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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Special Weekend

first-time Ashson 2018-08-09

A couple of times I'm quite sure we would have reached the point of no return if it hadn't been for Brian, Mike's father. I suppose Mike driving it home from the depot was all that Brian's nerves would handle, and that because he wouldn't actually see it. Brian pulled over and Mike piled out, grabbed the suitcase, and headed over to the bus, and the rest of the football team that was gathered there. "Did Mike actually tell you that he was going away for the weekend? Brian just hooked his fingers under the waistband, and yoga pants and panties came of just like that, leaving me sitting shocked and naked on his lap.

The Barmaid

first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-08-09

Simple, they wanted decent ale, peace from the missis to talk bollocks about the world's rights and wrongs, and some close-to-the-knuckle banter with an attractive barmaid; a good-looking woman who could pull a pint, with a broad mind and a quick retort when the lads went too far with the chat-up; someone who didn't mind showing a bit of skin and who didn't object to a little ogling. Joy looked at me with an odd expression, and then shocked me completely by saying: 'Would you like to see me naked again?' Thoughts and emotions welled inside me. 'Did you wank off, Paul?' Joy's voice, as the straps of her bra hung loose, with her hand holding the garment close to her body was low and throaty, a sign of her own arousal even though I was to callow to recognise it.


First Time Together pt2

first-time toomuchjlc 2018-08-09

I spread her pussy open with the finger of my right hand and used my left hand to massage her clit. She reacted best to my tongue licking from left to right with my head positioned directly above her clit. As my tongue danced on her clit, I began inserting my fingers in to her wet pussy. With my pinky still in her asshole, I shoved my two fingers back into her pussy as I attacked her clit with new vigor. As she started to buck I removed my fingers from her pussy and ass, grabbed her ass and lifted her pussy to my face and attacked her clit hard. Rolling over allowed me a perfect view of her ass, so I began to kiss and caress her cheeks.

A Surprise Encounter

first-time Ashson 2018-08-09

Seeing that there were several young men available who would be only too eager to help soothe Brianna's feelings I decided that some low shock tactics should send her scurrying for safety. Trying to chase me away showed that you're a responsible type of person who wasn't going to take unfair advantage." Are you going to lure me away to a secret little nook so that you can ravish my poor naked body while I weep and wail and cry for mercy?" She stood there, looking at me, naked, her hands behind her back, excited expectancy showing on her face. I just knew she was going to scream this time and I didn't really want her screaming this close to the trail.

Quickie pt.1

first-time 2018-08-09

I was met with Daddy undoing his jeans....he said "Come here little are gonna suck Daddy's cock till I say to stop...Now get on your fucking knees!" This was what I signed up for of course...though it was odd that it was happening. I dropped to my knees immediately and Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to "Get that cock in my throat!" I licked and sucked the head a little and started taking it deeper, loving the way it filled my mouth.

Laundry Tales 10: Lady of Misrule

first-time jeanne_d_artois 2018-08-09

Towards the end of the 18th Century your ancestors decided that the Day of Misrule was getting out of hand and confined it to the servants' hall. "What Esther is trying to say is that she has to use her role as Lady of Misrule to try to persuade Master James to do something with a woman, any woman, and if she can't, try to find out what his objection is. The only possible father is Master James and he doesn't seem interested in even kissing a servant woman. "Lady of Misrule, have you chosen your consort for today?" Sir Gerald asked. "I may be the Lady of Misrule for today, which is a jest, but we need to talk in sober earnest, Master James."

My first audition…

first-time chloedakota 2018-08-09

Let me tell you about the interview. Ok, so, the guy started asking me about my course work and general stuff. He seemed really nice. A good listener. Then eventually we came around to the modelling work. Yes, porn. I knew it! The job offered £1200 a day, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to listen to him, but before I knew it I was on my knees taking his dick out of his pants. Read the rest at my blog:

My introduction to cocksucking

first-time marda47 2018-08-09

I dropped my pants and sat down and could see that I was again being watched so I pulled my cock up and stroked it up hard and the guy put his finger to the hole so I thought well why not give it a try so I stood up and guided my hard cock through the hole and felt a nice warm sensation as the guy put my cock in his warm mouth. Again I went into the stall and sat down and looked through the hole and there was a guy sitting there stroking a nice hard cock, nervously I put my finger to the whole and he stood up and pretty soon I was looking at this guys cock.

