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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Slut wife retells her sexual 18 Year old 13"

first-time oddtastes 2018-08-02

eventually I got her to start getting her to agree that she was my little slut and had her telling me to fuck her pussy etc. She said she did it because she was horny and d***k and wanted him I call her a little slut while fucking her and pretend I am this frat guy and I tell her to think back to him fucking her then I ask if he came Deep in her pussy then I blow my load just like him Or I bend her over and imagine the pounding she took in the dorm room and I ask her if she ever got Bent over and fucked like a little slut that she was.

Snoozing Suzy

first-time 2018-08-02

Her body was very squishy looking, which i do like, she was pale white with a thick leg and plump ass cheek starring at me as i tried to relax. After a few minutes i propped myself above her and slide my cock inside, feeling a tight and slippery hole more like a 25 year old rather than the 50 plus woman beneath me. Twitching inside her and latching onto her nipple still had no effect so i slid off her and laid beside her - lifting her leg and re-entering her from the side i placed my leg on her soft tummy and pulled her close, feeling my cum squish around my dick - giving cool sensations.

A Cheerleader's Release Ch. 02

first-time KarmasToy 2018-08-02

He pulled away panting, his hands still on my back holding me to him as I moved my tied hands to rest behind his neck "you just came all over my face and you're giving this reaction to my cock?" He asked, absolutely coated in lust, "you're gonna kill me Hannah!" Keeping the eye contact, I bit down and frowned as he stifled a moan, "that's not nice" I muttered into his neck, running my tongue along the vein until I reached where his shoulder and neck met, giving the spot a light suck and grinned cheekily when he gave a shuddering breath, the fingers that had been rubbing encouraging circles in my hips tightening in surprise.


My first time with a girl - Part Two

first-time sarahyork 2018-08-02

Louise dropped her head in my lap because she was pissed and I was like stroking her hair and all that. I started to think about what it would be like with her head there and me without any trousers or knickers. Louise was very comfortable and sl**py, but I managed to get her to raise her head to look at me. I asked her straight-up if she liked girls. Louise thought that I was joking at first, but then she saw that I was serious and said that yes, she did like girls, and that she had been with another girl before too. Louise then stopped, eased away from me, and sunk her head back into my lap.

Pussy Eating, Dick Sucking & Sixty-Nine

first-time Ace2213 2018-08-02

Hi yall, I hope y'all enjoyed reading my previous stories, now I'll share with you about Pussy Eating, Dick Sucking & Sixty-Nine.. So i noticed one thing which is that male a****ls usually get turned on when sniffing a female a****l's pussy, and often ive seen my male goats licking away at the female goats pussy. Since it was my first time to lick a pussy, i was a little hesitant at first so i just started off my rubbing her clitoris and also fingering her. Then slowly she slid down and slowly started to lick my penis's mushroom head, eventually she was stroking and sucking my dick in notime whatwhatsoever.

My First Time Sex

first-time jasminbetts007 2018-08-02

First time I ever had sex I was 17. One night he came to my window. He started kissing me, and I pushed my body close to him. He started playing with elastic on my pajama shorts and asked me if it was OK. He slowly slip my shorts means ... I moaned and sighed with pleasure, trying not to wake up my s****r across the Hall. He slowly went to my wet pussy licking and flicking my clit with his language. He came back to me, take off my shirt and sucking my nipples. I shocked my body with him, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me. I stayed, laying sideways as he fucked me slowly at first and then faster and faster.

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 01

first-time 2 2018-08-02

Her moans began to get a little louder as she rubbed at a furious pace; electric shocks of pleasure going through her body from head to toe. Now with three fingers buried deep inside of her, her thumb doing a whole concerto on her sensitive love button and her other hand pulling on her rock-hard nipples; she began to moan louder. Immediately Chris feels her sweet pussy begin to moisten and she is strangely excited and intrigued by what is going on in front of her. She slowly parts her sweet lips and instinctively begins to rub her throbbing love button. She continues to rub her sweet, sensitive clit as she inserts one finger into her soaking wet, tight love tunnel.

My first time sex with neighbour

first-time 333johnwick 2018-08-02

A strong current passed from head to toe in my body when our lips met and she had soft lips which were wet and we smooched for about 5 minutes and then stopped readings we were staining in stair case and anyone could come after some time more people came and we played with colors for some time and I and Meena did not speak much when everyone was around but our eyes were all the time on each other’s move and next day when her hubby was at work and k**s at school.

