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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time inthe Park

first-time SaraOz 2018-08-04

I wanted to undo the top few buttons of my uniform when I got to the park, as I kind of liked the idea of maybe a boy or older guy looking down my top at my little boobs. I was about to walk into the bush track and not know who I would see, would it be an older man, or maybe a boy from my school, or would I not see anyone at all. As I played with his cock in his pants, his hand came over to my top and undid the last button on my uniform, so know my top was open all the way.

How i LMV... A true recollection, Pt 9., by Terry

first-time TerryLovesIt 2018-08-04

i felt relaxed and was enjoying the warm feel of him but didn’t know how i would react if he came. The girl’s head was resting on the guy’s stomach, her mouth half way down his cock . Play it again.” i watched as a big blast of juice stretched the vein as it travelled the length his cock from the base all the way up into her mouth. He turned the movie on, put my head back on his chest, placed my hand on his cock and told me that anytime i felt uncomfortable i should say so and we’d stop. i could feel his stomach tighten against my head every time his cock jerked..


first-time justhereforstorytelling 2018-08-04

Linus was a terribly nice, little e***t years old k*d everybody instantly falls in love with, due to his deep blue eyes, blond hair and the loveliest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life. “Now it’s your turn.” Without hesitation, Linus moved forward, wrapped his hand around my dick and took the top of it into his mouth, caressing it with his tongue like I did. We continued this way until I was close to cum and right before that, I freed myself from Linus, made him lay on his stomach, got behind him and started rimming and licking his little pinkish butt hole.

High School Whore Ch. 04

first-time hg33 2018-08-04

Tim poked his cock between Jamie's breasts and rubbed slowly, holding the base steady with one arm while the other kept him upright on the couch. A naked Tim came jogging back, lotion in hand and his dick thrashing about, and making eye contact with Nicole as he moved. Tim scooted forward and stood up, freeing his cock from the confines of Jamie's cleavage temporarily, before he took matters into his own hands and started to rub his creamy cock. "So what the fuck do I do?" Nicole asked, sitting cross legged at the edge of her friend's bed while Jamie dried her hair with a towel, her enormous chest swaying hypnotically. Chris' hand gently rubbed on Nicole's leg, not daring to go very far away from her knee.

A Little Insurance

first-time fadedgiant 2018-08-04

I'm busy, turn the nob if you want to come in!" I did drop what I was doing, went to the door where Bobby waited with his arms full of house warming gifts. I feel like a horny prom date, I can't wait and I don't want to rush it." Bobby sighed as I rubbed my palm along the bulge in his pants. I felt Bobby's cock in my ass, his cum coated my bowels, and still he was hard. "Will, are you happy I got here a couple early," Bobby asked in a lusty voice as he began working his cock in my ass. I felt Bobby's cum oz from my ass when his cock slipped out and wedged along my butt crack.

Wendy & Kim

first-time arlene548 2018-08-04

So ladies, are both of you still in the game?” Kim immediately replied “I’ve come this far, I’ve gotta keep going.” “Wendy?” Susan asked. Giving us both all the opportunity to back out Susan asked once final time “If you both take a card then the game is complete, you agree to complete your mission if you play.” The shots caught Kim's beautiful face, her eyes looking towards the camera as he fucked her face with his tool. Kim pulled her tank top off, unzipped her skirt and moved onto the bed lying only in her flimsy panties on the bed. “Aaaaaggghhhh” Dave moaned as he shot his second load, this time into his whore, Kim's pussy.

Enjoying My First Time

first-time Just-Legal 2018-08-04

She'd gasped and writhed as he slowly flicked her clit with his fingers until, with a low moan, she'd come all over his hand. "God you're wet," He groaned as he pulled the fabric aside and slid a finger inside. She felt Keith unfasten her bra and allow her breasts to spill free, then his hand was cupping one, the neglected breast, before he bent his head to it and began to suckle. Opening her eyes, she nodded wantonly and Keith groaned, before bucking hard into her, deeper than before, finding a rhythm they both enjoyed, pulling his thick, throbbing dick out and sliding back inside her hot wetness until it was too much, and he roared, arching his back and burying himself deep inside her, pulsing.

Late Night Movies (chapter 8)

first-time oregazm 2018-08-04

“Mnarwrite” I said in a slightly whiny voice and Daddy looked back at me over the clubs that where straddled on his shoulder. And you’re welcome to watch on the 7th if ya want.” Daddy said before knocking on the counter and turning to go out the door facing the first tee off. Chris had just brought out one of his clubs and started swinging it in a practicing fashion when Daddy hit his first drive. We gathered our things, Chris still carrying the cooler and mom and dad their clubs and made our way to the golf cart. Mom and Chris made their way toward their balls but Daddy remained on the cart with me.

