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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pictures from an Exhibition: Elaine

first-time SimonBrooke 2018-08-14

RHODRI bends, moves ELAINE's clothes out of her reach, sits easily on her right (left from POV of camera), puts some suntan oil on his hands, starts to apply it to ELAINE's shoulders and back. MEDIUM SHOT: RHODRI sits close to ELAINE, still spreading oil on her back. LONG SHOT: Looking out through the gateway exactly as before but the sun is now high and ELAINE is in the same pose but wearing a bikini. LONG SHOT: Looking out through the gateway exactly as before but the sun is now setting and ELAINE is in the same pose wearing jeans and a warm jacket. MEDIUM SHOT: From the side, RHODRI with his head down on ELAINE's breasts, nibbling and sucking.

Touch Class Ch. 04

first-time Uzi_Johnson 2018-08-14

Christine wanted me in her ass, so Shiri pulled out the dildo, Christine lifted up and came down this time with her anus taking in my full penis. "Let me try some!" Shiri exclaimed, so Christine climbed off of me and swiveled so her mom could suck her pussy dry. We all lay back sprawled on the couch for awhile, then Shiri said "Ready for dinner?" We all laughed and stumbled to the dining room and ate our meal in the nude. Shiri shook the can, then sprayed whipped cream on Christine's tits and pussy. She took her end of the three-pronger out of her pussy, stuck it in Christine's mouth, then Christine's ass.

First Time being fucked by two Men. (True stoy)

first-time 2018-08-14

While he is fucking me I look over and see my friend being fucked I ask her " Hey ashley how do you like your cock, she maons uhhhh Amanda i fucking love it" My guy who is fucking me says to his employee "hey kane you want a raise" If you do why don't you come fuck my girls little tight ass while I keep fucking her pussy!


first-time BILLY4U1967 2018-08-14

her it was great and she was moaning and moaning she sucking both are dick and we have are hands all over her next thing she gets me on my knee cuz she wants me to eat her ass while she sucks this guys dick where like this for about 20 minutes next thing i know she bring this guys dick in my face and she makes me suck it now ive never suck a dick never even thought about it but i was sucking it alright and next thing you know this guy is thrusting his hips she grabs the back of my head this guy shoots a huge load in my mouth and my chick makes me swallow it!!!

Her First Time - With a Teacher

first-time Chibiwolf 2018-08-14

One morning while a girl of 18 with long red hair got ready for school, she couldn't help but think of him. As the class came together to start, the teacher began to hand back some papers. Misty's knees began to shake in anticipation. Misty reached and unhooked her bra then unbuttoned his shirt and began to work on his jeans. He hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties which were already soaking and he began to rub her clit, quite soft at first and increased the intensity until Misty was almost doubled over from the great feeling. Misty's knees began to shake at the rocking motion of the two bodies and she let out a cry

Revelations to Lessons

first-time l0st 2018-08-14

The pool was where I first realized that girls had interesting bodies, worth watching as they jumped or dived back into the water, and where I first got to enjoy some random (and not so random) collisions with them. I turned around, making it look like I was going to pull myself out of the pool, but quietly dropped the front of my suit. Mrs. Drake was walking into the pool, still holding the phone next to her ear but looking at me a little strangely. He was a lot like Josh when he was a kid, and didn't really settle down until medical school took away all his time.

Daddy's girl part 2

first-time 2018-08-14

'"Your cock tastes so good daddy, I've wanted you so bad" she moaned, sucking on the tip of his dick, Hailey started to deep throat her father, while fingering her pussy beneath her skirt. She crawled onto Daniels lap, pulling her skirt up, aligning his dick to the entrance of her cunt, she gently lowered herself down on his cock, moaning out his name. She could feel her own orgasm nearing, and she tightened her muscles as he released around his cock, exploding on his lap, a moment later Daniel shot his load deep inside of her pussy, making Hailey moan of in estacy. "I'm going to bed, daddy, if you want, my doors open for round two" Hailey said and walked away will cum running down the inside of her thighs

Say "Yes!" to the Dress.

first-time Jhor_Bludson 2018-08-14

After explaining that she couldn’t decide, the assistant suggested that Peta try them both on and after seeing them worn, she’d help with a decision. Then, before she could object, the girl was slipping her hands inside the dress and had removed the bra. Peta felt the younger woman’s hands on her full heavy breasts, this time from behind, moving and guiding them to what soon felt like a perfect fit. Despite it being a little intimate, when Peta looked in the mirror she could see the help was worthwhile and told the assistant that she’d take that one. They exited the change-room and the girl rang it up, giving Peta a strange (yet warm) smile as she handed over the bag.


first-time hotRobertXX 2018-08-14

I said I hadn't and she came over to my bed and sat beside me and told me to touch it. It was getting close to lights out and told her to go abck to her own bed as Mum will be in soon. She wait for a few minutes after Mum left and she came over, sat on my bed and pulled the blanket down. I moaned and she pulled my pyjamas down and bent over and took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Susie laid down along side me and took my hand and put it in her pants and told me to finger her like before.