Taste Of My Elder s****r's Virginity

first-time sakkky10 2018-08-02

We reached our orgasm at the same time then she played with my cock I was hard again and she took it in her mouth and wanted me to cum in her mouth and I want to fuck her mouth for 5 minutes and I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and she drank it fully then we took bath together enjoying each other’s body and we were roaming nude in the house the whole day by managed to get good marks in boards and now I’m in a good university doing my first year B.E. if any aunty, college girls, matured ladies, school girls need me and please feel free to mail me at-

A Surprise First Time

first-time ainu2 2018-08-02

My breasts were fine, maybe a little too much, they actually got in the way some times. I'm blonde, my pubic hair is not nearly as full as a lot of the girls I've seen in locker rooms, so it probably wasn't real obvious but I'm sure Jack could see it. I had my first ever orgasm and went a little crazy I think, yelling and grabbing his head and closing my legs on him and locking him against me. Your cock has changed a lot since it was in me." Then I surprised myself and reached over and got a couple fingers to it and felt it some.

The Waitress

first-time 2018-08-02

Slowly, gently, carefully I start to work my way down her neck and onto the soft skin of her chest. Entering her slowly, ever getting deeper and deeper, letting her feel the length that I am giving her, she gasps, eye's wide open as she receives me begging me to give it to her with all my might. I lower myself onto her back, tongue exposed working my way down her, slowly reaching her soft supple buttocks, teasing between the crease, slowly feeling her back up towards me, daring to take her ass.slowly I lower my tongue to her, licking and pushing towards her, letting her push against me, letting me put my tongue inside her most precious of assets.

Granny romacing on dating app

first-time koopa82 2018-08-02

Margaret's groans and wimpers followed her to orgasm quickly and she shuddered alittle, she said i made her body tingle...and i was so horny right then i grabbed my dick and began jerking off over her naked body, gently squeezing her big nipples, she pulled me close enough to kiss my big shiny helmet, took me inside her mouth and then began gobbling me like an old lady possessed. I took in all the beauty of her petite wrinkled body before i slowly pushed my excited penis towards Margaret's old pussy and in between her warm and moist meaty lips.

My neighbor's daughter Part 2

first-time eddy6 2018-08-02

I tried to protest, but Emma was already sitting on the edge of the bed and said, I am a master at sucking cock. Emma began to moan ever higher as I increased the pace, she moaned and screamed that I should fuck her harder at the same time I saw that her nipples became stiff. Fuck me hard and shoot your load all over my body, she said. Felt that I could not hold it anymore and told Emma that responded to pinch even harder with her pussy. I pulled out my cock and emma threw himself on his back again and she said spray your load all over my hot body at the same time she wanked my cock fast and squeezed my balls.

Massage and a Blow Job.

first-time petelovespussy 2018-08-02

Steve also got totally naked and I saw his cock semi hard at this stage. I was quite nervous to start with and as Steve started working on my shoulders he would brush his cock against my hands and I could notice it was getting harder. As I did that I felt his tongue working on my balls and he brought my now hard cock as a reverse BJ and started sucking my cock. But Steve wanted to keep going for a little bit longer and went back to the massage. He moaned and said "did I want to swallow" I said I did and then a few seconds later I felt my mouth begin to fill with Steve's cum.

Tina and Daddy, a sequel....

first-time adel5000 2018-08-02

I was laid on the bed by daddy after I seduced him and got him to take my virginity in pussy, or I was sucking his hard cock and swallowing all of his hot cum. "Coming right up, my royal pain in the butt," I said, as I grabbed his cup and hot pot. I know you love it and it always makes your cock hard. your good little girl and not go grabbing you and sucking your hard cock deep." I was giggling and starting to laugh hard when he jumped onto the bed, grabbed me "Here you go baby, I'm ready to cum, keep sucking hard!" He yells to me. "Tina, I want to fuck you so very much, and fill your pussy with my hot seed.

My Frist time with a tranny

first-time lucifer696 2018-08-02

I Grab her meat in my hand And held her Cock and kissed her pee hole over and over like if was a nipple as she got harder and harder i got a nice rythem and it came natural to suck on her cock. After a while She took her cock out of my mouth and started to kiss me again my close came off. She gabbed my cock and started to stock it with hers I had never felt anything as grate ass that when she rubbed her head on my head reel fast.

