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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My friend from Pakistan

first-time Amsterdmr 2018-08-03

He said that was no problem but he did ask why I was naked. I laughed and said: If you don't mind being around a naked guy, be my guest. I guess the thought of having a guest around while I was naked excited me. He said he didn't mind me being naked, but he would keep his clothes on all the time. For both of us this was the first time we had kissed a man, but it felt surprisingly good! I explained it was a natural reaction because it felt really good to kiss him. He hesitated, but then I felt his mouth on my cock and he started sucking.

Awakening Ch. 01

first-time juci_luci 2018-08-03

"I'm not fucking Irish!" I said as I pushed him away softly, he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer and kissed me so passionately. "Yes, I do." With that his hand moved to my pussy, he stroked his finger across my clit, making me moan in pleasure. He stroked faster and faster until I started shuddering then his hand moved further down and he pushed a finger up inside my cunt. He moved his hand to my pussy, "Lucy by name, juicy by nature huh." he laughed "I want to taste you so badly" he whispered. He moved his tongue back to my clit and sucked and nibbled on it as I felt his finger push up into me.

A Meeting by the River

first-time princeof_parties 2018-08-03

He watched with wide eyes as she reached down and her arms pressed her breasts together, pointing her nipples straight at him. Slowly she began to cup water in her hand and run it over her perky breasts. He felt huge, his head slowly rubbing against the soft fabric of his trousers and when he looked down to see the bulge he was creating his eyes widened at his own size. Very carefully, he leaned his back against one of the trees he was hiding in, his pelvis jutting out in front of him and slid his hand over the fabric of his trousers. Slowly her fears of being watched seemed to ease and she cupped her breasts in her hands and shook them, looking down at the way they bounced.

She Doesn't Pt. 06

first-time barnabus 2018-08-03

And so, our “picnic” ended and he took me home, dropping me off at my door with a sweet kiss.During the early part of the week, I made an appointment with my Doctor to get some birth control pills His receptionist couldn’t fit me in until Friday, and when I told her that I had a date with my boyfriend on Wednesday, she told me “to exercise a little self control!” Silly woman! She gave me that “cat and canary” smile and said, “Right now, my bedroom looks pretty good to ME,” and without releasing her hold around me, she started moving sideways and kissed me again. I lay down beside him, and he took my hand, kissing It and holding it to his chest.

After Hours

first-time ImperfectBiAngel 2018-08-03

" Sean hushed her, his lips finding their way to her neck, "I've wanted you for so long, " he whispered, sucking on her skin, "don't be scared. "Mmm, " Sean moaned softly, exploring every crevice of her hot mouth with his eager, curious tongue. Sean smiled and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her hips and thighs, kissing every inch of skin that he exposed, wanting to do this for so long. "God you're perfect, " he moaned softly, lifting her out of her jeans, then pulling her panties down, his erection becoming even harder when he saw her shaved, wet center, "oh Jess... Sean crashed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth as he lifted her up against the lockers and slid up inside her.

Ashley and Charlotte

first-time nopenguins 2018-08-03

In the bedroom the teen was quickly tied to the bed and the TV on the wall in front of her suddenly filled with images and sounds of women doing wonderful things to other women in twos and threes and more. Ashley removed the pipe and all she did was wet her finger in her own pussy and sweep it on the girl's upper lip and then leaned over and with one lick of her tongue on the huge clit, Charlotte exploded Finally Charlotte, staring at her breakfast said, thank you Ashley for last night. Ashley was on the bottom at this point and gazed up at Charlotte's little anus and thought, what the hell, moved her head up and f***ed her tongue into the little hole.

Wild Child Ch. 04

first-time TxRad 2018-08-03

Mary looked over at my hand on Rita's tit and whispered, "Hey, you can do the same to me, I can push the button to change the pictures." She giggled as my hand slide up along her side and added, "Well, I think I can, anyway. Mary looked at me funny for a second, but before she could say anything, Rita giggled and said, "Anyway, I don't think I could get the damn thing in my mouth. When Mary looked back at me and started to open her mouth, I shook my head and said, "No way. Rita laughed and said, "Uncle Rick had the long vine, although it looked more like a pole than a vine at the time."

First Time Love

first-time twofeet3993 2018-08-03

I pulled them back out and she took my hand and began sucking her cum off of my fingers. She took her left hand and began stroking every time her head moved down my shaft. She put her tongue in my mouth and started to feel around, but she soon stopped kissing me to let out some more whimpers of pleasure. I began to moan a little bit at how wet she was getting. Mike!" She was crying out as fast as I pumped until I felt her pussy leak warm fluids onto my dick. I got behind her and slipped my cock between her pussy lips and pumped pretty hard for the first couple of thrusts.

