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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Faith and Hope

first-time BillyBobJoeEd 2018-08-15

Many times while talking to her, the twinkle in her blue eyes was enough to make me think to myself, “If I didn’t have a girlfriend back home, I’d ask her out” but I never reconsidered my relationship with Faith. Even feeling those luscious mounds through a blouse and bra was uncharted territory for me, and Faith was the only girl I’d even gone this far with, so it’s a wonder I didn’t cream my pants right there. Thinking I’d just see how far Faith was willing to go this time, I ran my hand over her pussy through her jeans.

Angel gets Help

first-time shotguner 2018-08-15

Kat picked Angel up and at 8 was in the restroom fingers deep in Angel's cunt making the young woman moan hard as her orgasm took hold of her just as Terri cane in. as she got out of her car Kat was there bending her over the hood Kat licked and sucked her pussy so good she couldn't keep from moaning loud then Kat again gave her the fucking of her life that 11" long super thick strap-on pile driving her to places she had never been before making her cum yet again and her body shook her head spinning she still got on her knees and gobbled on that big long cock the best she could.

Nikki's day out

first-time wsluditi 2018-08-15

She couldn't sl**p last night because of the excitement of school's reopening, so instead she watched porn till almost 3 AM and was chatting with random strangers, all the while rubbing her pussy and fondling with her tits. These series of thoughts were arousing her again, she quickly folded her arms to make sure no one at the bus stand would notice her hard nipples. The stranger quickly withdrew his hands from her panties and neighboring passengers started looking at her. They walked down a street, and in the stillness of the morning, Nikki jumped up his arms and started to kiss the stranger rapidly in her utter horniness.

A Virgin Man...and Experienced Woman

first-time eroticlitty 2018-08-15

Often at night would lie awake wondering if her pussy was smooth and soft or if it was slightly hairy and worn in the way a well fucked woman's pussy should be, he liked the thought of burrowing his tongue into her wispy folds as she came hard on his face, her bountiful tits bouncing as she crushed her crotch into his mouth. Just the thought of her pussy being where his cock was, was enough to send him over the edge and with one long stroke he spurted hard into the panties. Feeling her cum had driven him to the brink and he began to push his hips upwards his hands firmly planted on her shoulders pushing her down to meet his upward thrusts, his cock ready to burst.

Porn Theatre Adventure

first-time unicornhunterxx 2018-08-15

Our sexual curiosity got the best of us and we decided to stop in and look around before heading home. The section you walk into when you go in was all porn dvds and through another open doorway to the left was all sex shop stuff. On our way up trying to find our booth an old man that was easily in his 70's started to talk to my girlfriend. So while we decided on what movie to watch I throughly looked the booth over for any cameras, glory holes or anything that could surprise us when we didn't expect it. I sat on one bench while my girlfriend sat on the other and I looked at her, smiled and said you ready to do this?

Billy's First Time

first-time DonnasDream 2018-08-15

Billy looked down as I expertly unzipped his fly and began to gently stroke his rapidly hardening cock through his boxer shorts. Billy could feel his full four inches but he couldn't take his eyes off my hand inside my panties as squelching noises began to fill the air. Billy positioned himself behind and took his cock in his hand and tried to guide himself into my warm hole. Billy held on tight as he let himself go, letting rope after rope of hot cum shoot deep inside my aching hole. "I'll see you on Monday then, when you knock for Daniel before school," I said, then walked off leaving a smiling Billy to clean up his sticky cock on his pair of sacrificed boxers.

Prom Night Ch. 1

first-time latent sexuality 2018-08-15

While my one hand softly rubbed her increasingly moist panties, I used my other to slowly lower the top of her dress, exposing those amazing tits. The feeling of my mouth on her tit and my hand mere millimeters from her pussy must have been driving her out of her mind. As I continued to work on her tits with my mouth, my other hand began to remove her soaked panties. As soon as I touched her pussy, Aleina’s hips began to buck up and down. She clamped her legs around my hand and the walls of her pussy gripped my finger like a vice. Aleina ground her pussy into my mouth and began to scream loudly.

Physical Education

first-time Martin1992 2018-08-15

During the summer vacation the school had built a new running track outside of the gymnasium and why not run some laps before the classes began? His head went down at my cock and slowly he sucked my foreskin … never before had I been sucked by a guy but I could already feel that this would be a moment I would never forget. I didn’t want him to stop so I grabbed his head so he couldn’t remove his mouth from my warm … erect cock. I could feel the bl**d rush through my cock and told Mikkel that I was about to explode. As soon as the tip of my cock hit the back I exploded … feeling my load rushing out of my dick and into this guy I’ve just met was amazing.