Michele, part 1

first-time mombjfo 2018-08-09

She walks slowly feeling the sea breeze, hardening her nipples and going inside her nightie pushing it up, up to her waist. The wind, like big soft hands, is rubbing her body, her back, her hips, slipping to the front to her belly and up to her breast. She is feeling like a hand rubbing her asshole, moving to her pussy, pushing apart the lips, opening her cunthole, rubbing so lightly her clit. After at least 5 minutes of standing on the same spot, Michele, with the paper in her hands, realizes suddenly that a man was in the house and that she has wanted him to take her, to fucked her.

Bisexual Fantasy I wrote to my Girlfriend

first-time JazzSands 2018-08-09

Soon Sean’s hands reach round my head as he starts to gently fuck my mouth he builds up some speed before you hear him announce, You think you can hear me encourage Sean but you are to carried away enjoying, effectively, a stranger toy with you while your boyfriend is having sex with your mouth to pay any attention. After placing your hands on my chest and mouthing "I love you" to me, you feel my helmet pressing against your wet opening and you slide as slow as you can down before you start to bounce on me. Sean's hands begin to explore your body and reach round to cup your breasts as with one final push, enters your rose bud.

Peggy's Diary, Excerpt 02

first-time Susie_O 2018-08-09

I felt his penis stiffen against my leg and as we separated, I felt it with my hand and said, "Okay big boy, I'm glad to see you're ready too." That old Mae West statement, "Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" suddenly made sense to me for the first time and thinking about it made me laugh. I was flattered both by him calling me "pretty" and him wanting me to do it so I asked whether he'd prefer hand or mouth though the idea of having his penis in my mouth wasn't very appealing even though the girls in the porn videos did seem to enjoy it.

Danny's late night visit.

first-time GayBigHole 2018-08-09

Danny was 15 years old, 5'10", 130 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, smooth hairless hard body (into karate), cute firm bubble butt & a 9.5" cut dick that curves to the left. Danny said, "Nothing, I just wanted to know if you wanted to fuck me!" Chuck ran the head of his cock up & down Danny's young crack asking, "Are you sure?" Chuck put his cock head to Danny's young pink love entrance, looked at me & pushed forward. Danny tries to protect his head with his hands but is unable to do much as he lays there helpless under my friend getting the fucking he begged for. Chuck slows his pounding after 45 minutes & reaches for Danny's underpants saying he needs them to cum on.

The peeper

first-time lovetolisten0630 2018-08-09

Not noticing my own soft injunction he swiftly opened the driver's side door and as she smiled at him he gently shoves her face first into the seat.Moving my hand back my own shaft and beginning to stroke spreading the slick lubrication of my precum down to my freshly shave groin he tears her yoga pants down exposing her perfect ass with her wet pussy glistening from between her thighs.Quickening my strokes I reach up inside my shirt taking my nipple between my fingertips giving it a hard pull causing me to let out another groan.

VIP e****ts Service in Chandigarh

first-time 2018-08-09

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My Mother's Older Sister

first-time exwyz 2018-08-09

A good decade older than my mother, and taller even than my father, with a thin-lipped slash of a mouth, suspiciously white and even teeth that, I felt sure, were dentures, hard little eyes forever crinkling up in private amusement, half a ton of inexpertly-applied makeup and brutally short-cropped jet-black hair, grey at the roots, Aunt Doreen wasn't exactly your Lamb's Navy Rum calendar girl. I thought of waiting till it was likely that Aunt Doreen had gone to bed, phoning my mother in the meantime so she wouldn't get worried, shinning up the drainpipe and climbing in through my bedroom window, or even sleeping out in the garden shed if necessary.

