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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Do You Think You Can Handle This?

first-time Svenskaflicka 2018-08-15

you want to SEE it?!" said David. "Let me see how it looks like hard!" I said. "Do you want me to fix you up or not?" I said, trying to look stern, which wasn't easy since I had a big, fat grin over my face. "You want to MEASURE it?" said David, in disbelief. "I've never found any that were big enough," said David, blushing miserably. David's crotch involuntarily jerked upwards, and his cock hit the bottom of my pussy, and I could actually feel his cock erupting like a volcano, shooting a flow of hot lava inside me. I looked down at David, who had a big, happy grin on his face.

Late night at the office

first-time Dingmydongplease 2018-08-15

I looked her in the eye and said nothing but began taking the tie off from around my neck. As I was kissing I began running my hand up her thighs and across your back faster and deeper with each pass, grabbing onto her firm ass. I then slide the blade of the scissors in between her leg and panties and gave a snip, dropping them to the floor. With a cut the bra feel to the floor and my hands began rubbing her hard nipples. My cock was throbbing and then grabbed her waist just at the top of her hot round ass pulling her hips to my thighs over and over again with all of my f***e as I slide deeper and deeper inside her.

The waiter

first-time kilted_barbarian 2018-08-15

Not one to argue, I held her hand even tighter as we walked, and suggested we went to the hotel bar for a drink before bed, just to get us even more in the mood. We ordered champagne, and when the young, black waiter brought it over, I couldn't help notice my wife checking him over. As we enjoyed the second bottle, I bent over and whispered in her ear 'do you want to take him upstairs?' instead of slapping me, she looked into my eyes and said 'I love you, I would never cheat'. He went to print off the check, and I said 'nows your chance, invite him for a drink, I will leave you alone for a minute'.

Night-time Disturbance Ch. 02

first-time stevetruestories 2018-08-15

Mel pulled away, looked in the direction of the lounge and muttered, 'oh hurry up Annie and go.' Before whispering in my ear, 'all your touching and stroking has got me a bit wet Steve.' Mel smiled, looked at the wall to her left and said, 'when Annie goes.' She then began stroking my cock and I soon began to quietly moan as I got even stiffer and my balls began to ache. She smiled, nodded and replied, 'that sound like fun.' Mel then swung her legs round and eased herself forward so she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet touching the floor.

My best friend, my mother and me

first-time knightrider419 2018-08-15

sounding a lot like moms voice, but the other was definitely a male moan, and I couldn't tell who it A couple of minutes later, mom was banging on my door, begging me to let her come in, and telling glass, it gave me a minute to think, until she said; "Well?" I told her that a couple of times, I had spied She then looked me in the eyes, and she told me that it was my turn, just like that time with Mom pulled my head up, one of her hard nipples popping out of my mouth, and her mouth covered and over she told me to fuck her, and I pumped my cock into her as hard and fast as I could.

Aileen Lost Her Virginity

first-time phallicdesire 2018-08-15

"Hey, Keith, here's some..." I stopped midway because I found him in front of Brandon's laptop looking at porn while jacking off his penis which is huge. I started feeling a little bit naughty and decided to come back in. Using his fingers he parted my pussy lips and licked upwards to tease my clit with the tip of his tongue. "Oh my God, Keith, I'm cumming, fuck!" I felt the explosion of my orgasm and squeeze Keith's head with my thighs while clenching his fingers with my pussy walls. I was too busy liplocking with Keith, I didn't heard someone's coming in the flat and pushed the bedroom door. Brandon was standing there, glaring at where Keith's now flaccid cock meets my pussy.

My Dream Girl

first-time fmac 2018-08-15

Her pussy is sweet and demure but after a while her cunt is a torrent of wetness.It is a direct line to her too and that is a wonderful thing.When I am close to her cunt and trying to give it pleasure with fingers,lips and tongue it is passing that pleasure on to all of her...and she is passing it back to me in sighs and smiles and expressions of delight and approval. There is no part of her that having fully investigated I wouldn't want to go back to again and again. I might at one time have said red hair...I could have said 5'9" different times I might have said many things about what my 'ideal' might be.

