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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex with hot neighbour

first-time kamdevbharuch 2018-08-13

She and her husband doing sex everyday, i watch them from the window from terrace. She removes her cloths one by one, then she called her husband and sometimes makes him naked and play with his LUND. hence i asked her to prepare tea for me and went inside my home, i go to bathroom and removed all cloths, i kept bathroom door opened. She saw me nude and get excited, she came in the bathroom and picked up my LUND washes it with water and started sucking it. she had make me excited and my LUND is errected hard, than she pull me to bedroom and suck me widely. Sometimes she come to me three times a day for sex, i.e. morning, noon and late evening.

My Roommate's Girl

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-13

Her tongue slipped passed her lips and entered my mouth. My tongue flicked down her smooth soft pussy lips and reached back under her ass cheeks showing me her tight little pink butt hole. "Fuck, I'm cumming!!" she moaned, pulling my face hard into her ass. "Do you want to fuck my ass now?", Kara asked, smearing her pussy juices tongue into her mouth stifling her moans as the first stream of hot cum After I had spent my load I pulled my now-soft dick from her ass. my dick and placed her hot little mouth to my balls. opened her sweet mouth and took my slick wet cock between her lips. and licking she pulled her finger from her ass.

Jim and I, Now an Item

first-time alexcarr 2018-08-13

When at last he took it out of me I felt empty and it wasn't long before he was fucking me more over the arm of the settee, a cushion placed just right so I could give him a real good presentation, he said he loved that and then I was to enjoy the feel of his tongue sucking and exploring me between my fresh fucked ass cheeks and it was heave, After that I just wanted to be all ass for him whichever way he wanted and I could never get enough of the taste of cock.

The Team Completed

first-time Ashson 2018-08-13

Leading the way Michelle and the team headed up the stands to confront Rick. "I just happened to run into some of the team last night, and I thought it might be interesting to watch them in action," returned Rick, blandly. "Do you seriously think I'm going to let you do this," asked Michelle, feeling helpless, watching his erection pushing against his open fly, and realising that she was feeling incredibly aroused by the whole scenario. Michelle could feel her own breathing moving her gently against the invader, little ripples of sensation slowly snaking their way deeper into her. Michelle started fantasising about telling Rick to just sit, after she jammed one of the sports departments Indian clubs up his arse.

Anal Pet

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-13

"Fuck me Steve; I want to feel your hard cock stretch my ass!" I knew that would make him hot. Steve grimaced; he felt himself getting close, but he wanted to hold off until Heather was ready. "OK, baby, but I'm going to need to slow down a little." He grabbed her hair and drove into her with long slow strokes. Steve looked down at Heather's beautiful ass, his cock pounding into it. Steve was yanking my hair and fucking my ass hard and then the room began to spin. I could feel his spent member softening and I collapsed on the living room floor aware of every cell of my body, completely satisfied from one of the greatest ass-fucks of my life.

The Teacher: My First Time Pt. 02

first-time CanadianM 2018-08-13

He found her clit and began to lightly flick his tongue against it, just as she liked, then covered it entirely with his lips and gently sucked on that extended little nub of flesh. He slipped his tongue down, pushing it in deep and felt Joan's fingers in his hair, pulling him in and grinding her pussy against him. She teased him a bit, before surfacing and smiling up at him and saying, "I thought you might like a little trip around the world this morning Mike!" then moved her mouth to his cock, lips engulfing the head as she began to softly suck him. Joan had told him that she loved the feel of a cock in her mouth and that sucking cock made her pussy tingle.

A Teddy Bear for Christmas

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-08-13

Maybe not back at High School but that had been five years ago when I was living at home and I didn't have an allowance from my parents for anything much and terrible acne and those horrible big square glasses that made me look like a complete caricature of an Asian student. Kevin says to tell you he got called into an urgent meeting by his boss a couple of hours ago, he's going to call again soon." "Hi Sara, thought I should let you know I'm going to be working late." Kevin was totally blasé about it. I'd asked Kevin weeks ago, well before I'd told Mom and Dad I was bringing my boyfriend up to stay over Christmas.

The Best He Ever Had

first-time ilycupcake 2018-08-13

Dyson, looking towards the belt, hitched a gasp which caught in his throat as he felt her hand put pressure on his growing erection. Loving that sweet sound, Aubree chuckled, and before Dyson could look back to her to tell him this wasn't necessary, Aubree had undid his pants and lightly thumped the tissue. Dyson put a hand on Aubree's head and whispered seductively "Suck me little sadist." Aubree, still being fingered, started to enjoy the feeling when Dyson hit a spot, never discovered before. Dyson stroked her cheek softly and trailed his hands down to find Aubree's wet core. Panting, Dyson began to thrust his member in and out of her, reaching up to caress a breast.


massage parlor virgin

first-time 2018-08-13

Little did I realized that this lady was just the mama San. She told me 60 dollars to which I kind of bluffed for a second, but she looked at me noticing the obvious bulge in my pants took my hand and whispered, "I have special girl for you, she around your age and make you feel reel good." I instantly pulled my tip money from the night before and handed it to her. That place is gone now but every time I drive past it I dream about that sexy young Asian covered in my goo, and remember how amazing that night was as I lost my virginity to a young Asian I paid 150 bucks for the best hour of my life.

