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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bad Boy

first-time Ashson 2018-08-05

I felt indignation that he would presume to think that he had a right to look at my breasts, together with a flutter of excitement for exactly the same reason. "Brian, it is not my intention to stand around on the beach with my breasts out just because you like looking at them," I told him acerbically. It was a very strange feeling, having my breasts rub against a man's chest like that. I was starting to think that the way Brian's chest kept brushing against my breasts was deliberate. His hands just kept following the curves of my buttocks, and I slowly came to the conclusion that Brian had arms like a gorilla. With my free hand I tried to push Brian's head away from my breast.

First time sub, domination by my date

first-time gsb42 2018-08-05

He told her that he thought that she was a pretty good date, and told her to just keep sucking his cock, that he wanted to cum again. She said that she was a little nervous about what he was doing, but that she was so far away from home, that she just couldn?t get out of the car and try to get a ride home, so she allowed him to rub his cock on her hoping that he would cum again soon and it would be finally over. She said it didn?t take him very long, and the next thing she knew, he had pushed the head of his cock into her pussy.

Taking Him Ch. 02

first-time Rede772 2018-08-05

"Well I didn't think you wanted me to kiss you with morning breath, let alone fuck you and breathe it all over you." He snorted. I kissed the tip gently, opening my mouth slowly and pulling it in, careful to keep my teeth out of the way. "Or maybe you like sucking dick after all." He removed the hand from my pussy and I felt something much thicker probe at my entrance. Later that day I departed, kissing Alec one more time before heading to my little black car. I'm just letting you know that I'll be like, ten minutes late." I said. "Fuck you," I spat in his face, feeling surprised that my body was unlocked and the fear was ebbing out of me.

Anal Fantasy Come True, Part 2

first-time 2018-08-05

Rolling on my side, I continued to fuck myself with the dildo while pressing the vibe against my "anal cherry." It didn't take long before a familiar sexual tension began to build within me. Just before I thought I couldn't take it anymore, I let the vibe drop from my anal entrance and nervously began inching the dildo down. However, let me be the one to pop that tight little anal cherry, don't take your virginity yourself. After we finished talking, I took the dildo and slid it deep into my pussy again, trying to imagine how it was going to feel to have Paul's cock in my butt tommorrow.

Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 05

first-time nygayguy 2018-08-05

I reached to close the glass door, as Debbie kept a good hold on my cock and then we started kissing. Then he got closer, as I kept fucking Deb. And she still was moaning as I thrust into her, while Todd reached under and was feeling my cock and her pussy. Three times in one session, which she'd later tell me was a very big deal for her, and then I felt her pussy grabbing my cock again as I kept moving deep inside her. I didn't know what to say then, but Todd said, "I think I can live with that." Then he leaned a little past me, towards Debbie, like he was going to kiss her.

My Teenage Slumber Party (Part Two)

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-05

Any desire to disturb the couple at this juncture had left me and, being careful to keep an eye on the slim, restricted view I had through the curtains, I put a hand into my jeans and started to stroke my cock. Meanwhile inside the room we saw (and heard) Dan roar with delight as he pulled his big cock out of Sara’s very slippery-looking pussy. At that moment, the curtains in Dan’s room shot open and a now-dressed Dan and Sara stood looking in astonishment at the two of us in the garden - Natalie, crouched down with my cock in front of her face, covered in sperm, with her pyjama bottoms around her ankles; and me, precariously balanced on my toes in front of her, towering over.


first-time 2018-08-05

With his tongue in her cunt and his fingers squeezing her clit he took his other hand and began to rub her asshole. She grabbed his hair and pushed his mouth tight to her cunt loving his tongue sucking the cum out of her. He then bent his legs and spread them and pushed her mouth all the way down his cock then squeezed his legs tight holding her there while he tongue fucked her cunt and finger fucked her ass. Cum was running out her cunt on his tongue as he finger fucked her sexy ass deep and hard. She sucked his cock most of the way and he stopped far away from her house to let her get dressed and to finger fuck her one last time before he took her to her house.

When mom was away..

first-time Labouroflove 2018-08-05

As if she knew what I was thinking, she relaxed herself and let her tits teasing my cock. She smile as she rubbing the bulge under my brief and use her mouth to remove it releasing my cock out it's confined space. By then she was sitting right beside me, and I felt her hand on my thigh, working its way toward my crotch. I was unbelievably turned on, and she picked up the pace as she encouraged me to continue sucking and biting her large, delicious nipples. I did exactly as she asked, my cock exploding inside her as she came, her cunt spasming around my shaft as she cried out in pleasure.