"Oh, Jack..."

first-time CaptainPrice626 2018-08-02

I want you to beg me for it." Still slowly moving my finger in and out, I flicked my tongue across her tight little asshole. "Oh my God, Allison...I've fantasized about this so many times since we met." She giggled, and started stroking my cock with her hand again. I think I'm gonna cum..." I kept licking and grabbed her ass with both hands to pull her down onto my tongue. But she is kind of cute..." I kissed her foot again and started fucking her a little bit faster. I want you to fuck me hard and cum all over my face." I don't think I could have held it in much longer anyway.

Sex with boyfriend

first-time 2018-08-02

I giggled and held his head against me; he raised his head and asked “would you suck me off?” I stopped giggling and froze, I had never done this before I didn’t want to mess up he was waiting for a response “ok” I said he moved back across the bed and laid back, I lent over to his cock and slowly put it in my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. Because no one was in we could make as much noise as we wanted and a good thing to, I was moaning loudly as he went deeper inside of me, whilst he was shagging me he said “turn over” I did and he positioned me so my bum was facing him, he licked his fingers and rubbed my bum hole.

How I started being a Shared Asian lol Filipina

first-time 2018-08-01

and pull, then I suck on him, he leans over and is licking my pussy, I see my partner watching and I see other guys down by my legs sitting and watching,,,, I cum a few times and have to stop its to intense, cannot breathe,, I have my hand over my pussy trying to catch my breath. He ask where to cum I said in the condom,,, and off he goes, he gives me a kiss thanks my partner and off he goes, my pussy is creamy white from my own cumming,

How I Became A Gay Cock Slut

first-time stikla41 2018-08-01

I tried to lift off of his dick but Steve held me in place, holding my head firmly over his cock, buried in my mouth as he began shooting his load. Eventually Steve slid up on the bed and began kissing on my nipple, drawing it into his mouth, sucking, licking, biting lightly at my little bud. As wrong as I knew it was, I simply couldn't erase the images of kneeling at Steve's feet, taking the last few drops of cum which dribbled off the head of his cock. Steve sat up on the edge of the hot tub, just a foot away from Laurie who once again gazed at the engorged cock and balls between his legs.

Her first creampie

first-time 2018-08-01

Alice (name changed) asked if she could come in, she looked a little upset and said she wanted to apologize for making me feel uncomfortable in my office. Alice said she was just curious if guys were into porn as much as the 'media' let on. Alice got on top of me, reverse cowgirl and began to ride my face as I licked her pussy. After a about 5 minutes Alice moved her beautiful pink pussy from my face and repositioned herself on top of my cock. Alice flipped her self around and began to lick our juices off my cock as I continued to eat her pussy. I asked Alice if she liked the taste of her pussy.

The story of how i began crossdressing (Part 1-3)

first-time CutiePie89 2018-08-01

About 10 minutes after the agreed time they finally sent me a video request, and once the connection was established, i saw Mistress Sophia, Lady Vera and Lady Regina sitting by the same big coffee table as yesterday. Lady Vera started laughing a little, Regina still smiling, Mistress Sophia looking kind of disappointed by my soft cock. "Now jerk off for us" Madam Sophia said, drinking some coffee herself, one of Lady Veras hands starting to touch herself together with me as it seems, joining Lady Regina who seemed to have a hard time not wanting to show me how much she enjoyed it already.

Graduation Party

first-time 2018-08-01

"False alarm" Mike assured me I was alright, but left his arm under my shirt and began feeling and squeezing my nipple. Before I could Say anything Mike was on top of me, kissing my lips, and pulling my shirt up with his other hand. He pried my lips open with his tongue, plunging deep into my mouth while progressively squeezing and pulling harder on my nipples. Mike then pulled my shirt completely off and started sucking on my nipples, taking his free hand and rubbing my inner leg. "Good girl,: said Mike as he slapped me hard and then leaned in to kiss my messy lips. "This should be wet enough." Mike pulled my legs open and pushed his cock in.

The Raven and The Dove (revised)

first-time AS21 2018-08-01

I can feel her lips locked to mine, I can feel that sense of love the passion I felt with that kiss. We took it slow as we kissed I can feel her pussy in my cock, pumping slow her pussy was to my cock, we kissed with so much passion that I feel like the raven inside of me is becoming the dove. She wanted to lay us around in bed with her on top, she took my cock in her pussy slowly, we kissed with so much passion, and she felt my skin, and I did the same, caressing her entire body, and I held her hands, cause I love her and I can’t let her go.