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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Losing My Virginity

first-time MissLux 2018-08-03

We were talking about sex and got condoms but never really had a chance for it, because he still lives with his parents and my dad is really strict about me going out and is totally against me going somewhere with my boyfriend for a few days. He slowly started to push it inside me, and I felt long sharp pain in my pussy. He then started slowly pumping in and out of me, only looking at my face, and I gave him a smile, and said it felt really good now. It encouraged him to go even faster, and then I started really enjoying it, the feeling of that long thing going through my pussy, feeling every inch of it inside me, being hungry for more. I felt like I was on the edge the entire time, and got really dizzy.

Dee Dee Ch. 3

first-time RobbyRoberts 2018-08-03

Of course, I didn’t mind, but when she got to the door of the garage, she turned around quickly and caught me looking at her instead of working. For some reason her legs looked a lot better when she was standing in high heel shoes than when she wasn’t wearing any like when she was swimming on Tuesday. After working for twenty minutes, I had to pee and wondered if I could wait till I got home, then remembered Mrs. D’Harley told me I could use the bathroom in the house and that the door from the garage was usually unlocked. Her red negligee was also on another part of the bed but when I looked, there weren’t any panties with it so I thought that maybe she really wasn’t wearing any and I really did see her pussy.

Being with "Sister" Ch. 02

first-time alton101 2018-08-03

A few minutes later, I heard a light tapping on my bedroom door and Alice saying, "Paul? Before she left, she turned to me and said, "You wait right there while I answer the phone." She smiled and winked at me before she turned back toward the door and left. She opened the door and came in, looking at me with a mischievous but shy smile, biting her lip. "Besides," she said, "your balls are sooooooo fucking huge and I love large balls," she said with a sly smile and a wink, licking her lips. She bent down and wrapped her lips around one of my balls, licking and sucking on it, then going to the other, nibbling gently with her teeth.

At the clothes store - a true story

first-time BrendanUK 2018-08-03

I remember thinking how lucky it was I'd worn newish underwear - white Y-fronts with red trim, my mother always bought me Ys. And I was sure I saw the girl looking at them for a long moment, checking out my bulge. The girl worked more quickly now, expertly wanking my cock with her right hand and sucking me at the same time. I looked down and saw I was resting my hands on this girl's shiny black hair, watching her suck on a glistening hard cock that was surely too big and too fat to be mine, hearing the delicious slurping noise as she thrust her mouth up and down on it.

Her First Time

first-time ATwistedMind 2018-08-03

You show me your gorgeous smile again, as you say softly, "I love you too." Then you reach under me and unclasp my bra, pulling it off me completely. We start to kiss more passionately, your tongue exploring my mouth. Slowly, you run your tongue around my nipples, taking turns between them. I moan, "oooh baby, yes" then you start sucking on a nipple, biting it gently, then the other, switching. Then, I swirl my tongue all around your length, taking you slowly out of my mouth, then getting faster. You start to moan, and I bite down really quickly, not too hard, not too soft. You are about to cum, so you start pulling out.

Curvy Georgie's Experience

first-time writing_is_hard 2018-08-03

Georgie turned her head and cocked it to one side, I looked into her blue eyes and I sensed that she wanted to do more than watch a movie inside. She rubbed his rock hard penis and could instantly tell it was much larger than the only other one she had ever encountered, this filled Georgie with a sense of great arousal but also with a sense of fear, she wasn't sure she'd b able to match up to the pleasure he was making her feel. Georgie thought she was getting the hang of this, she could tell from the moans coming from above and how the engorged cock in mouth remained rock hard.

Our Second Date – December 28th, 1974 (Satur

first-time dspb08 2018-08-03

About half way through eating Dee W and one of the men came over – Dee W sat down and began talking with me about our time at a previous base together (Glynco NAS in Brunswick GA – which closed and moved part of the base to Memphis). I asked her where she’d like to go and she said why not Memphis – I agreed saying why not and we got up and went out to my car. She pulled back and told me that with a tongue like mine I didn’t need to have a cock and pushed me down to her pussy again and asked me to eat her again.

Touch Class Ch. 03

first-time Uzi_Johnson 2018-08-03

"You know, I realized we can watch a disc like the one we viewed on my computer right here in the living room. "OK, be right back." I went upstairs and got a disc and came back down and popped it into the DVD player in the living room. Christine nestled her left breast into me and I reached around her and started touching her right breast through her tank-top. Christine moaned and came multiple times as I fucked her tight ass, in and out, filling it completely. By the way, Jimmy, do you remember those images we viewed that had hot girls who have cocks?" We got dressed, kissed goodnight, and Christine took her leave.

