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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

d***k Texans

first-time zimabean 2018-08-16

When she is d***k like this I think it would be pretty easy to talk her into it." Carl said with his heavy Texas accent. Wilma, lets go, you are going to help this young man out." I looked over at my parents and they were totally wasted also so I figured it would not hurt to see where this might go but I was pretty sure it would not go any where and be a waste of time. Like a little boy(I think he must have ten to fifteen years older than her) Carl started to plead with her, almost begging. "That is what he does, gives me a good fuck and then right to sl**p." Wilma said as she played with cum soaked pussy.

First Time pt 4 by trans_love (Fiction)

first-time 1superhornyguy 2018-08-16

Every so often I would swallow as much as I could then slowly come up for air… I told him to tell me if he was gonna cum, and when he did I would slow down or stop and let him relax until the urge went away. You can actually feel his cock swell up right before he starts blasting your insides with his hot cum! And this man’s cum was so hot, it almost felt like I was burning inside. After, he came I didn’t want his cock out of me, so I slowly started gyrating my hips hoping he would get hard again.

Dick or Teat

first-time AsnyLark 2018-08-16

Someone pushed behind the little red-head nurse and slammed her breast to chest with Chris. Corry yanked Chris back leaving Kris to stagger. Kris's pony-tail lashed her face as her head jerked towards Corry's yell. She'd knocked back a shot of something viscous and reached for a second before Chris tore his eyes away. Both Chris and Paul jumped at Kris's words. "Oh voodoo shpirit ofsh woohoo am I a dick--" Kris giggled the laugh of the damned. Kris's grip slowly grew tighter until Chris's fingers began to hurt. Chris fell out of his chair, tripped, knocked over table and chair and walked on his knees to Kris. "Oh, fuck," Chris said into Kris's mouth.

comeing out

first-time lottie999 2018-08-16

I knew their love for me wouldn’t change. I told them when I was 18 just before i went to uni it didn’t change anything my dad just said ok son and left the room . i just sat ther think he hates me .just then he came in and said Dad-" you still like football and rugby" ? Dad-"good so we can still go to the match on saturday" Me - thanks dad he give me a big hug and say he loves me " I got a gay Grandson " " Wait tell I tell the girls it the monday Club they will love it. i think Beth's Grandsons gay !! "No gran i'm fine, thanks any way "


A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 04

first-time magas911 2018-08-16

You'd totally order them around and raise them to be ladykillers." Shari handed Anna a few Cheerios without even looking away from my now panicked eyes. Her husband looked simultaneously embarrassed and amused, and it tickled me to think of what it must be like to live with Shari all day long, every day. She didn't want to tell me right away, of course." He ran a hand through his hair and let the door shut behind him. "I'm sorry that I—," Mark began, looking at his coffee cup like it held all the answers, "that I never gave you a lot of affection.

My Uncles Ranch

first-time cdsissy18 2018-08-16

He kept rubbing my ass squeezing my plump cheeks as I was on the couch next to him on my hands and knees, as he was sqeezing my ass I felt his middle finger start to rub and push at my tight ass cherry but I didn’t stop, then he pulled me off. Then he grabbed my pony tail pulling it back and started with a steady pace of sliding in and out, at first it hurt like hell but after a little bit it started feeling good but I didn’t want him to see me enjoying any of this!

First Sexual Encounter (True Short Story)

first-time Mainut 2018-08-16

One night, she decided to let me touch for the sake of my curiosity. She told me that she thought of it for a long time. The next thing I thought of was for me to touch her pussy. I told her that I had to put my cock in her mouth for her to suck. I told my girlfriend to suck and look at the front while I watch the back. I pulled my ever ready cock out, she doesn't know what to do. I don't know what happened to her but my cock is now feeling her tounge and warm, slippery mouth. I grabbed her head in place as my cum spurts out of my cock. My cock was out, my girlfriend's mouth dripping with cum.

Our Fantasy

first-time 2018-08-16

We arrive at the pub early and secure a booth, I go to the bar and order us a couple of drinks as we wait for someone walking in with a blue overcoat and black FMB's. Our guest followed my wife into the female toilets and straight into the cubicle. she returns her hand back to the clit and gently starts to rub my wife's clit. She asks our guest to slide some fingers in her and fuck her. Our guest does this with no obligation and furiously starts finger fucking my wife to a climax. Our guest gives her a kiss on the lips and tells her to "clean yourself up and meet me at the table" before calmly walking out the cubicle and returning to the table.

