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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Virgin Roughly Handled Ch. 01

first-time ArielRacine 2018-08-14

A few days later I asked Sandy if she would like to start earning more money. "The man taught his wife all about how to get pregnant Sir. He told her she was going to have sex and be pregnant all the time." Circling her clit I asked, "Do you want to learn all the things that man taught his wife?" I began stroking and snapping it. "Relax, we're going to rest a second, the pain will stop." A few minutes later I began to move, grinding slowly, letting her adjust. "It began when I read those stories and started to learn what you liked, what you wanted. We don't want you to get dry or sore, our honeymoon is just beginning." She opened up her legs and began to play.

A Christmas Gift

first-time 2018-08-14

that my cock was once again poking her in the ass, she tried to move it again, this time grabbing my bare cock Now, every time she moved, her young little my cock, I could feel a wet spot forming in her panties. Her little hand grinding my hard cock into her young kept right on grinding my cock into herself. time, or a combination of the three, but my cock stayed couldn't hardly believe how great it felt now. a little and gave it one good hard push up into her cunt head, right at her cunt, and started moving it in a Her tiny cunt couldn't hold all of my cum, I could feel thinking about the tight little pussy that my 11-year-

Lonely Nights

first-time Jero88 2018-08-14

Moments later, Phil was massaging Ashley' inner thigh with his one hand, and the other was slowly rubbing her stomach. He let one finger penetrate, going in and out, wiggling around, rubbing, and Ashley let out a slight gasp and a moan as she released his tongue. Now free, he let his tongue slide down and started to kiss her neck, the free hand removing her shirt. I love you, Ashley...I don't want to let you go, and I want to have nights like this all the time." Phil kissed her neck, still with the same passion he had shared with her all night. The couple-for-the-night cuddled once again on the couch, Phil lying behind Ashley, an arm around her waist, lips pressed against the back of her neck.



first-time kyle-smith456 2018-08-14

So I left to go to the bathroom and in the bathroom there was only 2 stalls and one was taken so I entered the other one and sat on the toilet seat trousers down, quietly tossing myself off so the guy in the next cubicle couldn't hear me. He said 'Here spit it out in your boxer shorts' I didn't know why he wanted me too but I did, and then is was my turn, he got down on all fours wrapped his firm fist around my cock and just started sucking, the feeling was great, some complete stranger sucking you off and the feeling you could get caught any minute is so intense that I blew my load in under a minute, he did the same again and spat my cum in his boxers.

tim and i and mom and dad

first-time 2018-08-14

Now they spread our legs and mom started stroking Tims cock as dad put his finger over my pussy. Dad spread my pussy as mom took Tims cock and poked it into my hole. Mom told him how to fuck me and soon Tim was fucking my hole as dad played with my clit. As I sucked dads huge cock, mom started to lick my cunt and tim began to fuck my mom. Dad fucked my cunt as I ate moms pussy as she sucked Tims cock. Next dad layed me over the couch and mom got Tims cock hard and showed him how to enter my ass. Then mom layed over the couch beside me and Tim entered her ass and started fucking it.


one of my first experience

first-time davehf12000 2018-08-14

NO she said round the back of it – there is more chance of us getting caught again – we all looked at each other – ok let’s put on a show…..

Boarding School initiation

first-time fechell 2018-08-14

Soon after lights out my cubicle door opened and the prefect walked in wearing his dressing gown. “Shut the fuck up” he said, then started humping, sliding his cock up and down between my bum cheeks, grunting all the while, Suddenly he stiffened and groaned and I felt a sticky wetness spread over my bum. “I’m told you don’t know how to wank” he said, “I’m going to show you.” With that he pulled his dressing gown open and revealed his stiff prick pointing straight up from a dark bush. I soon became hard and he put my hand back on my cock, wanting to get back to his own wank.

Another true experience with mature white wife

first-time jameshung27 2018-08-14

When we arrived at his house she greeted us with a big smile and said John had told her he was bringing a hungry trucker home for dinner but didn't say it was a handsome young man like you. I could tell that piqued her interest and she asked if they were older white couples like her and John and I told her they were. I told her I knew her and John were both going to want to see this , then as I rubbed the head of my black cock between the pink lips of her white pussy. I told John to come close I know he was going to want to see my 27y.o black cock going in his wife of 35 years.