No Good Deed.....

first-time AJWriter1 2018-08-15

Liam drove slowly down the street out in front of the high school he saw a group bullying one girl, who no matter what they did, all she did was try to leave. Liam looks down at her breasts, and he fondles them one handed, pinching and twisting her long fat nipples and piercings making her moan and grunt more. Liam getting out saying "Let's go inside and get washed up, then I can really take care of you the right way." Kelsey reached for her things but before she could grab anything Liam said "just leave it and come on in, I live alone, and I'd prefer to see you as you are if it's all the same gorgeous."

My Very First

first-time needingitbad 2018-08-15

I kissed her and then circled her nipple with a finger like I saw in a "blue" movie not expecting her to gasp and as we kissed and asking, "Do that to the other one, please" and so I did with my cock so hard I thought it was going to break and needing to get out of my pants...BUT, I had never taken my pant off in front of a woman - well, at least since a was a tiny little boy - and I'll admit I was acared yet it hurt. Was I the first wonam you ever had?" "Looking her full in the eyes I say, "Yes you were," kissing her and feeling my cock beginning to get swollen she then ask, "Can I come back again?" to which I reply, "Yes," and then I take her home...

The Bunny Hop Pt. 02

first-time charliewilder 2018-08-15

Finally, I felt the mattress undulate as small bodies sat beside me. I felt a warm liquid poured on to the small of my back, and then the hands I remembered from the shower began to massage me slowly. Soon I felt slick hands, arms and bodies rubbing against me. Sometimes it seemed it was with her hand and other times it was with what felt like a piece of hard rope. I felt one of the small ladies shudder hard, and then there were no more slaps. I felt a silky gloved hand slowly and firmly grasp mt penis right at the base, and squeeze slowly. Every ounce of energy had left my body along with what felt like a quart of hot cum.

Lie still, little girl, Daddy wants your arse

first-time Daddyslilfuckpuppet 2018-08-15

My mouth opens and as I close my lips around him, it hits the back of my throat, forcing me to gag and gasp for air. Alternating between balls and cock; loosing myself in the moment of pleasing Him. I'm soon pulled back into reality as he grabs my hair, pinning me down once again, forcing me to gag and squeal as he thrusts deeper and deeper. "Lie still, little girl, Daddy is going to fuck you in the arse." Training my arse with plugs and dildos, knowing that Daddy was going to be the one to take my anal virginity. Knowing He is close, Daddy growls, and let's me know He's going to cum in my arse.

Rachel Doesn't Do 'Normal' Pt. 04

first-time roganwriter 2018-08-15

She was wearing a really baggy hoody and some loose fit sweat pants, but having seen her naked a few times now, Brendan knew what a fabulous figure she was hiding under her frumpy clothing. Brendan let her stew in the awkward silence for a while, loving the look of panic Rachel was giving him. Then you and the taxi man carried me and Aaron up to the flat." He saw Rachel exhale sharply, clearly feeling relieved that that was all he knew. People don't think I'm normal and it's not very nice." Brendan watched as Rachel's jaw lowered with each word he spoke. Rachel watched the video of her getting fucked in the back of Kadir's taxi for longer than she needed to, unable to pull her eyes away.

Professional Excellence Ch. 01

first-time Touch_type 2018-08-15

I'm not going to say that it was a eureka moment, that a light went off in my head and I realised that having sex for money was the most efficient way for me to get laid regularly. Yes alright, the tan was beginning to fade, but my arse was as tight as it was when I was eighteen, I could still hold a pencil under my boobs though I doubted I'd find one in the house if called on to prove it, and my legs looked better than they ever had; and that was without stilettos. Nothing like a practical task to bring out the hunter-gatherer in a man, I thought, as he patronisingly demonstrated how to hold the small package firmly and where the best place was to breach the serrated edge.

Melanie's First Time

first-time Stormysailor 2018-08-15

He came down every weekend and on Sunday evenings he would hand James a list of cleaning and repair jobs for the following week. One Sunday evening Bill handed over the usual list to James and said, "Not right now but there is a job you can do for me, it's highly unusual, quite legal and not that hard but..." Melanie stroked and kissed James' penis, but she hardly knew what to do with it so she guided it towards her pussy. As they fell asleep, Melanie turned to James and said that she had been visiting her brother about twice a year. James reached across and managed a kiss as Melanie turned her head towards him.

my affair with a black man and woman

first-time 2018-08-15

we went out a couple of nights later to get drinks or something (this was several years ago and I don't drink that heavily anymore) she ended up staying with me in our apt we made out and she really liked when i kissed her armpits and breasts. The last time V and i got together i almost was begging for her to let me put my cock in her warm wet pussy after eating it for at least 45 mins. she wouldn't let me she i think felt weird about what happened with her *friend we took a shower together i got to wash her beautiful black skin and ass.