My first two women experience

first-time TheMods2 2018-08-02

The two of them sucked my cock and licked my balls till I thought I was going to cum so I stopped them and she got down on the wife again, she had her ass in the air so I slipped my throbbing cock inside her accommodating and soaking cunt but after a few minutes I couldn't help myself and I slowly worked my cock in to her ass, she squealed a little and the wife immediately got all jealous but I couldn't stop.

Our Mountain Dream

first-time mnmh82 2018-08-02

I had to show you something amazing and asked if you wanted to go for a walk up the mountain. The amazing view was nothing compared to the beauty of you smiling and your glow as the sun shined on your face. We laid back in the leaves and kissed and fondled each other. The combination of the cool air and the warm sun was amazing. Then like a huge explosion inside of us we had the most amazing orgasm I think I have ever experience. As we laid on the ground and the sun was moving behind the trees we started to notice the cold air, lol. We pulled each other up and brushed the leaves off of each other, laughing as we did.

Army Brat Ch. 06

first-time Slickman 2018-08-02

Lisa leaned over to help Ellen when Todd pulled her up by her hair and pushed her as hard as he could back out the door. "Beating up girls now." Danny said as he grabbed onto Todd's wrist and jerked the boy out of the bathroom and then down the hall towards the front door. As Todd tried to hit Danny again Lisa jumped onto his back and started hitting the back of his head. "Well look who is here and didn't even come to check out my injuries," Danny said seriously to his mother who walked in holding Allan's hand. "Hi Mrs. Upton," Ellen said as she and Lisa walked into the room wearing matching white terrycloth robes.

Alexa and the Virgin

first-time kisslessvirgin 2018-08-02

But I want you to know that I think you're awesome, and I'm sure a lot of people would feel that way if they got to know you." "Alexa, I think you are incredibly sexy, and I'm sorry if that weirds you out, and I'll totally understand if you want me to go." "Kyle, you realize that I like you, and I know you like me, and I guess we're even going to be boyfriend and girlfriend now, so you don't need to feel embarrassed about anything, got it?" "Honestly, I would love to fuck you any time, but I love cuddling with you so much right now, and to be honest I'm so tired that I just want to fall asleep with you squeezing my body with your arms and legs."

Babysitter Rin

first-time Sean Renaud 2018-08-02

Still like a frightened animal Jason slowly inched towards Rin until he could take the drink and once he had it he retreated away lest she steal it back and sat in front of his computer. "Oh my." Jason let Rin take the lead for a while but soon he wanted to run his hands down over her smooth stomach. "Oh you're back you kinky fuck!" Jason tossed the bottle on the bed and rushed over to Rin but she pushed the chair away and stood leaned over the computer using her bare ass as a ward he wouldn't dare touch. "Another lucky guess." Luck must have been Jason's middle name since the next five minutes eventually ended with a very satisfied Rin curled up on the bed beside him gently kissing at his throat.

Making Music with Nick Ch. 01

first-time Flaouterakh 2018-08-02

When I got home I often found I was still so aroused by the thought of him that I found myself reaching for the secret place, feeling its readiness, feeling the rigid parts, feeling the soft parts, feeling the wet parts, stroking and soothing them to a climax, thinking all the time of him, wondering what his member would look like, hard, standing upright, soft, dangling so temptingly. This had a wonderful effect on me, as privately I explored myself all day long, pretending it was his organ that was rubbing against me, parting the lips, entering into the damp sweetness, filling me, satisfying me, one minute right inside me, moving around, pressing on lovely places, the next minute on the outside, the lovely ridge of his glans flicking my clitoris, both of us groaning at the pent up pleasure now being released.

High School Life Ch. 01

first-time m_storyman_x 2018-08-02

I continued to stroke my hands up her thigh, across her wet pussy lips, up her crack and across her ass cheek, working my fingertips in a long oval, my hand pushing the material of her skirt up each time I stroked up her ass. My parents are gone all day." She said as she pulled my hands to her top, helping me grab the material and work it up her body, uncovering her full round tits, her areola covering almost a third of the large soft mounds, a hard erect nipple centered in each pink ring. Use your hand like this." She coaxed, reaching for my cock and rubbing my head up and down her pussy lips, teasing my head between them and wetting it with her slick juices and teasing her clit at the same time.

My Sister's Babysitter

first-time Ashson 2018-08-02

I switched my hands to Ryan, lifting him out of her arms, which at least gave her a chance to cover up slightly. I met Chantelle, her flat-mate and I was polite and charming, subtly letting Chantelle know that I thought she was charming but that I only had eyes for Patricia. Patricia's hands were clutching at my hair but she didn't seem to be sure if she was pushing me away or holding me in place. I kissed and generally mouthed her breasts, letting my teeth graze across her nipples, feeling them stiffen and stand out. "When Chantelle asks what happened while she was gone you can tell her I gave you a good-night kiss," I said, smiling blandly.