Once Upon A Summertime

first-time gtz039 2018-08-03

Many times while at home by myself, I would strip naked and be nude for the rest of the day until just before my dad got home. I didn’t know all about the facts of life at that time but I was slowly discovering that thinking about activities while nude, especially with another man, sounded pretty damn exciting. I reached around and scooped most of his goo into my hand and started rubbing it between my butt cheeks, relishing the sticky gooey feeling of this hot man’s now cool juice on my butt, rubbing my anus with it, pushing my coated finger a little bit inside, appreciating that he had left something of his for me to play with.

my boss starting our affair by IM chat (actual cha

first-time lilyvee 2018-08-03

Ken: i said answer me Lily Ken: i want to know all about you sexually Lily Ken: your boss Lily Ken: facing sears tower Lily Ken: i know you're a wild girl Lily Ken: Lily I thought it when i hired you. Lily: did you really think that when you interviewed me ken? Ken: Lily i wanted to jump over the desk and skull fuck you if you know what that means Ken: topic is skull fucking you Lily Ken: i'm giong to open the blinds Lily Ken: youre face against the window Lily Ken: i am going to ram you tomorrow Lily! Ken: i want you to tell me everything you were thinking while you were getting him off tonight Lily

A dirty weekend away Part 2

first-time bibeeongc 2018-08-03

Then they swapped and Amy being dirty sex freak she was squatted straight down on my face and rubbed up and down my face and even lowered her ass down on my mouth and I licked every bit of her she shoved down as I then feel Sue take hold my cock and slides it into her pussy and not like Amy who squats when she rides me so she can bounce Sue sat and rocked forward and back and felt great.

Shower (Fingercuffs too)

first-time 337lee 2018-08-03

As I walk into the shower itself Bel is pushed up against the wall, her head tipped back and her mouth open wide panting with one leg d****d over Marks shoulder and his head buried between her legs as he licks and sucks on her pussy. Mark is stood behind Bel and he is soaping her body with gel, starting at her shoulders and working his way down and around to wash over her tits. This time I kneel at Bels head and immediately she turns to me and takes my cock in her mouth, sucking hard and passionately as Mark sucks on her clit.

My first bi-guy (part 3) – a true story

first-time thewhoami 2018-08-03

So, after Simon had emptied his load into my mouth & down my throat, he freaked somewhat, I know it was his first proper time with another guy, it was mine too, but it seemed odd it was him that had a guilt-trip, when it was me who took his cock & cum, and I fucking loved it! With that, he moved closer & I felt his hand land on my back, and start to slowly caress it, as he continued, “Well, I am sorry for freaking out like that, it was such a shock, I don’t remember ever shooting a load that powerfully before and cumming with such a massive load, and with a fucking bloke for fucks sake, it blow my mind a bit.”

The oddity of cumshots videos.

first-time virgin805 2018-08-03

If you decide to have a cock at one centimeter from your face/mouth is most probable that very soon you will have to deal with male cum. I still remember when me and my wife (she was still my girlfriend at that time) decided to try the cumshot experience. She went right to my erected cock and with some hesitation she started to lick the very tip of it. I was about to tell her I was right there, but she felt my cock getting too big for that deep in her throat and stopped. She takes loads of cum on her face with a wide open mouth because she likes when large drops hit into her mouth.


first-time Khira 2018-08-03

That flat backwards stretch gave him a pocket in time where he could lay his mind flat like the road and let his thoughts expand. Normally he would catch a flash of her car breeze past the front of the office at ten minutes before nine, sometimes even find an excuse to walk across to the other side of the building to watch her walk across the rear carpark and come in the back door as she did every morning. Effortlessly she would pull her security pass from her big red bag with her left hand, swipe it across the panel and walk through the doorway. With discretion she cocks her head to one side to see if he is hard, but she can't tell without letting her eyes linger to long.

Pai-chan’s long walk home

first-time tuckpussypeachpie 2018-08-03

Stepping up to her gagged mouth, he unzipped his trousers and his 24 cm cut cock sprang forth, the pre-cum dripping from its hole as Pai-chan’s eyes opened wide with both terror and lust. A hypnotic sissy video began to play and as the gurls on the screen were penetrated, Pai-chan felt his monster cock’s head at her little pussy hole. The man began slowly, then increased his pace as Pai-chan, her eyes and ears filled with hypno images and suggestions, began to respond to his thrusts, milking the cock as it banged into her, his heavy cum-filled balls smacking against her tucked clitty. Pai-chan fell back upon the stained mat, legs still spread and used her hand to push her cockette back into place and wipe the cum off her pubis.

