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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time hondo1906 2018-08-01

I wrote earlier about my Mother's long term affair with a Black Man while we lived in Virginia in the early 70's. We moved to Atlanta in 2000 and I became Mr. Mom for our 3 year old daughter, and she worked as a local sports reporter. Susan said she felt like she was in a dream and undressed and followed him to the shower. She tried to interview him there, but felt like a dumb women and stammered incoherently. Susan said she felt like she was in a dream state. Susan tried to use her legs to control the depth of penetration, but he bounced her until she was fully impaled on his Cock.

School projects can be fun! (18+)

first-time 2018-08-01

So I quickly grabbed his hands and said "Wait!" I then slowly moved them down my chest, down my stomach, to my pants. His fingers quickly moved to my zipper, but I grabbed his hands, looked down into his eyes and said "We can't tell anyone" he nodded. Then he asked " can I suck your dick", I could barely contain myself as I said "yes." I quickly moved to the couch behind me and took off my clothes as my cock pulsed with anticipation. I had my hands on the side of his head and often looked into his eyes as he had my cock in his mouth. He smiled at me and moved his hand to my towel, opened it and leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and sucked off the water.

Losing My Virginity

first-time extremebitch_13 2018-08-01

I love these breasts Liz. Let's see what else you've been hiding from me all these years," Kyle said as he gave my breasts a few more squeezes before dropping them down like a sack of huge potatoes. I began moaning with a mouth stuffed with hard cock to Kyle's nipple assault. I grabbed a handful of different color balls, trying to fight off the pain Kyle's hard cock was causing me. What a big ass you have Liz. I wouldn't mind breaking your anus in," Kyle moaned as he thrusted harder and faster, sending me into another orgasm. Kyle finally pulled his pulsing, pussy-juiced glistening cock out of me and I turned around to wrap it between my huge titties.


first-time PrettyShy 2018-08-01

She couldn't stand another night of touching herself, sliding her fingers into her wet pussy as she dreamed of a lover caressing her, turning her head into the pillow so her parents wouldn't hear her cries. Feeling a little awkward, she grabbed a beer and saw an open spot on a couch back in the corner. Her hands brushed his bare skin as she pulled down his jeans, and she felt him exhale. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, his tongue entering her mouth. His hands on her hips, he pulled her closer and she cried his name as he went even deeper than she had thought possible.


Look What You Made Me Do At Work; AGAIN!

first-time mnmh82 2018-08-01

Stop the thoughts and sit back at the desk, hiding my problem or go to a place where I wouldn’t be interrupted. My first thought was, “what the hell are you doing here?” My second thought, the one we went with, was to walk to you quickly and kiss you passionately. But he happens to be my boss, lol. I slid my very hard, throbbing cock into your very wet pussy. Then you intentionally moaned louder, mixed with laughing. You cover your mouth to cover your laughter as you watched me on the floor, half naked, lol. I sure as HELL hope no one heard the moaning and laughing with me in here by myself, lol!!!!!

Night of the Boat Party

first-time Badstudent69 2018-08-01

Shifting places I lay her on her back and lowered my own face to her tits, perky they were, the little nipples stood proud of her soft skin, I took one breast in one hand feeling the firm flesh give way to my touch, her other nipple I kissed and sucked into my mouth toying with it using my tongue, a light gasp escaped her mouth and looking up saw her eyes were closed and her mouth was open in an O shape, lost in her moment I sucked harder on the nipple to see how she would react and she bit down on her lip switching to her other side I sucked her other nipple into my mouth and stroked the first with my now free hand, but this time I gently oh so gent bit her nipple, another gasp came from her lips and she looked down at me a hungry look in her eyes.

Kim's First Time

first-time KrazyKim 2018-08-01

His mouth slid down to her right nipple and gently teased it with his tongue, sucking and gently biting at her nipple, he moved over to the left nipple and repeated the process, at the same time his hand had slid down Kim's trousers and panties and between her legs. He forced his cock past the obstruction and deep into her, Kim felt agony and ecstasy, she cried out gently, Clinton didn't move, he waited for the pain to subside a little, then he slowly slid his cock back, he gently started to slide in and out of Kim's very wet pussy, by now the pain had subsided and Kim rose up to meet his every thrust, she wrapped her legs around him and forced him to thrust harder and deeper and increasingly faster.

