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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 2

first-time imornery81 2018-08-11

She pulled back, and a leash of white spit ran from her lower lip to the slit in the tip of my member and before it broke, she slurped it back into her mouth and popped just the head of my cock into her little mouth again and made the same twisting motion again as she sucked on my head! I grabbed her sides to give her balance because had she fallen over, I swear to God she would have ripped my cock off of me because I was equally attached deep up in her womb, pumping what felt like gallons of thick white male cream into her tiny little womb!

Play Time

first-time unlucky266 2018-08-11

During the start of that second week the two were sitting at the table eating their dinner when Lizzy couldn't resist anymore she had to feel his flesh under her hand. Bravely she placed her hand under the table and began to rub Jason's leg causing him to jump and say "what are you doing?" Lizzy's face turned a couple shades of red and then replied "I've noticed that you had muscular legs and wanted to feel them, Im sorry". He enjoyed tormenting her right before they would fuck, teasing her opening with the head of his cock until she would beg for mercy and when he was satisfied with her demands he would allow her to feel him inside of her one inch at a time.

Naive Ch. 02

first-time suzie3w 2018-08-11

Every time I thought of Jack I got a funny feeling between my legs. All the way home I had trouble keeping my hands off Jack, so by the time we got home there was little doubt in either of our minds what we were going to do. "Mmmmm." That was me, of, course, as Jack's hand cupped a breast and stroked it gently. As I lay there trying to breathe and trying to regain logical thinking, Jack lightly rubbed my face and my breast, and began kissing my stomach. it wasn't long before Jack was grunting and thrusting, then he held deep inside me as he released his load.

Working Too Hard Missing Part3

first-time unseen69 2018-08-11

The company allowed employees to work late and stay over night at a public hotel if your travel exceeded over an hour which Lady P did. Once in the hotel we asked for a double room a joining to make it look legit. Getting more frantic I had to stop the lift between floors so we at least tried to hide what we had started. "J come here" she started to kiss me deeply and rubbing my cock through the jeans material. Lady P started to giggle and I felt a bit self-conscious thinking, she has thought it was mine. Lady P and IS started to look at me and IS said in a flat tone


first-time fotisampini 2018-08-11

John started moving big, warm Herman in and out of my pussy, and it was totally, absolutely, incredibly, fabulously wonderful. He started pounding into me with long, hard strokes, and I could feel my orgasm coming on like an approaching freight train. He moved over on the big bed so we weren't lying in a wet spot, took me into his arms, and we had a wonderful naked kiss, murmuring words of love and satisfaction. John kissed me on the neck and ear, took a breast in his hand, and we exchanged 'I love yous' and 'goodnights.' In that big, warm bed, my lover's body against mine, and his breath soft on my neck, I thought of what had happened to me in the past twenty four hours.

My b*****r

first-time loloishorny 2018-08-11

I lifted my shirt and bra and started to play with my tits. I sat there, played with my kitty, spreading my pussy lips and fingering my hole. My b*****r pulled off into a dark parking lot, put the car in park and leaned over to touch my pussy. My b*****r, pulled his shorts down and climbed up to fuck me. He's fucking my pussy hard and we are both moaning. We said good night to mom and daddy and went down stairs. I went in the bathroom, put on my new bra and my night shirt and a clean pair of panties. We waited for a bit to make sure they were asl**p, before I took my shirt off to show my bra.

Grocery store seduction, part 1

first-time angelslover 2018-08-11

I feel her juices running out, and the moaning intensifying, and I know an orgasm is close, so I slide a finger in her pussy and start tapping her g-spot while sucking on her lips wildly. It feels great, so I close my eyes while she slowly slides my cock in her mouth, all the way down, then back up and goes back to swirling her tongue around the head. She continues to alternate the sliding of my cock in her mouth and swirling for a few minutes, then stops and starts sucking intensively on the head of it. I am moving pretty fast and hard, and once again I feel her ready to cum, so I reach around and grab her nipples pulling and twisting.

Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 9

first-time baddaddy59 2018-08-11

I started her off none to gently after Ashlynn strapped her to the bench, I walked right up between her legs, pulled her wet lips apart and plunged my cock in balls deep, pulling out till just the tip of my cock head was still in, and then plunged in again, long stroking, trying to split Brittany apart with my cock. After the last boy leave, and Ash is dressed we head over to Tom’s little hole in the wall Café/Bar for Burger-n- fries, Ashlynn sits down very gently at a table with Coach Wxxxxxxxxn already sitting at it.

