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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Best Of My Life Part 2

first-time redbeardsley 2018-08-10

“You got it." She started to nurse the tip at first, which was already wet in the first place and began to go to town on the shaft by stroking it gently at first, then increased speed gradually. I gave her puss a few licks at first to taste her, which was sticky, but sweet as honey and elicited a few low moans out of her, so I continued by using a technique shown to me, then stopped and began to finger her while I sucked on her breasts. “I'm gonna come soon..." Without missing a beat (pun intended), I began to speed up my two fingers going in and out repeatedly.

First Encounter

first-time CraverScarlett 2018-08-10

her nipples looked like small pencil erasures as they formed tiny tents under the black slip, and suddenly I wanted to touch them... Peg closed her eyes and moaned again, softly, letting me explore her body, allowing me to do anything I wished to her, as she had told me she would. "Hmm, yes, please do," Peg said, sipping the champagne as she watched me. "Give them to me," I said, my cock twitching as I watched her sit the glass on the nightstand next to the bed, then lift up off the bed enough to allow her to roll the panties down over her hips, then off her legs.

Perfect Prescription

first-time KatieAnnBB 2018-08-10

"My goodness, Melissa, you seem a bit nervous this morning," she said, taking a seat and looking at the chart. Taking a small amount of cream onto her fingers, she began gently massaging her labia on the right side. After a good dinner and some TV, Melissa found her thoughts turning toward her evening "treatment." Thinking that an early bedtime would be good, she headed into the bathroom and got her cream, placing it carefully on her bedside table. "Oh well," she thought philosophically, "I'd just be taking them off now anyway." The idea that she would be purposefully exposing her genitals in bed gave her a little thrill, and she immediately reached over for some cream and eagerly began her treatment.

Teenage lured into sex racket.

first-time anita8003 2018-08-10

Jaya told her, she would take to one Rekha madams flat and there they can meet these boys, if she likes she can sit with them and have fun. Rekha said, Look Pooja, I would not f***e you for anything, I will call one boy who is studying in 11th and very good looking nice guy. Rekha came inside and said, I will show a good one, It is for you to learn how a young girl of your age enjoys sex. Rekha got up and said, "Dont come out now", you can look through the gap of the door and make sure thatyou dont know the boy. "Now that both of you like each other, Pooja, why dont you go and sit near Vicky, while I get him some cool drink?

Samantha Fucks Daddy!

first-time mooremike 2018-08-10

Samantha loved having the forbidden sex and now she wanted to see if she could seduce her Dad. She knew he liked sex with younger women since that had been the reason for the ugly divorce. You're a man and my dad so I'm sure likes what you were looking at!" Samantha said with a knowing smile "Yeah you may be my dad but that erection you got in your pants says that you want to fuck me!" Samantha said as she looked at the bulge in his pants I really love to make guys cum with my mouth." Samantha said as she knelt in front of her dad "Daddy, do you want me to show how well I suck dick?" Samantha said

The Life Model

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-08-10

"It's a LIFE class" he explained patiently "You only have to sit there, yes, but still, What seemed like seconds later I had done my hair and makeup and I was in a room naked Once the teacher had got them all seated, he asked me to come out. Mind you, I had only been there sitting for two or three minutes as I looked at the clock, it felt like hours to me. cocks out, and wanked themselves off in my face, over my sweet little vulnerable breasts, with the girls finally spreading my legs wider and telling the class to pay special attention to the glistening folds of my pussy, I liked Gary's better, I DO have a pussy, and I love her very much.

Educating Mel

first-time prevacker 2018-08-10

So as we kissed and I learned how to use my tongue in exactly the way she used hers on me, I caressed her arms, then her body and her butt and as far along her thighs as I could reach. And I would have teased her for a lot longer, but she reached around my butt and pulled me into her- ramming my cock all the way into her hot wet pussy - and I couldn't help it, I started ejaculating again, as I pounded away at her. Her beautiful tits were bouncing in front of my face, so I licked at her nipples when they came close and she loved that- pulling away a little and then leaning forward to allow me to just reach them.

Show Me Pt. 01

first-time cyberlookur 2018-08-10

Danny stopped short, suddenly realizing what he'd just said to me, "I...I'm sorry Sal, I didn't mean you. I'd been on a few dates and let a couple of the boys feel my breasts through my clothes, but that's as far as I'd let it go. "I know what you mean Danny," I admitted, "I've been on a few dates but never let anyone go very far because I was afraid of next steps and if I could trust them. When I turned around Danny was red-faced and rubbing his crotch harder. "I want to see what's in your pants too Danny, but we can't. After I regained my composure I asked Danny if he liked what he saw.

