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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Education of Dawn

first-time crystalwaters69 2018-08-07

Moaning, Faith pressed her tongue into Dawn's mouth, tasting mint and coffee. Faith felt a tremor of desire move down her spine and she leaned in again and captured Dawn's lips in another kiss. The last real thought Faith had was "Fuck it." The dark haired slayer pulled the clip from Dawn's hair and tossed it across the room, then buried her hand into Dawn's hair. Grabbing Dawnie's ass with both hands, she lifted and then moaned in satisfaction when Dawn wrapped her legs around Faith's waist. Looking up at Dawn's closed eyes and flushed face, Faith snuck her fingers into the mouth.

The Incentive List Ch. 04

first-time wabbit_season 2018-08-07

Sure enough, about an hour later there was a knock at the front door, and Sarah emerged from her bedroom in a cloud of perfume looking casual yet stunning in dark skinny jeans and a tight red cotton blouse that strained to contain her pneumatic bust. It took all his willpower, but James decided it would be best if he resisted looking at Sarah's notes for the so-far unfulfilled fantasies - the surprise was part of the joy. Knowing women's penchant for assessing themselves when given the opportunity, James felt it could be repositioned so that if Sarah's guest were to examine herself, she would be facing the French windows rather than turned away from them.

fuck my girl on train

first-time 2018-08-07

At night weather become cold and i come close to her by holding her in one blanket.At that time shrishti body was touching me.After sometime shrishti started telling me that rocky you are my best friend and i don’t want to loose.I love the manner i which you take care of me.

With Ron

first-time edgrant 2018-08-07

I'm sure you'll want to do it again, hopefully you'll want to do 'it' with me more than just this time." Ron held out his arms and said with a smile, "Come here, I want to help you with your journey, and we'll 'do it right' together!" I did shiver, but from the homosexual excitement as I felt Ron gently probe my mouth with his tongue, and even more so as he wrapped the fingers of his right hand around my penis. When our kiss ended, I opened my eyes only to discover that Ron was holding his moist right thumb close to my mouth. Ron was cumming, and I was being "spermed." It was stunning to have finally done "it." My mouth felt very warm and wet.

Dressing The Husband Up In Panties

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-07

I then loved to guide his head down between my legs and let him lick me through the already wet crotch until I needed his tongue inside of me and I would pull my panties to the side and let his tongue enter my waiting pussy. For the first time ever, I had a LONG and wonderful orgasm as he licked the outside of my panties and I really didn't want to ruin the feeling with Steve crawling on top of me so I pulled him on the bed and turned him on his back. I pulled my panties to the side and simply said, "My turn." I thrust my hips forward smothering his face with my wet pussy.

Bi-Night at Club Fantasy

first-time bi_hengst 2018-08-07

A couple started playing on one of the beds, and Bob came in and took notice. I made sure Diane could see, and started sucking his cock. All the time we're trying to get Diane to do more than just watch, but she knew what she wanted, and that was to see guys playing. After he finished cumming, I gave his cock a quick suck to get the last little bit, then spit it out into a trash can. I stick my head down near Lucy's pussy again, and Ralph is ready to come from her cock sucking. I'm hoping next month, Al will not only be comfortable letting a guy suck him (he did a little this time), but he may even give it a try himself.

True Story He Shared Me with His Best Friend

first-time PollyPearl 2018-08-07

He is hard, I wrap the thumb and forefinger of my left hand around Rob’s shaft and begin going up and down as I continue explore Sam. I grasp his shaft in my right hand for the first time feeling his girth finally getting an image of his size. Sam sits back and starts rubbing my leg, Rob moves to give him access to my pussy. As Sam’s cock begins to get hard in my hand he asks, “having fun?” I smile and say, “very much.” Rob comes back into the room pretending to grab his wallet, he smiles seeing me be his good girl.