Another Springtime Ch. 08

first-time Sailor1 2018-08-03

She looked at me for a long moment, then down at my hand, studying it carefully and thinking, and then, soft and airy like gossamer on a summer afternoon's breeze, a smile took the place of her doubt and anxiety, her pretty mouth curved upwards at the corners in that special way or hers, and when she looked up at me again her eyes twinkled, and she laid her one hand gently… confidently, in mine.

First Kiss

first-time prabh0612 2018-08-03

By the time I finally talked with her, the sexual frustration that I felt that turned to delayed gratification was allowed to simmer longer, before heating to a boil, especially when I thought about kissing her and fondling her big tits. I remember prime time TV had kiddie shows like wonder years, Flintstones, tom and jerry, and Top Cat, no sex and little violence. By the 2nd month at college, Pooja left the city as her father got posted out and our kiss dates were over for ever. By that time, I was already dating another girl (I think her name was madhavi or madhuri or something, shucks I should have remembered that) who gave me another first, my first hand job.

My first experience with a man/men.

first-time edukateme 2018-08-03

next thing i know his hand is on my cock again, squeezing it, i feel it gettting harder, bigger, i look at him he smiles and undoes my zipper, i lok around no one else in the theater, i gasp as he starts to suck me! He fingers my ass for awhile then two fingers i feel some thing cold, (lube) then i feel a hard preesure on my ass, as his big cock enters me, i squirm and yell, but no one hears, just a laughter from the guy behind me, as he starts to fuck my ass, cock in my mouth i am totally helpless, i feel the guy about to cumm in my mouth, he grabs my head and shoves his cock all the way in gagging as he cumms in my mouth then pulls out and squirts more all over my face.

Past Dream

first-time beautiful_liar 2018-08-03

My hometown was small, free of traffic, four hours away from the city where most of my high school class (including myself) chose to go to college. "Well, I had fun hanging out, Wade," Laura said, as we walked away from the register after paying. "That sounds good," I said, relieved that I had actually had that at the one party I went to last year at college. "Come fuck me, Wade," Laura whispered, grasping my penis with her hand and pulling it to her pussy. Laura and I saw each other daily for the rest of the summer, and in the fall, after we wet back to college in the city.


first-time bitsieblue 2018-08-03

"Yeah, I'd love to come in for a bit, kitten," he chuckled, making me feel like a little girl again. Connie moaned softly, pressing my slight frame to his thick chest, meeting my eager kiss as our mouths opened and our tongues met, hard. Connie moaned against my little mound and started fucking me with his finger, faster, harder, sucking my clit hard, and I went nuts, thrashing and screaming and finally cumming on his face. "I want you to suck me, kitten," he said, and I nodded as he stood, pulling his clothes the rest of the way off, then yanking me roughly to the side of the bed.


first-time Paris Waterman 2018-08-03

Following a growth spurt just before my eighteenth birthday, with what some called spectacular results; I was handed the male lead in a ballet performance calling for wearing tights and a bulging codpiece that caused my nickname, "Handsome" to reach a far wider audience than the few young ladies I actually danced with. Of course, my mother took me shopping for new clothes, and when Aunt Nicole heard about the sudden growth, she had a set of weights delivered to my house more in keeping with my age and size replacing the earlier, set. Three days later, on seeing me bulging out of my shorts, my mother overcame her embarrassment and found the strength to mention that my father had had a ten inch penis, and had told her he recalled it growing some when he was 14 and even more at 18.

Cuckold Sissy's First Meet Fantasy

first-time 2018-08-03

He sets up the camera to get a great view of all the action and to hear all of the verbal humiliation and then standing over sissy bf pulls your sissy knickers off over your high heels takes out your anal plug, spitting into your gapping sissy hole and wife pushes his big cock into your sissy boicunt and she pulls his hips into you making her bf start to fuck you as your wife jiggles your cock cage rhythmically asking her lover how long he thinks her pathetic sissy will last when you lower your cum stained pussy back onto her sissy husbands mouth again for more cleaning as your wife can feel more cum dribbling out.

In a Little While Ch. 01

first-time barabajagal001 2018-08-03

And although it seemed incredible at first, the reactions of the local girls to men who were on furlough or boys who announced their intention to enlist were so positive, he couldn't help but believe that all the things he had heard must be true. His thoughts turned a bit closer to home, thinking that he had already found the prettiest girl in the world - Alice Wright. When they arrived at the Bismarck, Fred saw Alice and her parents already waiting in the lobby. When the cabs pulled up, Fred opened the door for Alice, and slid in beside her. When Fred finally saw the girls peel away from Jenny, she was turning to pour herself another glass of wine.

