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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time Love_always 2018-11-25

I scooted until I was facing him, and wrapped my arms around his neck, gently kissing at his lips. "No, cause my dreams have come true," he kissed me tenderly, his beautiful lips were gently caressing my own. He gently pulled his lips away, and gently caressed my cheek with the back of his soft hand. "I...I just" I shut my eyes, clamping my hands over my face in embarrassment. "You want to make love?" He spoke quietly and carefully, slowly considering the idea. He waited for a moment more, as soon as I stopped crying, he gently pulled his hips back, and pushed them back in, making me moan loadly at the amazing sensation.



first-time WickedDrX 2018-11-24

I do understand," he said, sure that he knew the cause of her pain, coming to her and putting his hand on her shoulder, feeling the smooth skin under his palm. "You're so beautiful," she said, looking up at him, "this is so beautiful, just as I knew it would be." She took his erection in her hand, feeling the hardness of him, the soft throbbing of the blood engorging it. "I do love you, Katya," he said, "but it may take some little time before I can work out in my mind how to make my daughter my wife."

Flying high

first-time alexa88 2018-11-24

Slowly climbing onto the bed like a tiger on the prowl for his next meal, Chris hovered over my body close enough so I could feel the heat of his body. Pushing his chest against my large damp breasts, Chris covered my body with his as I felt his swollen rod press against my seeping pussy. Chris slowly built up a rhythm of thrusting his hot cock in and out of my raw pussy and I could feel it stretch with every thrust but it wasn’t painful anymore. I pulled his body close as Chris started to plough into my soaking pussy once again, making the juices squelch against the walls, my nipples hardened at the sound.

Making Love For The First Time

first-time cheaterkitty 2018-11-24

As his lips pressed against mine, he sat on the bed and pulled me by my thighs on his lap. At first came slight pain, but then I found great pleasure as he slowed and pushed again, in and out while kissing my neck, my breasts, then again my lips, gently biting my bottom lip as he backed away. He knew I love lip biting, he's so sexy I could barely take it anymore. his hips plowed into mine repeatedly, building up speed as his cock hit my g spot over and over, my eyes rolled back in my head and I bit my lip as I came, just as great, if not better, than I imagined it would be.


The Camping Trip -2

first-time Lesbianslutgirl621 2018-11-24

"Well good morning sleepy head!" she said to me as she teasingly put her small tits right at my eye level.  Mia let out a few moans as I felt her hands discover my rock hard dick. Your turning me on so fast!" Mia said while kissing my neck and anything else in sight.  "You owe me." I said confidently as I gave her one single kiss, zipped up my pants, and walked away.  Ashley and I held hands the whole way and talked with Matt (and Mia a little). I was getting turned on and I guess Ashley felt it because she started grinding her crotch onto mine through our clothes. You were moaning for more and grinding like crazy." I said starting to walk closer to her.

There’s a First Time for Everything (Part One)

first-time Amikie 2018-11-24

Pete obviously felt that the signals were all positive moved onto the sofa next to Debbie, then Lynette walked over to me, held her hand out and said “Let’s go upstairs.” We then continued up the stairs and when we reached the bedroom, Lynette turned to me and gave me a deep and lasting kiss, her tongue was smooth as silk and moved sensually around the inside of my mouth. Gradually I felt myself starting to cum, and Lynette paused to lick the pre-cum that was now oozing out of my cock, before she once again devoured its length and began gently but aggressively sucking for all she was worth.

How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You

first-time Lildb 2018-11-24

Most husbands start out trying to get their wives to cuckold them by putting the emphasis on "fucking other men." This is a critical mistake. Women learn very early as little girls that being a good wife means being faithful to our husbands. Believe me, your marriage will change, wannabe cuckold, once your wife gets more than that pathetic little 4 inches you have to offer her. Think of the cuckold lifestyle as nothing more than recreational sex with other men, not you!. You must start communicating and a cuckold relationship takes more work than a normal one. She needs to feel desired and wanted by other men. If your wife has been conservative all her life, she will need to learn how to be the proper Cuckoldress Slut.

That Damn Craigslist’s Ad

first-time ljdoofus75 2018-11-24

At first, it was great, but then it got to be like a broken record – she’d play with my nuts maybe lick them a few times, stroke me until I was hard and finally suck on my manhood until I flooded her mouth. His wife sounded a lot like mine – sex presented very little interest. If we didn’t like what we saw or heard, there would be no hard feelings, figuratively and probably literally, too. He took my hand and placed it on his jeans, saying, “Just do what I do.” After about a minute, he said, “Let’s try this,” as he unbuckled and unzipped my jeans laying them open like he was opening a book.