How I Got My Bootycall...-TB-

first-time The_Bro 2018-08-10

After a few seconds of silent walking in the sunlight I asked her: "And; what are your plans for today." "I'd like to enjoy the nice weather, but i have to rig up my new shelf and drill some holes for that." "That doesn't sound like fun" She nodded "Yeah, especially when you are wimp like me when it gets to drills." I laughed in my very mean style "I will enjoy my time-out in the sun." I closed my eyes and looked up into the sun. My cock literally jumped into her face and she wasted no time and took a long lick from the balls to the top. She moaned and screamed "YES, FUCK ME NOW!" So I fulfilled her wish and pushed my cock into her pussy.

Girls night out

first-time BeckyInLove 2018-08-10

Paul was getting another pitcher of beer and while he was gone Si told Shelly and I that he didn’t have a big cock but he almost overfilled her mouth. When we went back to the table I told Ron that I really wanted his cock deep in my mouth and I was going to call Michael to see if he was okay me doing it. He wasn’t pulling his cock out so I couldn’t really answer but I put my arms around his waist to let him know I wanted him to cum in my throat. He pulled back just long enough and I grabbed some air and he shoved his cock as hard and as deep as he could and I felt his hot cum hit my throat.

Horny couple

first-time joewaterford 2018-08-10

I slowly work the tip of my cock in then out, not wanting to discourage you from asking me later to fuck your ass some more. Eventually I work my whole cock, balls deep into your ass while rubbing that swollen clit of yours. I pull you on top of me and fuck you some more while doing some cum swapping, and licking cum off each others face. As my tongue works furiously on that exposed clit, I grab your skinny ass and pull you harder onto my face, barely being able to breath, but not wanting to stop this incredible experience. Stroking my cock, I can feel it cumming again, and again you take it all in your mouth and then spit it back out on my balls and ass.

The Initiation

first-time macmurphy 2018-08-10

"I do not care for your pleas" I replied to my girl "He will put every inch of his enormous cock inside your little asshole and you will open up to him. I started licking her tight little hole to she could open up a bit, she was trying but I could feel her resist even when I put my tongue inside. I could see that in spite her pleas and screaming, she was starting to enjoy it so I put my fingernails deep into her right nipple while my friend was holding her thighs really tight so she could not pull away from him while still trying to f***e his monstrous cock inside her.

Waiting for Will Ch. 02

first-time warrysan 2018-08-10

He wasn't looking forward to picking up the pieces once the shit hit the fan, but he knew that Will would need him as much as ever, and Johnny wasn't the kind of guy to turn his back on a friend, especially not Will. "I need to know something Johnny, and being Will's best friend you seemed like the logical one to ask." Will smiled to himself at the comparison, because in reality Johnny was kind of like Shrek: a seemingly big, dumb, cheerful ogre who was quite happy with who he was even if other people thought he was ugly and chased him with pitchforks.

In The Tutelage Of Ms. Kline

first-time LustyQuill 2018-08-10

NOTE: To see original illustrations for this story, please contact me directly. "Oh no, we couldn't. He was ushered impatiently out the door to make his odyssey up towards the hillside estate of Ms. Kline. Kevin watched her intently as her eyes strayed up from his crotch slowly to make contact with his. "There's a good boy..." she sighed, "Now fuck me!" "Oh baby boy... Your payment for today is on the table in the hallway. He couldn't quite believe what had happened to him but was more than eager to experience it again. On the table by the door were two crisp one-hundred dollar bills and a handwritten note on fancy stationary.

Sucking My First Cock

first-time 2018-08-10

I think it is amazing that I actually fucked a man before I ever sucked a man's cock. But I guess there is no rule book for sexual progression and I found my self being seduced first into having my cock sucked off, then being with a man dressed in women's clothes and fucking him, (See From Glory-hole to Fucking), to having my first experience of sucking a man's cock off. When I got there, I found about five or six men waiting for a free cubicle. You could see images through them and it was apparent that some of the men in there were having their cocks sucked at the glory-holes. "Is this how my cock feels in other men's mouth's.

My GF Planned IT! GayMAKER

first-time 425olds 2018-08-10

"OHhhh fuckkk," moaned Trig, "You got the hottest mouth I ever fucked...yea Baby take it allllll, are a natural..." he moaned as I slid his cock into my throat till my nose was just an inch to go as my spit drooled down to his big balls. This morning I was a straight 8 pussy hound, but now I had turned into a moaning, cock sucker sucking a man's cock while getting my ass fucked my GF Bets'. Trig also likes to invite other men over for pay and watch them fuck my mouth, he says the sight of my sexy lips wrapped around a hard cock turns him on.


first-time thejanus 2018-08-10

But then, suddenly, I feel calm, the soft noise of the train, its vibrations, people talking around me, everything disappears and there is only, you! My mind has left my body and I see myself floating above the crowd, uniting with you we drift aimlessly, two spirits free of any constraints…until suddenly the train stops again and you extricate yourself, moving through the other bodies towards the doors and then out onto the platform. As I ride along I am again pressed against other people but I hardly notice them, in my mind I can still feel you, I still see your black hair and smell your soft fragrance.