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 02

first-time RichardS50 2018-08-05

Debbie, Joyce, Bill and Joe was downstairs playing a game while I went upstairs to talk to Peggy. Peggy had slipped on a long dress or gown and we began to kiss and fool around a little bit. I began to talk to Joyce and started to softly touch her hands and arms. Joyce was wearing a loose, short dress, accentuating her beautiful long legs. I slowly got my fingers under the edge of her panties....feeling her pussy for the first was wet!! I began to kiss Joyce deeply and feverishly as I pulled her dress upwards, while unzipping my jeans...pulling my cock out. Soon though, I felt Joyce push against me a little, I began to move slowly in and out of her.

young beautiful girl with an old man

first-time 2018-08-05

Once i went on vocation to a hill station and booked a room, in the morning i went outside and came to my room, while opening the door, there stood an old man but looking handsome... in the next day morning, while i was moving out, he too came out, he asked have u came alone to see these beautiful places, i said yes. while coming back to room, i called him to have dinner in my room, he said yes, he went to fresh himself and i too went, after 5 minutes there was a knock in the door, i just finished my bath and were in towel, i just came and saw, it was him and i opened the door. when he saw me in the towel, he smiled and said "good looking lady".

Cross-dressing - the beginning

first-time 2018-08-05

Very quickly, I found a pair of blue nylon Platex panties, tan tights, full-length white slip, a 36B white bra, and from her wardrobe, her long red dress, all of which I placed carefully on the bed. Next came the tights, followed by the bra and slip, again stroking my body through the material. But by the following week, the urge to dress-up again was strong and I was all along in the house on Saturday afternoon. So everyone appeared to be out for at least four to five hours every Saturday afternoon that was the time to dress-up. Over time, the urge to wank having just dress-up subsided although I needed to have this release before I changed.

Working Hard

first-time robthecradle 2018-08-05

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to brag but I wanted to learn more about Denise, so I steered the conversation that way. Denise nodded and said nothing but I wasn't going to give up that easily. Denise looked like she was about to cry as she said, "I don't know, p-parties aren't really my thing, I just get nervous and I wind up standing around doing nothing." "Denise," I said as I gently wrapped my arms around her, "let me into your life and I promise I won't disappoint you." "You know," I said, "I don't feel like going to the party either. I told her she'd feel it deeper and she said, "I want it deep inside me, fuck me hard!"

Confessions of a Male Slut

first-time Sunnie 2018-08-05

Make the eye contact, do the smile thing, strike up the conversation, and all of a sudden they're ready to take me home like I was a lost puppy dog: "It's getting a little crowded in here, you wanna go to my place?" Once the invitation is given, I act like I'm kind of reluctant, and then they can feel like they've talked me into it: "Oh, it'll be all right, my roommate will be gone until Sunday", or whatever excuse they give. "I am ready," I answered her, "but are you?" Without giving her a chance to answer, I took my cock in my own hand, never looking away from her face, and slowly, gently, pushed myself inside her.

Wind Swept

first-time Help-at-Hand 2018-08-05

She also had a fabulous figure, long legs, the sort of arse that you always wanted to have in your hands,a slim waist and breasts to die for. I don't know why things had been sexually dull, but I just couldn't get my girlfriend to open up, to let go, to relax. It was only a short walk from the reception venue, but by the time we reached the summit my girlfriend's hair was all over the place. She took her breasts in both hands, they were firm to the touch and I saw my girlfriend shudder. It was the first time that she had let me taste her juices and I thought my cock was going to explode.

The night I fucked my s****r

first-time sisterfucker94 2018-08-05

I was tipsy from the beer and when I drink it feels like i have the balls to say and do anything so s*s was passed out on the couch so I tried waking her up and as I did she put her arms around me and said take me up stairs to my bed. I was tipsy from the beer and when I drink it feels like i have the balls to say and do anything so s*s was passed out on the couch so I tried waking her up and as I did she put her arms around me and said take me up stairs to my bed.

My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 1

first-time BadBoyBobbie 2018-08-05

I had always been a little shy with girls, but thinking about the way Mandy had looked at me, I decided I would adopt a bit of a persona, if she wanted a bad boy, then I could do that. With my tongue in her mouth Mandy couldn’t say anything but she moaned and I felt her arch her back and push so my finger went in to the knuckle and I started to move it slowly in and out of her luscious cunt. I slid one more finger into her luscious cunt and then pulled my mouth away and got onto my knees next to her, still with two fingers feeling her tight hole stretched around them, looking down into her eyes, open now, looking at me.

my little b*****rs mate TIm

first-time dylan_jones 2018-08-05

My cock started to get i asked Tim...'do you like the porn?' 'Yeah!' Tim said. I just had to suck it.....his little hard-on has right i lowered my head, and said, 'Do you like this?' and i dove my face opn his penis....he resisted a little, but i held him down, till he gave in, n let me at it.... Then i sat next to him, grabbed his hand n put it on my wet i fondled his little ball sack.......'will u return the favour?' 'ok', he said....what do i do. i laped my tongue over his nice little penis and balls, till he started humping, n shacking......then i laid him down, n kissed his bum cheeks....i laid on top of his white little bum, n started humpimg his bum cheeks...

