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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Just a little somethin.

first-time CassandraCE 2018-08-11

His tongue finally arrived at her sex where he flicked it against her clit making her moan loudly though the gag. "Oh you like that huh?" He proceeded to lick her clit vigorously sending her body into a fit of pleasure. He pumped his dick inside her a few more times and then she felt her body tightening up to the point she felt like her legs and arms where going to break but she didn't care. She screamed out in a high pitch moan as her pussy quivered over his dick making him cum inside her. "Lick off my cock of your filthy juices slave" She looked at it and slowly said "Yes master..." She licked the tip of his dick and he shoved it into her mouth.

My teen ass fucked by older man

first-time assslutzh 2018-08-11

Why did it feel like my ass was lubricating itself by the thought of his old, stinking dick, and why did my cock grow hard thinking about it? Sitting with my feet up on the seat so that my ass and cock were exposed, I watched him open his pants and pull out his dick before entering the backseat. I loved it being treated like this, I was hornier than I had ever been and as his shaved, old man’s cock filled my mouth my dick was hard even without anyone of us touching it. I’m no taxi.” With that, he went into the car and started the engine and took of, leaving me standing, half naked with one leg in my pants, the other outside, and my dick still hard.

With Strings Attached Ch. 07

first-time maxout09 2018-08-10

"And action!" announced Nicole as the camera focused on Alice's white stilettos, and slowly started to rise following the outline of her white nylon encased legs. Alice remained frozen to the spot and subconsciously ran her hands over her corset as her nylon-covered legs began to rub against each other, her eyes fixed on the appendage now attached to Nicole's groin as Nicole glided around the room. A small whimper escaped Alice's lips as she felt Nicole grasp the dildo pressed up between the two of them and slowly begin to force the head down towards her virginal pussy, leaving a trail of erotic tingling in its wake.

Allison & Rick Ch. 01

first-time Ethan 2018-08-10

Two nights ago, Rick had been sneaking in the back way a little late and was treated to the vision of Allison Sweeney naked in the window of their bedroom. Allison seemed amused as she responded: "Well, I'll sure try Rick." "Come on in and have a seat dear." "What is it that you need help with sweetie?" Rick was glad for the opportunity to sit and attempt to both hide the rapidly growing erection in his shorts and to try to again organize his thoughts. The feeling soon turned to enjoyment as Rick realized that he was being looked at not as the little boy next door but as a man...

My first MILF... (The meeting)

first-time lynnp123 2018-08-10

Somehow, Greg had found out how old she was (without telling me) and bet me her age, I told him I thought she was probably just touching 40 if that... Well, to shut him up, I took the bet, and the next time she went through my check out line, and knowing she would have some White Zinfandel wine, I told her she didn't look old enough to be purchasing alchohol, and may I see her ID ? Well, it wasn't dated wrong, but it was an old picture of her, and we giggled a bit about it, turns out she was turning 54 in a couple weeks, and since I didn't look old enough to sell her alchohol, could she see my ID ?

Alex and I. from friend to lover

first-time LisaTn 2018-08-10

I had taken a couple of photos of myself where my wig covered most of my face and was dressed in a tight mini skirt, low cut top, stockings and 5” high heels and showed them to Alex, hoping he wouldn’t recognize the girl in the photos as being me. “Hi Alex, Larry told me about you and I’ve been expecting your call”.We exchanged the usual pleasantries of how you were etc, and I asked him to describe himself, altho I already knew what he looked like. Wow, I thought to myself, I didn’t know he had such a nice cock, I wanted Alex even more than before now.

The Ultimate Swiftie

first-time LouiseFairfax 2018-08-10

"I think I'm going to go now." I said to Selena as I gathered my things and headed for the door. We've got plenty of time to enjoy this." Selena said as she gave me a small quick peck my red lipstick covered lips. She was just licking them and kissing them went I felt as sudden rush as Selena had started to nibble on my breasts. While Selena's right hand was latched onto my breast, she moved her left hand and began rubbing my inner thigh, each time getting closer and closer to my pussy, until her hand ran across the already wet mound.

My boyhood crush3

first-time gobbler72 2018-08-10

The next time Rose rented a motel room and picked me up. I was so excited knowing I was going to actually get to fuck Rose. We fell on to the bed, Rose rolled me onto my back and flicked her tongue on one of my now erect nipples sending tingles through my body. She said remember how I made you cum that first time, well you do the same for me by tongue fucking my pussy and I need you to pinch my nipples at the same to. My finger found her nipple and I hear her moan as she moved against my mouth and I flicked my tongue faster over her clit she flinched saying don’t pinch that hard.

