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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Charlie Ch. 01

first-time BrownGoatMan 2018-08-16

I do not know who she managed to get the door open behind my back (I guess I had the key in the lock), but the next thing I knew I was being pushed into my apartment while Charlie continued her attack on my mouth. As I stood there in absolute shock, having fully expected her to walk straight out the door, Charlie gave my cock a quick squeeze through my jeans, then proceeded to pull her shirt over her head and throw it next to the bed. In response Charlie kissed me tenderly on the lips and said "It was perfect, you gave me exactly what I wanted," before rolling over, pushing back into my chest, grabbing my hand and cupping her breast with it.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 01

first-time jacktar48 2018-08-16

I closed my eyes and concentrated on coming as I stroked my dick with one hand and clutched a pair of Jennifer's panties in the other, inhaling deeply of her musky scent. This is what I would do when I finally fucked her...pull out at the last minute and drive her wild with my tongue as my hot load spurted onto the sheets between her legs. She was close to the truth, although Jennifer had never actually sucked my cock, she had once pulled it out of my pants and stroked it a few times. As her hot slippery mouth closed around my cock I nearly fainted, and as my knees started to give way I caught myself by clasping my hands behind her head.

she tried black first part 3

first-time musclecock 2018-08-16

Gonna make you walk 'round with all your white friends carryin' a black baby in your little white belly," He stroked her hot belly, and Ashley felt her body respond immediately - A twinge deep inside her, right above her womb which his African dick was ramming against. But now, feeling Derren's pulsing black cock spewing its hot load deep inside her bare white womb, sending millions of his strong African warriors to capture to her pure Caucasian egg, it not only felt good -- It felt right! "WHAT!?" The whole night came crashing back to Ashley in an instant -- the drinks, the dirty dancing, Sandy dropping her clothes, her own hands wrapping around Derren's black cock, the broken condom, the feeling of rightness -- and the dangerous black cum still sloshing around inside of her unprotected belly.

Will Has His Way

first-time petemgurk 2018-08-16

Without realizing it, her thoughts had carried her to the kitchen window, and she now stood in front of the sink, gazing once again at the teenage boy, at the rippling arm muscles as he yanked the mower's starter cord and made it come alive with a muffled roar. He squeezed his eyes tight again and pictured Mrs. Masters on her knees before him, her slim, curvy body naked now like the women in the magazines, her mouth open to receive the spurting jets of come ejecting from his cock. "Okey-doke, Mrs. Masters." Will let himself in and, as he shut the door, he watched the back end of his mom's best friend head to her bedroom.

Nothing Between Us

first-time M-Y-Erotica 2018-08-16

I argued for something like Thea that would be at least close to Thuy, but she stuck with Jennifer and in time only her family and I were left using her original name. I still remembered the first time I heard a slam on my window and looked out to see Thuy pushing some A in Reading or Social Studies against the glass. Funny, that." I tried to give a look to Thuy but she seemed to be hiding her face behind her hair. Thuy didn't turn around as she left, she just yelled back, "No, we're going out." About five minutes later I was buttoning my khakis, when I heard, "Jake, get this--" and Thuy turned the corner into my bedroom.

Mom and mary

first-time lasslorn30 2018-08-16

Mary knew what she would be doing before bed, but she wanted to relax and watch a movie first so after putting on her nightgown she finally headed back toward the living room. Rebecca watched in amazement as her daughter's hips quivered, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip as she shook in orgasm. Rebecca raised her arms as Mary pulled the nightgown over her mother's head. Mary lowered her pussy down onto her mom's face and she quickly managed to get her tongue inside her only daughter. Rebecca reached up and held one of Mary's ass cheeks in each hand, pulling them apart hoping it would allow her deeper access to her pussy.

The Tease Down the Street Ch. 01

first-time Red_Jakal 2018-08-16

She then pushed her hips forward and grinded against Rich and his erection, who in turn gasped as his body, unprepared for the sudden force, pressed back against his shiny, brand new, red mustang hard enough to make the car alarm go off. Occasionally his buddies would come out to his place, which was larger than their houses, and would just hang out and listen to music, play video games, and have a good time, but no one really made the hour long trip all that often, especially when they could go five minutes down the road to visit one another. His mother spent the majority of her time working as a nurse at the local hospital, leaving when Rich woke up, and often not returning until 11 or 12 at night.

Teaching Kaci

first-time Baxter72 2018-08-16

"This is one of the most unusual applications I have had for this job," I said, looking at her photo. "I'm not supposed to be taking their virginity either, so I guess a little wine is okay." I poured a glass for her and for myself, sat down beside her and handed her the glass. "The next thing the guy is going to do is to try and caress you," I said, as I reached my right hand over and fondled the area of her breast. This time she was wearing a white cotton eyelet sort of dress with buttons from the waist to a little collar at the neck, above which was a blood-red silk scarf around her neck.

