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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Once Upon a War Ch. 01

first-time GhostHunterDude 2018-08-08

From there, I was transferred to my technical school at Brooks AFB, located in the south eastern corner of San Antonio, Texas. My move was accomplished by filling my duffle bag full of my issued uniforms and climbing on a bus to cross town from Lackland AFB, which was located in the south west quadrant of San Antonio to Brooks. She was the daughter of one of the bases Chief Master Sergeants (CMSgt), which was the highest rank an enlisted person could attain in the Air Force. His only condition was that I better not under any circumstances send his daughter back home to him pregnant. Apparently, she wasn't too shocked with my brazen invasion of her intimate space. Certainly it wasn't me.

First Time: Getting...

first-time jessferry 2018-08-08

Matt smiled as he looked deep into my eyes as I allowed her to pleasure me, my legs buckling from time to time as I ground myself against her mouth, gently fucking it as I knew Matt would want me to do to his cock. And that was the beginning of how I lost my virginity, Matt took me so hard over that desk, there was no blood, just the tightness of his cock driving hard and fast into my pussy, I never imagined it could feel so good, I remember every second of it, the bubbles bursting in my head, the blood flowing in my body, faster and faster, my own body keeping time with Matt's dick.

Milk U Later - An Adult Story

first-time thebigboobbbwlover 2018-08-08

I reached over to hand Emma her breast pump and bottle. I looked back up to see Emma breast milk pumping into the small bottle. "Looks like your getting more milk...How do you feel?" I said. She took her long finger nails and rubbed some warm milk on her big fat nipple. I watched as she moved her free hand, to pick up the full bottle of breast milk, off the desk. I reached up to pull of the breast pump from Emma right nipple. I looked up to see Emma breast milk drip over her stomach and down between her legs. But I also feel like I'm cheating on my poor husband." said Emma.

Cross Dressing

first-time wmilford1 2018-08-08

What really got me off was when I would go home and lube my finger and fuck my ass while jerking off. His mane was Gary, he was surprised and first but he noticed me staring at his cock so he ask if I would jerk him off but I said no. Looking to the one side of his bedroom he had a bathroom and I notice his wife had a dressing table with a make up mirror and her closet full of clothes. Gary knew what was on my mind and I told him to give me 15 or so minutes to transform myself. I slid down to the floor and took his cock in my gloved hand and started to jerk him off.

Guys Make Good Pets

first-time satyr_132003 2018-08-08

I smiled and taking my right hand I grabbed the hair at the top of her head and pushed her face into my cock. Lil Amber giggled and gasped for air and her left hand came up to her mouth to catch a burp. She opened her little mouth and saliva drooled from her lips and braces and dripped on the head of my cock. As her mouth began to slide down the length of my cock, I counted off the inches and she giggled on my cock, “One inch, Two inches, two and a half, three inches.” My right hand went to the back of her head and I held her left pigtail in my hand.

Paige: My First Love

first-time GC66 2018-08-08

My parents taught me to treat others, especially women and girls, with respect, so I bit my tongue often and tried to treat Paige nicely even though I wanted to lash out at her and tell her that her attitude flat-out sucked. "Come on, George," said Paige. "George, I've seen an erection before," said Paige. George, that feels good," Paige said. Paige and I had an incredible, wild, fulfilling time together, but the fact is that we were just too similar; a long-term relationship likely would not have worked and both of us realized it. After a brief separation, Paige gave the loser a second chance, which I thought was ludicrous and told her so.

First time to be cuckolded. (First Story)

first-time 2018-08-08

I was usually ready to go before I got in the car for the long drive to see her and by the time I was there I just wanted to throw her down like an a****l. It was her turn to come down to visit me, but I wanted to surprise her and give her a weekend off from the drive since her schedule was getting pretty rough. So I waited until I heard the front door open and close before hiding in her closet. “I want to shower first,” she said. When they got out of the shower and I saw that he was still hard my heart started to pound and my cock ached. She was coming to get her toy from the closet and I would be caught.

The Start of Something New Ch. 02

first-time adventurouscpl 2018-08-08

Abby smiled and laughed as she felt Jake shiver, his whole body jerked, his cock throbbing in her hand, she wasn't sure what had happened but after it passed he looked at her and all she could see in his eyes was a hunger. Abby looked at Jake he was quiet all off a sudden, she wasn't sure what to do but she asked him 'what was that, when you started to shiver,' Jake answered 'it was like a rush of pleasure, I haven't felt anything like that before' he leaned his head onto her shoulder and said 'wow.' Jake loved to taste of her and the feel of her flesh so warm and he sucked on her clit and licked her until she moaned loudly in his ear and her body started to shake.

