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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Story of a Girl Ch. 01

first-time tyralyn 2018-07-31

It's a long trip by bus and it's rather cold to wait in this outfit." We both stood and walked to his car, he put a hand on the small of my back to keep me from slipping on the icy pavement. I tried to arch up against him, he stilled me again, kissing me softly as he started to stroke in and out again, this time not stopping as he thrust hard, breaking the membrane. I groaned softly, the new position making me shudder more, my head thrown back as I stroked my breasts, pinching and tugging at my nipples, orgasm so close now that it was only a matter of time.

The First Time

first-time Badgermice 2018-07-31

She giggled and lifted the sheet with her free hand and slipped in, the pillow was now completely away from me and all I could see was Sarah’s form outlined in the sheet as she hovered over my penis, I felt her warm soft hand slowly grip my shaft, I moaned out more, another giggle from Sarah, I felt her start to stroke it, my hands gripped the quilts that lay beneath me, I arched my back slightly, I heard her voice from beneath the sheet.

The Geek Ch. 02

first-time BANJAR 2018-07-31

Immediately the hot water hit me in the face so I moved forward and pressed my now stiff and throbbing cock right into the crack of her ass. Now that the shower was turned off, the walls of the shower stall acted like an echo chamber and we could actually hear, along with our huffing and grunts, the squishing sounds of my cock sluicing into this randy 24 year old woman's ass. She turned the shower back on and washed my cock, her ass and the sweat from both us. Once again the walls of the shower stall echoed, this time with the sucking and gagging sounds of a woman hell bent on bringing off a stiff cock.

First meeting with married dom

first-time bibialex24 2018-07-31

I moaned as his hand rubbed up and down my hard cock, his other hand moved down to my arse, groping my bum cheeks exposed by the black lace thong he had made me wear. His hand gripped my hard sticky cock in my panties as he fingered me, opening me up. I was moaning as he pushed it further inside me, telling me I'd be taking his fat daddy cock up me tonight. Standing up he then greased his cock up, making it hard and slick as he wanked himself, watching me lying on the bed with my legs still wide open. The he started fucking me, slowly at first, moaning and telling me how good my tight arse felt on his cock, then picking up speed as I opened up to him.

Milf. Part One.

first-time 2018-07-31

I just want a good hard dicking from a young stud like you. best, but I love it when a soft cock gets hard in my mouth. Okay, now be gentle at first, I like it a bit rough, gentle on a lady and she'll let you know how she likes it." She feel my pussy a bit before you step back and look at it; it'll moaned as he bit at her both hard and gentle at the same time. to stab his cock into her pussy hard and quickly. He finally went soft for the last time as she sucked him clean get some pussy from another willing young woman; its not a good

Swinger couple

first-time Srqm4fun 2018-07-31

We chatted a bit more and exchanged pics and he dropped the bomb on me....his hot girlfriend wanted to try dvp, which is double vaginal penetration. We made plans on a wednesday evening to meet at his condo in Venice after they went to dinner with friends and had a few drinks. She looked just like her pics but maybe even a little hotter. Her pussy looked really good with a little strip of hair and nice color. A dvp isnt as easy as they make it look in the videos especially if you are on the bottom but we managed to stuff her pussy and stretch it out pretty good. It was a little weird having my cock next to his but the weirdness actually helped me not come too fast.

Night with the business man

first-time rameshmade4u 2018-07-31

“Mr patel”, fair bald average height but big tummy person waived his hand and started walking towards him with the drinks tray. He took the wine glass and caressed my chubby chicks with the complement of good girl, I thought little about the complement and was happy about his behaviour so moved on. I just touched my lips on to it and was told to open mouth to take it inside, it just entered my upper mouth and I felt like vomiting it. He took a sip of the wine, kissed my chicks and locked his lips with mine for few mins, feeling my ass with the hands.

taming the b**st

first-time lamblund 2018-07-31

14 wat an age jus whn ur b**st is unleased...for no apparent reasons....u sit on couch bam thr it goes hard lik rock...jus whn i was enjoying all this i jus wanted to feel another man's manhood...only person i cud thing of is my older cousin b*o..i was becoming desperate i needed to do something..he was 24 thn..i knw i had to take day i walk into his room wid massive hard on.... jus whn i was cursing myself for having done tht he makes his second atempt...thr goes his hand...i make my self strog n deside to let him tame my b**st....he thn slids his hand in my wet undies....meets my b**st...takes his i in his hands...tries to feel it...fuck it feels good damn....he mus hav great expettise taming ;unatic b**st....hi grips it my head n givs slow turn ..nice circles....fuck i never knw those felt so devine...


Ethan and Carrie Ch. 07

first-time jallen944 2018-07-31

As he started to lather it up in his hands, he saw Carrie moving her ass side to side in anxious anticipation. Holding his organ like a hose, he rubbed the hard, swollen head along the groove between her legs and over her tiny opening. "Ethan," Carrie said in an insistent tone, as she tried to squeeze his penis in a slippery grip. She closed her eyes and let out a long, slow, hissing breath from behind her clenched teeth as Ethan slowly pushed his cock into her. That soothing warmth she felt was his hot cum flooding up her asshole, and that stiff thing was the entire length of Ethan's penis sliding out of her tight hole.

