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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time crazyxxxcash 2018-08-17

While Shawn had all the cock a woman could ever want, he didn’t even come close to being the full size man that Mark was…strong arms, big chest, chiseled face and manly size. Shawn had his hands wrapped around his dick by this point and looked for a moment like he might start jerking off, but he didn’t…and all at once, he bent over and pulled his pants up. Mark was sitting on the couch with Shawn, both watching TV, when Angie strolled into the living room buck naked, her fat body quivering all over…her mammoth tits bouncing and warbling from side to side with every step.

Secret Hunger

first-time AdamZasse 2018-08-17

Clare, still a little frightened of scaring her friend away, gently placed her hands on Emily's hips, under the hem of her baby doll. "Believe me; I've wanted to touch you for years, even back in high school." Clare said, still holding Emily's breasts. Clare looked into the eyes of her friend and lowered her head until her face was practically touching Emily's left breast. Emily lowered her hands still further until she was able to lift the hem of the baby doll and pull it off over Clare's head. By the time Clare had rolled all the way over, flat on her back, Emily's hand had moved up her leg until she was almost touching her pussy.

Dorm Room Ch. 03

first-time BradsBabygirl 2018-08-17

Then as he felt her body jerking wildly at his touch, he increased the speed of and firmness of his tongue over her clit and sucked it deep and hard into his mouth, curling a couple of fingers and shoving them inside her tightness. Working both her tight fuckholes as his tongue continued working her clit over, Brad gained momentum by shaking his head between her thighs, grinding his nose and tongue and lips over her delicious cunt until he felt her body begin to spasm beneath him. Each of them was experiencing the most intense orgasm of their young lives, and as Brad forced his cock all the way inside her to release every last drop of hot, white lava, he felt Belinda's fingernails digging into the flesh of his rump, holding him against her.

Anonymous Lover

first-time CattySwinger 2018-08-17

But the right moment might not be with your future husband or wife, it could just be a one night stand that you remember for the rest of your life. Slowly and cautiously I reached up under my short black skirt, I pulled down at my light pink thong and started to slide it down my body. I have a sleek, smooth body, dark skin and deep green eyes. I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out from the sensation of my body colliding with three feet of metal, or my clitoris convulsing with pleasure. His hands roved my body hungrily, his lips crashed against my skin. I stared at it for a moment, and wondered silently how to put it inside me.

A Well-Learned Lesson

first-time leslamya 2018-08-17

They finish factoring about an hour later & Mrs. James offers Sara refreshment. Her & Sara sit & enjoy their refreshments for a while when Mrs. James goes to close the blinds. Sara can't help but look at Mrs. James. Soon, Mrs. James begins to notice Sara's curiosity & approaches. Jesse lays Sara down on the desk & then undoes her bikini top. Sara moans with at the pleasure of having her teacher's tongue down her throat. Sara & Jesse both wet & moaning. Jesse then removes Sara's pants & underwear. She slides her tongue in, slowly at first, letting Sara treasure the moment. Jesse begins to hump Sara & then places the other end of the vibrator in herself.

The Defiant One

first-time PredatorSmile 2018-08-17

Amy Stuart is this girl I met in my first day at the school. Magnus was this young man I met during my junior year of college. We're talking about a guy who walked into a women's studies class and called them a bunch of man-hating bitches who needed to find a new hobby. Magnus was making out with this tall, good-looking black man named Eric. The guy took both men and women to his bed and didn't care to hide it from the world. I had acted without thinking and ended up in bed with a handsome man who was a great lover but wrong for me in so many levels.

Old lady next door

first-time tawazz 2018-08-17

This storie happen to me 2weeks ago I was just sitting out side one morninn just enjoying the little bit of sun we got until winter is here cold I was alone in the back garden in my shorts no t shirt and next door was a lady doing here flowers I could hear her sing harming doing stuff in here back garden she didn't know I was there cause she alway has a storie or two is she find someone to talk to plus she is not like most older ladie her body scream fuck me but I never get any chance because she was older than me I didn't talk to here that much she lived alone sometime she goes to see here grand k**s or on holiday

from hitch hikeing in NB to out & about in LaS

first-time fraterrobert 2018-08-17

so it got easier to spot which cars are pulled in hopeing to score some m4m quikie delights..,I noticed a 30ish looking very nervous to be parked in a spot known for m4m quikie fun..I decided to get my friends pom pom dog & walk her in the park starting near this man's car., to see what happens.. I opened with " I wasn't sure if you were lost & figureing directions, or taking a needed break , with all the cars that pull in either here or the other side of the soccer field with the paved parking lot.but you seem to look like you are in need of help."" He still hadn"t replied, so I added, Any thing I caan hellp you with, and he asked me if I was a good listener & really open minded, Absolutely I replied, He was looking at the little Pom , & I sug I take him home first, & he seemed relieved.

