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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Father Mallory's School Girl

first-time Lola138 2018-08-12

He watched some of the girls roll their knee length skirts up to their upper thigh, at the same time unbuttoning the white seashell buttons on their dress shirts, doing their best to reveal cleavage. But again, just like she wasn't the only attractive girl Father Mallory encountered, she wasn't the only pitiful soul either. She liked the way her breasts felt in his mouth, the wetness, the warmth, the cold air rejection when he removed his tongue to another part of her skin. She laid there, sprawled out with her shirt unbuttoned, breasts exposed to the tall cathedral ceilings with her hair drawn out over the pew seat like an angel in infinity.

The Divers

first-time Fredsowner 2018-08-12

While it might be exciting for a young man to see the breasts of a beautiful girl it was nothing like the jolt to Naomi's psyche to see the tubular shape of Jerry's dick and then to feel it against her body. The introductions of a pink dildo only helped to increase the frequency and shorten the duration of her orgasms but the sight of and feel of Jerry's hard dick only heightened her need to enjoy the thing that nature had designed to fill up her pussy. Jerry imagined that he was going to meet them but when they opened the door and he saw the message on the kitchen table, "Naomi, I've left food in the fridge. Jerry collapsed on her and Naomi said,

The Empathetic Girlfriend Ch. 02

first-time StudStory 2018-08-12

I must be dead, otherwise there is no other reason I am waking up to a beautiful, virgin, Asian girl laying naked on top of me." The homeless man reached down and grabbed his penis. "Oh I'm sorry, I'm Yuna," she said walking back over to Mike to shake his hand. His penis was poking into her stomach and that is when she really a good look at how large of a man Mike was. Yuna reached out instinctively to keep Mike's cock head from poking her in the stomach, but this made the situation more lewd. Mike let go of the walls of the shower and steadied himself using Yuna's back. Mike pulled the tip of his dick from Yuna's pussy and took his hand and placed it under the head of his dick.

Sucking Cock for Girlfriend

first-time tpgprn 2018-08-12

I couldn't tell you how many nights we made love while I told her about my secret desire to bring a man off with my mouth. "Let me know when you want to begin" she said as she began playing with my throbbing cock with her other hand. "Tell me how much you like dirty to me like you do when we're alone...tell me how much you like having a penis in your mouth and If you give him a good enough blowjob I might ask a few of my girlfriends over to watch. "I love to have you watch me while I blow him" I said as I returned his dick to my mouth. "I knew you would like it" she encouraged, "I love watching you with a dick in your mouth".

School Trip: My teacher's s****r

first-time blu3rthanu 2018-08-12

"Actually I'm usually asl**p when in class and my classmates just wake me up to copy my answers when she brings out a quiz." I told her. I turned my head left and right as my feather like kisses fell on her. You smell so good Ashley." I told her and she bit her lip. And when I felt her pussy relax, I pushed my finger in and she moaned "Oh! I pulled my finger out and gave her my hand to suck. When I got out of her room, everybody was waiting their turn to use the guess bathroom. With a grin my classmate said okay and she came into Ashley's room.

Fun with my mature bbw neighbour! (part 2)

first-time marcusp1979 2018-08-12

As she lowered herself down on me i had the pleasure of watching her incredibly rounded plump ass slide its way down my length and as she began to grind on me i watched as her soft chubby ass and thighs jiggled gently as she rode me, her ass dimpled as she slipped back and forth on my erect cock and with having the added bonus of being able to watch ellen riding me in the full length mirrored wardrobe i soon felt my orgasm approach, for a few minutes i laid there just enjoying watching her her large heavy hanging breasts swaying in the mirror and watching her plump ass rubbing against my crotch as my cock probed deeply into her pussy.

Crazy Adventures of Shannon Hannigan

first-time ladyroxanne21 2018-08-12

Good thing I actually wanted to do this, or I think I would have bit it off back when he tried to tell me to have an uncontrollable urge to give head every time I heard a bell ring. My lover stood there watching with an odd look on his face, like he couldn't decide if he was happy that his friend had finally gotten a girl between his legs, or jealous because he had to share me. I licked my lips, a bit sad that he had cum so quickly, and then slapped a hand over my mouth to cover the grin that I couldn't stop grinning.

A Turkish Delight in the Making

first-time niceonehere 2018-08-12

Umut, sensing the control one needs to climax, gives his dick back to his cousin and both fellas continue to jack close to one another, touching heads from time to time. Umut, beginning to feel hard, but able to suppress the desire, holding his towel judiciously, rises and follows Mehmet down the passage way and beyond two sharp turns to a curtained off alcove. Mehmet lifts Umut’s head from his dick and motions that they both go over to the divan where they sit and hold hands, looking at each other and realizing for the first time in both their lives that this is an encounter of special merit, of a unique kind both men will remember forever.

