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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Story

first-time pcbigboy 2018-08-10

I also try to walk a tight rope when it comes to videos with teens in them by making sure they have WELL KNOWN figures in the porn industry (Like Jenna Haze for example - Man SHE IS HOT! I'd rather not go out on some local strip & pick up a REAL fuckin' whore with GOD KNOWS HOW MANY diseases if I don't GET BUSTED for soliciting an undcercover cop OR run into some HOT CLASSY babe & wind up doing something REALLY DUMB & STUPID by banging her even when she doesn't want it OR start having sex with married women like Tiger Woods did

A Loving Niece

first-time fastfingers 2018-08-10

“It’s Julia; she’s been accepted to The University of Edinburgh!” The joy in her voice touched my heart. Living so far away has been difficult, and having my own flesh and bl**d so proudly coming to attend my alma mater, warmed my heart. I don’t want to be a drag on her experience, make her feel f***ed to live with her old Uncle Jeffrey.” The silence went on. A smile came to my face as I thought of how far she had come since the 13 year old shy k** I remembered seeing when last I visited home. My heart went out to her as I sensed how difficult this must be for her; still very young and inexperienced in life as I was years ago in her shoes.

Zara's First Time

first-time Webrosc 2018-08-09

Gently I parted Zara's legs and positioned myself between them, looking up I could see the a huge smile, I grinned and lowered myself down to place a kiss on the pink thong in front of me, as I went closer I could see there was already a small damp spot, the aroma was like heaven, I placed a kiss right onto Zara's covered pussy causing a slight moan. Lowering my head down I kissed all around the smooth skin, being careful to not yet touch the lips, then with one long lick I ran my tongue all the way up and over Zara's pussy, just feeling a little bump of a clit at the top, my tongue lingered on this for a second longer before placing a kiss there, a louder moan escaped as I did this.

Wife's Unusual First Time

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-08-09

My wife and I looked at each other and grinned as if to say, "That was a little more information than we expected." Kathy jokingly said "Scoot over here; at least I can give you a hug." Keeping the blanket pulled close to her chest with one arm, she leaned over with her left arm and hugged him saying, "You have your whole life ahead of you stud-man, just stop trying so hard." As he finally got his act together and, having thrown back the shot, he walked in front of my wife not knowing what the hell he was doing, and she just glanced at me for a brief second, took a deep breath, and rather reluctantly and slowly reached up and put her hand on his cock.

You'll Use A Pack Of Trojans?

first-time 2018-08-09

After almost an eternity of fucking, he started to almost groan and told her, "Princess, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." My wife tenderly told Alex, "Cum now, can you feel my pussy squeezing you?" To intensify his pleasure at that point, she squeezed her vaginal muscles and f***ed a gob of Alex's cum out of her pussy. My wife spread Alex's cum like lotion all over her naked body. She told him in an affectionate manner, "This big, big pole is now mine!" She held the monster cock with two hands and said to him, "Alex, your penis is so HUGE.I have never seen anything as large as this It made my pussy feel so good and it penetrated deep, deep inside me!"

Aaa "Strawberry ice cream"

first-time stiffman305 2018-08-09

The whole time I'm crawling over to her she playing with her black pussy lips I remember them being so dark but inside was bright pink and I thought that was so cool finally I reach the bed and she said "Stick out your tongue and lick the pink part slowly like it's strawberry ice cream and I did just that she told me to speed it up and whenever i did something wrong or stop she slap my face and told me not to stop until I pee in your mouth (which was cum which I later learn when I got older) and I did just that, she wrap her legs around my neck and said

FILF (Fathers I'd Like To Fuck) Ch. 01

first-time Angelscuck 2018-08-09

Then, grabbing my rock hard cock which was pressed tightly against my stomach, Shelly started drawing a line with her tongue down my chest and abdomen until she reached the tip of my cock, where she began planting sweet kisses on the head of my throbbing dick. "That's okay," she explained, "we have all the time in the world" as she increased her efforts causing me to explode in her mouth while Sandy pressed her dripping pussy hard against my face, convulsing with her own orgasm. Shelly, who was facing toward my feet, helped Sandy by holding my cock steady while she placed the head of my dick against her wet cunt lips.

My first time with a BBW

first-time ILoveBigBush 2018-08-09

But we can't have sex the first night." I said, "No, I thought it would be too soon too, but there's other stuff we can do, right?" "Oh yeah," she replied, and taking my comment as a cue she flipped over put her ass in my face and started blowing me. As I lapped at her clit and labia while she lovingly glided her mouth up and down my shaft I thought how nice it would be to hook up repeatedly with Marcie as well as so many other BBW's I had yet to meet. When I thought I might get past the point of no return, I said, "This is so good, you might want to slow down so I don't cum before you do." "Aww, so sweet," was her endearing response.