Rough blowhob with black milf

first-time 2018-08-17

I told her that I didn't have any cash on me, she looked at me and said well can you give me a lift i can pay you if you want ;) I questioned as to why she doesn't just get a taxi she told me I wouldn't be paying you in that kind of way ;) So I'm sat here and told her to get in, as she walked in front of my car I could see she was wearing a pair of red boots with a long leather coat, which had my imagination running wild.

Under Mr. Nolan's Bed Ch. 05

first-time Selena_Kitt 2018-08-17

That hot tingly feeling started between my legs as I watched, remembering Mr. Nolan's hand in my hair as he shoved himself to the back of my throat like the guy on the screen. It felt so good, too good to stop, and the minute I got lost in the darkness, I heard everything more clearly—the movie in the background, the soft sounds of lust, Mr. Nolan's hand moving up and down his shaft and the wet sound of my fingers between my lips. "Whoa," he whispered, breaking our kiss, as I spread my legs wide and pressed the head of his cock against my pussy, right there, the place where I knew he could slide inside.

Lonely Babe Took My Virginity

first-time Ms Black 2018-08-17

'Looks like you need to feel someone close as well.' She said breaking the kiss and it was then I realised that I had just pressed my hard-on into her belly. Just when I thought my arm would stretch no more, I felt damp hairs, then my fingers slipped over smooth wet skin. I wondered briefly if I should be doing some more groaning myself, but I decided against it, weaving my finger around the knobbly flesh inside her vagina, exploring its tightness and wondering what it would feel like to have those taught muscles straining against my cock, rather than my thin finger. I grabbed her hips and pushed hard into her as I came, I just wanted to feel my cock inside her, deep inside her.

gary and I spending the night at my house

first-time dusty48180 2018-08-17

My b*****r Dan came downstairs and I thought oh shit he is going to fuck up my chances with Gary. I went over and laid on the floor next to him and lifted his cock to my lips and sucked in about 3 inches and sucked it good for about 1 minute. he sucked for a minute and i told him i was going to cum and he pulled off real quick and let go of my cock so I jerked it myself til I came. He went back up stairs and later that night I was sucking his cock again and Gary turned me over and fucked my face.

All Grown Up Ch. 03

first-time simply_cyn 2018-08-17

She tried to turn her head to catch his lips as he kissed away her tears, feeling somewhat foolish about admitting everything she had ever wanted to him but at the same time, she was just glad that he had accepted her heart with gentle hands. Amanda lifted up carefully, trembling as Ryan's fingers pulled his boxers down and then as she lowered once more, the wetness of her lips splitting over each side of his cock, covering him in moist heat, she could hear him groan with pleasure. Amanda trembled in his arms, feeling him push up and down along her slit, the head of his cock bumping into her engorged clit time and again, causing her to whimper with need even though she didn't really know what it was that she wanted.

My Female Day

first-time pillow 2018-08-17

This process again turned me on a lot and I barelly managed not to play with my newly shiny vagina and penis. After that I took some hand lotion, applied it to a tampon so it doesn't hurt, and showed the tampon into my vagina. The blow job turned me on and I started masturbating my vagina with the smaller dildo. I kept blowing on the huge dildo and playing with my vagina with the smaller one. Soon I felt I'm close so I left the huge dildo and took a glass of cum that I prepared the day before and kept it in the frige. With one hand I kept pushing and pulling the dildo from my vagina and I in the other I hold the glass of cum.

Wife During Our Vacation

first-time altaff143 2018-08-17

After applying certain oil and hot massage again he bent my wife’s leg and this time it was folded beyond 110 degrees and she was calm.Karthick : See madam now I completely folded your leg and you could feel no pain.Revathi : It is amazing and thank you so much . But as per the terms I had with karthcik I can’t do anything and was waiting patently for my wife to say NO.Karthick lustily stealing a look at my wife’s big breast and with the ointment he started massaging her boobs .his massaging where from lower part of the breast to moves to the upper part..