Clarisse Ch. 02

first-time Tallguy64 2018-08-09

Beth was so sympathetic to Clarisse's tale of flight and assault by her groom that she found herself telling her about her strange feelings of desire during her forced pleasuring of Phillipe. That night when Tom returned with a brace of rabbits he found Beth seated on the straw bed that took up most of the space in the hut. Tom looked at Clarisse and she gave a slight but definite nod Beth reached into Tom's long underwear and pulled out his cock. "Like this?" Beth opened her pink lips and engulfed half of Tom's cock and then slowly withdrew from it. "My but you're exited Tom!" Beth smiled I think you'd better take off those nice clothes my dear!

Across the Tracks Ch. 07

first-time BigCoreySKR 2018-08-09

After a few minutes, Otis started asking Ariel question, what her favorite color was, her favorite band, things like that. As Ariel and Otis started their phone conversation, Cole was awake and in his little den, or 'man cave' as Ariel liked to call it. He may not be able to help her as he could have 20 years ago, when he could run and gun, but he had made a few friends in the new circles he moved in, men who were like him, men who wished they had time to work on cars themselves or go fishing, not sit behind the desk of a company all day cause they had been groomed to do it their whole life.

My First touch to thickness..

first-time moms_boy 2018-08-09

She pulled me on the floor and again sat on my face keeping her pussy on my lips,I tasted the white cream of her pussy.she was pulling my dick hard like 'pricking grass from ground'.It was paining me,but i wanted to continue as i was watching a thick diva Of Mumbai city naked and in playfull mood.Mom stoop up handling my cock hard and smiled looking down at me,Ahh..She pissed on my face and stood on my chest giving her hairs style.

This Time Her Daughter

first-time GWBosh 2018-08-09

This had changed when Frances and her 18 year old daughter Kathy had enroled in an art class run by Jack Webster a talented post graduate art student. "Jack, would you like to kiss my breasts as I talk?" He did not need a second invitation, as he lay on his back, his head on Frances' lap and sucking her brown aureole with its hardened nipple. Sorry, I mean yes Master" said Kathy and walked away, her min-skirt swaying with her hips. Jack could tell that Kathy wasn't as relaxed as her mother and asked them both to lower their skirts. Frances stood went over to Jack so that he could briefly suckle her nipple, then made herself decent, hugged Kathy and left.

Riley's Exploits Pt. 02

first-time RileyAriadne 2018-08-09

Despite wanting more I broke off our kiss and turned around on him pressing my bum onto his crotch. Mark pulled me close, kissing me again and I could feel my pussy getting even wetter. Despite not being very big it felt like a struggle to take the head fully into my mouth. I grabbed him with one hand and started to rub his cock. Wanting to try again I ran my tongue back up and put him back in my mouth. Keeping my lips tight around him and sucking softly I took his cock in and out of my mouth. Mark groaned and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth.

A Bad Influence Ch. 01

first-time EmeliaBell 2018-08-09

They ate this course more slowly, Alistair trying to hold up his end of the conversation while Katie flirted outrageously, reaching out to touch his arm and brushing his leg with her bare foot under the table. He allowed his inhibitions to slide away and abandoned himself fully to the experience of having a willing woman underneath him, grinding her hips against his hips, winding her legs through his legs, opening her mouth to his tongue and stroking his naked skin with her gentle hands. He couldn't bring himself to put his arms about this beautiful, sexy woman and touch her naked skin but when she lowered her weight onto his body and started kissing him deeply again he couldn't help himself and he encircled her in his arms, pulling her to him as closely as he could.

my first time

first-time goldenpenis64 2018-08-09

he never knew i was into him until 7 years later i said "kyle, i love you, i dream about you every night, oops" and the next thing i know he says " see me at my house after work, i have a suprise for you" so after leaving work i went up to his house and when i walked i saw him laying in bed naked and i said oh i get it and striped down to my skin and started saying " so you.. " yeah i was, for a long time" kyle replied "well let's get started" i said in enthusiasm. we started out kissing, long passionate kisses.

The Lady of the Lake

first-time Swagsman 2018-08-09

As he got to her belly....he paused....."I have waited a long time to be with her like this" " I just love the taste of her flesh and her aroma" With that he took a deep long breath....He could hear her heart beating and her breath staggered as it was.....He put he face into her belly and felt the warmth of her soul....Then he turned his head and put his ear on her belly button and wiggled his ears....her breath stopped and he knew he had touched her...her eyelashes would curl from this.