Guess What?

first-time Ashson 2018-08-13

Up until now Jenny had always been wary about taking that final step but when going to bed the previous night she'd found herself wishing that Angelo was there with her. To Jenny's intense irritation, Paul was still with her when she arrived at the mall, apparently intent on following her to her meeting with Angelo. Jenny struggled vainly, pushing at Paul, trying to move his hands away from her delicate flesh, finding she couldn't stop him from making free of her breasts and her pussy. Jenny was squealing and yelling, her legs clamped around Paul's waist, pulling him onto her even as he pushed forward, wanting him to fill her to as great a depth as possible.

caught by my s****r and her friend

first-time carlos06 2018-08-13

"I don't know" said Kate "looks like fun", and with that sat down on the couch next to me, lifted her skirt, pulled her knickers to one side and started playing with her pussy. I must have looked a sight, one hand on my cock (still under the towel) mouth open and eyes wide as saucers, then Kate threw herself onto her back on the couch and grabbed my shoulders pulling me on top of her, she then ripped the towel away and grabbed my cock guiding it to the opening of her pussy. Crazed with lust I started pumping my cock into her pussy as fast as I could, "oh yes fuck me" she said, before long I felt my orgasm approach, I pushed as deep as I could, Kate felt me tense up and grabbed my hips holding me in.

My Beautiful Stranger

first-time thuchuprep 2018-08-13

Your tongue was soft and wet in my mouth and I briefly allowed myself to think of how that would feel wrapped around my stiff cock. I began to lick along your left thigh, slowly making my way up to your beautiful pussy. As you slowly squatted onto my face, I got an amazing view of both your tight ass and your soaking wet pussy. Although I could have stayed here forever, I pulled my head back and said, "I want to fuck you so bad right now." My cum began slowly leaking from your pussy onto to your thigh, while some remainder had rubbed off on the part of your ass that was pressed close to my cock.


My First Fuckbuddies Pt 2

first-time carmine79 2018-08-13

HURT A LOT!" "Just get started, I really want this" I felt Harry applying Vaseline to my asshole, and it gave me chills. I just enjoyed the rush of feeling my ass cheeks spread out like that, and his fingers going to work inside of my asshole two at a time. I began to scream but Harry told me to shut the fuck up, and bite down on his pillow. Harry drilled away at my ass while I laid flat on the bed moaning, and roaring "Fuck dude, this does hurt." I cried out. Your ass is going to relax, and really enjoy this.I was impressed harry maintained this for about 20 minutes. I also couldn't get the idea of Harry having a cousin that liked to be fucked.

Dee Dee Ch. 2

first-time RobbyRoberts 2018-08-13

I don’t know if she noticed how red I must have been or if she noticed that I had a hard-on or not, but she just smiled, adjusted her tits in the bra part and said, “Okay, I’ll wear it. She stood up and stopped, then said, “Robby, did it bother you that I took my top off out there?" “No, no, of course not, Mrs. D’Harley.” “I suppose a young good looking young man like you sees a lot of nude girls, don’t you?” “Yeah, sure,” I lied, and then thought it wasn’t a real lie because I did see a lot of them in magazines and on the internet, only not in real life.


first-time virginblood 2018-08-13

He lit his cigerette and looked at me and like most men...grabbed his cock thru his pants and started to talk to me about how he made a woman cum for about 20 mins. He told me because he just came home from Iraq and he only had his imagination and his right hand to help him at downtime. When I woke up I felt a chill, a wetness, I put my hand on my but my shirt was up over my butt and tits and cum soaked my butt and on my pussy. Next thing I knew....I was laying on my back with my legs open rubbing his head on my clit. He told me he wanted to cum inside me....I was too weak to say no....

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 04

first-time Turbidus 2018-08-13

Some guy or gal tilts their head back while someone else lets a long trail of cum and spit drop into their mouth. My usual response is along the lines of "sucking the dick that got hard by watching me play with my own dick, that's what you dumb mother fucker now get the fuck out of my face". I shake my head, trying to clear out this overly heavy shit, amazed that my mind can zip from "will they walk out" to "claiming self defense after a post cock-sucking killing". I lean back against the arm of the sofa and risking pulling a leg up on the couch and letting it rest against Amy's thigh.