Reward by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-08-01

"Nonsense," Afton replied while cupping and sucking Ellyn's hard nipples, "you're just made for fucking, the men must love getting their cocks stuck up your cunt!!!" "I-I don't get to date much," Ellyn replied saddly, "my work takes up all of my time, but I guess that's the price that you pay for success!!!" "A body like yours is meant to be shared," Afton replied softly, "huge breasts, round tummy, nice plump bottom, and of course a really hairy pussy, an absolute wet dream cum to life!!!" "It's too bad you don't have a big cock," Ellyn joked, "cuz I could really use one about now!!!" "Really," Afton asked excitedly, "what would you do if I have a big fat cock between my legs, I mean right now what would you do!?!" "Well," a slightly d***k Ellyn sighed, "I'd get down on my knees and take you into my mouth and suck you to completion, and then I'd turn over and let you fuck me like a dog, how does that sound!?!" "Oh my," Afton replied thickly, "I believe that you're trying to excite me!!!" "Why not," Elly giggled, "it's just we girls here right!?!" "Mmmmmm, almost," Afton replied gently while stripping of her clothing, "that is except for this!!!"

My dirty ol' neighbor pt.2

first-time oozer69 2018-08-01

He said I was just watching a video would you like to join me?I said sure what are you watching? He said well actually I don't think its something your parents would approve of and I said oh yeh why?

A Gipsy at the Door

first-time EdDivers 2018-08-01

My mother loved her little joke, but now I went to the door, mug of coffee still in my hand, and ready to give this visitor "short shrift." But the moment I opened the door, the world turned around, my breath caught in my throat, my heart pounded inside my chest and the mug shook in my hand. "Now just relax." she said, as she leaned forward to look down into my palm, before bringing her left hand to hover over it, and for the first time I noticed her long, unpolished finger nails. Involuntarily my head shook and my whole arm trembled as she placed her right hand against her blouse front, bringing my fingers to rest on the smooth skin where the buttons were unfastened and the subtle rise of her breasts began.

OH what a COCK..

first-time nighthawk73 2018-08-01

I laid out lots of porn with dicks for him to see, But dam he showed up with his b*****r,,So I got him outside and made my move for his cock, He just laid back and let me have the whole thing, and dam it was nice, A super sized head on it and nice and long, He told me all bout his lil sexy wife as I sucked his fat cock,,I got him to fill my mouth with his sweet cum then he finished my long 9'off..He never got in the military, but it was the last time I really sucked a cock.

Coming of Age

first-time comingofage 2018-08-01

When it came to time for bed, Chris told me that I could have his sister Chloe's bedroom for the night. I stretched my fingers down between her legs and touched the outside of her panties and I could feel my cum start to seep through. And when the girl comes, and she will, the fella should stop rubbing her clit because it gets very sensitive right away." 'What a jerk', I thought, and I was disgusted with Adele, I mean Pete would tell everyone about this night, when he went with two best friends, and managed to fuck one, get a blowjob and finger the life out of the other one as she came hard on his fingers.

s****r - in - law

first-time johnnuke 2018-08-01

I pressed against her soaking puffy cunt lips with my cock, her lips readily parted, the glorious sensation of penetration and pushed all the way in as I dis so I watched her heavy breasts wobble and sway, fuck me hard she said, harder, harder, her breasts rhythmically swaying as I rammed into her, again I felt her cum as she gushed over my cock, the fucking now resulting in slopping sploshing sound, her beautiful face contorted in delight, I could hod back no longer, pulled out and ejaculated my load over her soaking hairy bush, she moaned and massaged my spunk into her pubic hair as she sucked the last drops from my cock.

How she knew she could get away with whatever she

first-time 2018-08-01

Toward the end of the week i came over later in the day after i had gotten off of work and she was acting very suspicios, something just didnt seem right. From what she said that night i found the texts when i showed up on the day of her getting fucked she still had his cum dripping down her leg when i got there and thats why she got in the shower right when i got there...we had sex that same day also....So on the day that i found the texts i started reading them while she was in the shower and was still going thru them when she came back in the living room.

My Husband's Best Friend Fucked Me

first-time curious2know 2018-08-01

He would just stick the head barely in after rubbing it on my cunt lips and I would cum immediately which is fortunate because we were dealing with a three inch dick when hard. As we went in, Kay asked me what I had spilled on my pants and I looked down- cunt juice had soiled a very large spot. Kay and my husband stood at the dock to make sure we actually went out in the boat so we headed for Platter Flats. My husband was really turned on until I undressed, my tits and ass were sunburned and Bill's semen and my cunt juices were running down my leg.

The Garden Ch. 02

first-time Bowoodstock 2018-08-01

That morning, when Adam woke, he was at first confused at the pressure on his left side, but upon seeing the sleeping Eve resting her head on his chest, the events of the previous day came back to him and he smiled. Adam was confused at first, since this wasn't a particularly hot day, but then saw a long pink member extending from just in front of the wolves hind legs. That wolf has one like yours." She looked down at Adam's penis, which at the moment was still flaccid. This way, it felt stronger, but I also like being able to do it while I can feel you up against me." Adam nodded, and then looked up to where the wolves had been.