Helping My Girlfriend Discover Men & Go Black

first-time maddisin10 2018-08-07

I then got out our strap-on and I had Karma put it on and use it to fuck me while I sucked off James like we had done many times before. She got up and walked over to me looking me right in the eye and said “Mads I want to try a real cock.” I told her ok if that’s what she really wanted. So while in class I texted James and asked him to bring 3 of his friends over so Karma could pick which guy she wanted to be her first. Karma went up to James and sank to her knees and started sucking like she was desperate for his cum. Karma was on the couch riding Slim next to me and we took turns sucking off the fourth guy.


first-time 2018-08-07

The men would grab the tits before they even got to her room and even would push their hands between her moms legs. I want to feel your tongue and lips as I fuck your mouth." She did the best she could sucking his cock. Mouth fuck my cock and make me cum." He then began to run his tongue over her pussy and into her cunt as she sucked his hard cock. Then he pushed his cock all the way in her mouth and told her "Suck me hard. Her life with her mom was one of povery and she hoped he would treat her good and she would just have to fuck him any time he wanted sex.

open wide (fiction) part 3

first-time O14a3351 2018-08-07

“ I know who you are I knew your pussy was craving him, so are you going to do it or do I have to send a quick email to your university.” she said vindictively “i know you are my slut for the night but you don’t have to look like it” “mmmm I like it when you tease” she said in a moan “honey it seems she is already wet maybe you should give her something to remember” she said looking into my eyes. “what is wrong am I hurting you” he said caressing my head and so I did seeing him moan like that wanted me to steal him away to my bed of long nights of passion.

Saturday Morning Alone

first-time eurorevenue 2018-08-07

I thought I'd like to see him, in his pretty charcoal business suit, climb into his red sports car and pull out into the traffic. He had all the toys --- tailored suit; red sports car; straight cut hair; straighter teeth; shiny trinkets --- but it were as if he kept the real him tidied out of the way. I walked back from the kitchen to a scene, seemingly across half the wall, of a crowd of naked men around a single woman on her back. I lifted the cup to my face, sipped, realised I was as naked as the people on the screen. When I came back into the lounge room my boyfriend was standing next to the video player.

True Stories

first-time adel5000 2018-08-07

We left together and I reminded me about his coffee and milk, I said I would get them from the room at the end of his corridor, when I returned his door was open and I walked in, there he was again stark naked, but this time his cock was not hard, it still looked a fair size, I thought I told you to have your clothes on when I bought your coffee, you did he said, but I though one good deed deserves another, I asked what he was talking about, he said he had shut his friends up and that he thought he should be rewarded, like how I said, dreading the next line, but he was ok, and just smiled and said don't panic I am only playing with you, I can see you are married (looking at my wedding ring), all I want is for you to make me a coffee how about that, Relieved I said ok but that he should cover up, no he said that was the reward.

First time

first-time rockefeller1924 2018-08-07

The stiff fabric of my jeans formed a point that stuck right into my sweet spot and as he moved his knee, my hips thrust gently towards him, and I gripped his back with a sharp intake of breath. Our moans and breathing mingled in the air and I began to thrust my hips in time with his, and it wasn't long before he cried out, his voice strained, "I'm going to let go, I can't stop it anymore," and he thrust faster and faster until finally he followed me over the edge, his groans subsiding in the echoes of the walls.

Lost control and took control

first-time Rammalathy 2018-08-07

I played with my tongue in such a way her nipples are straight, she moved my head to right breast and is targeted to suck and priya took her hand towards my jockey. Priya went wild and started to moan uhhhhhhh do it like that slowly, I was concentrating there and sucking her for more than 5 min, Priya oozed her juice and I licked her clean. Once again I made her stand and started to suck her pussy and this time Priya started to move her hip holding my head and started rhythmic movement with continuous moaning asking me to bite her Gspot with my lips I did it and I inserted one finger while sucking.

Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -1

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-08-07

Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, "real time": Sexy Shae shares her lookalike on video: Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, " red ass halfway": Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, " red real end": Sexy Shae loves the comments she gets and eagerly responds at me and my fine female friends: Sexy Shae sees my remarks in our private messages a few days ago, about my ablities in this realm of love. Sexy Shae sits, face blushing by the idea of hang hot spanking sex with a welfare elder Professor Poetry. Sexy Shae shakes her head in disbelief how one can get hot by being so cold at cute cunning cunnies"?

Susie Ch. 02

first-time Susie_O 2018-08-07

"I don't think she would do that," Kaitlyn said and continued, "Well, my mom wasn't happy but she knows I can have sex anyway and there isn't much she can do about it." Kaitlyn said, "I also know he does almost anything when I ask in the right way and I felt, like, an older guy would be able to buy condoms easier than girls like us. I told her that I wasn't sure whether her mom really disapproved and Kaitlyn replied that when her mom had found out about the sex parties at Judy's her grandmother had said some things that made her believe that her mom had also had sex at an early age.

