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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fun at the Pool

first-time SensationCreation 2018-08-13

Suddenly, a tingling rush spreads from your back as fingers stroke the sensitive skin and your roll over to stare into the eyes of the one person you love more than anything in the world. He eventually comes to the edge of the pool near the deeper water where he slowly starts to submerge until your eyes are level once more. You pull him close as the coldness of the water starts to register against your skin, your bikini doing little to mask you from it. The sudden burst of pleasure causes you to pull him closer, releasing a moan into his neck so as not to alert the other swimmers. The pleasure builds as he continues the secret act, driving you so close to the edge you feel like screaming.

Prima data cu o femeie de 34 de ani

first-time pleyer24 2018-08-13

Suge din ce in ce mai tare, dar Mihai nu da semne ca este aproape de ejaculare; la un moment dat, cind penisul era supt la mare arta de Stela, incepe sa -si miste scula adinc in gura Stelei gemind usor de palcere si excitare,semn ca sperma e pe cale sa vina si sa-i unmple gura Stelei care astepta de mult sa-l termine." Hai Mihaita draga, hai umple-ma acum, da-mi-o in gura, hai scumpule...


First Story

first-time 2018-08-13

We both know we want more as you pull me down on your lap holding me as you kiss me passionately, your finger tips exploring my naked body as I lay back against you, softly kissing and nibbling around my neck, your fingers running softly all over my body as you continue to kiss down my back and across my shoulders, I feel you starting to get aroused again and you smile at me. Lightly you lick the tip of one nipple then the other ,back and forth hearing a little moan from me as you tease them, your fingertip rubs my clit softly as it slides up and down between my wet hot lips, taking one of my hard nipples in your mouth you get between my spread legs rubbing your hard cock between my lips, the head rubbing my clit as you slowly slide it up and down between my swollen pussy lips .....

All Grown Up Ch. 02

first-time simply_cyn 2018-08-13

Slipping her hands into his, she said in a soft voice, "I want to be with you too, Ryan … however you want me." Her whole body trembled but this time, for a whole different reason that he might have thought. Ryan nuzzled his nose against Amanda's, pulling back just enough to place a soft kiss on her chin as he whispered, "You're poking me." His gaze lowered some as he pushed his chest against hers, indicating the rock hard tips that were jutting out from behind the t-shirt that she adorned. She could feel him kissing down her body and she couldn't help but gasp in wonder, her eyes widening as she watched his tongue trace the lines of her body, darting across and skipping past the part of her that was on fire.

First Time

first-time the_new_guy_234 2018-08-13

Her long slender legs, highlighted by the heels stepped slowly towards me and directed my gaze up her body towards her perfectly sized breasts, accentuated by the silk gown and black lingerie, and the smile on her face was one of nervous expectancy, probably similar to the one that now graced my lips. Sarah seemed to like the sensation of a gentle pinch on her nipple so I gently gripped the left one in my teeth and pulled slightly away, she gasped, this time loudly, but it was a grasp both of pleasure and of pain. Looking up at me for one last time, she leaned in and with my cock gripped firmly in her hand she opened her mouth and slid the head past her soft lips.

Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surfer

first-time WhiteCockWorship 2018-08-13

To kill time for the day, Fuko went down to the Santa Monica beach in order to relax at her favorite spot on the sand where the waves barely touched her toes. While she thought the info was interesting, Fuko's main excitement came from her being so close to Jake in the water, and having him frequently touching her body when getting on and off the board. Okay babe, let me fuck your pussy." Jake said as Fuko was titfucking him with her huge boobs. This was ecstasy for Fuko and Jake as they made love on the beach under the cover of the night; while having a breeze cool them along with the ocean waves touching them.

My girlfriend's younger b*****r pt2

first-time 2018-08-13

I start to suck his hard dick even faster, i loved the way it felt as his shaft rubbed against my tongue and feeling his dick head hit the back of my throat. I wanted to taste his sweet cum so i started to twirl my tongue around his dick head as i sucked and stroked his shaft faster and faster. I told him to relax as i grabbed hold of his hips and started to slowly push more and more of my hard black dick deeper into his ass. I plowed into his tight ass one more time before burring my dick deep inside him and holding it there as i shoot my load deep inside his asshole.