My first story

first-time SwagonTxD 2018-08-14

I burry my head in the pillow moaning even more, when you think I've had enough you move my panties aside and put a finger inside pull it out and lick my wetness right of of your finger, loving my taste you lift up and tug on my panties. I close my eyes moaning my hands on your head, slightly pushing making you thrust your fingers inside me harder and faster. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wanting you inside me, you bite your lip and climb on top of me, your cock sitting at the entrance of my pussy. I slightly squirm beneath you wanting more, you thrust deep inside me I moan and you smile asking "Is that what you want?" I bite my lip and nod yes.

The First Time

first-time Lawless One 2018-08-14

The sexual tension finally came to a head about a week ago, Ellyn had come over to my house and we were hanging out in my room and I had forgot to sign off line so when I went to the bathroom she got on my computer and started playing an online game I play. I smiled at her and climbed down over top of her and began removing her pants revealing her child like panties that were white with pink bunnies on them. Ellyn began moaning a bit and contracting her pussy a bit as she did this I started pumping hard and she began to moan louder and louder when I finally had to shush her for fear that my mother would come in.

My Horny Girlfriend

first-time 2018-08-14

i always loved to cum in my gf mouth and make her swallow it but she always i told my friend about this and he told me that he got an idea and demand to call her over my after a while my babe came to my home but she was starving and told me baby plz can u make me a sandwich? so my friend loves the idea and told me i'm gonna make here a sandwich so u can have some privacy... so my friend's dick became harder and become jerking his dick until his cum goes out on the inside of the sandwich.

Teaching Amy

first-time shotguner 2018-08-14

Helen replyes YOU OH GOD YES YOU DO MISTERSS I'M YOURS FROM NOW ON FOR EVER Amy's hand in her panties fingering her young twat good can't look away and on the edge of coming as a pair of lites head up the drive it's her dad giving her mother time she runs to him man am I glad your home I forgot my keys he hits the grage door opener and her mom car is there they go in and mom is in bed pertenting to be asl**p as dad says nite Amy looks out the frount window and Kat is walking to her car on the street.

The Obscene Call

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-08-14

When I got home I made sure Heidi watched as I went room by room inspecting every closet, looking under beds and locking windows. I can't even begin to guess how many times Heidi's bell rang but as we were spooning on the sofa she asked me, "Are all girls as sore as I'm going to be the morning after?" I almost broke out laughing but kept my composure as I said, "Heidi, you did the right thing calling me. I heard Andy call out from upstairs, "Daddy's home!" In short order I began to hear the measured footfalls as hand-in-hand he and Heidi descended the stairs. I heard the volume on the TV disappear as she said, "Hey Andy, want to go for a ride and see Heidi's new house?"

Arabian Bromance Pt.1

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-08-14

I knew what it meant when his balls contracted in my hand-I planted my tongue directly on his slit-his hips began to buck and jerk and it was all I could do to keep his manly Arab cock in my mouth-a split second before I tasted his first stream of cum, he squeezed and tugged on my prick and I my balls exploded, shooting ropes of cum in the air that landed on my thighs. Once I was in position, my mouth stuffed full with his warm and manly Arab cock, and his heavy balls cradled in my hands, he stroked my hair and said, "Good girl, this is how you will demonstrate your love and devotion to me!"

My First Freak Nite

first-time 2018-08-14

I had gotten a cotract to fix the furnace / ac unit at this bar in cleveland. I had informed the bartender that I would be repairing the unit and it would take some time. She called him over and he asked what I was doing and i told him repairing the ac unit. She then called me a freak and said i should be treated like one. She sat on my face and told me to suck her pussy clean.I tried to avoid it but she was holding me in place.I began to eat her up and clean her out.She had alot of cum in her.She then said I had done a good job and she wanted more.

