate tongue dancing along his shaft, her sweet princess lips kissing his full, heavy, swollen balls, to feel her licking up from his hardness along his taut belly to his nipples, which she'd suck as she gripped his large cock with both hands and jacked him off.

Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 03

first-time EnvywithJadee 2018-08-18

Cassie poked her head around the two perfectly placed trees and saw that her side of the ceremony was nearly empty; the weathered benches, made to look old, had only two filled while Sean's was nearly full. When it came time for their first dance, Sean kept Cassie close, letting her feel him through his tuxedo, wanting her to know just how much he loves her and needs her. Sean wasn't a country fan, preferring his old rock and hard rock, but he loved the way Cassie's eyes had lit up when she heard this song on the compilation cd made for wedding music. He bit her lip, tugging the soft skin into his mouth, and held her hands above her head, roughly pumping into her, loving the way she cried against his mouth with each hard thrust.


first-time Saskilka 2018-08-17

Mike had resumed stroking her back as they kissed and Jo was loving the feel of his hands as they brushed the sides of her breasts, and turned a little to the side as he was about to reach there again so that this time he ended up with her full tit cupped in his hand. As he was spending time playing with her tits he slowly moved one of his hands down his stomach till he reached her pussy and lightly ran his hands along her pussy, feeling how wet she was, making her cry out a little in pleasure.

My Girlfriend's s****r

first-time moneysex23 2018-08-17

"Mark, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong and how someone like Steven can be so intimate with me one minute and then just call things off the next?" "Doesn't sex mean anything anymore in relationships?" "Amy, no one said life is easy, but everyone separates sex from love to some degree." I was trying to be a good guy. "OH that's it Amy, that's it you fucking cunt, take that cock, cum you weak bitch." I reached up towards her neck and gently wrapped my hand around her neck. "That's it, that's it Mark fucking cum." Amy said. You've got to learn the difference between emotions and sex," I continued, "We're only doing this until you don't get attached to guys your having sex with right."

True Love

first-time toast37 2018-08-17

However, the day before I was going to, Sally came bouncing up to me in the hall between classes with a huge smile on her face. Sally then told me all that we needed to do was get me a date, and the four of us could go to prom together. Looking out my window, I saw Sally getting out of her prom dates car, looking really pissed. "Yeah," I said, once again feeling that pain inside as I was reminded that I could never have the woman I loved. I never dated in high school, hoping one day that Sally would start to feel for me the way I felt for her.

Good Girl Gone Better

first-time luv2sedcwife 2018-08-17

I knelt in front of her and shoved my cock into her throat and started to fuck her mouth while Sean began pounding this petite, young, innocent wife while his hands roamed all over her body grabbing her curved hips pulling her into him pounding her body as hard as he could with out coming himself. Another first was Kim riding Sean through another wet orgasm while Mike got behind her shoving his hard cock deep between her ass cheeks double penetrating her and eventually unloading a hot load of cum into her nether regions at the same time sperm was being deposited into in her overly used cunt.

I Never Knew Her Name

first-time Many Feathers 2018-08-17

For the first time I gazed into those cobalt blue eyes, feeling when I did that I would surely turn to stone as her look held me in place. "My folks are building a cabin about a half mile away from here." She seemed to accept that answer as truth at least, and then surprised me as she rolled over sitting up, though she did draw her knees towards her chest effectively concealing herself from my prying gaze. I heard her laugh, though I didn't look immediately into her eyes this time, still gazing at those rock hard swollen nipples. Let me start things off here." More than happy to oblige her, though I felt remorse at actually having to take my hands off those luscious breasts, I placed myself next to her on the ground.

Tennis Camp Ch. 03

first-time Strawberry_2051 2018-08-17

Jeannie slowly pulled away from me, went over to where Tom and Elle were slow dancing, and asked to break in. She just smiled, shrugged her shoulders, and said something to Tom. The last thing I saw before Becky closed the door behind us was Jeannie placing her leg over Tom's while they sat on the couch, with Elle looking on in total shock. Let's dance a little bit to get past this tension in the room, do our kiss, and then we can talk about tennis." Becky seemed happy with that plan. At one point we slowed down a little to catch our breaths, and Becky said, "I've never done this dry hump thing before.

My First Mature

first-time Big_Young_COCK1 2018-08-17

The hole ride home we were kissing and touching , we finally got back to her house her k**s was spending the night with there dad so we could be as loud as we liked we went straight to the bedroom i started stripping her down whilst kissing her neck , i slowly moved my tongue down her chest whilst running my hand up her inner thigh , i started licking her clit while fucking her with my fingers she was screaming so loud and scratching away at the top of my back thats when she came all over my hand and chin i pulled her closer and slipped my big hard cock up her wet pussy and fucked her as hard as i could , she then rolled me over and took control she gave me the best ride of my life making me cum over and over again.

yo Hetero con gay en la playa

first-time esunsecretoo 2018-08-17

LA playa es entera nudista, con 4 metros de arena en su parte mas ancha y 2 en la más estrecha, con mini calas al final, donde hay que llegar nadando o destrepando por las paredes. había un hombre, rubio (diría que teñido) unos 30 y muchos, muy fuerte, fibrado más bien, moreno (quemado) de piel con gafas de sol blancas. Ahora veo un poco más lejos a un viejo con gafas de culo de vaso, no se si se está tocando o no, pero yo me he puedto cachondo, no me lo puedo creer. EStá muy cerca, el agua por las rodillas, me salgo otro poco hacia la orilla,.. El viejo sigue ahí, ahora lo noto porque está a medio metro con su polla en la mano.


