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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time ARNEE 2018-08-04

By the end of a week Karen couldn't get enough of sucking my cock and I couldn't get enough of licking and tongue fucking her pussy. I told Karen that I had an older friend before she moved here, and that I got to watch him shoot his load all the time. Seeing that I was aready rock hard, Karen asked if I wanted her to suck my cock, and as bad as I wanted her to I told her that she might just want to watch me the first time. We agreed to meet at daybreak the next day, and before Karen even changed clothes she sucked a hugh load out of me to get the day started right.

Bet's a Bet

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-08-04

My dick twitched yet again and, amazed by this proposition, I said: "Yes." She giggled and skipped off to fetch something from her kit bag returning with a pack of cards. Then after quickly rubbing my rock hard dick on the smooth, silky, golden brown skin of Nicky's firm butt cheeks I slipped it into her pussy. Not needing a second invitation I pushed the tip of my dick deeper into Nicky's butt hole and slipped my shaft, still soaked in her juices, down into her anus. This time it was my turn to chuckle as I replied, "My pleasure." She pulled a towel from her bag and began wiping off her pussy, butt and legs.

Kahani Zubani..

first-time smartboi01 2018-08-04

Phr iss ne jab muje se poucha k tmhara lun ka size kiya to ma to hiran rah gaya who bohat jald mere sath free ho rahi thi. Ise maza ana suru ho gaya phr ma ne apne jatke ma taizi le aya or mera lun is ski phudi k ander bahir ho raha tha isi duran ma ne apni 1 finger is ski gand ma b dal di..wahhhh kiya maza aa raha tha . Iss se chala nahi jar aha tha jo k iss k bahne k liye acha raha kyou k iss ne bahana lagaya tha k is ski tabiat kharab ha.lakin iss chudi ne ise bohat maza diya or jab b hamay moqa milta ha hum zarur sex kerte hain.


girl on the bus

first-time 2018-08-04

i watched her cross and uncross her pantyhosed legs on the bus for hours, after a week of my watching and her teasing me, the last night on the way back home, i acted like i was asl**p, and let my hand fall into her lap, the feel of her pantyhose was driving me crazy, my cock started to stiffen, she slowly spred her legs until my hand was between her thighs, only an inch or so from her pussy. she suddenly stopped me,[ulled my hand away and sat back up straight in the seat.

Double Vision Ch. 03

first-time Artist1 2018-08-04

Daniella moved out the way as Jennifer resumed her position between my legs and began licking and sucking my cock head. "Jennifer," Daniella asked her, "do you want Dio to come in your mouth or would you like to fuck him?" "Suck his cock again, Jennifer," Daniella ordered, while pulling Jennifer's hips back to position her pussy at my lips. "I want you to take him all the way in your pussy, just like you did with your mouth," Daniella whispered, then reached around to play with Jennifer's nipples. As Jennifer sat in my lap, facing away and pumped her pussy up and down on my cock, Daniella took of her clothes and grabbed my balls as she watched us.

Katie's Dream

first-time waywardviking69 2018-08-04

I can feel the tiny hairs on your neck rise to meet my lips as I gently kiss your neck, and my hands find their way to your breasts. I alternate between your succulent breasts as my hand expertly trace their way over your body, first they tease your tummy and then they begin to trail lower and lower and I feel your hips rise in anticipation of my electric touch nearing your pelvis. I focus in on lightly licking the tip of your clit with astounding speed as my finger slips deep inside you until I find that magic spot and I can tell you are on the verge of orgasm.

My fascination with tits and how it started!

first-time 2018-08-04

One of the girls was above average height, blonde, and had breasts that nicely swayed as she ran out of the water. The girls were both giggling and the brunette made several comments about how perky her friends breasts were. The blonde was now standing waist deep, not even trying to hide anymore and counting down from 3...2...1 The brunette jumped out of the water and I was blown away! The blonde watched, and was as memorized as me, as the brunette began covering every inch of her breasts. As both girls finished oiling up, the brunette took her nipples in between her thumbs and forefingers and gave them several nice pinches!

Touch Class Ch. 02

first-time Uzi_Johnson 2018-08-04

A minute later she came out to the dining room adjoining the living room, carrying a steaming dish and Christine went in to help her bring everything else out. I took the tube of goo she had thoughtfully placed next to the couch, slathered a huge gob on her pussy, and started working my hand in. I used my free hand to spread Shiri's labia and unsheathe her clithead, then started licking it. I said, "The only thing we're missing is something fucking you, Shiri." At which point she lubed her own ass, grabbed a free dildo, and started plunging it in and out of herself. I then stuck my cock in Shiri's dripping pussy, and the dildo in Christine's equally slippery cunt.