Cheating Milf Loves Younger

first-time wendy52 2018-08-13

Once I’d swallowed all of their loads they could all fuck my pussy and cum inside me one at a time. Kissing and licking this beautiful cock I felt my pussy licker twiddle his fingers as he began to chew Taking his cock from my mouth I smiled at him and said to my pussy licker. Kissing and licking his beautiful virgin cock I felt my next pussy licker take up position kneeling The cum deposited inside me began to slide out of my pussy which helped lubricate the Monster Cock. The young handsome man placed his cock at my open as he plunged his phallic perfection deep inside my Mr Perfect cock emptied his young vibrant seed deep inside my pussy as I milked every drop from his

Pool Fun Ch. 01

first-time storyman56 2018-08-13

As I lay there in wet shorts with the sun beating down on us I noticed for the first time her look at my cock bulge and she was not very subtle either, she seemed to be staring at it for a few seconds as she must have noticed that it was clearly rock hard and twitching. "Just what you have been doing to me all afternoon" I said as she then peeled the costume down her body revealing the sweetest little vagina I had ever seen, perfect little patch of manicured pubes and a neat but slightly swollen pair of lips.

Mike Loses His Virginity

first-time Stormysailor 2018-08-13

Sitting to Mike's right, she took his left hand and placed it over her right breast, between her bra and t-shirt. At the critical moment, Linda responded by getting Mike in the spoons position and explained that it is a relaxing après ejaculation posture and he could leave his cock in until it recovered for round two or just to soak a while. "The spoons position is not too good for kissing but it's lovely laying here like this; how does it feel to be an ex-virgin?" Linda asked. With a slowly recovering cock still in Linda's pussy and a handful of breast, he fell asleep before he could worry more.

Baby's Surprise

first-time Bi_Norfolk_cd 2018-08-13

I finish licking Lisa's Cum covered Pussy Clean and sit up and Lisa gives me a big Kiss and says thanks Baby. in the mouth Sabrina tells me to come over and sit as Lisa sucks that Big Dick we start kissing and Sabrina says Lisa is licking my Sissy Pussy and Sabrina is sucking my Dick Lisa stops and Gia goes around behind me and Slides she says open up Baby and and slides her Big hard Dick in my Mouth, so Now I have Sabrina sucking me Gia fucking Big dick till it is all the way in me, Sabrina walks up me and says open that mouth Baby I want you to suck

Mom & Duaghter Go to the Beach III

first-time mooremike 2018-08-13

We want to make all those guys get hard when we start dancing!" Mom said Just because a guy is older doesn't mean that he would be a good lover." Mom said but she also seemed to be thinking hard about something I hope you do not think this to weird but how about letting Robert fuck you?" Mom said I know it would be kinky but he already said he wanted to find another woman for a threesome!" Mom said with a sexy smile "Would it bother you to have me there for your first fuck?" Suck that big cock!" Mom said as Robert moaned "Well our pussies are on fire stud so get that cock hard because Shelby and I need a good fucking!" Mom said

Story Behind Teacher's Pet

first-time Blondkid2020 2018-08-13

As Post kissed, licked all around his ass, Bob was enjoying the attention, saying to himself: "Why can't Cindy do this to me?" Then the horny professor spread his cheeks and licked his anus. Now that Bob's rectum was stimulated and partialy opened by all the licking, kissing and sucking, it was time for him to feel Post's dick enter this sensitive and painful part of his body. Slowly the pain subsided and Post pushed again until his cock was all the way inside the former ass virgin's hole. So Post penetrated him again, this time more gently and Bob could feel the teachers dick massaging that special spot, his prostrate gland.

A Tale of Two Fatties

first-time bassbelly 2018-08-13

He had moved from his parent's house when he turned nineteen, not wanting to burden them with another mouth. Many times he had thought about suicide, but like the whore houses, he chickened out. His band got better and better and started playing some of the more exclusive clubs. "I finally got the nerve to slip over the side of the cruise boat when no one was looking. I like your t-shirt." She walked up the hall carrying her packages and went into her room. On the way home he stopped and got some ice cream cones and they merrily licked their way back to the house. Now this man who had saved her life wanted to take her on a trip.

sub in the making?

first-time 2018-08-13

By this time I was extremely wet, so he, ran his finger from my clit to my hole, in long slow strokes making my legs shake. When he placed his tip at the opening of my vagina I felt waves of excitement, and as he f***ed himself in I moaned lightly at the glorious feeling of hard cock. I knew he hadn't cum yet, but he slipped his cock out and I turned my head to ask why, but before I could open my mouth he f***ed a finger into my arse hole and I winced a bit. He began fucking my arse and calling me a good girl, slapping my cheeks and moaning with pleasure.

First time pissed on - True

first-time 2018-08-13

She could see this was turning me on “You like that you dirty boy, want my ass in your face” she said still fucking her now soaking cunt with the dildo. She started moving on my face “Yeah, sniff my ass you dirty bastard, smell me” she said, I did as I was told, I didn’t have much cloice and at that point I would have done anything she asked. I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked all the way up her crack “fuck” she moaned as I rimmed her puckered hole she tasted so good and was obviously loving it she was grinding harder against my face and wanking me very hard.