Suja Aunty - First & Best

first-time touchmate 2018-08-08

In a couple of minutes Suja aunty was dressed and she switched off the light and left the room. Over the next few days, I managed to peep at Suja aunty and her nude body from the safety of the open terrace. Suja aunty dropped her right hand to her hairy mound and pried open her cunt lips. "I want you to remember Suja aunty every night," she crooned into my ear as her hands pulled out my hard cock and started stroking it fast. Many a night, in bed, I would think of her big boobs with their longish nipples and the feel of her soft and fleshy body against me and masturbate. Suja aunty turned up at her usual time and stood close to the window.

Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 01

first-time PhilMc 2018-08-08

"I love women's backs, they are so strong and sensual" – to take the focus away from her naked breasts...then I said that the mature man would ask the young woman to stand in front of him..she did so a little tentatively again, her breasts still covered by her folded arms.

Seduced by co-worker

first-time oldermale0303 2018-08-08

We never talked much at work so I was surprised one day when she came up to me and asked if I like to buy some g s cookies she was selling for her d ter . She asked where I lived and said she drop them off after we got off work in a few days. She went on telling me I was attractive and said I owed her some pictures.Before I knew it she was leaning in kissing me. I was licking and tasting her sweetness as fast as I could Her body started to tense up so I knew she was about to explode so I went back to sucking her clit and fingering her deeply.

Un-virginised by Newyork's finest BBC in Manh

first-time yasminetrans 2018-08-08

It just came so naturally to me that he even groaned out ah, yes thats it baby boy as he held the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth and throughout, he kept his rhythm steady and once he saw all the saliva coming out of my mouth, he pulled out pulled me up and pushed me back in the middle of the bead, he got on top of me with my legs spread eagled and he started moving and grinding his huge cock on mine, I felt li,e I was in heaven and started pushing back and swaying also, I came all over my stack and his cock in just about 2 minutes, that's when he said " kiss me ", which I did will all gusto, I kissed his neck and licked his Chinese as both his hands grabbed a cheek each and spread them while he was still laying on top of me with all his weight keeping me pinned down like a little girl.

Virgin Slut

first-time Star Shadow 2018-08-08

“You may as well know now,” her friend said with a look of mourning on her face, “Ricky has told everyone about you fucking him and Jason at your house yesterday after school and he was quite graphic with his descriptions. As Anne started to walk away she looked back at Mandy and said, “You know, it would almost be better for you if you had done it. Ben considered the girl for a moment before replying, “Well Mandy, eighteen is not yet a legal drinking age and your father would not be pleased to know that I did this but….yes, you do look like you could use it as much as me.” He reached over and poured a generous amount into her coffee.

Swinging with the Neighbors

first-time Jmuncut 2018-08-08

I gotten horny watching them." Donna turned her head and began kissing Jim. She said to him keep playing with me I'm going to fuck you right here!" I started kissing Jess, she touched my cock, and said "someone's hard!" Jess said "Jim use to bring home 3some movie with 2 girl and a guy the 2 girls would have sex while the guy watched. I said “What did you think?” Donna replied “I never thought it would be hot to see a guy suck another guy’s cock!” I said “Looks like to ladies need a little help!” I went over to my wife lifted her legs on my shoulder and started licking her juice and sucking on her erect clit.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 04

first-time BlewWater69 2018-08-08

Jason and Kyle sat waiting anxiously and were more shocked when Claire reached behind Kim and undid the clasp to her bra. Kyle had two pillows under his head on the floor and Kim was equally curled up like Claire. Jason wasn't sure but it also looked like Kim's hand was busy below Kyle's waist. To his horror, Jason glanced over to see Kim looking and Kyle turning their way too. The TV was still on and Jason could clearly see Kim sucking on Kyle's average sized cock. Jason thought about using the remote at his side to kill the TV, leaving only a very dim light, but the sight of Kim sucking Kyle turned him on as did Claire's actions.