Army Brat

first-time Slickman 2018-08-14

"Let's see how you field," Coach Wright yelled to Danny who was standing behind Todd at second base. Danny took his defensive position and saw the ball flying towards the hole between shortstop and second. "You're not bad," Todd said as the coach turned to hit some balls to Corey. As he moved towards Danny's left arm he saw the boy pull away. "You know you got our best pitcher kicked off the team," Todd said as he moved up to Danny. He motioned to the red haired kid and suddenly the other boy cocked his arm and let his fist fly towards Danny's head. As Todd took the first step Danny pulled the red-headed boy's arm spinning him around until he fell across the pavement.

Jessica's Dream Ch. 04

first-time sexy_roland 2018-08-14

Jessica and Lilly did their Christmas shopping already and they helped each bake for Christmas and the special New Year's Bang event. Lilly proceeded to tell Jessica how she and her boyfriend play this game a few times each month. "Really now, would he like to screw a woman who is on her period and bleeding so profusely?" Jessica asked Lilly. I do not want to go through life for the next 20 years or so with this enormous pain." she told Lilly. "Yes Jessica, that is usually what being a virgin means for a woman." Lilly said amusingly. The marathon of sex would certainly help lessen the pain, right?" Jessica asked Lilly, hoping for reassurance.


first-time inarut 2018-08-14

He would tell me what he would do with me if he ever got me to bed He would tell me that he would thrust his penis in me hard, then at other times just slowly wallow inside my vagina, he would stroke my nipples and breasts, while touching my breasts and licking them, while sucking on the nipples, said he would slide his penis in me as deep as possible then slip it in and out gently. Once he had me so wet with his words I easily put 4 fingers in then started stroking myself hard, pushing in and out rapidly, soon I felt my orgasm rising, I felt it coming, as best I could.

Sex with the Ex Ch. 01

first-time PeytonsPussy 2018-08-14

The faces he made, the things he whispered to me, when his dad walked in and we almost got caught which made it 10 times more exciting, when his body twitched right before he came, and then when his friend Brendan came over and he bragged to him about it. Looking back I'm kind of embarrassed because it was probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done, but it allowed him to reach his hand down my pants just far enough to feel how soft I was and at the time that was enough for me. He kissed right above my slit before running his tongue all the way down it and shoving it as deep as he could into my pussy, tongue fucking me and rubbing my clit with his fingers.

Last Night First Time

first-time TGF019 2018-08-14

Not for the first time this week I felt a little bit horny, being this close to him, feeling his skin on my skin and being able to touch every part of his body if I wanted to. For a moment there was an awkward movement where I had to move my arms strangely to get myself free from the shirt, but as soon as that was done, he was on my backside again and his fingers left a trail of tingles where they moved. He must have felt me being wet, because he looked at me and moved his hand down and traced from my belly button to my lower lips.

Susan at work part 3

first-time zandy661 2018-08-14

He picked out a mini skirt for his wife and told Susan to try it on so he could see what it looked like. Realising what he was doing Lee got some tops for Susan to try on and made sure the changing room curtain wasn’t quite across so the boy could watch her trying stuff on. By this time she knew she had no choice and did as she was told but kept her back to the curtain, but when she got the bra off Lee grabbed her and turned her to face the curtain, giving the boy a full frontal of her tits, he even gave them a feel, teasing her nipples.

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 07

first-time TheTyke 2018-08-14

"Nobody forced you to come here did they?" he said and he slipped his hand up the back of her skirt and fondled her bottom; running his fingers between her cheeks and down between her legs, feeling the warmth of her through the thin cotton of her knickers. His fingers found their way under the elastic around her legs and touched the wetness gathering between her lips, "Dangerous thing curiosity," he said, "I understand it's killed lots of cats." She closed her eyes as his other hand made its way up under the front of her T-shirt until it cupped her breast over her bra. He ran his finger slowly along her lips as far as he could reach and felt her tremble again before letting his hands fall from under her skirt.

A First For Everything

first-time 7reads 2018-08-14

I mounted her face and she continued licking finger and tongue fucking me, I wasn't sure how much longer I could stay in that position with all that she was doing, Alton entered her with his massive cock and she moaned in my crotch, he was now stroking my back that was turned to him and came closer and grabbed my breasts from behind, he squeezed gently and kissed my neck and whispered something in my ear, I did not hear him because my mind was all over the place concentrating on my climax and how I may just fall to the ground from being so exhausted.