Summer Holiday in Jersey

first-time PeterC47 2018-08-10

Later that day after breakfast we went for a walk to check out the talent and see a bit of Jersey before getting back on the beer again, at one stage I had a flash back of the previous night and the dream of the blow job some things just didn't fit it seemed too real. At some stage I awoke the dream I had the previous night was back so intense I was convinced it had to be real my cock was so hard it was almost painful my hand went down to give myself some relief when I touched hair, it was then I opened my eyes in the filtered moonlight I saw someone next to the bed their head bobbing up and down as they sucked on my cock.

Daddy's suprice

first-time pegaseus69 2018-08-10

Tell me how much you love my cock” Liam watched in amusement as Lucy fucked herself on his cock, holding the wall for dear life. “Ohhh your pussy feels so good baby, you going to cum for me huh, cum like a big girl for your daddy” he said as he grabbed her tiny hips, thrusting faster and faster. “MMM take daddys cum baby like a big girl” he moaned as he spilled his warm seed into her sopping wet pussy. Liam wanted to fuck her pussy raw, so he pulled her off his cock, positioned her on her hands and knees in front of him. Liam lent down and kissed her, feeling his cock harden at the thought of forever in his baby girls pussy.

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 02

first-time Hogwash 2018-08-10

Good for both Tommy and Kim. Kim gets to tease and frustrate the guys who are assigned to her body after a win for the days before the next game. So on that Friday, right before he brought her to her final orgasm, Kim had agreed to fuck the whole starting team (all seniors), no holds barred in the private prom after party. There was no way his guys were going to forgive him if he let her out of the agreement - they'd been looking forward to this anal after prom party even more than winning the fucking State Championship. Nobody else was acceptable, and whichever hot female she got, she had to submit to Tommy before the final round of the playoffs started, and she had to arrive at the private prom after party.

College Love, The Club X Prelude

first-time 2018-08-10

I needed no second invitation and dived at once onto his cock, embracing his erection with my lips and pressing my tongue against his massively swollen glans, sucking and moaning loudly. He gripped my head in both hands and, as he began to fuck my face with rapid shallow thrusts, I pushed my tongue up against his invading erection and sucked hard, heartily moaning like melodramatic a porn star. His cock tasted divine and I savoured the combined juices of their coitus, like a wine connoisseur; then, as he slipped from my throat, I leapt at her gaping quim, lapping at her moist labia, sucking on her clitoris, shoving my tongue deeply into her wetly receptive vagina, drinking her juices as if they she were the very Fountain of Eternal Youth itself.

A little about us..

first-time 2018-08-10

This is what we had been fantasising about for weeks, and here she was, my girl, getting her gorgeous pussy filled with another mans cock, she was still sucking my cock but that almost came to a stop as she laid back and I watched her expressions and listened to her moans as she was getting fucked hard and fast by Rob. Again, I wanted it to last so told him not to cum yet, he pulled out and she waved him over to suck him clean as I pushed my cock inside her wide open pussy, we fucked and sucked for about half an hour, until she said she wanted us both to cum in her mouth, she got more and more in control as the night went on, so we stood in front of her as she sat on the sofa, taking us in turns, wanking us off into her mouth.

The Sex Story

first-time Alice_Nestleton 2018-08-10

His moans of pleasure slowly start to increase and become louder as she sucks his beautiful penis into her wonderful mouth. "Mhmmm, I feel so good when I've cum into your mouth," he says with pleasure, his eyes looking deep into her. "Good, because I love the taste of your cum in my mouth," she replies with a smile on her face, her eyes sparkling. Her moans and groans of pleasure start to come more often and louder as he continues to give her pleasure with his loving hand. Passionate moans come deep from inside her as he slowly makes her happier with each nibble and kiss. He soon moves his head back even with hers and kisses her lips as his hands slowly move and caress her whole body.


first-time nabor12 2018-08-10

The first time I ever did anything sexual was at the ripe old age of 19. Yeah, I know, too late for these times. I had been to a porno movie theatre with some of my friends before, and I had liked porn so much, I promised myself to go there by myself some time soon. When I came into the theater by myself , I noticed an older man looking at me. I really felt like an outcast. On this occasion, this man approached me and touched my penis over my pants. I felt afraid and backed off. I felt very attracted to him, because he was so manly. On that occasion he only sucked my penis until I came.