My First Date

first-time 2018-08-01

I went back down on him only now I was stroking his cock with my hand while starting to lick his balls, I wanted to take them into my mouth when I heard Jimmy moan "I'm going to cum". I was so turned on after making him cum I didn't last long, I started to cum and my whole body was shaking, Jimmy started to move his hand from inside my bottoms and I held his arm to keep it there, he kept rubbing until I couldn't take it any more and then I pulled his hand out and brought his fingers up to my mouth, they were wet from my pussy and I slowly licked and sucked each one clean.

Viagra Bounce

first-time hiltonalbert 2018-08-01

About a week later I received an e-mail with the details of Wendy's upcoming wedding and I noticed that I needed to order my tuxedo right away. Slowly I turned and noticing the lust flooding from Beth's eyes, I said, "That damn diary might as well be published on the Internet, with all the people reading it." Then I kissed her beautiful lips. Beth winked at me and said, "Just like in Wendy's diary, I took them off when I got the stool," and then she resumed our kiss. Surprised, she grabbed my head to force me away, but quickly changed her mind with a groan as the pleasure from my tongue attack became clear.

Taking My Princess' Cherry

first-time Curioustolearn 2018-08-01

As he came for that third time Nick bit down on her breasts, viciously hard making her cry out in pleasure and pain, buried his cock deep inside her and exploded - filling her sweet innocent pussy with stream after stream of his thick creamy cum. She was tender and beginning to get sore inside from the hard pounding so he went slowly and gently and pushed her to a couple more orgasms before pulling out and spraying his cum all over her pussy. They lay that way for a while and Nick wished it could have been an eternity but he slowly rose, dressed and kissing her one last time left quietly out the door, leaving his Princess to recover from her first full play session with Sir.


Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 06

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-08-01

We finished out dinner and I was starting to get ready to leave when Adrianna put a hand on my arm, telling me to hold off a bit. "Well, maybe, but that's okay — I am having a really good time just hanging out with you." I was sincere but disappointed because when Alexa had arrived I had started to think about a wild night with the two of them. Behind me Alexa said in a soft voice, "Happy Birthday, Thomas. Then Alexa said, "and this is Mei." And she stepped forward as Brooke stepped back. "And now, let me introduce Mei," said Alexa as the other girl stepped closer. "Thank you, Thomas," said Brooke, and I had the sense to be quiet and let them get on with their exploration.


first-time lionsex 2018-08-01

For a moment, she slipped a finger into her bikini bottom, gently rubbing and returning her hand to the top of her thigh. Ms. Fair Game is over there" I pointed, "at a safe distance." My daughter did an about face and laughed, knowing full well what was going on. So, when the opportunity arose, our little trio would work in an unspoken dynamic where daughter would silently create opportunities for me to fuck Étiennette. My dick was hidden by the folds of her miniskirt and my thrusts were so long that I could feel the fold of her lips every time the head of my cock passed back inside of her. I'm not a virgin anymore!" Only Étiennette, a long time friend of my daughter, could get away with this.

Innocence Has Its Secrets Ch. 02

first-time mjs500doo 2018-08-01

He closed his eyes and imagined his beautiful Ana licking slowly up and down his member and imagining the final flick of her tongue, he squeezed his eyes shut, his muscles tensed and he felt the warm cum spring up through his hole and jet out once, twice, three times, four times-"god will this ever stop?", five, six, and the seventh final squirt he found himself gasping for air. He closed his eyes and imagined his beautiful Ana licking slowly up and down his member and imagining the final flick of her tongue, he squeezed his eyes shut, his muscles tensed and he felt the warm cum spring up through his hole and jet out once, twice, three times, four times-"god will this ever stop?", five, six, and the seventh final squirt he found himself gasping for air.

Stories I like: New Year's Eve Seduction

first-time Pussy_Lick 2018-08-01

Eric tried to sneak downstairs to his bedroom so he could spend the remainder of the night hiding out in shame but his mom's friend, Janice, caught his arm as he approached the stairs. Eric finished his beer and his mother led him back into the crowded living room where everyone was dancing. Eric didn't realize it but his hands had slipped further down his mother's hips and were now resting on the upper curve of her ass. Eric's hands slid further down his mother's body and were now blatantly grabbing her ass. Eric's warm sticky cum slowly dripped out of his mother's pussy as she moved across the room.

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 02

first-time happy_bloke 2018-08-01

I looked down and realised that the strappy sun dress that I was wearing was hanging forward somewhat provocatively, showing a decent amount of cleavage and no doubt giving him a nice view of my bra, but nonetheless he still seemed to me to be acting unreasonably boldly by regarding me with such open attention. Every time I lent forward to pick up my drink, I could feel my top gently drift away from me and I knew that in these moments, the guys would be able to see a lot of my breasts, just a thin piece of cotton at the front of my dress covering my already slightly erect nipples.