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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Watching from The Bar. Part 1.

first-time andyhounddog 2018-08-12

I looked down and told her that although her stocking tops were showing a bit, it was not like here suspend belt was on show or anything. Helen nudge me and said in a shocked voice "The guy from the toilet, I think he is looking at me". "Well, you know" I said "We are on holiday, nobody here knows us, and the idea that others guys in the bar can see your underwear made my cock hard as hell". "A slut wife would go and chat, and flirt, with the guy while I watch" I said. "if you did not want to be my slutty, dirty, wife right know" I say "then why have you not pulled your dress down and turned away from him" I ask.

Andrea's Wedding Day

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2018-08-12

I started crossing to the other side of my room to get the jar of Vaseline that I always have for certain purposes, when Tara said, "Don't worry about that, Andrea, he's pretty well lubed up already." I've seen Tara getting her brains fucked out, I thought, it's not going to be a big deal if she sees me giving this guy a blowjob. So it was that as Carl emptied his steaming, hot load of cum inside my pussy, the door opened, and my dad and Jason and Austin Garrett walked into the room where my husband and I lay naked on the floor, his cock still inside of me. "Uh, Pastor Semora, sir," he said, "yeah, Andrea is your daughter – but she's Carl's wife now.


first-time squirtlover33 2018-08-12

He slowly ran his fingers over her nipples, lightly pinching them and they instantly became hard, and her pussy got even wetter. "Shit, yes Kevin, I'm cumming!" Before her orgasm was over Kevin slid his throbbing cock inside her wet, contracting pussy. Angela sat down and took all of Kevin's cock deep inside. They moaned as they kissed and then Angela exclaimed, "Yes, you're gonna make me cum again. You want me to fuckin' cum all over this cock?" "Ugh....yeah, honey. I'm gonna spray cum all over your pussy it comes!" As he ejaculated Angela could feel his cock get bigger and her g-spot got bigger also, and she squealed in orgasmic bliss as she came.

How I became gay pt 1

first-time 2018-08-12

There was 4 of us and my three friends had all spoted the girls they wanted to fuck that night so I was left alone at the bar. I ended bringing her home and we started making out passionately just when we got in my bedroom. I began to like the feeling of her cock going in and out my mouth. She fucked my ass for about five minutes before she started moaning. I turned around and sucked her cock for a couple more minutes tasting her cum. I was extremely tunred on by the thought of a cock in my ass and motuh so I decided I would have to experience it with a real man very soon.

Hyper sexuality Ch. 01

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-12

One day I came into the living room to find her sitting on the couch, but I noticed that she had removed the dildo from the bathroom and suction cupped it onto the back half of the sybian. We held eye contact without saying anything, and she moved her other hand up to her mouth and starting sucking and licking on three fingers. "Fuck, having someone watch me got me off so hard," she said with spit smearing her mouth as she let go of my hand. Her free hand was still rubbing the vibrator up and down on her clit, and her moans were felt on my dick more than heard, and I knew I wasn't going to last very long.

Brenda and The Mango Man

first-time tallguy222 2018-08-12

Brenda opened her mouth, Max gently poured the inside of the passion fruit onto Brenda’s tongue. Max then sliced up the guava, jestered for Brenda to open her mouth and slowly placed the fruit on her tongue, again the fresh flavours sent her taste buds into raptures. Max knelt down and slipped his fingers inside the side Brenda’s bikini and slowly slid them down her long slim legs, sliding them off her feet and throwing them to one side. They kissed open mouthed again, this time tongues penetrating even deeper than before, he lay on her and Brenda felt the mound of his erection pressing between her legs as he began to grind.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 09

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-08-12

"Dude," Derek said laying down and turning on his side so he could look at Jacob. "It...didn't feel like it." Jacob said. But I told Alex that I had feelings for her over Rose and that I wanted to be with her. All he could think about was Alex telling him that she just couldn't have the kind of love for him that two people that spend the rest of their lives together could have. "Matt doesn't look at me the way he looks at other girls." She said looking up into Jacob's eyes. "Then what is this we did last night and this morning?" Jacob said walking into the living room to continue searching for his clothes.

Marty's Blowjob

first-time cosmo2802 2018-08-12

I told him I had to work late (I work at a hospital) and then early again the next day and that I wouldn't have time to go home to change and get ready so I suggested another time. This time he slid his hand under my pants and into my panties, playing with my clit and parting my pussy lips. After a minute I lowered my head into Marty's lap and ran my tongue along the length of his shaft. I felt the cum travel up his shaft with my hand and the first little bit just kind of trickled out into my mouth. That would be the first of many blowjobs Marty received from me and I finally took his virginity about two weeks later but that's another story.