My First Fuck

first-time acamstar 2018-08-17

First, I dripped some of it onto his cock, and slowly licked it off. Then I dripped a little more onto him, and licked up in a straight line, from his balls up to the head of his stiff cock. but I was so wet that he slid right in, and I didn't feel any pain at all. A few seconds later, I came a second time, grabbing my boyfriend tightly while the waves of pleasure rushed through my body. After coming twice, I was a little drained, so I stopped grinding, and caught my breath. In fact, he could only stand it for a couple of minutes before I felt his cock grow even bigger, and then start to pulsate inside me.


first-time 8075brownsugar 2018-08-17


Rainy Night in the Car

first-time David320 2018-08-17

Me and David my best friend with the hot girlfriend went back to the parking lot on the way there Kelly told David she had to be home early and would have to take her own car. I saw this as my opportunity to move in on her I told Kelly I would be coming back by here and could bring her back to her car since I would be leaving at 10 p.m. My best friend David said it was good idea he trusted me with Kelly. Soon she started to move her hand closer to my cock while I was driving I felt it getting hard and pulled off the road onto a dirt road and stopped the car.


first-time 2018-08-17

My fingers come up and spread her moist-hot lips open and I start to put my tongue inside and use it to slowly fuck her. I slowly thrust, pushing myself deep, all the way to the base of my cock, as if there is something down in there that my cock needs to feel. Emmie is beginning to breath a little harder, and she starts grinding her hips into mine. I'm feeling this down deep in my balls, but I know I have to hold out because I really want her to cum all over my cock. "...oh!" Her face is contorted into painful looking expressions as I feel a sudden flood of hot,wet heat all around my cock.

First Time Swinging

first-time Ricohxxx 2018-08-17

Shudders shooting thru my body as I feel the soft warm touch of his hand again stroking my other leg. I try to push the cock out my mouth hoping that Rich will take the hint but instead I feel it being thrust deeper in my mouth AAARRRGGGHHH!! Trying my hardest to fight my gagging reflexes as Rich is slowly sliding his cock in my mouth... Another hand stroking the side of my face so softly I can just about feel his touch, as a finger strokes around my lips then slides his finger inside my mouth. I feel the silky blindfold slide away from my face as I look up and see Rich looking down smiling at me losing myself in the depths of his hypnotic eyes.

A Random Night Out

first-time isabellejennings 2018-08-17

The taxi stopped at the end of Donna's street and we all took turns in paying our share, Donna skipped off in front with Danny, while Ben all of a sudden grabbed me and kissed me hard. I felt a sudden hot rush between my legs as he kissed me strong and hard wrapping his tongue around mine, I couldn't catch my breath. I spread my legs open so he could position himself between them, bringing my hands down so I could spread myself apart, He slide his tongue over my lips and gently took long slow licks over the whole of my vagina making me shiver and groan. Licking my finger I slid it over my harden clit and rubbed light and fast as he kept on fucking me, as soon I started I could feel the familiar rush deep inside.

My First Black Cock

first-time DeborahAnne 2018-08-17

It was early afternoon and as I was not working that day, I was in no hurry, actually I was taking my time standing in the corner with two shower heads combining their spray I had worked up a lather of soap on my 7.5 inch cock and was slowly working my way to an orgasm when this nice black man that I knew came in to the shower area and asked if he could join me? He smiled and said if I wanted I could lick it right from his cock, so I dropped my head down looking up into his eyes and took his beautiful cock into my mouth, I was amazed at how soft and silky his cock was as I sucked on him.

Jane's First Time

first-time xorirot 2018-08-17

"Why don't you feel for your self?" Conner says as he slowly moves my hand from his thigh to his now rock hard cock. "Jane, are you sure you want to do this?" Conner asked as I crawled on to my bed and pulled him on along with me. Here Conner looked up at me his eyes begging me to say something...anything...just to let him know I was okay with what was going on. After the most tender kiss and caress of my cheek with his warm, powerful hand, Conner slowly ran both hands down my throat, over my bare shoulders and across my me breasts for the first time.

First time sex..

first-time SerenaGold 2018-08-17

As I got up from the couch, my hard-on was even more pronounced having watched Diana's reaction to all the scenes we had just witnessed as well as my now-burning desire to see what she was hiding under her scant clothing! Diana asked as I got up from the couch, "Do you like the movie so far?" Diana replied, "Yea, you know mom gets mad at me when I come out of my room in my usual bedtime clothes. Diana replied, "Because I'm curious, and I want to know what a man thinks and feels about those things. While the movie was still playing in the background, Diana then swallowed my cock once again - only this time, she wanted to make me cum!

My X-Wifes Trip to the Mall

first-time hanou65 2018-08-17

I do a little shopping picking out a new bra and panty set and was looking for a dress to go with it. There were two guys sitting on either side of me and two in front of me and I started to feel a little uncomfortable in this situation since I was fully aware of what they were going for. The guy under the table pushed my dress up and started to finger my pussy. I looked at the k** sucking on my pussy and said so are you going to lick me all day or are you going to fuck me! He pushed his cock in my pussy and started pumping away fast and hard while my tits were receiving ample attention from 2 other young men.

The Camping Trip Ch. 01

first-time spaldan 2018-08-17

Between the sight of Jackie giving Brian a blowjob and the sight of Megan in a bikini crouched in front of me watching them, I popped an instant and almost painfully hard erection. "Jackie told me that she and Brian had oral sex before, but the way they acted, they must be doing it all the time," Megan whispered quietly. "Of course, I mean Rob is great, but I feel like you and I are better friends," Megan whispered with a smile. I was thinking to myself that Jackie probably did have to pee and we would look like idiots if Brian caught us sneaking after them, when I almost plowed into Megan from behind in the darkness.