Losing It Again

first-time sunshinegal 2018-11-24

The thought of how Mark and I connected with each other with gentle caresses, kisses and ardent gazes makes my heart soar, a huge smile emerging across my face. “Well, you did say that you wanted to make me smile again,” I reply, turning around to face him when we reach my front door. Biting my lip, I meet his eyes as my hand boldly reaches for him but I suddenly hear a sharp intake of breath. “You make me forget everything,” he breathes by my swollen mouth, his hands brushing the hair out of my eyes to meet my heated gaze, while he brings me closer to a state of sweet abyss.

Initiation at Sixteen

first-time muffmate 2018-11-24

That particular day I sat on her bed with my trousers around my ankles my face wrapped in a pair of her nylons. I couldn’t resist pulling it over my head, just to see my rapidly growing cock through it. She grinned and grabbed my hand pulling it to her bush. She pulled my hand again and my legs were now touching her knees. She held my hand still, and gasped for air, and the hole got more sloppy with moisture. Finally, as I was still reluctant to go there, she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me down. I felt a small spurt of moisture hit my face and the pressure from her hands and legs dropped away.

Her first time

first-time Lovely_Leah 2018-11-24

"Wait right here, I've got to go tell my friend I'm leaving." While Matt stood waiting on Jane to return, his 'date' came up behind him and started flirting with him. Eriana stood up and walked over to Matt handing him something and whispering, "You look familiar, but take care of Jane. Matt walked up closer to Jane, smacked her juicy ass and replied, "Nothing." As they got in the elevator Matt gave Jane a very seductive look and as soon as the doors closed her he pushed her against the wall and pressed himself into her. "Well, you were curious as to what would happen if you got me horny, and my dick gets bigger just when I look at you." For some reason that flattered Jane in the sweetest way and she leaned over and kissed Matt. 

my wifes niece

first-time kilo78704 2018-11-24

We had a bathroom that was connected to our bedroom closet and to my surprise when I went to change out of my work uniform I noticed she had left the door cracked. My heart started pounding like it was going to jump out my chest then I heard the shower stop and the curtain open. I could feel my cock starting to swell as the thought of seeing her nude was in my mind. Then it happened she passed in front of he cracked door with nothing on just a quick glimpse I had to see more,I slowly started to walk closer and there she was bending over I could see her puffy pussy lips nice and plump. Then I hear my wife calling me but the whole night as we sat across from each other I couldn't stop thinking about her pussy. 

My Secret Affair

first-time Poppet 2018-11-24

I’m sixteen this year, and just want to be with my friends during the summer. I have a feeling she knows I hang out with him, but I don’t care. I feel the spark that I didn’t even know I had inside me burn so bright, it is like fire racing through my veins. I've been in love with you for so long and I don’t want to go another summer without you knowing.”  I begin to orgasm, I almost feel like I’m breaking from the inside out. I tell them I’m done hiding, I don’t want to have to hide him anymore. After two hours of talking, they both agree they’d like to get to know Daniel. They've agreed that I can date him, but that there shall not be any more secrets.

Swimming teachers can be more than friends

first-time Billfrank1955 2018-11-24

I would masturbate to the thought of her slipping her arms through the straps of her red suit, baring her breasts and pulling my mouth down to suckle. I slipped onto the board between her open legs and began to paddle to the other end. As I approached her mouth to begin the resuscitation, she lifted her arms from the water and took my face in her hands. As much as I liked the thought of Fran feeling my hard cock pressing into her, I was afraid that she would think less of me. Finally, Fran pushed herself up, looked down at the very distinct outline of my huge cock in my speedos and then slid off the board. Fran took my face in her hands and pulled me to her chest.

The Biker and Me

first-time SeanR83 2018-11-24

When he saw me coming, he pulled off his helmet and smiled broadly at me. He slid his tongue into my mouth as he pulled me close, making me feel protected and wanted. Chase pulled me close, kissing me softly and touching me. He slowly pushed his cock till it was too deep for me, making me gag. He held the back of my head, slowly pushing his cock deep into my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth, letting me get a lungful of air. We kissed slowly and passionately, making me feel like we were the only ones in the world. He still makes love to me like is the first time.

The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-24

I have an extremely satisfying sex life with Pim and she has even set up a few dates for me with her best friend Judy, who is a hot sexy Korean. Incredible sexual tension was building up just from watching sixteen year-old Angela prance around my pool and Pim’s house in her increasingly sexy outfits. I assumed Angela was just taking her sexy new sixteen year-old body out for a test drive with some innocent teasing and flirting. I spent so long kissing Pim’s pussy and ass and teasing her body with my tongue, my fingers, the vibrator and a bottle of gel that my cock had time to recover for a second round of sex.