Had my first orgasm at the age of 52 True Story!

first-time amandaspiral 2018-08-12

I could not believe it, with no way to contact him because when we signed off he was going to work and I had no phone number to call I knew I had to meet him so I decided to borrow my s****rs truck to meet him, thought he was some kind of serial r****t or something by this time. Told him I wanted to see his badge...After we met I had him follow me to my house knowing my s****r was there, figured it was okay. I had never felt anything like this in my life...After that we went on to him putting his dick in the very place his face had been and again I was having another one.

Uncles Lay naked with me

first-time 2018-08-12

I lay perfectly still listening to his breathing, his constant shifting and jerky movements exciting me, I knew he was being naughty, but he was an adult doing an adult thing, and in the darkness of the room his close proximity stirred feelings as yet unknown or undiscovered in my being, it was secretive and primeval, it was awakening feelings of desire and I involuntary moved closer, as if being drawn in, I waited for his response, and then my heart sank as I realized he had finished, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sl**p, there would be tomorrow night, we still had another week to go, and I was determined to experience it, this thing my uncle was doing alongside me as we shared his bed, on our holidays.

Checking Out the Massage Competition - By BIGSOFTE

first-time 2018-08-12

She told me a girl who had worked for her, and also coincidentally a gal who massaged me once, had left her place and opened her own shop 3 miles away. To me the chest is a waste of time; however, I do thoroughly enjoy a good stomach massage, especially if the gal rubs all the way down to the area just above the base of my cock. I reached over to the table and grabbed the bottle of hot oil, covered my cock with it and stroked away one more load before getting dressed and going out to pay her.

Her 1st One Night Stand

first-time 2018-08-12

I did what I had to do came out he grabs me again and whispers in my ear "You should let me fuck you." I laughed...He turns my face and makes me look him straight in the eye and said "I'm dead ass serious you sexy as hell with ya thick ass." This is during the time I was living with my girlfriend and only having sex with her I was dyyyyyying for some dick so as much as I was like "this nigga trippin" I really started to entertain the thought. So we go in he goes in the bathroom comes out pants opened dick standing at attention so if I wanted to think twice after seeing something I was dying for for months rock hard I got up off the bed and walked over to him and grabbed it I closed my eyes just feeling that shit in my hands felt like heaven.

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 04

first-time bb1212 2018-08-12

The other 50% was still mine, but on my death the income would be to look after my wife, if I had one at the time, and when she passed away there were shares for my brothers families and also Mary-Ann, Wendy’s daughter, who I had not seen for nineteen years but who I remembered with great fondness. When Rod got home that night we both said nothing about it, but he never asked where I was all night.” I squeezed her hand again and Mary Ann sniffed again and continued. Anyway I just said I had to spend a couple of days away with Mum when it was time to get the operation and I went and got these.” Mary Ann pushed her tits up with her hands, as if for approval, then seemed to realize who she was talking to and dropped her hands away quickly.

Fucking daisy on the beach

first-time endowedcouple 2018-08-12

She looks around, slowly pulls her top down and her big natural tits fall out of the top one at a time, making a bouncing motion... Squirt the lotion on my hands and reach around and very gently start piling up her huge natural tits. Meanwhile she rubs her ass on my bulge a little and says, WOW, it's getting so big and it's not even hard yet. I tell her to get him hard, she says she doesn't want to play with the small cock while she's in huge cock mode. I f***e it in at first it prolly hurts a little, I make her squirt....this is necessary for getting so sloppy wet that my cock will fit.

Dissolute: The Vanderbilt Years

first-time a_libertine 2018-08-11

The warmth of her soft thigh resting against my hip and her arm against mine suffocated the little voice of reason as I heard Ann whisper, "Shane?" I turned my head to look at her and was about to say, "Yes Ma'am," when Ann took my face into her hands. Ann's lips found mine again as she pressed my cock against my stomach with the palm of her hand, causing my balls to contract. With a squealed "Oh MY!", Ann's mouth descended onto the head of my prick, her teeth delicately holding my pulsing cock in place as her hands continued their twisting stokes up and down, milking me.

Drink up

first-time BBCinc 2018-08-11

So my plan was to have a bottle of bubbly on ice rose petals leading through from sitting room to the dinning room and finally into the poolroom, little did I know know that her sibling was lodging with her for the past four weeks her old man had been dipping his cock in the holes ba hers in town when she confronted him she received a back hand hence me finding her inthe shower as I thought it was my wife, both got the same figure and natural brown hairlong too people think they are twins although the is three years between them.