Funniest story ever!! ...Enjoy

first-time thedurbnow 2018-08-08

One day her 'little' s****r called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She told me that she wanted me just once before I got married and committed my life to her s****r. Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word. She said, 'I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me.' I opened the door, and headed straight towards my car. With tears in his eyes, my father-in-law hugged me and said, 'We are very happy that you have passed our little test. We couldn't ask for a better man for our daughter.


first-time SharpieInk 2018-08-08

I could feel the tight muscles in his shoulders and lower back as I ran my hands across his skin. He covered my mouth with his hand and bent his head close to my ear. I though about how it must feel, to take a virgin he'd met two days ago and fuck her on the floor of an orphanage in Romania. When he bent his head to suck on my nipples, I wondered if the slightly new angle of our joining created new friction on his cock. A few moments late, I watched him as he sat up and brought himself to completion, his hand rubbing my wetness into the smooth skin of his cock.

Mexican Adventure

first-time yeomanjack 2018-08-08

Shortly afterwards, Marisa returned to the table, but instead of resuming her seat took Jerry by the hand and started to lead him towards the bar. Jerry looked over his shoulder at me and winked before saying, "We'll be right back!" They disappeared into the area that led to the restrooms and I learned later that there were some private rooms, or more correctly cubicles, where you could take the girl of your choice for a quickie, if that was all you wanted. We got off the elevator and walked down to our rooms, mine being directly opposite to Jerry's, and as he was unlocking his door, Marisa looked at me with a broad smile and blew me a kiss!

Brandon and Danielle

first-time YesterdayOnceMore 2018-08-08

As he kissed her, her slid his hands down to her waist, holding her close and feeling the heat from her body. "I never thought of myself as the kind of girl who would fuck a guy on the first date." She felt him gently pull at her arm as he turned in the direction of the bedroom. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, breathing hard as she felt the bizarre sensations Brandon was stimulating all over her body. She lay on the bed, naked except for her red baby-doll panties, and Brandon felt his cock throb and get harder still. Brandon slid a hand up the shaft of his cock to the head, then down again.

My Unusual First Time Ch. 02

first-time djeroticon 2018-08-08

It dawned on me, even as I was inventorying her charms, that maybe one lesson I was learning from Rose was to appreciate everything about a woman, including her little ways of doing things (like making these sandwiches). She surprised me by sliding off the counter in just those white cotton panties, and then suddenly she was right next to me and I could look down and see those wonderful breasts, inches away, and up to her pretty face with her slightly open mouth and unnerving eyes studying my straining cock. Rose simply let me do it, her hands at her sides, looking down at my fingers as I gently pinched her breast tips and then cupped that perfectly-weighted pair of globes in my palms.

Touched for the Very First Time

first-time Racqel 2018-08-08

My white un-tanned butt stood out around the thin strip of material, making it looks like my bikini had been badly shrunken. As if rehearsed, Pam got up and turned around as Klaus rubbed and massaged the cream into her back and down her legs. I felt daring like never before and I in one sweep pulled my bikini top string and I let it fall off my body. "Thank you Klaus, I must get back home to continue my studying." I said as I started to turn around. I felt my panties being pulled down a little as Klaus rubbed lotion into my lower back where it edged onto my butt crack.

teaching my s****r about sex

first-time 2018-08-08

we were close so i new that and she said i am tired of being a virgin i just want to get out there but i am to scared she said that feels so good i said sex is like 10 times better. she started giving me a hand job i was fingering her we did 69 and she cummed in my mouth is was so sexy she said i want to taste jizz but do i swallow it or spit it out or what the next day i asked her how it was she said i loved it thanks so much for helping me andshe got on her knees and started sucking my dick and we fuck till this day.

Handsome Ch. 06

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-08-08

I snuck a look at Mora and Joy. They had their arms around one another, and their eyes were locked on what Chelsea was doing to me. Joy popped the head of my dick from her mouth and gave it a long, lollipop like lick." "Give me another kiss, Chelsea," I said, and she turned her head to meet my mouth and tongue, devouring my tongue by closing her teeth upon it. Mora looked at me with her doe-like eyes and said, "I really want to make you cum with my mouth, just not in it. Mora let the head of my dick come out of her mouth with an audible "pop" before looking up at me.

Bigger or Better

first-time Witchazel 2018-08-08

Once his eyes were fully focused on my face, I licked my lips, then, ever so slowly, pushed onto his cock so he could watch, as well as feel, it part my lips and slide into my warm wet mouth. Tommy started kissing my thigh just above the knee then began to work his way up toward my pussy. "Marry me, Heather," he said softly as he moved down and drove his tongue deep into my pussy, swirling it around and driving me nuts. This magical little soldier of yours is just the right size, and you are so gentle, I really want to try this with you." Tommy's eyes were wide and he gulped slowly, but didn't speak.