My first time with April

first-time adel5000 2018-08-10

“Good, but let’s wait on the booze until after we’ve ran through the scene a couple of times.” She said taking the Jeager right out from my hand putting the cap back on and setting it down next to the beer. The hand she had on my dick quickly got to work stroking it through my pants, as we made out feeling each other I slid my other hand into her pants and started rubbing her pussy lips; she wasn’t wearing any panties. She took off my shirt and started kissing my neck as I slid my index and middle finger inside her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

Beginning My Life As A Femdom submissive

first-time imornery81 2018-08-10

A couple of times she let out quiet little moans and arched her back and I was not certain I was going to be able to walk back up the steps with my own stick of lumber straining in my pants! I probably was not standing there watching her lick her lips and play with her pussy for more than a couple of minutes before I closed my eyes and felt my cum scream up through my balls and make that harrowing curve before catapulting through the length of my jumping cock to be launched through the air again and again landing from her chin to the back of the hand that touched and suddenly vigorously rubbed her clit!!

Two Captives Ch. 04

first-time BlewWater69 2018-08-10

When Sarah pulled Two Bears through his tepee door flap, she pushed him down on the bearskin rugs in the middle. "You look good enough to eat too," Two Bears said, as he bent to kiss her breast and suck on a nipple. Two Bears pushed his fingers back and forth as his mouth sucked her whole clit inside and tortured it with his tongue. This surprised Sarah a bit and hurt her, thinking Running Water did not want her to be with Two Bears. "Two Bears, I was talking with Running Water before and she said, 'Gray Cloud might soon allow us to marry'." "Running Water said that?" Two Bears asked Sarah.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 05

first-time starbelliedboy 2018-08-10

Fighting back my surprise, I kissed back, closing my astonished eyes to heighten the sensation as her hot wet tongue invaded my mouth, and I hesitantly returned her embrace, arms around her waist and back at first, but when she squeezed my buttock hard I suddenly gained confidence and reciprocated, sliding my other hand under her hair to cup her neck and pushing back against her body. As I felt muscles inside her vagina clamp even tighter around my dick I let out a huge sigh and thrust up one last time, my second orgasm forcing its way through my balls to explode into the condom, the euphoria spreading right through my body, a kind of haze filled my head so I barely noticed as Annie humped my ejaculating dick until she let out one last cry and slumped forward on top of me, panting.

Our First Cuckold

first-time discreetoneok 2018-08-10

They got up and hit the dance floor and this time she was all over him and he had his hands all over her, they were both getting hot and I thought I was gonna cum in my pants watching my wife be so sexy with this guy,…she leaned in and said some more things in his ear and after a few whisper exchanges by both of them she turned and came back to our table,….but she wasn’t smiling,….she had a very serious look on her face as she approached me.

Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 15

first-time Peterspeter 2018-08-10

Now just a little more, oh yeah, that's it, now out, now in, oh god yes, deeper." He had this determined look on his face as he got pretty much buried in my pussy. At first he looked dazed, but then he got this big grin, and his cock was still hard in me. "Okay, stay here, I'm gonna clean us up." I took my washcloth to the bathroom, got it wet and warm, peed, and came back. "Okay horsey, I'm gonna mount you." I pulled his cock to my pussy and leaned back, then pushed it around a little bit and gradually worked him in.

Cheating with Cathy

first-time MountainMan66 2018-08-10

And with that Cathy grabbed my balls in her right hand and pulled my cock to her lips and then said slide your cock in slowly until I say okay for you to thrust then you fuck my mouth and throat like it’s a wet pussy. So away I went pushing my cock into her mouth till I felt some resistance, Cathy pushed me back with her hands on my thighs when she let go I pushed in again this time she relaxed and pop I was in her throat, DAMN I almost cum right then! Working on her cunt as best as I knew how, Cathy held her thighs on my head and pulled at the sheets as I tongue fucked her wetness, after what felt like an hour Cathy said put your cock in me, in me now with a rough gasp.

camping with a old friend

first-time makashii 2018-08-10

1:45 came and I hopped over a few fences, she was waiting in her kitchen and followed me in silence back to my tent, a small lantern, and thick sl**ping bag made it quite cosy. I stoked her belly and brushed the hairs that were within reach, but I started to feel braver and pushed my fingers under the band and down towards the mound that I had wanted to feel since I first felt this girl suck my tongue into her mouth under the kissing tree. I felt a little lower and the hair got thicker but I did feel a gap and some flaps, being so young and inexperienced, I didn't know the full layout of a womans genitals, so i was insistant on having a look.

it was just a dream

first-time balikid25 2018-08-10

i stater to cup your breastr and playing with you nippels, our breating got havier we kissed with more passin you nad strated to play with my cock trough my boxers.My hand now stared to play with your ass sloly pulling down your panties to the point where eventualy you kind the off my hand on your bare shaned wet pussy playing with your clit your breating geth haiver your strats to moan.