Finally getting lucky

first-time 1234432112 2018-08-10

They sat there laughing for a few seconds the all of a sudden Brian felt his dick start to get hard again. She was thinking what it would feel like if she was getting plowed by brians huge dick, she started moaning loud thinking that the water would cover her sounds up. "That girl I had over said you had a nice one haha." Brian felt relieved that that's what he was talking about and again he smiled gaining confidence about hisself. Rock and Steve noticed what was going on but just let brian do his thing. Ashley straddled brian just like when he was getting a lapdance from that other girl earlier, except this time his dick was in a pussy.

Hayden Panettiere Learning a Lesson

first-time 2018-08-10

They continued to kiss as he stroked and groped at her body, Hayden doing the same to him, feeling his toned muscles and reaching down to take a reverse grip on his cock, gently teasing at his rock hard manhood as his hands pulled round to stroke and squeeze her firm breasts, using his thumbs to circle her nipples before continuing to fondle her. As he felt her relax, he slid his hands to take a hold on her waist, just giving a slight rocking motion for a few seconds just to make sure she was ready and then he gave another slow, powerful push into her tight arse, looking down to watch as his cock disappeared from view into the booty of the tight blonde actress, hearing her give a strained groan as she took a bit more girth and plenty more length.

Amanda's First Time

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-10

The way he smelled, the way it felt when his breath tickled my shoulder as he laid kisses across it, the slightly salty taste of the skin of his chest, the sounds of his heart starting to beat faster with every passing moment, and the way the soft glow of the tv made him look amazingly sexy. He sucked one of them into his mouth, teasing it ever so gently with his tounge, and rubbed the back of his fingers across the other in the way he knew drove me wild. He looked into my eyes and I realized that neither of us really knew what to do, so I grabbed him and ran his cockhead through my soaking and wanting slit until he was positioned just right at the beginning of my virgin canal.

The Teachers Tale

first-time VintageKnickersLover 2018-08-10

It didn't help that when she did that, her short flared skirt rode up and I was treated to a clear view of those black stocking tops and brilliant white pants...this was going to be tricky. "Harriet, you understand that as a teacher I cant become involved with a pupil, not only will I get fired I shall probably be arrested?" I might have guessed she had worked this one out, she said, "Well Sir, I am eighteen and if I see you tonight after school I shall have for all practical purposes have left and won't be a pupil anymore, will I?" It wasn't so much the logic of her argument as the slow slide of her skirt revealing more of her thighs, that swayed me.

A Virgin Girl Serves An Ace

first-time sexyvijaya 2018-08-10

I made Ram spend the entire weekend with me and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; I was a little sore on Monday morning when Suganya, my room mate walked in; the first thing she noticed was her soiled skirt and then the huge hickey on my neck; she first thought it was my fiancé, but soon the truth was out; at breakfast, she merely said that I owed her a skirt and something extra; later that evening when I came back from work, I learnt what that extra was; she stayed home and so did Ram and both had just a shirt on and she was without a bra!

Hi, my name is Susan

first-time UrbiBottomboy 2018-08-10

I enjoyed watching myself in the mirrors, which As I watched him sl**p, I began to caress my body ever so slowly with my hands; I started with the into that tight hole; those fingers pushed their way stroke of the hand to my hot desire of being fucked by slowly stroking its length while I continued to finger fuck the slut hole between my legs. watch this man play with his cock, and do it before me delightful tool had a suction cup on the end, which so I could fuck myself on all fours, while looking up into the mirror to see a wild fuck a****l taking it in My partner in sin was beating that cock of his in time

Losing It At The Pool Ch. 01

first-time heyjay1983 2018-08-10

Normally auburn hair had been bleached to a sandy blonde by long days in the sun and a deep tan on her shoulders and the exposed tops of her breasts made me realize I had mostly over looked how often she was at the pool that summer. As I spent a moment drinking her in she started to tell me about how long she had been watching me on the lifeguard stand and how she had wanted to talk to me for a long time and hoped that I would strike up a conversation with her. Moving my hands to her hips I forced her legs open wide and started running my tongue up and down her.