His Party Favor

first-time MarzyDotes 2018-08-12

Just how I knew that then, I can't say, but to me he was just a gorgeous looking hard bodied stranger, the kind of man who makes my knees go weak. "Pity...a pretty little thing like you with a guy like that," he said, "He's probably looking for his next score right now...either for business or pleasure..." He didn't even blink, a look of cold anger flashed across his face and those eyes...I felt the chill deep inside my core and god, had I gone too far? "You think you're so high and mighty like Daddy's little princess," he said, "I know all about girls like you who tease a man until he has to rape you to shut you up."

my first experience

first-time xxjamiexx 2018-08-12

when we got to the bedroom she said lets try a little bondage, i thought ye ok whatever makes you happy so she cuffed my hands to the bed at this point i was really turned on. she covered my eyes and i felt this great feeling going around my body, when she moved her hand i looked to see where it was coming from what i saw i would never forget. this women had a 13" cock which was jammed right in my ass i tried to move but i was cuffed to the bed so all i could do was take it. i was cuffed to the bed for 30 minutes while she was gone, she came back with 6 other girls.

Daddy and I part2

first-time 2018-08-12

I tried to stop this feeling coming over me but was it just felt so good and strong so I just went with it as I felt my eyes roll back up into my head, my thighs started to shake and my head was going from side to side just like I had seen mom's head do before. His reply to me as he ran his tongue around his lips " Damn princess you taste good " He came up toward me ,wet face and all I took his face into my hands and pulled him toward my lips and once again we locked into a passionate deep kiss.

I'm Really Horny

first-time sod0ne 2018-08-12

This poem isn't to be heard by the virgin ear And the taste of moist pussy rests on my lips A vagina hot like a sun beaten stone Munching away, much like a man at a pie eating contest Mixed with the smell of hot pussy now weaved through Fucking like wrestling lions on the African plain As I feel her throwing it back at me, like a k** These thoughts and images are driving my urges wild I'm so fuckin' horny, I hunger for sex, like food to a I'm horny as fuck, so much so, I squirm Who can quench my naughtiest urges, like water In expressing how fucking horny I feel feel like I do

Meeting Larry

first-time deepemerald 2018-08-12

He was a nice and respectful boy, so even though my parents didn't want me spending time at his house (his dad worked away and his mother was always too tired to care about anything) they were happy for him to come to our place and they even let him stay the night at times, sleeping in my brother Gary's room. He asked if I fancied going "parking", but I didn't want my first fuck to be in a car, and by that time I wasn't horny anymore anyway. He started rocking his hips, fucking my mouth lightly for a few minutes before he pulled out and back and rested his cock between my tits.

A Night to Remember...NOT!

first-time Arianne 2018-08-12

The lace teddy was actually a hindrance to his wandering hands, a little frustrating at the time. As soon as we got inside he began to pull my dress off. As he dropped his entire body weight on top of me and began thrusting in and out ,grunting like an enraged bull, I started to sob uncontrollably. So badly I wanted him to hold me and comfort me, but he just turned on the television in the room and acted like I wasn't even there. He turned back, pushed me onto the bed and said "Get a grip." Then he walked out the door and I heard his car pulling away.


first-time ASTA07 2018-08-12

     From the situation I was in ecstasy, but her words brought me back to earth: "- Drink coffee and smoke, Pavel, so you will be pleased." I have finally calmed down and smoking a cigar, watching as Julia, looking me straight in the eye licked the smooth surface of the head of my member risen while masturbate with his hand.      When my seizures and the flow of sperm over, Julia put her mouth and became a member of his lips gently kiss the head and trunk.      Julia took my hands and placed them on his chest and began to move his cock in her ass, in which he was clearly narrowly on and wildly painful.

Jenny's First Time

first-time funthensome 2018-08-12

When he realized I wasn't with her, he thought I was coming in the other side of the bathroom, so he ran into the shower room and locked both doors. I opened the door for Suzie and we went back downstairs laughing our asses off. "The water is messing up the shower." he realized what I meant and he turned off the sink. As he held me and kissed me, I reached down and I felt his dick over his sweats. It felt like an eternity as I kissed him at my highest of high points feeling my body weak beneath him. I looked in front of me and saw his dick, still hard, he started rubbing it.


the drive in

first-time daddydick64 2018-08-12

and in some ways i sort of compare hand holding and cuddling, some kissing and caressing. She stopped kissing me and pulled back a bit then she gave felt so soft but firm round and full.I leaned over and gently kissed her nipples, first one then the other. ever so softly as i kissed and suckled her breasts, i was i cupped them in my hand s as i kissed as firm as her breasts were soft.there was the light taste she let me taste and play for 15 to 20 mini utes but it felt like half the night. the night there would be more to come but not then. back and watched the rest of the movie.