How my wife found out I was Bi!

first-time SpicySide69 2018-08-13

We hit the buffet and met a couple named Pete and Becky, they were a wild couple who lived to have a good time. Becky reminded me of the pornstar Janine Lindemulder, and Pete reminded me of WWE star Roman Reigns he was a pacific islander with superlong hair and a big bulge, which told me everything I needed to know. The girls were starting to kiss and finger each other and my cock was getting so hard between their sounds of wanton lust, and my desire to taste Pete's big cock. And I heard my wife ask Pete where I was, next thing I know she's underwater with me passing his big cock from my mouth to hers then back again.

Chubby Young Lover

first-time nobigwillie 2018-08-13

We continued with small talk then I asked her if she could send me a picture of her ass. Next came my boxers, my erection was now pointing straight up and she grabbed my waistband and slowly slid them down revealing the head of my penis first. Rachael then moved & sat between my legs, she started stroking my dick with both her hands. I was soon hard again then she came on top of me straddling me with her legs on each side of me & slowly lowered herself onto me inserting my cock in her hot pussy. My hands were caressing her thighs as she took my entire cock and sat on top of me with her eyes closed & her teeth biting her lower lip.

Fantasy for my wife

first-time 2018-08-13

When we get to the club I unbutton her shirt a few buttons to give the guys a better look.After a few drinks this guy who has been looking at her comes and asks if she would like to dance. I looked at her ans said it's not fair,he tasted your cum now you need to taste his.We went to a dark corner of the club and she got down on her knees in front him and pulled his big cock out and started sucking on it until he shot his load in her mouth,then I told her to swallow it and she swallowed it all!

breastfeeding stepdaughter

first-time bug121121 2018-08-13

Sonia slowly licked her lips and saw Bailey's eyes tract the movement of her tongue, feeling unsettled she tried to take back control with a deep breathe to settle her nerves and make an attempt at normal behavior, she greeted Karl's daughter Bailey and catching his encouraging smile returned it with one of her own. Sonia had long forgiven Karl for bringing his older daughter to stay, she didn't begrudge his happiness he was a kind man with simple needs, life felt very good to them right now, so having enjoyed home life for these past few months it was time for a little rain to fall.

Cali’s Ego

first-time jonline 2018-08-13

“OOOOooooooo……” she moans as I slide my tongue inside her pussy gliding it around all that’s pink as she grips my hair tight sitting up watching me and rolling her hips. “O fuck!” as we grind our pussies together rubbing our wet clits against our creamy pussy lips; I lay sideways gripping the sheets tight as I moan gyrating my hips in rhythm with hers as we grind faster and harder. “James….James…” He’s breathing so hard slowly he moves his dick in and out sliding it further and further inside me until he works up a good pace and begins thrusting fast. Cali stirs and climbs over, placing her head down to where the action is, she begins licking my pussy and sucking on my clit as James dick thrusts inches from her face.

Devirgined Cousin

first-time Lawyerlyzach 2018-08-13

Throughout dinner Catherine had been trying to work up the courage to ask her cousin a question that she never could ask her mother, and that none of her friends at school knew the answer to, and finally halfway around a manmade lake and far away form any other person she was able to ask it. For another fifteen minutes Catherine alternated between sucking, and jerking her cousin's monster cock, bit by bit working more of it down her throat until finally she was able to swallow the entire thing. It rapidly became clear that Catherine wanted a medium speed where Jack alternated between pulling almost his entire dick out of her only to thrust all the way back in, and short thrusts where the back of his cock head focused more heavily on her G-spot.

1st time with her

first-time 2018-08-13

i pushed her back on the couch, and starting at her heels, i kissed and licked my way up her legs, and stopped to tease her clit with my tongue. i pulled out, still hard, she was gasping for air, noticed my cock was still hard, she knelt down, took it into her mouth again, sucked up the last of my cum and her pussy juices. after dinner , i helped her up into my truck, lifted her sundress and ate her pussy from behind again until she came. the remainder of the next 3 days we spent in pretty much the same way, sucking, fucking, and fingering, her wearing one short sundress or another, and no panties.

Xiaowei Gets It Pt. 01

first-time LukeCoolhand 2018-08-13

"If he doesn't wake up, I'll leave him a little souvenir -- he'll have a wet dick and a pair of panties in his bed!" She knew that the fluids were seeping from deep within and would stain the sheets as they always did when she thought of using the dildo. The smell of her fluids was so strong it permeated the room, and that pleased her too, the thought of her commandant waking up and smelling her pussy in his bed and on his body. She reached down to remove it from her slit, but the cock in her hand felt so good, she couldn't help herself -- pressing it against the split of her groin she pushed her hips backwards, and impaled herself on his prick once more.