First Time With My Friends Wife

first-time 2018-08-14

Her hand started moving up and down my already hard cock as we kissed for what seemed like 5 minutes. "You are so fucking sexy, Mary," I said to her as I pounded her, "Your cunt feels so good are going to make me cum soon." I pushed again and another spurt came out and I just stayed like that for a few seconds then I pounded into her a few more times before I actually got to the point of cumming steadily inside her. "Wow Robert, that was really fucking great," Mary said as she kissed the side of my face. She reached down between her legs and brought some of my cum up to her mouth and tasted it, then licked her hand clean.

Growing Up

first-time LitRiter 2018-08-14

"Listen Sport," Anne said without letting go, "If you're gonna push me away and run just because you've got wood for me, we're never going to get anywhere." Then she turned her face up and kissed him. Was I okay?" Ted took her in his arms and kissed her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth, tasting the traces of his own cum that remained there. Reaching out, Ted took her hands and brought them to her sides, exposing the soft curves of her breasts, the pink, nickel-sized nipples tipped by swollen, hard nubs. Ted leaned forward and kissed her pussy, sucking softly on the soft flesh, and Anne grabbed his head firm and held it there.

Eighteen Ch. 03

first-time SelenaKing 2018-08-14

"If you think we're putting on a show for that poor, sweet boy who won't know what hit him, then yes, you are totally correct," I said. I would have bet that if I'd put my hand on her chest—something I was already itching to do—her heart would be going like a racehorse. "I want you to do more than think about it," I said quietly. Every outfit we try on, every show we put on for Scott, I want you to picture taking it one step further. Bras that covered the whole package, push-up bras that made the package look three times bigger, and thin, skimpy bras that were see-through and only about two steps up from dental floss.

The Soccer Mom Ch. 01

first-time ChefChip 2018-08-14

She had great genes; her mother was pretty good looking, I went to the game and I was watching my brother play, but really I was watching Holly, Carry’s mom. I wasn’t stupid, I knew not to get into cars with strange grown ups, so I looked her right in the eye and demanded to know what was going on. “I saw you looking at me earlier,” said Holly, “ and I could tell what you wanted but I need to ask you something.

Friend watches full story.

first-time bigS11 2018-08-14

Her soft pussy squeezes my cock making it wet as it slides up and down. She lets out a moan of ecstasy "fuck me, yes fuck my pussy, you like it when I squeeze my tits together for you" I fuck her until her hot pussy makes my body clench. I pully my throbbing cock out of her hot blonde pussy and moan "ahh im going to cum ahh ahh!" My body tightens with pleasure I can feel the pressure release as I spray my cum all over her face. Seriously I basically made my girl friend at the time as well as a junior in high school do all that in front of someone who she had no idea.

Ohne Willen

first-time Bi_79 2018-08-14

Allein die Klammern taten schon höllisch weh, ich wollte mir gar nicht den kommenden Schmerz ausmalen, da sagte Simone in ruhigem aber bestimmendem Ton: „Der Strom wird durch die Klammern geleitet und der Abstand für die Stöße wird über eine Uhr geregelt. Allein die Tatsache, dass es mir offenbar gefällt von Simone gedemütigt und gefoltert zu werden warf mich in ein Loch der Verzweiflung, aus dem ich nicht hinaus konnte. Sie lächelte liebevoll und sagte dann: „Wenn du noch einmal so besessen auf meinen Arsch starrst, dann lege ich dir die Klammern mit einem Abstand von zwei Minuten an, hast du das verstanden, Sklave?“ Ich nickte zitternd.


hard working ;)

first-time 2018-08-14

"Fuck yeah you dirty girl, I'm gonna cum, FUCK!" Cam blew his hot load into Emma's mouth, she clearly wasn't expecting this though as her eyes opened wide and she stopped sucking but cam thrust into her mouth, shooting his load down her throat. Emma was in clear pain but she looked at Cam with such eagerness, "Fuck me boss, I'm yours" cam pouned her pussy as hard and fast as he could, pulling out then ramming in again as Emma's screams of pain became moans of ecstasy. "Fuck, fuck, oh god dont stop!" Emma screamed and cam rammed in as deep as he could as Emma's pussy got even tighter."Oh god, im gonna cum, fuck me boss, fuuuuckkk!!!" Emma came hard, cam could badly move inside her she was that tight.

One of Two Ch. 03

first-time strickland83 2018-08-14

The last thing I wanted was for Carly to talk to Nancy, especially so soon after what happened yesterday. My harried mind was still trying to come to grips with the realization that Nancy hadn't told Carly about me -- about us. As I drove, the sounds from the back seat told me that Nancy and Frank were getting to know each other better. The car rocked gently as Nancy and Frank moved about in the backseat and I heard them talking softly but I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. I was thinking of how Nancy had looked that last time in her bed, her legs open, her pussy wet.