My old friend, Hannah

first-time Heading4Hell 2018-08-13

I was awaken by a sweet voice that sent a chill down my spine but also turned me on, "Jack, you know that you could've just asked if you wanted to snuggle." Hannah was up but was still in my hold, she was looking back at me with her beautiful blue eyes. I placed my head next to hers and whispered, "I've been planning to do this since you got here Hannah, I wanted you for a long time now." I don't want to hurt you, if you feel any pain just tell me." I kissed her cheek before my hand started removing what clothing separated me from her sweet naked body.

Black Book Diary Entry: Aileen

first-time PositiveThinker 2018-08-13

Perhaps, I guess, I took what I liked from one, tits, and looked for a woman who had the other, blonde hair. Aileen enjoyed doing drugs, for one reason or another, probably because they were mind altering, pot, hash, pills, and cocaine, which would explain her moodiness. I couldn't help but feel a little bit like Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby, in the way he lusted over Daisy Buchanan and in the way that I lusted over Aileen. Much like Aileen and I, Nick and Daisy were friends, who'd never be lovers because Daisy loved someone else, Jay Gatsby, just as Aileen loved whoever could get her high and take her where she needed and wanted to go to escape the sad reality of her life.


first-time kinkeebaby 2018-08-13

And I wish you would not concern yourself where these private matters are concerned." I recognized this voice as Sir David's second son, Rian. Grace, I apologize for frightening you," Sir David said as he took my reddened hand. I stepped out of the bed, going to my things and took out a small vial of lightly flavored oil Sir David had given me. "No, Rian, look at me, I need to see your eyes." His heavy lids opened slowly, and his eyes took time focusing on mine. I moved my mouth over it and darted my tongue out to capture it at the exact same time I made a slight upwards motion with my embedded finger, gently touching the sensitive gland inside of him.

Glass Shard

first-time Spinneret 2018-08-12

So she arrived at the Leisure Centre in good time, undressed from her work suit, and met the masseuse, a pleasant-looking middle-aged woman named Anne. "No, I wasn't..." Anne said, removing her hands from Paula's shoulders, then "Oh, damn!" "What's up?" Paula asked, looking back at Anne, who was staring aghast at her hands. Paula reached into her handbag with a thoughtful expression, produced the simple home-made pendant, and raised the shard to catch the light. And I suppose that you seeing us like that..." (A sudden flash of memory hit Paula; her mother in black underwear, kneeling in front of her father, and his animalistic groans...) "...Well, I could understand that thinking about your parents doing things might be especially difficult for you." Her mother flashed another nervous smile.

Virgin Stories Ch. 01

first-time SilverShade 2018-08-12

The first day promised to be a lot of fun since Danyel decided she didn't have enough fun and took her to the cinema to see a film she'd wanted to see for weeks, then proved he could cook by making them pizza when they got back home a few hours after dark. "Please Danyel, I'm too sore to go again." Jennifer was sure she was going to hurt for a week already, but still being light-headed from her orgasms she got into the position anyway. "Fits like a glove..." Danyel moved slowly and only used small thrusts at first, but soon started fucking her hard. "Want seconds?" Danyel looked mischievious as he said it, so Jennifer figured he didn't just mean pancakes.

my naughty cousin

first-time wolfmanhardballs 2018-08-12

the year was 2009 it was cold and i had just lost my job and got kick out from my apartment. she saw me and told me what happen to me so i told her that i got fire and kick out of my apartment. i took the shower and when i got out from the bathroom i was shocked to see my cousin wearing really tight white shirt and panties, i notice that she was not wearing a bra her nipples were pushing against the fabric of the shit. the following morning i got up to take a shower, as i was getting undress my cousin open the bathroom door and she says

My First Time

first-time uticanyrick 2018-08-12

They had arrived Friday night and we had a nice dinner and I showed Anne the boat house which was my room when we had guests. Since Anne and her parents took two bedrooms I had to stay in the boat house. Anne wanted to go swimming but our parents said it was to cool to swim. I told her about what I had and she said we can have them tomorrow for dinner you and Anne will be on your own tonight we are going to a party there are some steaks for you in the refrigerator. Anne took her suit off and said lets play before we go swimming.

Abbey & Frankie

first-time 2018-08-12

“Well alright, as long as we get some studying done, I don’t see the harm in skipping this next class, we don’t enjoy gym class anyway!” Frankie than grabbed Abbey by the hand and happily pulled her to the library into a more secluded area, the lights flickering slightly and dusty old books lining every corner. Finally they both screamed, pinching each others tight nipples, milk squirting out from them all over each other as the tentacle pulled and played even more with their clits and pussies, making them reach maximum climax, as their cum sprayed out all over each other, the toy shrinking and stopping as Abbey reached down and pulled it out, and moved and pulled Frankie against her.