A Granddaughter's love

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-08-03

Samantha sat down on my right thigh and placed her left leg over my left thigh then leaned in putting her arm around my shoulder and neck then kissed me on the mouth, like she has done the whole time we've known each other over the past eight and one half years, "Grandpa, I have something to tell you, and I hope, you will not be mad at me for it." The way Samantha kept squirting and squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles, I thought we were going to keep cumming and not stop for some time to come, but then I also knew, that my balls would go dry sooner or later, and I was surprised that they held as much as I was shooting out into that sweet young pussy now.

The Babysitter

first-time Tara_Neale 2018-08-03

With my sister life was so crazy that mom usually had really exciting things to do when Kate came; things like the bank or shopping or another appointment to do with my sister. I got to know Kate during those times. She asked a few questions: was I sure that I was ready, didn't I want to wait for someone 'special.' Then, of course, she had the condom talk with me again. Kate and I waited until mom had taken my little sister to the park for a few hours. I put my arm around her and squeezed, "You always taught me: no regrets, Mom. And I believe that." The damned sun got in my eyes then because they started to get all watery.

First Explorations

first-time MrShyTown 2018-08-03

The boy didn't mind this at all, of course, but as the living room was bounded by windowed French doors, she was likely to catch him watching a porn video or pleasuring himself to a Playboy magazine, so he had to be cautious. This did not overly concern the boy, as he was too much in thrall with the rest of her body, particularly her soft round behind, and his hands constantly slipped up inside her shorts from below, trying to grasp the firm cheeks. As he stood in the open car door talking with her, she reached up and placed her hand on his inner thigh, slowly moving it up until it was touching his cock, which was once again growing rapidly.

Friendship Forever

first-time 2018-08-03

We completed our home work and we sit till rain stop at that time we again talked about pussy. Tonight I did not get sl**p because of immature sl**p from that day we start to play with boobs when we are alone in any places and like chatting in corner pressing nipple or pinching in class indirectly touching it. She gave permission and Laxmi told shell we sit inside his room that we can play while doing home work. So we sit inside on that day we pressed each other boobs for little time while returning to home we gone for pissing. So, lasxmi replied shell we come in nightie by tomorrow and have whatever fun and so we agreed and went and my pussy was little wet with thick juice.

Adventures of my ex: The Nine Inch Dick, part 2

first-time billeyed 2018-08-03

He dosn't expect the resistence that he begins to feel but it is ecstacy, he withdraws a quarter of and inch and can feel the slickness flood into the void and he pushes again, repeating time and time again as the tip of his dick has to f***e her vagina open all the way until he is crushing the head of his cock against the back of he vagina. Finally after their simultaneous orgasm subsides he colapses to the side and says "That ended way to soon because your pussy is to tight and feels to good, I'm sorry I couldn't finish." "Trust me you finished, I haven't cum that hard in a very long time, I'm kind of used to not cumming at all when I am with a man for the first time.

My Student Boarder

first-time Bigguyyyyy 2018-08-03

I think you should be doing more studying and school work." She told me her graduate year was not that many hours of classroom time but more essays and presentations. Marsha came to me one day and asked if I would let my cleaning lady go. My house felt wonderful and I could not wait to get home in the evening so I could be with Marsha. "I would ask you what you think, but I think I know from the look on you face," Marsha said to me. Finally Marsha said, "Thank you for the most beautiful evening of my life Tom. I will never forget this night." She then leaned in and kissed me again.

A New Kind of Loving

first-time 2018-08-03

And for quite a few days after that confrontation the atmosphere in our house was really tense, especially as I think my Dad thought it was me who had told Mum. And so with Mum and Dad in "love" again, I've had quite a bit of freedom to go out when I want without having to answer lots of questions. I always used to ensure that my room was really tidy when anyone came inside, but on Rose's advice I left it untidy this time....panties on the floor, my short skirt on the bed, and my stockings that I wear for church and work at the head of the bed.


my girlfriend first time fuck

first-time loveall234 2018-08-03

i gt the tube n slided sum lub into her tight pussy.. so was so horny she just wanted my dick inside of her. she started strokin my dick gently rubber her fingers on her pussy and wiping sum of her cum onto my dick to make it wet.. and and pushed soo hard and deep into her tight pussy she moaned so loudly saynn Ahhhhhhh ... i could feel her warm pussy tight around my cock.. she then grabbed me soo close n tight as sshe w****d her legs around me and pulled me even closer to her.. so i did i started fillin her pussy up with warm cum as i held my dick inside soo deep she loved every minut of it..