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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Inexperienced Horsing Around

first-time Misschievous1 2018-08-09

As she continued to walk the horse forward Alison was becoming wetter and more aroused, her pussy aching for more but desperately trying not to give indication of her dilemma, Jake used the pretense of her incorrect position again to place his hands on her again, this time he mercilessly pushed his hand under her rear harder until his fingers hit the right spot, repositioning his fingers slightly so that he had more freedom to rub a little, feeling the wetness soaking through her riding jodhpurs, he commanded her to keep her eyes ahead at all times, knowing a good rider guides the horse by voice, legs and hands alone, Alison did as he commanded.

My Best Friend's Daughter

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-08-09

Despite her dad's protective nature, Casey sneaked out to see boys, and though we didn't tell Adam out loud, Judy and I were already suspicious that his little girl was 'getting around.' Between having this beautiful blond teenager going around partially nude most of the time and my near lack of sex at home, I would spend nights thinking about Casey's tight young body and firm tits. By the time the incident in question had rolled around, however, I had pretty much had dismissed Casey as a typical cock tease, figuring I had two chances of screwing her as I did getting sex at home more often than every Saturday night. "Matt," my wife said once she'd told Casey that Adam would be home in a couple of hours, "Go down and stay with Case for awhile.

Hot Blonde Student Ch. 02

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-08-09

For another ten minutes, his mouth continued alternating between Jenna's beautiful breasts, while the aroma of the juices trickling from her pussy got stronger and better, and her movements under his face became more strenuous. Jenna looked down the length of her body and saw the smiling face of the assistant dean looking at her, but only briefly, before it disappeared, and she began to feel even more incredible sensations on the other side of where she had been hoping he would put his cock that day. By the time Brian's tongue reached the end of the inner lip, Jenna's movements were even more frenetic, and her moans were turning to whimpers. By the time he reached the end of the second inner lip, Jenna's hips were swiveling under his face again, thrusting her legs out and back beside his head.

Sins of the Father

first-time TheSpermanator 2018-08-08

A lot of the time these people preferred pornography to the real thing, and to think that the image of such a pleasurable thing as a gorgeous twenty year old woman moan in pleasure at being sodomized on a couch didn’t even cause a stir in his pants… Ben shuddered at the thought and pushed it out of his mind. Grandma said that the girl, then nineteen, had been diagnosed with HIV, “either from all the tar she shot” Grandma had said, “or all the men she serviced for a few nickels.” The girl probably knew she didn’t have much time left, so she decided to leave 4 year-old Ben with his parental grandmother.

christmastime misltoe and wine

first-time rodma 2018-08-08

as I walked down stairs I met a neighbours 18yr old daughter we got talking and could see nearly all she had I commented on her look and joked about how she was turning me on all of a sudden she reached down and felt my crouch she said o my what do yo feed that monster on, I said 18 yr old virgins she said well im 18 lost my cherry when i was 14 but would love to be split by that I thought why not the wife is enjoying it.

zoey's cherry

first-time tunemaker 2018-08-08

sandy took my hand and placed it on her b*****rs hard cock. "i slid my hand tentatively down paul's stomach until i felt his cock. " he lay back like a king and let sandy and i touch and stroke." fresh drink in hand, zoey's tale continued. his breath quickened, sandy's hand fell away and i alone held gene's manhood. sandy held his cock firmly and squeezed until a second mound of cum followed the first. ohhhh really no....the giggles returned as gene took the cum from his cock head and tried to smear it on us. fuck me, fuck me, jesus" her hand returned to her cunt but she only squeezed it.

Sue My Cum Loving Wife

first-time mikeron 2018-08-08

The teen girls licked and sucked each other nipples all the time, but Kate kept stopping Sue when she tried to go down and lick her pussy. "That is so hot seeing your mom getting her pussy licked, it must feel so fucking wonderful the way she is acting." Sue whispered moving her hand between Kate's thighs. Her Mom's body finally went limp and the girls moaned quietly as John raised up and they seen his huge, hard cock sticking out. "I can't believe my mom does that." Kate said, Wiggling her cute little ass around as Sue slowly slid her finger up her pussy while rubbing her clit with the other.

Seduction Lessons

first-time mangrove jack 2018-08-08

"Stop being silly" she said slapping his arms away and ignoring his protests, "I've seem enough men in my lifetime not to let a flapping doodle worry me." Tom couldn't help laughing at Olive's description of his cock as "a flapping doodle." "Thank you for looking after mum, don't let her bully you, she is a control freak." Turning to her daughter Olive whispered, "Off you go, Tom can bring me home." Tom had sat quiet again until now, "Jesus Christ Olive don't tell me you have been out asking women to sleep with me, I'll be a bloody laughing stock around town." With three and some time four women from her family helping, Olive first taught Tom how to be confident when talking to a woman.