Hiker's Delight

first-time museumofporn 2018-08-11

What was even more surprising was that it was occupied: a young lady was sitting on the table, feet on the bench, enjoying her packed lunch. The bench was rather short, so the only way I could sit down was quite close to her muscular legs. While I was struggling with a new lead, the girl slowly, gracefully lifted her leg, carried it over my head and softly placed her foot on the table behind my back. By that moment, I was so intoxicated by her look and smell, that I dove all the way in and planted a big, open, wet kiss on her pussy. Looking at her, I realized that she was daydreaming - eyes half-closed, smiling faintly.

Amber's Teacher Ch. 03

first-time mr_corlucci 2018-08-11

Thoughts of lovely, innocent Amber in her room, peeling off her panties, and vigorously rubbing her pussy filled my head; blood quickly fillled my cock. "And I can't stay long, and I so want you to rub my pussy and finger me." With that, she unfastened her jeans and lifted her hips and pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees, revealing an oval shaped patch of thin, soft pubic hair, her toned, sexy thighs, and her pussy. As the first powerful surge ended, I kept sliding my finger in and out, loving the hot, tight, wetness, and Amber's contented sighs. As they subsided, I let my finger slide out., loving the feeling of her pussy seeming to envelope it right up until it was all the way out.

Bottom for the New Guy

first-time biguy52x 2018-08-11

While at work a few weeks ago I met Juan. All the guys were ribbing him about how hot Spanish wives are. A few days went by and Juan and I were on a service call. When we finished and packing our gear he pressed against my ass as I leaned into the back of the van. We went to a local place and ate. He told me he had to be the man in the relationship and I smiled again and said no problem. I went into the bathroom and came out in just a pair of rag shorts. Afterwards he pushed his hard cock into my ass. He then pushed his cock into my mouth and oozed cum into my mouth.

She showed me how a bj feels

first-time 2018-08-11

"I want to work on my tan" she said. handing the body lotion to me. I took the bottle in hand and squirted lotion onto her she licked off the cum that was on her hand. "Let me show you what a good hand-job and blow-job are Melissa's hand slipped "Let's pull your swim-trunks off." she said. back to work on my cock, one hand stroking and the What a sight I couldn't believe my luck! taking both balls into her mouth while her hand stroked Melissa could tell that I was about to cum. "I want you to watch me as you cum," Melissa said. Her hand stroking faster and took my cock out of her mouth and placed the end of it

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 01

first-time chasing_ivy 2018-08-11

"Naomi, please come up here, we need to discuss your performance in my class," Mr. Alberts said, as Michael left. Naomi's face flushed as she turned towards her teacher, practically yelling, "Mr. Alberts this is so unfair!" "I don't want you to lose your chances to go to college, Naomi," said Mr. Alberts as he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. As these thoughts raced through Naomi's mind, his hand slid under her skirt along the outside of her thigh, causing her pussy to twitch at the tingling contact. Mr. Alberts chuckled at that, and responded, "Honey, now is not the time to start questioning!" Naomi smiled, grabbing the waistband of his pants and pulled him back towards her, playing with his belt buckle.

My training

first-time daddylvr4eva 2018-08-11

My daddy says just hold your breath if it stinks and that those are the fumes of passion. Aint it a daddys job to teache his girls right from wrong he its time he teach me to be a good wife. He says God put a hole betweens all girls legs for a man to pleasure himself. A woman just have to lay there and the musle will do the rest. so he lay me dowm and put his musle in my hole and now he teaching me how to have relations. Daddy says i feel good and that made him very happy. Daddy says I can show him what I have learned. I love my dad.

Keeping My Scholarships

first-time SouthenDaisyBelle 2018-08-11

"Office hours are over," the young professor said briskly as he barely glanced up from the stack of tests he was grading. You little sluts always think your young tight pussies will tease our cocks and tempt us in to changing your grades," he laughed. Professor Edwards quickly moved towards me and slid his hands up the back of my thigh and under my skirt. The professor's hand moved quickly and gently from my ass to my pussy, just barely grazing the surface. Professor Edwards grabbed my head and pulled my lips to his cock. He laughed and said, "Give me a minute." I caught the hint and took his cock into my hand and started slowly waking it back up.