Our First Time

first-time wcf 2018-08-15

I learned later that Mary and Jane had their meal card changed to our dorm for that meal in the hope of "Meeting some guys". I then got a little bolder and unbuttoned a button on her blouse and slid my hand inside and under her bra. I lay next to Jane and we started kissing and running our hands all over each other. He said he was getting ready to go to church with Mary and Jane. When it came time for communion she asked me if I wanted communion I said yes. She had a date with another guy but about Wednesday of the week he said to me "Why don't you take Jane to the Formal?


first-time talleywitt0071776 2018-08-15

You know I love it when you tell me what to do." He tosses his shirt on the floor. "There's that sneaky grin again." He closes his eyes, probably thinking he is going to get a blow job. I sit away from his body, close to his knees. I love the way his hard cock lay next to his thigh. I pull the leg of his boxers up so that I can peak at the swollen head. I savor the feeling of my nipples grazing his chest and his cock grazing my stomach. I push onto my knees so he can kiss my stomach and breasts. I pull back long enough to lick his neck and kiss his chest down to his nipples.

hot mom -2

first-time stif266 2018-08-15

Jodie blushed furiously and snapped, "Dane, it isn't right to say things like that to your mother. So as Dane pressed his hard, hot body against her and drove his slippery tongue into her mouth, Jodie creamed right through her panties and shuddered with longing. Dane felt her little cunt gripping and sucking at his tongue, and of course he couldn't help thinking how exciting that action would feel around his cock. He drove his tongue deep and hard into the fiery pit of his mother's cunt, and Jodie screamed in ecstasy and started coming again. Then Dane pulled his drained cock out of her mouth and said hoarsely, "I guess I proved I wasn't a little k**, huh, Mom?

The haircut

first-time pegaseus69 2018-08-15

Three times she pulled off of me and said "God your cock tastes good John!" After about ten minutes my hips started thrusting up at her and she stepped up her tongue's actions on me as she sucked the cum right out of my balls. Our muffled moans and groans filled the room for nearly five minutes until Jill kissed me hard just before saying into my mouth, "Oh my god I'm going to cum! Her legs pulled up and wrapped around my ass as Candy said sultrily, "Well my young stud, judging by the state of your dad, it's a good thing you know what to do with your huge cock." I pulled back about 4 inches and the eased it back into her making her groan, "Oh god yes, that's what I want.

Confessions of a Porn Star Ch. 02

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-08-15

"You have such big tits, Liz. My first time feeling tits and fingering nipples, I've never felt a woman's breasts before," he said looking at her as if she was his kidnapped hostage. While her date, a pimple faced boy of a man, who was about to get lucky, was desperately trying to stuff his hand down the top of her dress to feel her big, shapely, and firm C cup breasts, Liz had other, more sexually satisfying plans. So, while John was seemingly content continuing to stick his hand down the top of her dress and fondle Liz's big tits while trying to finger her erect nipples, for the time being, as if looking at something valuable and rare, she was content staring at John's erect cock.

First Time

first-time 2018-08-15

In no time, I felt an incredible orgasm building inside me like nothing I ever experienced before. My mind was having a hard time processing how fucking pleasurable that had been. His cock felt so good sliding in my hot wet little pussy. We were sweating and the taste of our bodies as we kissed each other with the sweat, the cum from my pussy, and the incredible combination of him pumping inside of me was fuckiing hot as hell. I slid my lips just over the tip of his cock and licked my tongue around the head. I sucked, and licked, and fucked his cock with my mouth for as long as he wanted me to.

The Sultaness

first-time sultaness 2018-08-15

It was quite amusing for the sultaness to come to the harem to choose her slave for the night - and see so many men, naked, hard, staring helplessly at her and hoping it was their turn. She normally had the guards extinguish the lanterns and he was led to her in the dark to complete his performance and satisfy her need for being filled with his penis and injected with it's warm climax. It was only then after he felt her relax with a throaty gasp, that he allowed his penis to release it's load of semen - hot, sticky and powerful as she felt it gushing inside her, warming her, filling her.

His First Time

first-time goinstrong 2018-08-15

I once saw a guy in a public restroom playing with himself, and I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock!" I smiled back at him, and said: "Well, it's clear you've given this a lot of thought. I heard the sounds of a video playing, and he began to stroke his cock. I decided to simply pump the base of his cock with my thumb and first finger, while I worked the upper half with my mouth. He pulled away from the wall, and I whispered: "Are you sure you want to change rolls?" He quickly responded, "Oh, YES, Sir! I pulled my cock back, leaned forward, and asked him how he wanted me to cum.

Things that Go Bump in the Night...

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-08-15

The company might have been a pain in the butt but like I said, the pay was good, they paid overtime and an allowance for on-call, the company was growing and my immediate boss, Eric, was a bit of a hunk even if he was on the older side and already married with a daughter almost my age. My hand dropped from him to clutch at the desk as the head of his cock pushed slowly into me, not pausing, continuing up inside me, his thickness forcing open the tight walls of my sex. His hands left my hips, found my small breasts, cupped them in his palms while his fingers wound and worked on the hardness of my nipples, bringing my pleasure and excitement to a new pitch that was almost unbearable.