His story about me going to his house

first-time pornstartony 2018-08-08

I bend you over still handcuffed, and start licking your pussy with your panties still on, you let out a big moan, but you have to keep quiet cause my 3 other roommates might hear you, we have thin walls. Your moaning so load I had to hand cuff you to bed post so you can put a pillow over your face, I can hear you say you’re about to come, so I speed up just a little and you flood my mouth with cum, but I don’t let a drop leave its so sweet. I can feel you tighten around my dick so I start to pump faster, you’re about to cum and you can help it you scream so loud, plus the headboard is banging of the wall now, everyone can hear us.

First Experience

first-time kittygopurr 2018-08-08

Before I met Eugene I had only slept with one man (boy) Jon. With Jon sex was boring he was always on top and I never came. He then slid a finger into my opening and that was a feeling I had never experienced before my legs started shaking uncontrollable and when he asked me how it felt all that came out was huuuh! Then he pulled off my panties and and worked his tongue down to my pussy starting with kissing and licking my nipples to my stomach then to my wonder spot. He sucked licked and fucked my pussy with his tongue again I started shaking, But this time I didn't cum I had to tell him to stop.

Illegal Immigrants

first-time mangrove jack 2018-08-08

With all his possessions including his old blitz truck crammed on his sixty foot landing barge and towing his dinghies crowded with crab pots and nets he had spent days easing his way up thought the shallows and sand banks of a dozen Gulf Rivers and streams looking for a place to set up a new camp. He recalled as he planned his camp how the parson had said that it was on the cards that the strips could eventually be partly reopened for a growing outstation movement populated by aborigine families that wanted to move their kids away from the grog soaked towns and reserves. Len was day dreaming recalling the feel of Kim's large soft tits and the taste of her hot moist pussy when his barge rounded the bluff for the last two mile run across the flats to his camp.

Head Cheerleader

first-time LustScribe 2018-08-08

"Well, let me show you," answered Brad as he pressed himself against Emily and kissed her hard on the lips, sliding his tounge into her mouth and causing the girl to moan in his mouth as he did so. And then, feeling bold, he licked Emily's ear and thrusted his pelvis hard against her, causing her to moan loudly in orgasmic pleasure, much to Brad's surprise. Emily let out an orgasmic scream as she suddenly came with incredible force, arching her back and letting out a big yell, trembling as her body spasmed beneath Brad, clamping her legs around his head, and grinding her pussy against his mouth as she squirted her juices in his face.

Taking My MIL's Ass...For The First Time!

first-time abigfan 2018-08-08

My cock stirred as I let my imagination wonder for a moment, thinking what it might be like to fuck her in the ass. Janice & I turned in and retired, leaving my mother-in-law to stay up a little later, finishing up a work project on her computer. I stood there for a minute, standing naked in my mother-in-laws kitchen with a glass of water in my hand, thinking about what had just taken place. I then slowly place my cock against her big ass, right on her tight little rose bud. "Cindy, I'm going to fuck your big, beautiful ass," I said. My mother-in-law just moaned as I continued to fuck her ass. Do you like your son-in-law fucking your big ass?"

Adventures in ancient times 1

first-time PMaceo 2018-08-08

Because the battle has only begun and the region of bliss is still far off, both still show a relatively normal expression, their eyes are wide open." "Picture No. 2 shows the queen bee making honey." Accompanying text: "She lies on her back, cushioned in pillows, her parted legs raised as though hanging in mid- air, her hands pressed against 'the fruit,' guiding his nephrite proboscis to the entrance of her calyx, helping it to find the right path and not to stray. The little bird that had gone astray finds its way back to its nest in the thicket." Accompanying text: "She lies slightly to one side, dug into the thicket of cushions, one leg stretched high, and clutches his thigh with both hands as though his obedient vassal had finally found its way to the right place, to her most sensitive spot, and she feared it might go off and get lost again.

At the Lake with Chassidy

first-time studrelease 2018-08-08

Just as I went to walk around this rather outlandish sight (in my eyes at least), this beautiful college-age Hispanic girl, with enormous brown eyes, sun-kissed skin, long dark and curly hair, incredible legs, and a radiant smile- but no bra covering her sizable breasts- stops me with a hand to my chest. Anyways, after Spring Break ended, we went back home and finished up with school and soccer before summer at long last returned, bringing an end to junior year for me, Brent, and Devin, sophomore year for Heather and Kat. We're still busy, though. Heather and I had agreed via text messaging to spend the night there together for some more sex: the second time we'd been here we'd got on the boat and went out into the middle of the lake for a couple of hours by ourselves.


Learning to love sex 4

first-time 2018-08-08

You'll think me silly, because instead I find most of my waking hours given over to the contemplation of sex and masturbating in my bedroom. Even an everyday task like buying underwear has become an exercise in sexual arousal. Instead of just going into the mall and quickly buying a pair of "sensible" knickers, I now seem to find myself spending more and more time selecting them. But it was a friend at work who suggested I might use a shopping trip to buy underwear as a means of seduction. And I have noticed, by the way, that since my Dad started his affair with Rose, his sex life with Mum has started to improve.


first-time jrwriter 2018-08-08

The combination of her perfume, her velvet-smooth legs glistening as if she stepped out of a sauna, and her bright red lipstick accentuating her silky lips and flawless smile was enough to make any man fall to his knees. I licked and dug my tongue into her wet pussy, as she let out low moans grabbed the back of my head tighter each second. I couldn't help but admire her perfection as her chest rose and fell with each deep breath. She looked into my eyes again, and with a soft kiss on the lips and a sly smile said, "Let me know the next time you go grocery shopping."