Comfortable Yet?

first-time protectme 2018-08-09

He smiled and laid me back on the couch and ran one hand up my thigh to caress my ass, my panties were now bunched up and I could feel the couch on my bare skin. He held my knees up to my chest and started pounding into me, watching his cock disappear into my pussy over and over again, my hands over my head gripping the side of the couch tightly and my head thrown back and mouth open, cumming and moaning, "Ohhhhmyyyygoooooodddd!! I burst out laughing, "No wonder people like having sex so much!" He looked at me with a sexy grin and said, "well, you know what they say about practicing..." I have a feeling I'll be practicing with him quite a bit in the next few days.

A First With Gloria

first-time joolz17 2018-08-09

Carefully I slipped my right arm under the pillow and wrapped her up in both arms and held both breasts at the same time, then she stirred and I thought I'm in trouble now, but she just snuggled her bum further into me and put her hand over the top of her PJ to hold mine to her breast and squeeze gently. I ran my hand over her breast, circling her nipple with a finger marvelling at the reaction as it seemed to come to life even more, I gently pinched it between my finger and thumb, and that seemed to elicit a gentle moan from deep inside Gloria. I continued to explore her body a little bit at a time, running my hand over her thighs and bum, she seemed to love having her bum squeezed and caressed.


Jenny's Lost Virginity

first-time ickric 2018-08-09

His kisses reached her breasts and as he began to suck on the nipples, Jenny gasped, her hands reaching down and stroking his hair, holding his head in place whilst she writhed in passion. " Fuck me, kiss me, feel my tits" she said out loud and she pulled his head towards her, her tongue entering his mouth immediately. "Then let me fuck you" she said and she began to ride him like a cowgirl, her arse exposed to the cool morning air as the lay on top of the sleeping bag, her tits being kept warm by Frank's big hands.

Finally Getting Lucky Part 2

first-time 1234432112 2018-08-09

Brian had just had sex for the first time, although the girl he was with, Ashley, didn't get to cum. It felt so good to brian because she had his whole dick in her mouth. Ashley saw the look of pure bliss on Brian's face. So brian went down and began licking her pussy. She looks out the window and sees that only brian is here and suddenly feels her pussy getting wet. Amy can't believe that brian felt her up but she loved it and wanted more. He began pounding her like he did ashley earlier but this time he got to see her face while doing it. As brian filled her pussy with his seed, Amy began to shake hard.

3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-08-09

Gina watched for a couple of seconds, but as they pushed them down exposing their pubic hair and the tops of their cocks, she turned her head and put a hand over her face with a rather embarrassed smile, but quickly turned back towards them trying to act as though it was completely normal. Before I could even wrap my mind around the fact that he was stretching her pussy and entering depths she didn't know existed, and in a way she had only ever fantasized about, he shoved inside her and began jerking his entire body like having an epileptic seizure, when his eyes rolled back in his head as he moaned, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAHHHH...


first-time cpbeats 2018-08-09

"Sha'Kia," he paused then went on, "I'd like you to meet the C. I got off work early, so decided to stop and get dinner and some wine for celebration with my son. I sat the table, took a shower, fixed my makeup, and waited for my son to arrive home. I stood up and said, "son I got something to tell you." "Okay mom what is it," he asked. With out saying a word he grab my hand and said, "come with me." He lead me to my bedroom and told me to lay on my bed, and let my legs hang off the bed. "Oh Von, no man had ever done that to me, that was amazing," I said with pleasure in my eyes.

Meeting Needs

first-time TennesseeHillbilly 2018-08-09

Although, I wasn't going to sit around and wait for her either, and when I told her that it was time for me to move on to someone more mature, I think it was pretty clear to her that I was looking for a girlfriend who would put out. Finally, she pushed me southward past her waist, and with her open hand aligned with mine, she "forced" me to her crotch allowing to feel her wetness as if she was masturbating with someone else's fingers. When she finally began to come down from her high, I had reached the point that I was ready and wanting to find my own as quickly as possible.

Conflicted First Time Cock Sucker Ch. 02

first-time bi_hengst 2018-08-09

(Fuck, don't gag) I placed my right hand on his hip to steady myself and with my left I grabbed his ass cheek and pulled him toward me – I could feel the tip of his fat meat pushing hard into my throat – I relaxed my throat as much as I could and could feel his cock slide down. I'm licking and running my tongue all over his dickhead, and he grabs my head hard with both hands and starts ramming his cock in my mouth again harder and harder and I can hear his breath coming faster and faster and then he pulls back out of until just the tip is again in my mouth.