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 12

first-time BeamMeUp 2018-08-05

The young Asian dresses in one of her new outfits to try to feel better and gets his driver Jusuf to take her to the Vis-a-Vis French restaurant in Chun Tin Road where she was first met Jacques and Josette. She flinches, eyes shut trying to dodge but instead of feeling sudden pain from the blow she hears a loud gurgling noise as another man's arm grabs her attacker around the throat in a choke hold, forcing the brute to let go of Selena. I've gone looking for you as I think you've run away in fright; that will make her know she should feel guilty the way she lashed out at you," he says with a straight face that she notices seems tense, almost angry.

Karen's Sailing Adventure

first-time ajuk2010 2018-08-05

As I did so, Karen slightly opened her legs and let me rub I then said to Karen that the captain's friend would now have a again and the captain's friend flicked the rope and it just kissed I said to her that I thought the captain and his friend had done well. I asked the captain and his friend to stand in front of Karen and I said to Karen that she should ask each of them what they would like as I said to the captain to hold the back of her head and push in deeper. I helped her to her feet and asked the captain's friend to knelt in front of Karen, held onto her hair and pushed my hard cock

She Took Me in the Heights

first-time Young1999 2018-08-05

I had to help put up some stuff in the theatre so when I got to the shower, practically no one else was there, which I was fine with. I stroked thinking if these were Tess's moans. I stroked with the mystery girl thinking about Tess, until I climaxed. "I know you're there Mike." She said "I heard you in the shower." We made out for awhile, till she broke the kiss and removed her shirt. She kissed my chest and ran her fingers down my sides. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it up and down. She moaned and smiled into the kiss. If you think the story needs to continue, let me know if you want more.


Grandma knows best‏

first-time leartiste 2018-08-05

As I lay naked on my bed, playing with myself, I had some of my most intense orgasms when I would leave the door to my bedroom open a crack, fantasizing that she was just outside my door, secretly watching me masturbate as she rubbed her breasts and played with her pussy. I closed my eyes as she gently held my head and encouraged me to "suck on granny's titty." I ran my tongue in circles around her dark areolas, and cupped, and fondled her right breast as she whimpered and sighed in pleasure. "Granny is real wet so I'm sure you'll slip right in, even though you are so thick." As I maneuvered my body, I held my hips up until the throbbing plumb-sized head of my erection began to poke and prod at the opening of her pussy.

Game People Play Round 02

first-time Ashson 2018-08-05

Carl continued to carefully ravish Suzy, timing his thrusts to bring her to a peak and then hold her there, denying her the ultimate satisfaction while he enjoyed the feel of female flesh clasping and massaging his cock. Suzy tried to scramble up but Brian had her held firmly, and his hand started raining those tantalising little spanks on her bottom and between her legs. His hand came up and started stroking the other breast, gently squeezing and teasing, sending little ripples of delight surging through Michelle. "I was going to arrange for a blind-folded grope for your next partner," said Carl, "but as both men have already had one of the girls Andy will have to pair up with Sandi this time, while Denise goes with Paul.

Valentine’s Day with a friend - Part II

first-time loverman86 2018-08-05

— “Yep, I’ll get my b*****r to make me one… I’m too lazy right now.” she said laughing. Well, I don’t think there’s anyone who likes condoms lol.” I said laughing. And I knew she liked me… cause she told me lol.” she said laughing. She then took a break, got another sip of wine, looked at me and said laughing: I started licking her pussy with such passion that in a few seconds she came really hard and filled me mouth with her juices while screaming in ecstasy. I wasn’t sure how she would react, but we were feeling kinda comfortable with each other by now so with my other hand I caressed her face, played with her hair a bit and then kissed her on the lips.

My Visit and Hot Shower

first-time twostories 2018-08-05

I quickly find the pleasure center and you quiver with excitement as you fumble to undo your blouse and expose your breast so my large hands can feel your nipples dart between my fingers. While our mouths are engaged in tasting each other for the first time, my massive hands are exploring your breasts and my expert fingers, inside massaging your g-spot, are darting in and out of your now swollen lips. I put my right hand on your right hip and my left hand takes a tuft of hair, gently pulling your head back and at the same time I thrust my fully hardened shaft deep within the warmth of you.