The Jock and the Virgin

first-time ainu2 2018-08-15

I had been concerned for some time that I needed a real girl friend, someone that I truly liked, rather than just using her as a sex object. I think I'm going to work my way into a really good future but right now I'm not really making a lot and have no benefits at all. Two days later I have lunch at the Subway where she works and when I go through the line I get a big smile and a "Hi, Dave" and I say "Hi, Sarah" and my friends look at me and make some inane comments about her being Kelly's replacement. "I didn't really mean that," she says, "but I'm sure you're right." Then she stretches her neck to look up at me and we kiss.

You're My Bitch Now

first-time nikkiesilk 2018-08-15

Rick thought he had got on well with Chris, the leaseholder, when he He offered Rick double time if he did come Chris offered to share the pasta which Rick gratefully accepted. Rick had thought that Chris seemed a little effeminate from time to Chris disappeared off to his room and Rick stayed put for a moment ignore the model on screen stroking her cock, it was the modern art Rick’s eyes widened as he realised that if this was really Chris's room, Chris's, but with the wig and makeup the model was wearing, Rick flatmate Chris was naked, wearing makeup, a wig, and stroking his cock stroking her cock on screen, but Rick knew that she was doing it for

Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 02

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-08-15

Marj said, "You know Angie, if you can catch an earlier flight back, Lisa and I don't really need to have our hands held waiting for our flights." Captain Strokes asked Lisa to go below to her stateroom and stow everything which needed stowing as he wanted to have Robbie put her empty bags in the engine room to give her more space in her cabin. Lisa was getting quite a head start on the texts for the coming semester and Jason seemed to have developed a passion for reading which his parents joked they'd never seen before. She then resumed the hand job she had started before but her mouth's juices allowed for a more sensuous experience as Lisa massaged the head of Jason's member.


first-time ermitrude 2018-08-15

OK one it the time the bludi pig cop he callit the ;hey sweaty fucslip'[ he saye ''noow i got it to it thete bl**di pig cop house. why saye the sexi ladi = she callit = one timepigsnatch = the bludi pig cop he saye i go tit it hteree then i shit up the leg ojook sat onetimepigsnatch she saye = = aauuuggghhh bbblllggghhhhhh - i like it to get there dump in there tights and sometoime on it theree fukine shoes too sexi pig cop oogghhhh aaggghhhhh iiigghhhh 5. the copper in it there charge he callit - deticitbve one time fibrst time - excepte for onetimepigsnatch becos sh9e say #'oh boohoohoo i wantit there coppers butNOT in theeer cunbilicles

Getting my second BJ

first-time itibitiguy 2018-08-15

I pulled off her panties and started kissing her sexy pussy, it was already wet and she tasted sooooo sweet. she squirmed her pussy into my face, i buried my tongue as far in her pussy as i could, licking her deep inside, and started to suck on her clit. She moan "oh my god, Joe!!" I continued to suck harder and harder on her wet clit, and reach up and started to push 1 finger inside her pussy as i kept suck on her clit... "wow you have a beautiful cock Joe" She then goes down and starts kiss my head, licking up and down my shaft, rapping her lips around the head and starts sucking my cock.

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 3

first-time LeoDavis 2018-08-15

Her nipples were erect and hard, her clitoris was moving out from under its hood whenever I kissed near her pussy, and there was a growing wet spot on the bed between her thighs. After only a few moments Angie's legs began to tremble and she screamed and fell against me, still standing, impaled on my penis. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I began to thrust myself against her movements, and this time Angie kept going. Angie crawled off me and told me what she wanted, and I called room service while she scampered to the shower. She slowly pulled off of me, and with a look of complete wonder on her face, said, "Let's do that on the bed!"

First Time with Dave and Beryl

first-time puppy007 2018-08-15

Dave rolled me over on my back and lay on top of me, after a little kissing I spread my legs and Dave lie between them, he rubbed his cock against my already wet pussy before slipping it all the way in me, I moaned as he did this, Beryl moved over and sat on the bed to get a better view, I told her that her husbands cock felt good inside me and I cant wait to feel him shoot a load of hot cum inside me,

fun with a neighbor

first-time 2018-08-15

He insisted I try on one of his pairs so I said sure, he led me to his bedroom in his 1 story house were he took out 2-3 old pairs and said ill leave you be and was going to close the door So I said no need to close the door ill let you see if they fit me well so he smiled and said 'great' as I pull down my shorts, I than pull down my underwear and bend down right infromt of his were he can see my big ass, and all I hear him say from behind me is 'wow', and he said to me I really like your ass, and smiled and asked him if he was into guys and he admited he was curious like I was, so I sat down on his bed with only my t-shirt on and told me I wont be needimg a bathing suite he said good neither will I, but I will need help gettimg what im wearimg now off.