Words I Shall Never Forget

first-time JimAfflictioN 2018-08-03

Just that quickly her body melted into mine and we shared another long anticipated passionate kiss which had again rocked my very foundation. We danced in a semi cosmic circle turning her so that she was facing away from the empty bed. Feeling that our time was running I tore he pants off noting she had no unmentionables to fool with I leaned back into her kissing her neck and quickly working my way down. I inserted a finger just to tease her for a bit before feeling my cock penetrate her eager opening. I knew it had been a long time for her but I had no idea that such a small movement of a finger delicately inserted could in turn cause such a reaction.

Shemale Cam Girl Sample

first-time rehumanize 2018-08-03

His hand still on the base of Mark’s cock, Joel took a firm grip and did his best to move his lips back and forth along the shaft while Mark’s hands guided his head. Mark was gripping tighter and tighter, slamming his hips back and forth, his cock sliding violently over Joel’s lips while Ky helped hold his head in place. Joel worked his tongue against the head of Mark’s cock, rotating his lips back and forth while his hand tightly gripped the shaft and jacked back and forth. Ky relented and Mark pulled his cock out, a small line of spit and cum connected Joel’s lips to Mark’s cock, Joel reaching out with his tongue, placing it underneath the head of Mark’s cock and licking up the cum.

Sarah Ch. 01

first-time thegrtwman 2018-08-03

Sarah, still wearing only her bikini, slid over to Brendan and wrapped her arms lightly around him, as she leaned up to whisper in his ear. She slid out of the remaining piece of her bikini, and let herself glide over Brendan's body, until she could feel something hard and warm right at the same level as her crotch. Brendan picked himself up and Sarah raised her legs around his waist, letting him have a perfect position to enter her. The pain didn't last long, and she realized that she probably had a look of anguish on her face, so she let it melt away as Brendan pushed and pulled himself from her slowly.

First time with Cousin Pt. 2 (Gay)

first-time FPS1337 2018-08-03

Brian continued to lick my asshole sticking his tongue inside me and kissing my ass literally, and then started to play and lick my balls from the back. I could tell from his shaking that he was craving the sucking, so I started to tease his cock. He shouted that he was about to finish, his moans were growing at the point of cumming, I pulled out his cock and told him to put it in my ass. Brian licked my ass a bit more kissing it a bit then he started to tease his dick inside me. Without noticing I started to give off slight moans, Brian knew I was craving his cock so he then put his cock inside me.

A Lifetime in One Moment

first-time C.C. Rider 2018-08-03

I was cleaning the Hollanders' pool, and Laura was sitting at the patio table reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. Her face was still in her hands, elbows on her knees, and she looked like she wanted to melt into that big chair. I wondered, curiously, whether I should ask Laura if she still wanted me to clean the pool. Laura looked at me and for the first time I noticed the bright amber streaks in her green eyes. "I have decided it is time for me to move," she said looking me in the eye. Peter Hollander's face looked nothing like mine, but in all other respects he could have been me – thick, wavy gold/blonde hair, lanky and tall, a broad smile.

My Slutty Diary Pt. 01

first-time mysluttydiary 2018-08-03

I had just started college, and me and a friend who at the time who was much more 'free' than me (oh how I have now beaten her to that title :p) got invited to an older guys party. Me and my friend let's call her Sarah, because that's her name, mingled a bit but it wasn't long until the beer got to us and we started dancing in the middle of the living room. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere a bit quieter, I agreed as I walked past my friend she leant out and slapped my ass and whispered 'slut' I giggled but how right she would later be.

Bus Ride With S*ster 1 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-08-03

"Good morning," the lady said with a super friendly smile. "Are those things coming too?" the lady asked, looking at our pile of stuff. There was no way she could have known, especially since the nudist thing wasn't listed on the ticket or brochure. "Like I said, the nudity thing wasn't listed on the tickets or brochure." Christine and I were allowed inside the ranch area, towards a small locker room where the guests could get naked and store their clothes. Trust me, I'm sure that every cock I've seen looks exactly like yours. I gave Christine a look which said, 'Why would you bring so much stuff? "Looks like this trip is going to be even longer than we expected," she said playfully.

My Uncle's Wife Affair Third installment

first-time sluupjohnb 2018-08-03

But on the other hand it’s bad for me because I had no clue that I was not the only one, she had been cheating not only on my uncle but also on me as I would come to know much later in our relationship that she also had another secret lover aside from me. Aunt D’s muscle in her neck tightened and she moved her chin up feeling my deek coming inside her. As I would learn later Aunt D didn’t expect him to pee this early and thought we were safe in the bath room for couple of hours.