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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

loving pantie sniffer

first-time oouser 2018-08-01

She was very tight an warm as she slid her wet pussy onto my cock slowly an started fucking my cock My stepmom was facing her as both started French kissing each other as both felt each others tits , I told Donna I was going to cum as she plunged my cock deep into her pussy as I shot my hot load in her tight pussy , my step mom said I she wanted to taste my pussy covered cock as she moved down to my cock an said I want your cock hard again so you can fuck me next .

Obsession Ch. 02

first-time rachlou 2018-08-01

Seeing the crestfallen look on Neil's face almost persuaded Kelsey to feel sorry for him – until she remembered the day he'd laughed at her feeble attempt to play netball and her heart hardened. Jess watched with thinly veiled disgust as Imelda wove strands of curly red hair through her fingers whilst thrusting her pneumatic breasts in Daniel's face. She knew damn well Jess was not interested in Neil Patterson, so why on earth her friend had suddenly agreed to attend the dance with him, when not less than fifteen minutes previously she had insisted she wasn't going to go to, completely baffled her. And then there was the look on Jess's face when Imelda Mackay made a pass at that hot guy, Daniel.

The Cabin on the Lake

first-time Rubbermaker 2018-08-01

Mom had to take him to the highway where the car and trailer were parked, an hour and a half away in good conditions, more like two or three with Dad in the shape he was in, and then it was another two hours to a town where they could find a Dr. That left Jessica and I alone at the cabin with no way out until Mom could get another sled and someone to come back up with her to get us. I would tell you the rest of the story, but right now Jessica is in the other room setting down the light against the wall, just like she has done each year for the last thirty years when we come back up here to the cabin to celebrate our anniversary.

A Bad day

first-time vdub-guy 2018-08-01

It was a rainy and cold night when I entered the smoke- entered the dimly-lit room awash in the mid summers rain. found my way to the bed and began to undress body, paying special attention to my dangling genitals Soon my erection took on a mind of it's own and began probing her gentle caresses forever increasing invasion, I began to relax and allow my guest to complete feeling of foreboding began to overwhelm my desires as began to probe the resolve of my sphincter. became even more apparent as her free hand gently comforting feeling until it began to slide in and out of hardening cock and began stroking it f***efully as a with firm breasts and well-conditioned legs was actually

A Gay Fantasy

first-time vdub-guy 2018-08-01

I wondered to myself if Mike was going to shower and if Mike was facing away from me when he slipped the shorts For quite some time Mike showered with his back to me. Mike responded my gently rotating his bare buns so that brushed across Mike's asshole, I felt him f***e himself I felt a boiling deep in my balls as my cock started to guiding his entire teenage body up and down on my cock. let my now softening cock slip from Mike's ass. Turning the water off, I led Mike out of the shower and to take the boy's cock in my mouth and suck it. Mike had started pumping his cock into my mouth and I

Sex Education & Single Parents

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-08-01

"Oh god!" Elly screamed as she saw her father with shock as her body continued to tingle from her self-induced orgasm. "You are not in trouble baby! "Thanks Daddy." She said as she hugged him again and he felt her small tits press into his side. "Ohhhhh....yessss! "You’re welcome Baby. All of this made her cum like crazy. "Maybe I better look at you!" He said and the girl sat on his bed and spread her legs. Is something wrong?" She asked looking at the clock which said it was after eleven. Let me take a look and see what is going on." Monica said calmly. "Ohhhhh cumming! Then she let his cum slide down her throat.

A perfect morning

first-time fantasycamp 2018-08-01

She woke up with a tongue up her ass, I did not give her any choice, my cousin was shocked, but she did not scream, I was licking her ass slowly and she started to push my head away but it only gave me more energy and passion, I was kissing the hole, licking around it, and starting my way in, she said please no! Her throat was my goal, her submission my pleasure, she knew I was going to put it hard and I did, fucking her until the mouth started to water and spit larger amounts of saliva. The pain was going to invade her and when I thrusted balls deep she screamed, but the second later, I heard yes, more please!

Teen Desires - Patty

first-time wetchin54 2018-08-01

Her blouse came off, the sight of her large breast rolling up out of her bra, soft mounds of warm flesh pushed together, deep cleavage tempting me. She moaned softly as my left hand caressed the tit I wasn't licking. Then she pushed me away and quickly encased my cock in her mouth and throat and gave me a blow job like I had never experienced. This girl was good, and knew what to do with her mouth, tongue and hands. I re positioned her on her hands and knees, slid my hard cock into her slippery folds and drove my entire shaft in with one quick thrust. Give it to me good baby, feed my pussy that hard cock, OH FUCK!