Late Night Movies (chapter 16)

first-time oregazm 2018-08-02

“I wanna taste allllll of my little boy’s sweat” She said and started running her tongue from beside my balls down to my butthole. “Ewww gawwwd I love how my little boys sweat tastes!” She said while, sucking and licking all down my legs, sucking on my knee, licking behind it making her way down to my feet. “I just loved the way Chris tasted when he was…” *kiss, lick, suck* “Ohhh you boys just…” *kiss, lick, suck* “You just tastes so fuckin!” and with that she lunged on top of me, grabbing my arm just above the elbow and lifting it straight so hard it hurt a bit.

Amanda Takes the Plunge

first-time aunaturel 2018-08-02

Kim walked peacefully among these temporary installations until she reached her favorite spot, a small reflecting pool defined by a colorful mosaic ring that was a perfect spot to sit and let the warm water run gently over her smooth skin. Before long, the dreams of Kim and Rick became reality and they watched with joy as the people they had known for many years discovered the simple pleasure of swimming and sunbathing without swimsuits. "Can I think about it and let you know later tonight?" Kim asked in a whisper as she watched Ben walk her way.


first-time KrisSpee 2018-08-02

I know I've only known you for about a year, but I think we're good friends, right?" Those girls don't care that you don't just want to bang them, or that you genuinely love how they laugh, or that you blush every time you make eye contact with them. "You know, I've always thought you were a sweet guy," Ellie said as our food came out. "You're the type of guy who wants to take me out a bunch of times, and tell me how great I am, and ask me meekly to be your girlfriend, before you even think of fucking me. "ELLIE!" I plunged into her one final time before holding her, forcing her, against me as cum rushed out of me like a geyser.

At The Gym

first-time average_me 2018-08-02

I turned my back to him as to avoid eye contact and continued to get undressed, took my trainers and socks off and with my back still to him I pulled down my sweat pants and I placed them neatly in a pile on the bench then I realised I was wearing a pair of jockstraps, my butt cheeks were on show, quickly turned to face him praying he didn’t notice and saw him suddenly look away in the other direction. He asked me to get comfortable and if I wanted to have a shower I could, the sweaty clothes were starting to cling to my skin so I got undressed and stood there in his living room in my jocks, John returned from his bedroom with a box in his hands and placed it on the coffee table and noticed that I was standing there in my jocks and his mouth dropped wide open.

Sister to Sister

first-time Kufan969 2018-08-02

As the movie went on, Elizabeth began to lean closer to me until she reached he point where she was snuggling tight. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat with each pump as I began to fuck her face. Not ever having ever fucked anything but my hand, I felt the need to cum as she started to suck my dick once again. I gave her one more good slap and placed the head of my cock over her pussy lips. Elena had such a tight pussy, I began to feel like I might start cumming a little too early.

Teaching Me How to Have Sex

first-time anythinghewants 2018-08-02

I took another ride around the winding, streets, trying to find a particular home with dark wood siding and a green door, and a metal trellis with vines, that I wanted to see again. He had on sunglasses, and a sport coat and dark receding hair, a little older than the guy who was laying me down on the bed. Then he backed up and put his face fully between my legs, I could feel his mouth pressing into me, his lips on my labia, and his tongue stretching inside, moving, discovering. The initial pain had become pleasure, and my own moisture mingled with the wetness of his mouth, as his tongue swirled deeper inside of my little vagina, finding places that had never felt sensation before.

Cherry Picking

first-time OneBallBigger 2018-08-02

The pool, though covered up and abandoned at this season, has reminded me of my cousin Shelley (long dead now) and the virginal young woman she first brought to my acquaintance back in 1977. On that hot September day, I was sitting outside by the pool, studying for a Chemistry exam (I was a Sophomore in the local college) when my cousin, Shelley, came breezing in through the back gate, already talking a mile a minute. "Well," Shelley said, leaning forward excitedly, "you remember my friend, Tina?" She had mentioned the girl before, so I nodded. When she tried to grab my head in her hands and pull me firmly into her crotch, I broke away from her mound and kissed my way back up to her breasts.


Stranger in the Elevator

first-time AZgirl1975 2018-08-02

I felt his finger begin to walk the fabric up inch by inch until his hand was touching my bare thigh. My shopping bags and purse were pushed up against us on the right and the corner walls blocked his hands from the side and back. He quickly turned me to face him and pulled my bags out of my hand letting them drop to the floor. He pulled my thong loose and to the side with one hand and I felt his warm mouth press against me. He pushed a finger deep inside me and at the same time his tongue slid between my lips. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a business card and simply laid it on the counter.