Leila's Secret

first-time nova169 2018-08-11

I could feel her firm breast pushing against me, I could felt the heat radiating from her body as she whispered, 'Nah uh.' Then she grabbed my hand and opened the car door pulling me along with her. But as I looked at the perfect naked body displayed before me, I said to myself, 'What the hell, just this once.' And I knelt down behind Leila ready to butt fuck her. Her cunt came first, but her dick erupted soon afterwards, and I watched as Leila's perfect body writhed, splashing muddy water all over the place as she rolled around in the puddle still forming ever bigger around our wrestling bodies.

Just Plane Fun

first-time mistyfox 2018-08-11

One night, as I was getting ready to head inside the jet after all the passengers had departed, my co-worker asked if I’d like some help so we could get out of there at a decent hour. I didn’t want to scare her off, despite the fact that if she’d let me, I’d rip off her clothes and fuck the shit out of her right then and there. When she had gotten in position, I think her curiosity took over as she started looking at my cock from all angles. I used her hair to help guide her head back and forth and she gave a little moan of pain as I shoved my cock too deep one time.

First Meeting

first-time slembassy 2018-08-11

He placed his warm hands on her back and gently began to rub from her mid back up toward her neck, He could feel the tension in upper back and shoulders and he added more oil and work the knots out of her muscles. She did the same thing to him for a few minutes and on one trip down she stopped and took the head of my now hard cock in her mouth and gently swirled her tongue around it and it felt so good. She moaned as lowered her pussy onto my now toy enhanced cock and I could see a smile come on her face and she began letting herself up and down fucking me and my toy.

first time with my ex girlfriend

first-time cutedave24 2018-08-11

We began drinking with the girls around the kitchen counter, something that was pretty standard at my best friends house. I was sucking on them pretty hard, as I began kissing my way down her chest. My cock was as hard as a rock, and I began griding it over her pussy, with both of our jeans in the way. She finally got it unbottoned, as I quickly helped her out and pulled my jeans the rest of the way off. She told me to lay down, so I did, as she seductively crawled across the bed, and teased me, running her hand under my boxers, finally pulling them down. I played with the outside of it, and finally began to slide my cock into her.

Day Before Easter

first-time 2018-08-11

Anyway we reached college and after 2 classes the time was nearly 1 pm and our teacher told us that today we'll have clss till now and she needs to go home and we all can go now or can go after some time. In some minutes they laid me on the floor and i can some liitle bit hot water flowing through my body, when I opened my eyes I was really shocked and they were pissing on me and started fucking me. I searched for my dress and i found it where we sit yesterday and it was of no use because they have teared it and now i searched for my thong and walked through the stairs.I found it on the stairs and wore it and waited inside the college gate for Rovan.

Sexual Encounters Ch. 01

first-time mukutbihari 2018-08-11

I told her that I will be slow in my pushing and started to put my hard cock in and out of her pussy hole, albeit slower than initial burst. Now I, as well as Sushila, enjoyed and moaned the cock going in and out of her pussy hole... These thoughts coming aroused me again and my cock started to get hard again (by the way, I had taken it out of her pussy hole but kept it over her hairy pussy). Slowly and slowly, she too started to moan in pleasure and I kept on fucking her ass (though slowly and my whole cock not going inside her ass).


first-time 2018-08-11

“Well we are more than friends daddy.” She stood up straight and took her time reaching for the toilet paper. “That feels nice daddy.” she smiled as she turned her head and rubbed her cheek on my face. I looked through the open door and saw Julie fully naked stretching on the floor. Her pussy lips looked wet and began to bloom like a flower. “Oh God yes, fuck me daddy!” she called out as I bottomed out in her tiny pussy. I reached my hand down to her ass and felt her pussy dripping down and covering her asshole. “Oh god daddy, I'm going to cum.” she called out to me as she kept slamming down onto my cock and hand.

New Year's Names

first-time griffen1 2018-08-11

too forward if I asked her to spend New Years Eve night perfect names for her breasts; you know soft and round I think of your breasts, sort like the hands were having a lovely time exploring under her "I'd love to spend the night and lots of things. maybe I should wear my light gray flannel New Years Eve Humm, I guess I couldn't wear running shoes with silk. I met Chris as she was leaving her apartment. and gently stroked the outlines of Chris's breasts. I lost my pants, but Chris wore her caftan all night. I turned Chris on her stomach and started kissing the food dish looking as innocent as little angle kittens.