IS this sex ? part 1

first-time dblac2 2018-08-11

want to talk about good sex i had some of the best sex of mylife,there she was my sexual wettt pussied demon ready to release my circular testiclerballs of joy wait, wait , i cant start the story like this!!?!! talk about good sex I had some of the best sex in my life


Rachel and Stephanie (part 3 - new temptations)

first-time 2018-08-11

"Hey, that's not fair, it's my tree and I’m meant to climb it not you." Stephanie stood below me with her hands on her hips and actually stamped one of her feet, I couldn't help myself from laughing at such a c***dish gesture. "I am going to have to give you a leg up I think." Stephanie walked straight to the tree trunk and reached up above her head, she was clearly a couple of feet short. You will find that if you stand off the truck a little way you will find it easier to balance." This is of course true as anyone will know who has done any climbing of any sort, but as perhaps my first deliberate act with Stephanie I did not step back to give her room to stand off as I had suggested.

Fireflies for Miko

first-time miss_elsabet 2018-08-11

Yuichi pushed her, laying her down on the grass, and she gasped from the cold dew that dampened the back of her sundress. He kissed her wrist, and when she slipped her hand to the nape of his neck, he touched the tip of his tongue to her lower lip. His hand went to her other breast and squeezed, just a little, and kneaded it until she started to breathe heavily. Miko tentatively put her hand on his waist, running her fingers under the band back and forth, and he pulled himself from her breast, sliding his body over hers so their hips met as he reached her lips, causing her to gasp again.

She Doesn't Pt. 02

first-time barnabus 2018-08-11

My elbow gradually moved between her knees forcing an opening between her thighs, as I continued to kiss and let my hand rove further. I don’t want to overdo things, so I moved my head away from her and immediately her grip in my hair started pulling me upward, and her thighs released. I let her hands guide me back up her body, kissing everything as my lips moved slowly toward her face. I moved to her side as I reached her neck, but I kept one hand on her womanhood through her panty girdle with just enough pressure that she would know it was there. I’ll pull his head up to my lips where my kisses will hold him.

A Sad Ending or a Sweet Beginning?

first-time joldrich 2018-08-11

As the bus pulled out, she looked out the window and lost herself in thought while the large vehicle rocked and lurched through the small town and into the rural surroundings, stopping here and there to let the other students off. He shook his head and pressed a finger into her tender passage, wiggling deeper and adding the sound of her juices squishing to the deep ragged breathing filling the front of the bus. Belle pressed a piece of paper into his hand and then composed herself and met them as she stepped of and Sean took his seat behind the wheel.

My first gay summer experience on a bed.

first-time yevedj 2018-08-11

Anyway sure enough there was a couple of guys finishing up and as I watched from the edge of the clearing the one standing up was clearly getting close as his head looked up and he started to spray his load down the other guys throat and a few convulsions from his body I was already hard at watching, when I felt a hand on my butt that then went under my legs to squeeze my hardening cock through my pants. Tingling was radiating from my cock, warmth from his huge meat was stimulating my ass and balls, his chest hair and skin tickling and rubbing against me were intoxicating and the rasping pulses of electricity from my ear as his tongue probed around were sending me into orbit I was getting so high.

Ted’s Pizza Shop

first-time jallen944 2018-08-11

She's got a hell of a lot of nerve," Tina said, and steered the car like she was angry at everyone on the road. "She won't let me buy these," I said, and held up the box of condoms. She held her arms up with her bottle of beer in one hand, swinging her hips side to side like she was dancing with herself. I grabbed the box of condoms from the plastic bag that I left on the counter and followed Tina into the bedroom. She moved my cock aside to look at my balls like she was gauging how much cum they held, and unrolled the condom a little bit to pinch a little more between her fingers.


first-time ScreamngInfidelities 2018-08-11

I rubbed the head of his cock there for a moment, and before I could stop myself, I was slipping my hands inside his pants. My entire body was exhausted for a few moments, and Ryan kissed my forehead after I collapsed on him and tried to slow my breathing down. Before I had even caught my breath, I began to lick, kiss, and hungrily bite my way down his sweaty chest and down to his hips. We had no doubt been going at it for over an hour now, and I wanted to feel his cock inside me more than anything in the world. I let my tongue play a little more with the head of his cock, and then kissed my way back up to his face.


first-time Ashson 2018-08-11

I gave Peg a 'this is your fault' look, and she shrugged back at me as if to say it wasn't her fault that Julie is an idiot with the social graces of a flea. For a moment she looked startled, thinking that I was really going to spank her, but a slight gesture of my head towards Julie and she caught on. To my amusement, and Julie's horror, Peg pulled both tights and panties right off, effectively letting me know I could take Julie if I wanted to. Despite Julie's protest, Peg pulled her top off and unhooked her bra, letting those large bouncing breasts free. Following Peg's suggestion, my free hand had reached down and was idly fondling Julie's breast as I spanked.