Teaching Tara: Part I: The kiss

first-time jessiikt 2018-08-17

I walked in and found Mr Tanner leaning on the counter drinking a beer. “I’m sorry Tara, I gave it to your dad a few weeks ago when he was locked out, and he didn’t return it, but stay a while until he gets home, you know you’re always welcome. “Tell me Tara, don’t be afraid, you can tell me anything” I hesitated a few seconds then quietly said “I’ve never had a date or a kiss Mr. Tanner. If I was them I’d want to be the boy who got to show you how to kiss.” He said. Boys like to French kiss, that’s when they put their tongue in your mouth, and you rub tongues, then put your in their mouths”.


first-time drew1207 2018-08-17

Allison loved to tease boys online, posting Kyle stepped in the house and Allison closed the door smooth faced young boy with the defined chest muscles Allison and Kyle entered her room, a definite girl's smooth bare teen girl breast skin rubbing gently the feel of the boy's bare chest pressed so close Allison placed her hand on Kyle's firm abdomen them Kyle gasped as he felt the girl's hand wrapped around a fear every boy has, Kyle began to fidget with his Allison now knew what she could do for a boy. fucked by a boy in her own bed and loving every second By now, Allison had her arms wrapped around the boy's Kyle and Allison knew

The Village 8: Emotions

first-time catherine-belmont 2018-08-17

Hands held her legs apart as Raisa shivered when the fingers moved closer to her sex, already ashamed as she felt her own desires wet her pussy. Bella jumped when she felt her clit pinched tight, her eyes suddenly traveling down to see a small wire run from the top of the horseshow clamp that pinched her pussy lip. She should feel ashamed, but all she felt was the pleasure that Bella had unleashed in her body, remembering when she had to do the same thing, licking the servant girls sex until they came on her face. Her head was gripped by his two hands now, f***efully pulling her mouth down over his cock, Raisa feeling more of his thick weapon pushing deeper into her mouth.

my first tranny pt. 2

first-time 2018-08-17

told her what really got me off so fast was having her cock in my mouth. without hesitation, I got between those nice long legs & put her dick in my mouth. I never told anyone this but, I loved sucking her cock. & it feels good having a tranny dick in my mouth. I stood up & told her to suck my cock so its nice & hard for her ass. just felt how nice her asshole was around my cock. I had to look at her cock & balls sway around as I fucked her. told her I wanted her on all four so I could fuck her like the little bitch she was.


first-time Ricohxxx 2018-08-17

I stand up as my trousers drop to the floor taking my cock in my hand as I start rubbing and teasing her sensitive clit with my tip whilst she is still half asleep daydreaming on my desk as I suddenly SLAM my hard cock deep in her tight pussy as she gasps loudly as her eyes open wide in shock as I start fucking her deep, hard and slow as she looks at me all weak yet manages a little smile as we fuck on my desk.

my seduction part 2

first-time Cumlovingolderguy 2018-08-16

I laid there in bed for a little while thinking about what happened the night before and my cock got so hard that I just had to close my eyes and jerk off reliving how I actually jerked off a guy, other than Johnny and how I got my dick sucked for the first time. I saw Charlie outside shoveling his car out and waved, he asked "who's your friend?" I introduced him to Johnny and as we were heading away he said something to the effect, "stop by later on if you want". Charlie held Johnnys cock in his hand and as I got closer to it, he said, "lick the shaft to get a feel for it".


first-time 2018-08-16

I picked her up and threw her in the hotel bed and rubbed her pussy a little more till I started to stick my hard throbbing cock in her nice tight pussy, I didn't even think an older womens pussy could be so tight, after fucking in almost ever positions I could think of I pulled out my dick of her beat up wet pussy, and was going to jack off tuill I came she grabbed it instead and sucked me dry untill I could feel that there was no more cum left in me, that is why I love MILFs, was the first time with one 2

internet love part one

first-time flame44 2018-08-16

Kitten666911:flame44:hey there, it seems like your new here. kitten666911:flame44: so what do you look like? Flame44:kitten666911: um you don't wanna know Flame44:kitten666911:no I usually pop wood when I see such a fine female like yourself Flame44:kitten666911: this is starting to sound very stalker. “umm hi, miss ugh kitten,” I said with a nervous smile. She moaned more and opened her mouth during the kiss, I slyly slide my tongue into her mouth. I pushed my hand up her tight shirt and started to stroke her plump breasts. Her moans filed the room as I kissed and sucked her breast. She moaned more wiggling about, I looked up at her then slid a hand down to her jeans, unbuttoning them to reveal a matching thong to her bra.

My First Romance

first-time sydneycartonlives 2018-08-16

"Katie," I said, "you are not like other girls. Feeling embarrassed by my over-sensitivity to the feel of her tender hands and apprehensive about what would happen next, I shyly looked into Katie's hazel-colored eyes. Our mouths open, our tongues mating, my hands feeling her wonderfully pleasing butt, I had never been so intimate with any girl before. The memory of Katie's pretty face, wet mouth, and her warm cushiony rear had made me harder and stiffer than I thought possible. I felt the most extreme gratitude for her sincere love, like a man whose desperate prayers to the All-mighty had been answered, rescuing him from catastrophe. "Katie," I said, "the thought of being with you tonight makes me frantic with excitement.