Bay Area One Night Stand

first-time 2018-08-01

He immediately said, “Hey it’s too hot, can we walk and have some ice cream in the next block”. I was giving a blank stare with ice cream in my mouth, and he continued “I don’t want to waste time here so let me come to the point, I am married and I love my wife, but please know I am crazy for you, and I would like to sl**p with you just once”. One morning, after hubby and k** left home, I was doing my regular errand of reading some stories and masturbating ;) and some angels brought me the memory of this ice cream place incident and I ended up cumming thinking about what would happen if I had accepted his proposal.

Susies Broken Laptop

first-time TattooedJohn 2018-08-01

Over the next couple of minutes the video showed Susie sucking and wanking the guys cock, the guy yelled he was gonna cum and John expected to see Susie pull her head away, but she didn’t, she kept on sucking and it was pretty obvious that she was swallowing the guys cum. John quickly closed it and began opening the other files, they all showed the same type of things, in some Susie was getting licked, in some she was sucking a cock and in others she was getting fucked, but in all of them she looked fantastic. As John continued to slowly fuck Susie, she lay face down on the bed, gasping, enjoying the sensation of John’s cock sliding in and out of her cum soaked pussy.

My Bestfriend's Mom

first-time DarkDevine 2018-08-01

"Hey man, it's Josh, my mom bought me some beer, you want to come over and have a few?" "Hang on, my mom wants to talk to you," Josh said quickly. We never were close his Mom and I, his dad was very angry most of the time, and didn't really allow Josh to have friends over. I've never felt the way I did as I walked over the threshold into Joshs' house. "I love you," I don't know why I said it, probably it felt so good, and I love pussy. "I know you want to stay," She grabbed the waist of her pants and slid them down her legs, and bending over, showing me her pussy.

My Bus Journey Part 5/6

first-time nsentra 2018-08-01

The entrance to the short alley leading to the bathroom was covered by a thick curtain, matching the curtains on the windows that gave the interior of the bus a cozy look and feel. He asked me if I wanted to cum again like I had at the stop over bathroom with a dildo fucking my ass. SS noticed the look and then leaned over to me and whispered that his colleague and him were very good and intimate friends and they had often had fun together. SS got up and his friend, we will call him FP, took his seat next to me and covered himself with the blanket as well.

My Hot Cousin Shruthi

first-time 2018-08-01

Then I again kissed her lips, this time I parted her lower lip apart and started to suck it. I was like so very excited and I started kissing her slowly all over her face and came inch by inch towards her lovely lips. I slowly started to suck and bite her nipples slightly; she was moaning with pleasure and held my head tightly towards her breast. Then I slowly removed her leggings and started to rub her panties with my hand. ”I’ll set u free “then she removed my underwear and started to kiss my cock. She went near my cock and started kissing and sucking it. She kissed in my lips for another 5 min and hugged me tightly and we both slept.

Meeting the golden surfer

first-time NaughtyNakita 2018-08-01

He was headed out to a local bar and wanted to know if I'd like to join him. The hubby said yes, so I got dressed up, did the hair and make up thing, and on my way to the bar I went. I sat and wondered to myself, what is a hotie body like him doing kissing me?? He pinned me against the car, kissing me so deeply the Monroe piercing I had, came out of my lip. Surfer boy and I kissed our good byes, but he insisted he follow me most the way home. Wanting to make sure that my car didn't die on me while I drove home.

Danny Ch. 03

first-time Just Plain Bob 2018-08-01

We had a great time at the prom and Pauline told me that what made the night for her were the dirty looks that Mandy sent our way. It was a Wednesday and Mrs. French would be expecting me, but I decided that the quickest way to end things with Pauline would be not to show up to visit her mother. When I got to work my dad gave me a grin and said, "You really should call your mother and let her know when you aren't going to be coming home at night." The day went pretty fast and as I was getting ready to leave my dad said, "I thought you told me that Pauline was history?"

Some Corner of a Foreign Field

first-time Mikebasil 2018-08-01

There’d been the big recruitment drive to build up the army in the first year of the war and Lord Kitchener, looking around for a way to increase the number of recruits had fastened on an idea of General Sir Henry Rawlinson. The war had still seemed like a big adventure back in 1914 and army life seemed to hold the promise of travel to the sort of exotic lands and romantic places Private Edwards only knew about from books and newspapers. Chantelle hated the war; hated it for its inhumanity, its cold hearted indifference to its slaughter and the cynical way that the dreams of millions could be shattered on the whims of politicians pushing the precious lives of young men about on their chessboards in the secure comfort of their stately mansions.