Quiz - Are You Gay? ( my answer ) ( whats yours ?)

first-time steel_696 2018-08-16

4. When you watch pornography, have you ever found yourself focusing on a guy's cock despite the presence of an attractive female in the video? 4. Have you ever watched a bisexual video featuring two men and a woman (M/M/F), even if the guys didn't do anything with each other? 2. You used to watch a lot of straight porn of men fucking women, but that just doesn't excite you like it used to. 6. If there was a guy standing next to you right now with his hard cock out, you'd put it in your mouth with no questions asked. If you answered TRUE to at least four of the STAGE 5 questions, you're gay.


Birthday girl

first-time londonMC 2018-08-16

Fast forward a few rounds of drinks and she s invited me to continue to a dicso club just around the corner. The dance hall is dark, I can see a few lucky guys making out with the ladies; she noticed my look, and starts dancing slowly rubbing her ass against my body... We sat down in a dark corner upstairs, she grabs my hand and puts it on her tits ... My big hard cock slides in her pussy, she s not wearing any underwear tonite ...she moans and it turns me on like never before. I stop, she turns around and starts blowing, slowly until I relaase in her mouth ...

The Final Trip Ch. 03

first-time Pandora33103 2018-08-16

"You see, My Dear, I was not turning away, I was just taking off my own shirt." As I look at this wonderful man, I see a body being revealed by each button coming undone that could rival that of the Greek god, Apollo's. Please keep your eyes closed though, because I do not want you to be in any way tense or skittish." All the time that he is talking to me he is gently rubbing my body all over. "My Dear, I need to be in you very soon." I feel his fingers start to press into me. I want to feel everything about making love." With a groan he pulls out to almost all the way and presses back in.

My First Time, hot and steamy.

first-time 2018-08-16

Gentling brushing her landing strip of pubic hair Katie tempted herself by running the bristles over her clitoris, moaning with great pleasure she dunked the handle end into her sweet savouring pool of juices. Tip toeing the peer through the peep hole, Katie could feel something cool slipping down her inner thigh, distracted by the knock, she'd forgotten about her pool of juices, now dripping on her feet. She soon flung the door open fully stark naked, "wow this is a nice surprise," Jordan exclaimed, flushed red from his run, "I was passing by and thought I’d pop in, but I was nowhere near expecting this," Katie looked at Jordan’s 6 pack covered by a fitted singlet, she reached out and pulled him inside, pulling him closer to her beautifully shaped lips.

First Love, First Time Ch. 01

first-time lightsguydave 2018-08-16

I wasn't so hot on picking a film that we would both like so I let Stephanie decide and we settled into a gentle chick flick. My arousal was painfully visible for Stephanie to see, and I guessed she was pleased by my length as she lay me back on the bed and she straddled my stomach. Stephanie lay there waiting for it to stop and as it did she teased my softening penis with gentle breaths on my head, causing spikes of electricity to shiver up my back. Then Stephanie turned over and we looked into each others eyes and we each knew what the other wanted. I lay back and Stephanie started to move down my body until she was straddling my crotch.

The hot boy next door

first-time Khl 2018-08-16

So i grabed it went ito my room and tured on my moms vibrater i started to move it around abit my hot yong pussy was wet with desier, i striped off my cloths, and examind my sealf in the mirror , i had to amit that my perky b size boobs were hot and my nipples were already hard. " were you fucking yoursealf?" " yes" ( no poit in dening it now) he started come towards me, " well" he asked " how do u like it?"( gulp) " good " ( thank you god !) onced hed been undressed, he lifed me up by the hips and started licking my soft virgen pussy " harder" i scremed " fuck me harder" i was amost at climax.

My first time when I pleased a Dominant man and go

first-time 2018-08-16

The place was called AdultMatch and I just wrote down that I hoped to find a man who would want to make me give him oral sex. I decided to just do it, we exchanged whatsapp and sent a few messages and I didn’t dare to tell it was my first time. Then he walked up to me and looked me in the eye and said: “ok little slut, now go on your knees, open your mouth and be a god girl, ok?” and I could just nod. And started moving faster and faster and said: “ok slut, you keep my cum in your mouth when I cum and show me, ok?” I could just nod.

The old swimming hole....part 2

first-time dldenney 2018-08-16

I guess some good can come out of all of these things - both Betty and I started exercising a little....want to be a little bit in shape when we hosted the boys. We talked a bit about what our plan was...we'd have pizza, but no beer...things could really get bad if the boys got d***k and really out of control. We hadn't talked about the biggest worry....what if the boys wanted a bit more than just looking? We talked a little...I said there was the chance that it could happen, but that was why I wanted to be there with it didn't get out of hand...but we should also have some condoms around if things went that way.