I let her try a BBC now she can't stop

first-time 2018-08-04

She hooked up with a Craigslist encounter and I was able to be in the room and record their sex. She downed a couple of drinks and pretty soon he was there at the hotel room door. He came in and he was shorter than expected but had a very nice hard body and after a few drinks and some short conversation they began to kiss and touch each other. It was apparent that the best position was doggy style and he went deep inside her virgin bbc *****. After a long pumping and excessive moaning, P-10 finally took a water break. She went only about 6 weeks before she had to start sexting him.


first-time qrystofer 2018-08-04

brinson began to run her hands over her legs from upper thigh to her knees. with both hands began to raise her dress and stopped when the hem was half way up her thick thighs. brinson." " james nows not the time to be so formal you may call me teresa for now," teresa scooted her ass further forward on her desk and with her legs spread wide began to run both her hands up and down the tops of her thighs. "i take it this is your first time seeing a woman's body up close james.?" teresa asked, her voice now huskier. "go ahead james look at all the leg and pussy you want.

After-party fun

first-time TheAngryInches 2018-08-04

But Anna was too d***k to stop us, and in that moment, I'd have stuck my hands in a furnace to stay in that bag with Ellie. Everything about the sex was infinity more erotic than I could have imagined: her whispered moans of delight with each thrust, her perfectly rounded breasts that crashed down and squashed against my bare chest, the muffled sound of us slapping against each other, the weight of her as she pushed down on me, and of course, the feel of her smooth behind as I repeatedly ran my hands over it, occasionally adding a pinch, slap or grab. I rolled over in the sl**ping bag, putting me on top as I continued thrusting deep into Ellie's pussy.

Huge cumshot: show it off or play it down?

first-time ILoveBigBush 2018-08-04

This would somewhat work, so I was at this point trying to 'play down my cumshot.' It wasn't until maybe 6 months later when one of Anna's friends, Catherine, started flirting with me that things changed. When she gave me a handjob, I did my best to suppress it and I must have done an alright job because she said, "That was a nice amount of cum, but I was expecting a lot more after what Anna said." I then asked, "You mean you wanted me to shoot it out like that time??" She said, "Look what the thought of you cumming as much as you can did to my pussy." We started making out again so that I could 'reload.' This time, of course, I did nothing to suppress my orgasm.

My first threesome

first-time 2018-08-04

(I wouldnt have minded if all the guests had seen!!) Once the last few people had left she came in to get her silky pajamas and I was sitting, naked, on the lap of my fuck who was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. She leant into us and my fuck put his arm around her and, starting from behind her knee, he felt up her skirt. I started licking her pussy and fucking her with my tongue. We kept going for ages like that and my friend started cumming, I got four fingers in her and was licking her as fast as I could. She dropped her head and started licking my pussy in time with her fingers and his thrusts.

Jenna - Sweet Size Queen

first-time jealouscuck 2018-08-04

She told me that all the high school boys had wanted was to touch her breasts the first time they got a chance and that she wasn't into that adolescent huggy kissy stuff. Over time she began dressing more up to date and wearing tops that clung a little closer to her breasts. She had progressed so much since going off to college that she just kicked her heels off and said, " Sure, why not?" She removed her jeans first showing off the lacy boy short panties we had picked out. Then the sexy top came off and the beautiful beige lacy bra was there in front of me holding up her magnificent round breasts.

The Cucumber Whore

first-time Mikey2100 2018-08-04

She was getting finger fucked hard, her friend was screaming and started to cum in her mouth because of the way she was eating her wet juicy cunt. Four slutty wet used holes were being fucked, the two friends were kissing each other and sucking each others tits and my house mate was all alone getting fucked, I wanted to just run in and stick my hard cock into her mouth but I knew I shouldn’t, they were at it for an hour and then finally she squirted all over the place and her two friends started sucking and licking her wet cunt and finally started kissing each other as they had just finished and I started cummin hard and bigger than the previous night.

He Arrested My Heart

first-time sexygirl76 2018-08-04

"Ugh, oh god." Stacy panted pressing back against the cop car. Stacy's breath started coming out in vigorous pants and she pressed forward with her hips pressing tighter against his hand. "Just relax little one, you are going to love this." He nibbled at her neck more while his hands slid up inside her t-shirt and cupped her breasts. "Easy little one, it will only hurt for a minute, I promise." He could feel his cock pulsing with need but he held himself still making sure she wasn't going to force him out of her. "I know baby, but it is going to start feeling really good." He kissed her ear again as he pulled more of his cock out of her before sliding back in to the hilt.