Only wanted to return the sheets

first-time TaxiTaxi 2018-08-16

"Manager" which appeared to be a crappy room just like mine on opening the door there indeed was a room like mine had been, but full of day-to-day items and as things progressed her gown slipped open more and more revealing a pair of huge breasts encased in a sexy see-through black bra my lord those look good i said as I stared pulling her gown completely open I kissed and sucked her nipples through that sexy bra, and felt her huge breasts, they were beautiful... running my hands down her body i felt her open her legs for me her tongue in my mouth, our lips together, and her arms around me, my cock easily entered her soaking vagina and i felt her orgasm

BBC Affair

first-time sexozingguy 2018-08-16

We all sat around getting to know each other better and John said he was glad to finally meet me after hearing so much and William asked Jessica where she met such a good looking woman as me. Jessica said that maybe we should leave when William interrupted that he could drive me back home so she could spend some quiet time with John. You know it's been a long time since I've had sex and I have never been with a white girl before, much less a pale redhead" he said looking down as he placed himself above me with his arms on either side of my head.

Overcoming My Shyness

first-time romparounder 2018-08-16

"You'll like what I have in mind I think," she said and moved to my ear again and whispered, "If you'll promise never to tell anyone." "Like this," said Jean breaking off the kiss to show me how to caress her breasts and gently squeeze her nipples. "I think that's enough for one day, don't you?" she said and added "this will have to wait for another day." After finishing her sentence she placed her hand on my groin and then looked badly shocked. "And I had no idea that you were circumcised." Jean smiled looking at my face for the first time since my cock had appeared.

Throbbing of curiosity

first-time pathfinder2011 2018-08-16

for some strange reason i felt a bit odd but just brushed it off after some time past we looked at each other ith a question our eys not one of us to ever have the guts to ask and once again he gave me a warm genuine smile.and by this time we were quite tired after the emotions and pain was spoken about making my new best friend a lot calmer and content. A nervous cough came out of Anthony yes that one he replied, Turning over to face him was like running the gauntlet of destiny moment " yes I do " I replied; " oh good he said" i could not help but feel his anxiety growing again in more ways than one!

High School Experimentation

first-time Orgasmiic 2018-08-16

After we got settled we were sitting on my bed looking through magazines and chattering away. I turned my head to look at her and smiled warmly. I turned my body to face her and wrapped my arms around her tightly. I lifted my head up and said, "Have you kissed anybody yet?" "No.." she replied, obviously embarrassed. I kept kissing her, this time brushing my tongue against her lips. I held her hips gently as I continued kissing her and probing her mouth with my tongue. The warmth of her body close to mine was driving me mad, and started lifting up her shirt slowly. She put her hands on my wrists and looked me in the eyes.

Jimmy, From The University

first-time Molly Dodd 2018-08-16

I had let them grow back since my last fuck session with Daddy, and I loved when you noticed they became nearly transparent when they got wet, like with my pussy juices or your tongue – or both! “Your sweet teenage cunt is the tightest I’ve ever fucked, Molly!” I answered honestly that you were the biggest dick I’d ever had inside my pussy, all the while pushing up to meet your thrusts. “Fuck yes, right into your tight teenage cunt!” You started pumping in and out like a drill, and I could feel your dick get even bigger. “I’m going to cum, Molly, right up inside your ass… right now!” You groaned when your dick pushed up in me and I could feel our muscles work together to force your jism deep up inside me.

Sexual Awakening

first-time vrgn31 2018-08-16

“I’ll save myself for some alone time after dinner” she thought as she quickly removed her hands from her crotch.Nicole hopped out of the shower and patted her glowing skin dry. “Hmm, looks like he could use some company” Nicole thought to herself as she sensually swayed across the room to the booth. Teron walked into the lavish hotel room; many thoughts were rushing through his mind at this point as he glanced at the selection at the bar, heading over to the view of the city. “Nicole I can’t hold on much longer, I’m going to cum!!” Teron grunted as he tried to sit up a bit, warning his lovely young seductress. Knowing exactly what was happening Nicole kept on stroking, this time both her hands went straight to the base of his cock.

To cuck or not to cuck

first-time cucknew 2018-08-16

Giving Alan a ride to airport, I was thinking to ask him to change flight and stay a few more nights, then most likely it would happen that he could have unloaded years of cum inside her tight pussy which was exclusively mine, and I would love to make him and her very happy. Knowing the fantasy may become reality, she got cold feet that she was worried that Alan may not even like her, so I guaranteed that he for sure would love to do her with or without my blessing. Personally I love her and want her to be happy and wish Alan would enjoy her and even move in with us to help me satisfy her growing need for sex.