Forbidden Fruit

first-time cybersky 2018-08-16

Tim looked at his phone to see a message from Nurah waiting to be opened. Tim had never received a message from Nurah at this time of day before. Tim didn't really know how to respond, and wasn't sure about opening up to Nurah. By the time Tim was dried and dressed he had decided to tell Nurah his problems. But over time, Tim began to grow closer to Islam, and Nurah taught him all she could. Nurah said she was actually quite tired, and asked if she could nap in Tim's bed. Neither of them spoke about what had happened, and sometime later the rain stopped and Tim walked Nurah home. Again, at about 3am everyone left, Nurah included this time, with Tim walking her home.


first-time ScorpioVirgin 2018-08-16

Besides, I know that I shouldn't be nosy because in this country, people usually keep their noses out of each other's business even to their next door neighbors. "I know girls that you want Jack and I to get married soon," I laughed, "but why the rush? He shouldn't let his ladylove out here doing a man's work"he said as he efficiently placed the four bags into the bin. Fortunately, the elevator door finally opened and I managed to break away from his stare. As I've said, I've grown used to the routine that I finished all five in just a matter of minutes which usually took me an hour when I was just starting to work here.

Flipping the Script

first-time Courtneyd1994 2018-08-16

so I asked an unusual question- the first thing that came to my mind, really- certainly a kinky question, but not so strange considering that he had swung his swollen penis right into my personal space- not to mention the fact that once again it would be his spasming testicles dumping their greyish gelatinous DNA-custard into the thundering reservoir at the base of his wonderfully thick, beautifully shaped cock, before being ejaculated violently out into the space beyond the enormous head of his dick, to come careening down upon my delicate little upturned nose, mysmall, red mouth, and pool in huge gooey gobs upon my large feline eyes.

A Mother Knows Best 3

first-time 2018-08-16

The swollen head of my cock pressed into Mom's tight hole. Still fucking her ass, I leaned forward over Mom's curvy body and reached under her, cupping her gigantic, jiggling tits. "I need some more of that monster of yours" Mom said as she grabbed my cock and guided it back into her gaping asshole. Yeah...I bet you like your cock in my ass don't you, baby?" Mom groaned. "Do you like fucking the shit out of your Mom, Jake?" I had fucked all of Moms' holes, brought her to countless orgasms, and formed a special bond between us that very few sons get to have with their mother's. Mom gave me that now infamous naughty smile filled with lust and responded, "Like I said, a Mother knows best."

Birthday Girl Ch. 1

first-time Frederick Carol 2018-08-16

A movement caught his eye inside the house and he watched guiltily as Louise McLean removed her dress. Don't try to carry anything." Mike watched carefully as Louise McLean climbed gingerly up to him. He walked back to where Louise McLean stood thoughtfully looking at the pool. Mike flushed again and swallowed, a vision of Louise McLean naked leaping into his mind. "Fair's fair." She turned away and Mike quickly undressed, piling his clothes near hers and stepping into the water until his half-hard prick was safely submerged. >I wish I could of taken a better peek at her, but what I saw sure looked good.' He sat in wishful solitude for a little longer, then went across to the house to wash up.

Injured Mother Sheetal

first-time nana414 2018-08-16

At 34, she was strongly built, keeping a good match to her son.Sheetal informed Dharmesh that she suffered a fall in the office toilet after lunch. After dinner Dharmesh cleared up the room and went to change into his night dress as usual. Dharmesh put off the room light before coming to help her change. She had to be totally dependent on her son, who apart from carrying her to the bathroom and back every day did everything for her accepting giving her bath. Dharmesh had, by then, developed a desire of seeing his mother naked having felt her breasts. He had all his fingers inside her mother’s womb, while Sheetal had suck his dick to a mammoth size, which he himself never dreamt of, suddenly he felt that something was leaving him.

Case of the Murdered Lovers Ch. 02

first-time WifeWatchman 2018-08-16

"Because it may give a clue to the murderer." I said, "Someone might have done this to get back at Joe Arruzio, and if there's some shady financial dealings going on, we need to know who might have had a motive to harm his wife." A murmur of understanding spread around the room and Ikea began to get red in the face. "And that name damn well better not be reported by the Press before the Coroner's Office announces it!" Chief Griswold interjected with some feeling, then said to Tanya very sweetly "Sorry to interrupt, Miss Perlman.


first-time ChristieWett 2018-08-16

He asked me did I want to try a black cock & I replied, 'heavens no'. Months later at a swingers party a black guy approached us both and he asked if we were here for fun? Hubby & I got home & we talked for hours about black cock, black men, & the black culture in general. Hubby took me up to a room and we got it on with the usual couples. The next weekend hubby said we were going out to dinner so we got dressed & headed out. Hubby kept leaving out the room for smoke breaks & I guess that was the signal for Daniel to make his move.