Prim & Proper

first-time Sensuous Storyteller 2018-08-14

There was no time for the poor girl to get used to the size or feel of his cock; just a quick thrust of his hips so that the huge member slid across her wet tongue like a fast boat gliding across still water. When church broke up and everyone was shaking hands, wishing each other a good week and to go with God, Susan felt like a phony. 'You just left church and you just met him' --------- Sure enough on Monday, Jim walked into the bookstore and this time, Susan saw him and went right over to help him. Susan's eyes opened wide as his lips captured one swollen nipple in his mouth and she couldn't stop the little squeal that escaped her lips.

School Girl Gets Punished

first-time Promiscousgyrl 2018-08-14

This last time I "accidentally" blew-up our science lab, which unfortunately resulted in me being taken to the head masters to be expelled or so I thought. I usually like to be the center of attention, but the way he was staring at me was making me squirm in my seat, which in turn made my pussy lips rub together. He started to pull my panties down, and as he was doing this, he told me that he was going to reward me as the only way I deserved. "I want you to lay back down again on my desk, but this time on your back, with your legs spread and raised".

The Milky Way

first-time fadedgiant 2018-08-14

"Silly, I want to get a swim in this afternoon and you could benefit from the water too." I knew Joe was right; I chewed up a hand full of trail mix and had a good drink of water before loading up. For all these years, she was my best friend, Joe. Was seeing her this way making me realize something more about how I felt about her, was she telling me something without words. When we did break from the passion of that first lovers kiss, I said, "That much more than best friends." In Joe's eyes, I saw love taking over from all the other emotions I saw earlier.

All About Me

first-time Olive Hizklosoff 2018-08-14

Couldn't stop thinking about which I liked more: sucking a big hard cock or swallowing cum. I had second thoughts for a moment and then I thought, "in for a penny, in for a pound." I was there to do what I said I was going to do, suck cock and swallow cum. I wanted what I wasn't getting at home, to suck cock and swallow cum. I thought my last guy had cum a lot but my new black friend was totally ridiculous, He came in torrents, filling my mouth. I worked hard, taking the very swollen dark black fuckstick in and out of my mouth, from just holding it with just my lips to having it completely down my throat.

The Meeting

first-time samvimes 2018-08-13

As John looked down, Geoff looked up and smiled and the younger man watched as his new lover’s lips gently kissed the tip then a soft tongue eased out and slowly licked it all over. Geoff was wiggling the tip of his finger inside John’s arse and John felt he would explode with the pleasure. They repeated the K-Y gel and Geoff stood, hand on the tree as John guided the head of his cock to the tight hole. “Oh Fuck yes!” the cried out together as he unleashed a flood of creamy cum inside his new lover and he slumped forward over the bending Geoff, his hands sliding up under the shirt and cupping his man breasts.

Accidental First Time Ch. 02

first-time engagemind 2018-08-13

You blush and nod, then, look at my penis, a smile on your face as it slowly starts to grow again in your hand. I sense your concern and assure I do offer repeat "shows" your touch is the best I have ever felt, and that what you are doing feels fantastic, incredible, wonderful, — you cut me off in mid sentence suggest I cut the bull,.and admit (as we both know) you are not sure what to do. You again softly admit that you are very turned on, looking at the floor, embarrassed, you start to apologize, but I cut you off mid sentence, telling you I am glad this has aroused you, happy that your not upset and wish I could do for you what you have done for me.

Amanda's First Time

first-time roseman1 2018-08-13

Born March 3, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, Amanda wows the crowds with her long dark blonde hair, green eyes and long legs right from the start. A band is playing in the corner, and the pool lights are shimmering over us and making Amanda look like an angel in glowing white. Amanda stands up and pulls her gown over her head, revealing that she's totally nude underneath, then she looks at me and says, "So?", then she turns and jumps into the pool. what's this?" then wraps both her warm hands around my cock and starts rubbing it, slowly up and down. She stops rubbing and just holds my throbbing cock in her hand, and pulls me to the shallow end of the pool.

Paradise Island Ch. 07

first-time asitsn 2018-08-13

Serbius wants to take over the Fontana estate and Jill asked Tom to come over and take over as the head of the Fontana estate. Tom came over, enjoys himself with several girls and gets engaged to Macy - the previous Fontana head's sister. However, the council doesn't agree to Tom taking over as the head and asks him to leave with Jill and Macy once they are married. Lukid cleared his throat, "After a lot of discussion, we've decided that Tom is the best person to head the Fontana estate once he marries Macy." Tom will be the head of the Fontana household as soon as we get married," said Macy over his shoulder.