Me and Mr. Jones

first-time 2018-08-08

I started with his shoulders and back, and when I reached his butt, he said don’t be shy, and bent over, and I ran the towel through his butt crack, and I felt a warm funny feeling in my stomach, and a wetness in my little pussy. I must have been out for just a few seconds, because he was still massaging my breasts and when I came to he put his hands under my little butt cheeks, and started lifting my up and down, sliding his cock through my legs, and rubbing it against my clitty, and it felt incredible, I said don’t stop, he laughed, and said that I was a hot little pussy, and that he wouldn’t stop for the end of the world.

At the Festival

first-time BrendanUK 2018-08-08

We sat in the tent chatting for most of that night, me and Josh in our boxers, Kat in her bra and pants, Hannah in her pants and a clean t-shirt. Josh is a good six inches taller than her and as they kissed and pulled closer to each other, I could see that the cylindrical bulge of his dick inside his boxers was pushing hard against her belly. "Don't tell mum," Hannah whispered, then went back to kissing Josh, slipping a hand round him to grab his round little ass and pull him further into her. There was a split second where I saw Josh taking in my girlfriend's slim body, drinking it in, and I knew it wasn't just getting it on with Hannah that had made him hard.

After School Adventures Ch. 03

first-time Slash_Raptor 2018-08-08

"That's not porn, that's footage from the surveillance cameras I put in Mr. Hartford's office," said Mars, "Look at the faces of the two people." "Now that you've seen that, I can get to my point," said Mars, "Since I'm in charge of the school's tech group, the principal asked me to test out a new set of security cameras." "Then, a week later, I gathered up all the cameras and went to show the footage to the principal," said Mars, looking livid, "When she saw this she got furious, for the same reason you did." "So, you won't tell anyone about Mr. Hartford's affairs?" I asked, "Or publish that article in the school paper?" Just as I finished speaking, Mars walked over to his laptop and deleted the document in question.

Taking Ashley's Virginity

first-time Whiskey_Rose 2018-08-08

"Would it be okay if I kissed you" James normally asked before starting anything to avoid startling or making Ashley uncomfortable. Ashley continued moaning and pressing James harder into her breasts almost suffocating him. Ashley jumped in surprised, but as James continued rubbing it and fingering her she moaned loudly into his mouth. Ashley squeezed her breasts tight around James' cock. The space between Ashley's breasts was impossibly warm likely from being squeezed together all day by her tight bra. James held his cock steady as Ashley pressed her opening on his thick head. Ashley was clearly out of breath, her hair was frazzled, and there was still a wet spot on her shirt from where James came on her chest.

The Diner a true story

first-time tedebear62 2018-08-08

“You’re doing good.” He began to slowly fuck my mouth, not trying to jam it down my throat, but enjoying the feeling of the hot wetness. “I don’t want you to cum yet,” he said, moving my hand but still holding his fist around my dick. “I’ll suck you all night, but there’s no way you’re putting this big thing in me,” I exclaimed, grabbing onto his rock hard dick. Even when your dick’s not hard, it’s still feels huge,” I said, squeezing my ass tightly around his now soft cock, making him draw in a long breath. The whole time he kept telling me how much he liked having his dick in my ass and how much it turned him on to be able to fuck me.

First MFM encounter

first-time Iluvto69 2018-08-08

she then reached for my condom and sat up and placed it on to my cock and then straddle it and slow moved her tight wet pussy down onto my hard cock as it slowly enter her moist warm pussy she let a moan and kissed me that sat back up and rode it hard a slow in a sexy sultry voice she ask he man to stand beside her and she start o suck ans she continue to fuck me my cock faster and faster i felt my cum to start to boil up and moan that i was going to cum soon and she stop her grinding on me and got her man to take my place and she then proceed to suck with the condom on and and again after a short few min i felt like cumming again and she ripped off the condom and suck me hard into her mouth a mumbled that she want to feel me cum in her mouth and with that i glance down at her pussy riding his cock and i heard him that he was about to cum too and she started to ride him hard and fast and suck on my cock hard and faster i could feel through all this her body shaking and i think she was on the verge o cumming herself.

That's My Wallet

first-time Ashson 2018-08-08

Sam was suddenly looking sick and worried, wondering what sort of penalty I was going to demand. Now, as her bottom started to really feel the smarting from the spanking, Sam's legs were drifting further apart. Now when I paused to rub the pain away from her bottom my hand just naturally followed the curves and rubbed along Sam's pussy. I could feel Sam trembling slightly as I massaged her and knew it would be only a matter of time before she asked what the hell? As soon as she laid her hand on my cock she snatched it away, a panicky look appeared in her eyes and I thought she was going to jump to her feet and run.