Donovan Chronicles: Awakening Ch. 01

first-time Dregun 2018-08-09

Finally, as he rises from his desk, with backpack in tow, the herd cleared the doorway and he hears it again; "Donovan, hey Donovan" No mistaking the voice this time, it was Jason for sure, and he knows all Jason is going to want to do is brag about his family's vacation to Paris this summer. He reaches out his left hand and grabs the handle, with a slight bend of his thumb and a forward leaning motion with his body the door opens as it usually does. He slowly moves his clinched fist up his swollen cock until it reaches the brim of his cock head, then immediately and quickly he pulls his hand down to the base of his dick, his pinky finger making slight contact with his right nut.

My girlfriends mom part 2

first-time dom_dictator 2018-08-09

Sneha had gone to take a shower when Mala came over told me she had When Sneha came out, Mala told her she had to go visit a friend and went Mala looked at me and asked me if I had a problem with Shreya being Mala looked at me and said "Fuck I have never cum like that without a for a second looked at me and asked "Did you and Sneha fuck before you has her periods." I looked at her smiled and told her that Sneha gave I stopped and took my cock out, I asked her to turn and I knew she had cum I took my cock out and turned her around. licking my cock as I fucked her huge tits.

Cameron's Detention

first-time CaitlyCate 2018-08-09

Without a thought, I say, "Cameron, I want to see you." I sit behind my desk and try to think of what to say. She is out of my mind as I sit at my dining table, eating a crappy frozen dinner, and grading papers from last night's assignment. Going down each row, I hand back the students' graded papers. I look down at her with an evil smile and let the paper drop on the desk. But I catch myself before she notices, and I look down at the neat writing covering both front and back of the lined paper. "Why aren't you doing your assignments if you can write like this?" She shakes her head and looks down.

Learning to Crossdress Pt. 03

first-time crossdressme70 2018-08-09

Standing beside this beautiful lady, who had the most perfect long legs, toned body and mouth watering breasts, was a very hot and sexy looking young girl, dressed in high heels, with the same black seamed stockings and garters, her large, and my small breasts standing proudly in my black satin and lace underwire bra, and both of us with blue shades of eye shadow, long eyelashes, and the heaviest, deepest red creamy lipstick.

sexy girl

first-time 2018-08-09

He would run his hands under her shirt and massage her tits then twist and pull the nipples before he would lift her shirt and start to suck them. Several times he titty fucked her and covered her tits with his cum and licked them clean. Each night he would bind her and titty fuck her and make her cum then rub the cum that leaked down her legs over her tits and lick it off. The dad realized what a great thing he had: a sexy daughter with huge tits full of milk that he could suck and a nice tight pussy to fuck and lick the cum.

ADDICTED to CUM..a SLUTS Confession

first-time funnsun2 2018-08-09

As I got older and started my periods, I would get guys in school to jerk off in my mouth behind the bleachers, in locker rooms and even in cars sitting in the parking lot. The boys at school would call me filthy names all the time but all of them would come to me when they were hony, knowing I would either fuck them or suck their cocks and swallow their loads. Once I even met a guy at a store who I noticed was staring at me and I got him to fuck my mouth in the changing room at Sears. Another time, he took me to a swingers club and told every guy there that I was in the back with my mouth open and ready to have it filled.

Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd

first-time ReefBeach 2018-08-09

(That said, I found most girls as attractive as any horny 18-year old boy would...) Mwali had very dark skin, with darker shades in her creases, which seemed to highlight her lines and curves. The lovers, so good for each other, but the stars decree, it will not be so!" Mwali looked ready to weep. She'd had enough warning to lean back slightly so my come was mainly on me and her dark fingers, but a tiny drop was sitting in her hair, white against the black. Mwali whispered, "Oh yesss." I loved the subtle differences in the colour of her skin, darker in the creases, lighter around her breasts and in her armpits.

Missed Opportunity - not this time.

first-time dlcalguy 2018-08-09

I moved my hand to the front of my shorts and rubbed my hard cock. "And I think you might like to fuck me, Michael" Luke said, and turned around again. I want to feel your cock in my ass." The sexy ass under me was quickly impaled by my hard cock. I like fucking you" I nuzzled the nape of his neck as my cock went deeper and deeper into his bum. Thrusting my hips over and over, pushing my tongue into his mouth; pushing my cock into his ass. The sun warmed our naked bodies as I fucked Luke's ass. Soon, too soon - I wanted to fuck his ass all day, feel his ass enveloping my cock - I knew I was close to cumming.