Good things are worth waiting for

first-time wetchin54 2018-08-12

I looked back up and right into her eyes, she smiled as if somehow knowing how much I had enjoyed the view and thoughts of fantasy. I went there and met her, sat in her car and talked a bit.She had on a loose fitting blue print dress that rode up her thigh and generously gave me a good look at her legs. With the kiss still intact, i placed both hands on her butt and slid them down over the rounded curve and cupped her well formed ass. I moved from her tits to her lips and started another long slow kiss of tantalizing pleasure.

My Teacher - My Angel

first-time touchmate 2018-08-12

(He failed in his school final earlier and that was how he ended up as our classmate.) After the first monthly tests at the college, Ramana fared rather poorly in physics and maths and his father insisted that he take ' private tuition'. Private tuition was an arrangement whereby students who were weak in a subject were given extra coaching, after school hours, usually at teachers' home, for additional fees. Ramana started taking tuition in Physics from our Kamala Madame. Kamala Madame conducted some private tuition at home, to earn additional money to pay off the loans she took to perform the marriages of her sisters. As she went back to sleep, I sat on the mat on the floor and resting my right cheek on the edge of her bed, closed my eyes.


first-time Randyincvx 2018-08-12

You smile wickedly as you pull my face into your full cleavage, my mouth finds one of your rose tipped breasts and you moan with pleasure as I suckle and gently nibble on a hardening nipple. "I do love the way you make me feel, Sir Randy, I knew the first time that you hugged me that it would come to this." I look up at you as my lips and tongue make love to your engorged nipple, you are smirking at me and you place your hands on my shoulders and gently begin pushing me downwards. I part the velvety folds of your dusky pink blossom with my tongue and you moan loudly and your body stiffens slightly as I come upon your very prominent pearl of pleasure.

Dinner and Desert

first-time 2018-08-12

My eyes glance around the room as I continue to enjoy my drink while I people watch. She walks up to the open spot and the bartender greets her with "what can I get you?" She replies, "not a hour long wait would be nice." Bartender smiles for his reply. This one is hotter than the last, as you give my now aching dick a squeeze, as I spread your legs a bit and slowly drag my probing hand up your business suit's skirt. Looking straight into my eyes, you lean in and softly give me a kiss, as you feel my hand gently, yet purposely, touch your inner thigh. Walk with me?" "Absolutely, you're not getting away that quickly.", I retort and lean in for a quick smooch.

Ronnie's mother (Not true story)

first-time 2018-08-12

“You thought I hadn’t noticed the way you look at me when you’re around?” Ronnie’s mother smiled and began blushing even worse. Ronnie’s mother unbuttoned her tiny jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs, turning her great ass towards me at the same time. I kept going like this for quite a while, speeding up until I felt my seed was about to spew forth, then slowing down again until that feeling had gone away and so on – and every time the sensation of almost coming gave me a real thrill – until finally I really couldn’t stop myself anymore and groaning loudly I shot the last sperm from my balls into the hot, wet cunt of Ronnie’s mother.

My high school boyfriend

first-time suckmybigtitshard 2018-08-12

I loved the first night we actually got naked and I watched my had stroke his cock as he fingered my pussy and put a finger inside my cunt. He loved sucking on my full C tits as he fingered my cunt and I did a good job stroking his cock till he would cum all over my hand. I wanted that real bad and he got on top of me after he had tongue fucked my cunt and he began to shove his cock inside me. It was so good when he got turned on and fucked my mouth hard shoving every inch of his big cock down my throat and filling me with cum.

i fucked my neigbour aunt roughly

first-time kmkirannair1992 2018-08-12

aunt winked and called me down stairs somehow I managed Rikku and went down she was in the kitchen in her nighties I slowly caught her buttocks and we started smooching I carried her made her sit near the fireplace and started squeezing her vaginal area she was going mad I lifted her nightie and removed her black panties and started licking her hairy pussy she was moaning . After that, she told " darling come and take it from my body " so we started rolling on the bed together and we went to the 69 position I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock her pre-cum was flowing through my mouth.