First time lesbian encounter

first-time justthe2ofus 2018-08-14

My husband and I would often talk about inviting new people into our sexual lives and the first woman who always popped into my mind was Sheila. My husband had never really thought about a sexual encounter with her, he'd known her since they were k**s and she was kinda like a f****y member to him, but I told him how attracted I was to her so he left me go with my fantasies. I feel my pussy getting wet and Jake starts fingering me making the sensation ten times better. Sheila goes down on me to start lapping up all the sweet juices flowing from my soaking pussy with her tongue.

A story I found in one of my s****rs old ntoebooks

first-time Yu_Yankum 2018-08-14

I pull the shirt over your head and find my way back to kissing your neck, breathing in deeply so that I may never forget the sweetness of your skin. I continue to flick one nipple with my tongue while I find you other nipple with my free hand, still a bit damp from touching you down below. I can feel the shock it sends through your body because your legs start to twitch. I take your cock in one hand and slowly start tracing the head with my tongue. I take as much of your hard cock into my mouth as I can, gently sucking, moving my head up and down.

Sex, Drugs, and More Sex

first-time Ella611 2018-08-14

Through his eyes alone, she slowly began to feel and understand like she knew everything Chad had been through in his life, and for the first time felt like she was a part of someone else, actually living his experiences as if they were her own. At that moment she felt so close to Chad, so connected as she began to think that she knew everything about him, and was struck with a feeling that she couldn't describe using any other word other than love. She felt she could have looked into those deep, lucid eyes all night but was strangely perplexed by the thought of what it would be like to put her hands around him, pull him close to her, meet him with her lips, and feel his body against her own.

My fantasy anal deflowering

first-time 2018-08-14

Most women I know don't want to take in the ass, especially with a cock my size." Nervously, I asked him, "Have you had anal sex with a woman Paul?" "Yes," he replied but like I said I don't get it very much. Do you think you can handle it Meg, do you think you can take it like a big girl?" "The first time is always the hardest on a girl but it can and does get better Meagan, especially if the woman has anal sex on a regular, frequent basis." "Is that what you want?" Nervously, I replied "Yes." "Are you sure Meagan?

Mindy's Sexual Encounter

first-time adam_woollin 2018-08-14

At this point I was really wet and could feel myself needed relief - I could of gone upstairs and played with myself but instead I slowly (and slyly) moved my hand over to Jake and started to rub his cock through his jeans. I smiled at her and said, "I'm a bit nervous about all this, I've never done this before with a girl, but I think I'm willing to try it, so yes Amelia, you can feel my tits." She moaned stuff like "Fuck me hard," "Yeah you love my pussy don't you baby" and "Mindy go faster with that vibrator." Not long after she started breathing heavily.

My first time seeing my wife fucked by another guy

first-time 2018-08-14

I could her my wife grunt and moan as he drove his dick deeper into her wet pussy, Her head tilted back and her eyes rolled back as he drove deep into her. My wife moaning and groaning and screaming every time he thrust deep into her with his massive cock. He fucked her in that position for another twenty minutes or so and then i heard him growl out loud and moan as he shot his hot thick load of cum deep into my wife's pussy and as he shook convulsively he then laid there on top of her with his now limp large frame breathing heavily.

Rupali and Suva Enjoying Lesbian Sex

first-time ajbasu 2018-08-14

Suva taking it as chance and took Rupali bigger left breast and put it into her mouth as much as she can started sucking it and was happy to receive some drops of sweet milk and her other hand cupped Rupalis right breast. Rupali was still surprised but she also felt nice and after a minute or so Suva guided her to the bed and she slowly made Rupali sit on the edge of the bed without removing the breast from her mouth as she did not want to change Rupalis mood and she kneeled on the floor so that she could reach breasts easily continued sucking Rupalis breast for sometime. Suva lied near her and lifted Rupalis blose to get her breast and greedily started sucking it and put her other hand inside Rupalis blouse to play with other breast.

B.M.O.C. - Big Man on Campus Pt. 01

first-time youngwriter42 2018-08-14

Stephanie withdrew her hand from Matt's waist, turned towards Katie, made a face and gave her the finger before staggering back inside. The alcohol swirling in his head advised him that, sure, it would be nice to lose his virginity to Sheila, but wouldn't it be better if, like Katie had suggested, one of them was experienced and able to guide the other through the encounter? Matt's arms moved to Katie's hips, sliding around to her back, and up under her jacket, holding her close as he returned her kiss. Katie's hand was flying up and down his cock now, her lips wrapped around the head, sucking gently. Matt leaned in and kissed her inner thigh; she gasped slightly and reached down, brushing her fingers against his short hair.