Once Upon a First Time

first-time slave2seven 2018-07-31

The next night I got out my magazines and knelt on the bed, my cock hard as can be as I rocked back in forth fucking my hand and then I heard my parents door open again, this time I hopped out of bed and clicked the light off and as I turned around there was no mistaking Myra in the window, and this time, either because I caught her or because she wanted me to see her, she only backed away slowly and I caught a full view of a dark bush of pussy hair and a glimpse of her large sagging breasts with huge areolas dark brown in color.

Taking Gf's Virginity and Threesome

first-time christronaldo38 2018-07-31

Planted a small kiss and a small lick and started massaging with oil. Really, it was my first time a girl being semi-nude in front of me (But had a couple of boob presses and licks in childhood, though!). Removed her bra and massaged her back for 1-2 minutes and I could not hold my dick for another minute. After 4-5 mild strokes, inserted completely and started fucking slowly. This time I was completely exhausted and couldn't do it anymore but she still wanted more as she hasn't had orgasm still. Other encounters that I had and going to write are - #1 Threesome with my GF and our classmate, #2 Fucking that girl like hell.

punushed. by parent in laws chapter 6 part 1

first-time lippy100 2018-07-31

My concerns that life would never be the same following my spanking session with my boss, Geoff, and my Parents in Law, Jane and Ben, were both right and wrong. When I enter my Parents in Law house I briefly greet Jane and Ben before going straight into the lounge and standing in the corner. I pulled the belt out of my jeans and reticently handed it over to my Mother in Law. With the belt held in her hand Jane got out of the car and walked around to my door. "Get out of the car, close the garage door, then come inside and tell Ben why you have been punished." Jane then exited the vehicle, my jeans, belt and panties in her hand.

Virgin Flower

first-time EbonyFire77 2018-07-31

What do you think you're doing, coming her at this time of night!?" "It's okay Amria, shh you don't need to be alarmed" Kiran said as he slowly approached her. Amria had never felt this before and wanted Kiran to keep going. "You like being fucked my bride?" Kiran asked and then moaned as he felt Amria's pussy tighten around his thick shaft. Amria moaned and began to feel a heat in her sex as Kiran continued to fuck her. Then suddenly she felt a huge wave of pleasure throughout her body as her tight pussy climaxed around Kiran's hard shaft. Kiran was still breathing hard and looked at Amria's beautiful face.

Snowy's casting

first-time hondo1906 2018-07-31

We'll take a few dozen shots, and send the best ones to the client for approval." He began clicking away, posing Snowy in various ways, including on her hands and knees, which exposed her panties. Snowy found that she liked posing; she relaxed as Jerome directed her. Danielle also took a few of the shots, which included Jerome standing or sitting next to Snowy. As she followed Danielle up the stairs, Snowy hoped that she would look all right in lingerie. Danielle took another few shots, and then paused while Jerome regarded Snowy. "It actually gets a lot bigger, if you'd like to see it." Fascinated, Snowy forgot all about the camera.


first-time 8828 2018-07-31

Those look so sexy on you." Molly walked over to Kelly and without reservation reached out and pulled up the waist band ever so slightly, brushing her hands against the skin just above Kelly's pussy causing her to ever so slightly shudder and exhale at the same time. Kelly thought it was a bit extreme to shave all the way though she loved the way it looked on other girls. At first Kelly said she did need a bra but Molly convinced her that her tits would look much better in even a minimal bra under the dress. "I think we have found the perfect combination: sexy lingerie on a very sexy girl," Molly said as Kelly giggled with embarrassment.

My Husband’s Birthday Present

first-time wvwife4u 2018-07-31

Randy asked me to come up to his room but I told him I wanted to dance a little more. Here we were dancing with people all around kissing, I was rubbing his cock he had my dress pulled up and now had 2 fingers in me and my tits were being squeezed and barely inside my dress. The song ended and I took Randy by the hand and walked over to introduce him to Ray. He was nervous but Ray shook his hand and told him it looked like we were having a good time. When we got inside I asked Randy and Ray to sit in a chair, and moved Ray’s chair to the side so he could watch.


first-time bloocat 2018-07-31

I said "I can see your boob Kymmie and it's making me horny." Kay giggled and pulled her legs up against her chest in her short skirt I could see the backs of her huge thighs and lots of dark hair poking out of her blue panties. As she felt my cock start to jerk she pulled her head away in time for my first spurt to land in her hair and the next few go on my shirt and run down Kay's hand. With her shorts right off and Kym now fully naked as well she rolled Kay onto her back and began rubbing her huge hairy bush with the palm of her hand and letting one finger slip between a very thick pair of lips.