A close shave for our first time

first-time diamondjim 2018-11-24

I can see in your eyes and from your sweet swollen nipples how you want to feel my fingers back inside you and my mouth on your clit. Still flicking your clit with my tongue and pinching your nipples I hold your pussy firmly against my mouth so all you can do is accept the fact that you are going to cum and come with me teasing every sensitive spot. My fingers continue to rub around your sensitive clit and swollen pussy, building your desire for a second, even stronger climax. You reach down and give your clit some attention and it drives me wild to feel your fingers at the base of my cock while I'm exploding like a rocket inside you.

Their First Time

first-time ana_anderson 2018-11-24

“Yeah,” he said, “the truck's right out front.” He grabbed her bag, wrapped his arm around her waist, and headed for the door. “Oh baby,” he said, lifting up a little to pull her shirt off.  “God, baby, you better stop or I’m gonna cum,” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.  God, you feel so good,” she said as she started moving her hips. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” he said, trying to pull out. “No, cum inside me,” she said, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him down to kiss her. Fill me with your hot cum.” She started milking his cock with her pussy. “Oh God, oh God, I’m gonna cum again,” she said turning her face.

Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion (Lush rev)

first-time DirtyMartini 2018-11-24

As time went on and the school year accelerated to a close, my yearning for Kate only got stronger. The end of the school year finally approached and the last time I saw Kate was at a sixth grade graduation party hosted by the parents of a fellow student. Before the summer I would have thought there could be nothing more attractive than the way Kate looked. As anyone who lives along the coast can tell you, a house down the shore in the summer time is a real good thing. It was towards the end of the summer and I was staying with Kate and her family at the shore house for the weekend.

Small Town Wish - Chapter One

first-time JimTheSaint 2018-11-24

She was wearing basketball shorts and a t shirt, the feel of her body under a thin shirt was getting me hard. I worked my hands down to her tight firm ass and gave a hard squeeze. The apology rose something in me that made me want her so bad that, after getting better footing, I slid my hands from her ass to her knees and lifted her up. Her eyes were closed tighter than her pussy and she gave out cries that drove me to fuck her as hard as I could. Her cries became short moans and she held me tight burying her face into my shoulder.

82% teen

Another Night at the Office

first-time zibster 2018-11-24

"Come on, you know I'm right." He muttered as he got near my face, only to pull out a bottle of vodka from behind his back, smirking a little bit. And quickly the feelings turned from pain to pleasure, making me moan out again, gripping his chest, digging my nails in a little bit as I started to ride him, up and down, my breasts bouncing as he reached a hand back to free them from my bra, and toss it to the ground. "Keep going." I cried out as he reached a hand down to rub my clit again, as I rode him, feeling his balls smack against my ass, working my hips up and down and my eyes shut tight.

first gay experience

first-time leoalxnder 2018-11-24

I love gay sex, bukakes, anal, blowjobs all of them I do it all the time. I loved sex and I slept with girls all the time. There was one place were every guy knew he could have sex any time he wanted. I thought she only did it because I wasn't wearing a condom and she didn't want me to cum in her vagina. There was so much, my cum started dripping all over the place and I pulled out and a second later I saw a dick in the whole. I wasn't trained like I am now so I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth, but I tried. After that day I started having sex with both guys and girls.

Our First Time

first-time humanalien 2018-11-24

As his hands reached up to pinch my nipples Nick began to eat me out, his tongue sliding in and out and all around, licking up and down my soaking wet pussy and all over my clit as I moaned louder in heightened pleasure. Then he switched, sliding two fingers in and out of my dripping pussy as his tongue fucked my ass, all the while as I panted and moaned even louder and squeezed harder on my breasts. But despite the pain I wanted desperately to be fucked by this boy, so I fought tears as he began to slide in and out very slowly and gently, still squeezing my breasts and kissing me tenderly.


Our first holiday without parents- Day 2

first-time Janet32DD 2018-11-24

In the club James was surrounded by swarms of hot girls, the rest of the guys waiting to pick up his rejections, which was all of them as James wasn't the type to get off with strangers. The girl turned around and shoved her tongue down my throat, sliding her hand between our bodies and stroking the shaft of my penis, trying to get it hard. Shit, I had seen so much shit about girls getting raped in these places, so I hoped that Alex or David would see her walking out and follow, or at least one of her girl friends but they were all thriving on male attention which they didn't deserve.  I feel like I'm wasting time talking to these strange guys who I'll never know or see again.