Why I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 01

first-time Happily Tied Up 2018-08-04

Finally he brought his mouth to mine, kissing me softly as his left hand moved up my thigh to rub my crotch though my jeans. He fell back against the car seat and ran his hands through his own hair, sighing as I licked the cum from his washboard stomach and sucked his balls into my mouth, lapping them clean as well. Sam put his hands on either side of my face and pulled me down to kiss him, his tongue exploring my mouth, tasting himself just as I had tasted myself earlier. He whispered, "I love the way you look, Erin." I smiled and reached up to run my hands over his sculpted chest, unable to believe that this perfect man could love anything about me.

Shopping with my s****r - Part 2

first-time 2018-08-04

Jane pulls my thong to the side letting my cock spring loose and gently kissing the tip of my cock before standing and dropping her skirt, letting me take in the beauty of her tanned firm body against the white lace thong. Jane's moans get louder her sucking more furious, feeling her lips move up and down my shaft, her hand cupping and caressing my balls, sending waves of ecstasy through my body. I feel my balls tighten with each stroke, the passion building in my shaft, my stomach and legs tensing, I breathe louder and start moaning, Jane wraps her mouth tighter round my cock as my hips lift to her.

Fucking My Ex Girlfriends Step s****r(True Story)

first-time lonelystoner420 2018-08-04

I felt bad at first but then she began kissing on my neck while she continued to jack me off, then kissing in my ear & whispered "don't worry this can be our little secret" in a REALLY sexy voice, it turned me on so much i looked her in the eyes & we began to kiss, we sucked face for about 3 mins while she still jacked me off & thats when she decided to turn things up & put her face down on my shorts & began to give me a blowjob, it was AMAZING better than anytime her s****r ever blew me, she started off real slow only going about halfway down & up each time & licking my head really soft.

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 6

first-time belab 2018-08-04

"Please fuck me Giorgio darling I want your cock in my pussy like Mama took Aldo’s spear," she said. Now completely naked, she climbed on the bed she bent her knees and leaned over my cock and with her tongue, she pushed saliva out of her mouth and watched it slowly fall onto my hard throbbing cock. She began rubbing her clit against me and grinding and bucking against my body, onto my cock, up and down, hard and fast. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh cum in me Giorgio darling I want you as my husband Fuck me and cum inside me” she screamed just as I felt my heart beating louder and blood rush into my cock.

Finding Paradise

first-time Emperor_Nero 2018-08-04

As my hands slid across the back of her silky shirt, occasionally moving forward enough to get a little bit of a feel of tit, or down to cup her firm ass it just felt so good to be there with her. I decided I didn't want to make her wait either, so as my mouth teased her nipples and sucked in as much of her breasts as possible my hands moved back south and began to stroke her pussy through her panties. I stopped to suck on a breast on my way up, as my hips continued to rise, putting the head of my cock right at the entrance to paradise.

getting off on the trail less traveled...

first-time mrclitoralman 2018-08-04

Even as her orgasm subsided, Carolyn seemed rejuvenated with lust, looking into my eyes she wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock again, slowly stroking it as she moved down off the boulder to her knees and met my pre-cum covered cockhead with her lips and swirling tongue. Suddenly the electric heat of my orgasm shot pulsed through me, making my thighs shudder as I slammed my hips against Carolyns' ass, pushing my throbbing shaft hard and deep into her pussy, feeling the fountains of my hot cum pumping into her gushing pussy.

Car Ride Caress

first-time RedHairedandFriendly 2018-08-04

"What?" I asked, then chuckled as I slowly began to rub his cock through the denim of his jeans. I wasn't buckled in with the center strap so I turned in my seat and used both my hands to release the button of his jeans and ease the zipper down. I took his cock from my mouth and stroked it with my hand. I kept my head pressed to his stomach and made ready to ease myself away from him in case the car that was coming up the road behind us pulled over to see if he needed assistance. The flowing blood just rushed through the veins of his sex and I could feel my own desire growing as I sucked his cock.

at airport

first-time drive_me 2018-08-04

she started swallowing my hard dick and she was good at that job her tongue was great moving on my top of dick and i offered cumming of her bigboobs and she opened her shirts and i unloaded my cum on her bigboobs she was playing my cums and she looks happier than b4...:D