Never Let Go

first-time CornishBabe 2018-08-07

My hands lightly skimmed your chest, exploring every inch of your soft warm flesh, brushing lightly over your nipples, before breaking our kiss so my tongue could continue this exploration. You lay against me once more, letting me feel you against every inch of my skin, I pulled you tight, my lips finding yours, our tongue battling as you lay hard against my wet, aching sex. I pushed my hips up to meet your thrusts, letting you increase the speed and force slightly, still gently stroking and squeezing my breasts and nipples, occasionally dipping a hand down to my clit, making my shudder every time and moan louder.

Quest For a Big Prize

first-time erotic_dick 2018-08-07

She dropped her hand that had been so gently caressing her breasts, to rub her clit as she continued to slide her fingers in and out, faster and harder saying "fuck me Jake, fuck me hard and deep. "mmm, you like my cock baby?" Christoph seductively moaned, "I bet you will love it even more when it's inside your tight pussy." His left hand was caressing her breasts as her kissed down her neck towards them. She moaned loudly in desire, "I need your cock to fuck me hard!" She could feel his hand slowly removing her thong. MMM keep going, finger my tight pussy!" Her hand began to move stroke his shaft faster as she started to massage his balls.

The Train

first-time Amyfriend 2018-08-07

"Well you are a virgin boy, but have you sucked on a girls breast?" Erika asked and I told her I had but that was back in my grammar school days and all the while she is moving my fingers around over her now erect nipple. "Oh my god, keep going, keep pushing you little stud and suck my breasts." She yelled and I was about to pull out and ejaculate again when she beat me to it, her feet clamped over my arse and she held me really tight as I shot my load inside her and then I sucked like a mad man on her big nipples.

The Six Month Challenge

first-time jaykayen 2018-08-07

The next time we went out and got to the same stage - lots of french kissing I moved my hands down her back, slowly ever so slowly I slipped my fingertips inside her jeans, again feeling the string of her thong, then moving past to caress her soft smooth ass cheek. A week later when we went to my room I sat on the bed and Sophie sat in front of me like before wearing a tight breast enhancing t-shirt and a knee length skirt, I waited a polite length of time before slipping my hand under her top and lifting her top over her head then undoing her bra and cupping her tits.

Oh, To Be Young and in Love

first-time LostInAFantasy 2018-08-07

However long she spent staring at the sky, that was how Jake found her when he came back out with two lemonades. He rolled them back over and began to pull down the straps of Marla's bathing suit, part of him expecting her to stop him, but hoping she wouldn't. Jake's eyes ran over her body hungrily, the look on his face similar to that of a lion eying its prey, and when a growl rose from his chest, Marla wanted to rip his swimsuit off of him. It wasn't long before Marla's back began to arch in pleasure as another moan escaped her lips and Jake steadily picked up his pace.

Peter Pans Young Wife

first-time spankingjenny 2018-08-07

I pulled the long thin box out from under the bed and gave it to him, he smiled as he opened it because inside were a half dozen long thin canes with little pink ribbons tied to them and a note from mommy saying that there were plenty more if he needed them. I stood there quivering a little not really knowing if it was fear or excitement or both, but looking into Peters eyes I knew then that I wanted to please him so I climbed up and knelling on the edge of the bed presented my naked smooth white bottom. He pulled out of me and rolling me over onto my tummy had me place my head at the edge of the bed, he told me to open my mouth and then slid his dripping wet cock in.

Daddy's Toy

first-time 2018-08-07

You will love daddy to touch you." He then spread her legs and kept rubbing her pussy with his finger. It makes daddy feel very good to touch his baby." As he played with her pussy, he felt her get moist. It feels so nice to finger that tight pussy of yours." As he played with her hole his cock got harder and harder. Daddy likes you to stroke his big cock." He then pushed more finger in her as he sucked on her nipples. Now let daddy fuck your hole and you will love it as it makes you pulse." He continued to finger fuck her till he felt her cum. "Baby, daddy is going to teach you to let his cock go into your pussy hole.

Miss Midnight.

first-time genuineguy 2018-08-07

She began to buck a little and he thought to himself 'you are close aren't you?' And with him sliding his finger back and forth in her anus, his tongue deeply licking her pussy, his nose rubbing hard on her clit, and his other hand teasing both her pussy and inner thigh, she buck and writhed and he heard her whisper, 'I'm gonna squirt.' He hadn't known she was a squirter, hadn't even conceived the possibility she might be, and wanting to experience what he had only ever seen within the porn he watched on the internet, he licked and fingered with a renewed hunger.