Our first time threesome

first-time valandjayne 2018-08-16

I have been watching my wife having sex with other men for the past three years and I’m going to tell how it came about and what our first experience was like? When we arrived at the hotel room I went to the mini bar, where I stored champagne and wine and made us a drink to relax further.My wife suggested she went to the bathroom to prepare herself and asked Mike and myself to undress and be naked when she returned. I sat on a chair naked and surprisingly my wife kiss him as they touch each other, one hand was feeling her tits the other rubbing her pussy while his mouth sucked her nipples she was rubbing his big balls and wanking his cock, she couldn’t even get her fingers all the way round it.

The English Teacher

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-08-16

His warm hands squeezed her breasts over their protective fabric as kavita ripped off his shirt and grabbed at his tanned muscular chest and arms, spearing her palms on his hot nipples. She had only run her hands down the length of his strong arms when Mr. khan started to rip off her skirt, grabbing her ass and kissing her as if he didn’t which to do first. Mr. khan closed his mouth over hers, his tongue making its way inside her mouth as his hand grabbed at her full breast. Mr. khan grabbed her roughly and thrust her tongue inside of her mouth, pulling back just enough to mutter, “Detention for you, Miss Kavita.

Raw Passion

first-time HuGeHuNg69 2018-08-16

Passion holds my heart's desire, Lovers embrace in twilight's choir, It starts off with a simple kiss, Hands tremble, you want this. Physical needs do now advance. Shirts fly, and hit the floor. Bodily needs can no longer wait, Zippers fumbled with shaky hands, The hour glass slows it's timing sands. With lust at an all time high, You have the needs of my supply, Hearts race from the starting gun. Time stops, pulses soars. It won't be long, I'll try to last. Loins slapping, needs amassed, The time has come to release my seed, This I must, it is my need. As spirits fly, and we connect. Attention to you I won't dismiss, Lover's embrace, a soft finesse.

Threesome wife wife and daughter’s friend.

first-time kutwijf 2018-08-16

I am really a not sure just how long we remained in that state; Kutwijf pushing her cunt deep down my shaft, while Daisy masturbated and we copied each other in nipple play. Slowly her hand groped towards the nipple, but I could see she was not watching, she was looking at my cock gently sliding in and out through black lace crotchless panties. With legs drawn up, knees bent in M shape Daisy manoeuvred under Kutwijf and began teasing, flicking and biting nipples. Shaking her head left and right like a shark devouring a whale, Daisy began licking and sucking out every drop of my cum and cunt juice. Kutwijf was the first to react, she leant into Daisy and licked the cum off her face.

Going Back Into The Closet

first-time arlene548 2018-08-16

Jane reluctlantly agreed to this option, with one stipulation; the man could never know he was fathering my child. The challenge would be finding a willing participant, but after a few minutes of thinking it through I concluded “hell, half of the men in the world would agree to fuck any twenty-four year old woman who works out regularly. Fingering my pussy as he sucked my tits, He kissed me hard and deeply as he prepared me for the fucking of my life. Although I am a mother who doesn’t like men for any type of relationships, every once in a while I do go out to a club to get a good old hard fucking with a real dick.

Alison Gives It Up To The Wrong Man

first-time User666 2018-08-16

He handed Alison her fourth Black Russian of the night and said, "Look guys, if you need a room, go upstairs." He smiled to show he was just joking. Reaching under her legs, he pulled her pussy to his face and began running his tongue gently up and down along the silk strip of her thong. Her hands covered his and pressed hard as she drove her hips upwards, fucking what she thought was Carl's face. "Oh, Carl," she whispered as she wrapped her legs around him, "Don't tease, do it now?' She opened her eyes for the first time and realized it was Ted who was about to fuck her.

My Japanese love p1

first-time adel5000 2018-08-15

Amya took me inside and showed me the dresser which was actually in the living room “No nothing like that, He wanted to know the color of the rest of the furniture to match it I pulled her jeans past her blue panties kissing her covered pussy which “oh my” she moaned as I slide a finger into her tight pussy. “you are so beautiful Amya” as I slowly started sliding my cock in and out of her hot wet “Doesn’t matter you feel so good I am about to cum again just don’t stop please fuck Let me milk this beautiful cock.” Amya then started “I know, got your cock feels so good inside my pussy.


first-time paoloozawa 2018-08-15

Today she came but strangely my mom told her that they will be talking in the library instead of the living room. They're just talking of how to raise k**s, but then i heard my mom telling her friend that she saw my porn in my laptop. Friend: I thought doing it might not be so bad we'll be both enjoying, we'll both satisfy our needs and he doesnt need to fuck other girls that he can impregnate. I started by masturbating while she was out gardening and letting her see me jerking off...yeah i know its embarrassing but ill do it. The day of my dreams came, my mom talked with me and asked me the same questions as her friend asked her son.I said "Sure".