Tender Love Hurts Ch. 05

first-time ImmortalRomance 2018-07-31

One kiss led to another, and soon Jade and Erik were making passionate love beside the boulder there on the beach. "Jade," Erik said in a hot murmur, kissing his way down her sexy body. Erik began licking Jade gently at first, his tongue brushing along her seam and upward toward her stiff little clit. Erik looked into Jade's eyes as the dying sun hit the water of the nearby ocean, reflecting within her beautiful gaze. While they walked together by the lake and the moonlight glowed off the dark water, Kyle asked Alicia if he could kiss her. Kyle drew Alicia into his arms, kissing her with a growing passion. "Alicia, I've really missed you," Kyle said huskily, gazing into her dazzling emerald-green eyes.

My Secret Life

first-time deepemerald 2018-07-31

I was going to dance naked for a living and the thought of men wanting to pay to fuck me had me turned on beyond my wildest dreams. Max came half an hour before the club opened and he gave me some pointers to work on before the next evening. On the Sunday evening Yvette worked with me for another hour and then I had to do a table routine for Max and a redhead woman. That was not strictly allowed, but I'd been told that VIP guests were given those privileges as long as they stayed big spenders and didn't try it on under the strippers' g-strings.

New Year's Fucking Eve

first-time PumpCake13 2018-07-31

I reached for her pussy and was shocked to feel how hot and wet she was! She kissed me hard and pulled ME over so that I was on top again and with the skill of a ninja had my dick in her hand yet again, rubbing it on her hot mound. I kissed my way down her body and set my mouth to work on her labia and clit. I flicked her clit with fast strokes and circles and licked the length of her slit with long slow strokes, penetrating her with my tongue, feeling her warm juices.

Sex Studio Secrets #25: Lauren-1:

first-time petdyke 2018-07-31

Lovely Lauren longs for her first ever spanking of her bare bum by an erotic expert in the tasty treat Lovely Lauren longs to learn pleasures I promise her in my invitation to try my sweet sexy seduction! Lovely Lauren bends deep and looks at me beneath her hot hairy twat to play her pussy and come for me Lovely Lauren longs to be treated to a sweet sexy spanking orgasm no other lover ever proposed it her! Lovely Lauren is amazed how Professor Peter alternates between a dozen slaps and sweet sexy caresses Lovely Lauren feels almost numb but longs for more tasty treats and tributes by her hot Professor Pole

Sucking My First Cock

first-time 2018-07-31

“You want to know what it feels like to suck a real cock? “Well, you wanted to know what it felt like, so get over here and suck my cock.” Susan began to slowly rock her hips and make the cock slide in and out of my mouth. Susan noticed I was becoming aroused and she continued to rock her hips as she held my head to the cock. The following morning at breakfast, Susan told me she had thought about me sucking that cock and that she was aroused watching me. Feeling a little more at ease, I slid his cock even deeper into my mouth. He stopped thrusting and held my head tight to him as his cock pulsed one last time and I accepted his last load of creamy cum.


first-time jimewest 2018-07-31

After "fixing her face", Billie calmed down while Kelli changed into fresh clothes, a little sexier-looking than she'd been wearing studying, with an off-the-shoulder neckline sweater (with no bra supporting her prominent breasts), a short skirt, anklets and a pair of high heels, and Kelli called the fraternity house, where the meeting was still going on, and asked if she and Billie could come back and talk to them. Kelli took the lead, and, talking to Pat, said she understood there had been a little "misunderstanding", that she hoped they could overcome, and that they were there to request their support, again, with "different terms" than Billie had understood, and offered to help Billie "any way she could" not only to get their support for Billie for this year's Campus Queen Contest, but that she hoped they would consider giving her the same support in her bid for the honor the following year.

Backseat Mommy: Chapter One: A Long Hard Ride

first-time 2018-07-31

"Yes, I just got poked," I weakly responded, unable to not say something naughty, an amazing pleasure coursing through me as my son's, cock, which felt bigger than my husband's, was buried in me, his hands firmly on my hips holding me in place. "God," I moaned loudly, holding onto the word long enough that I assumed my husband would know I was coming right behind him as I was unable to not open my mouth as my orgasm hit me like a thunderstorm, my cum gushing out of me and onto my son's cock and lap as I again grabbed the driver's seat and pulled up, my son's cock finally exiting my overheated pussy.

Blue BBW Threesome

first-time Vicarageman 2018-07-31

The other guy started tonguing my hairy cunt lapping away expertly, my legs started shaking with the intensity and I pushed down onto his mouth and tongue whilst my boyfriend sat above my head me so I could suck on his cock, he knows how much I love having his huge dick in my mouth leaving me breathless because of the size and he was ramming it in hard the way I like it, he said how it was turning him on that he could also see my cunt being sucked and licked at the same time and I sucked harder on his rock hard cock as I came again biting on him gently as my orgasm took over.

My first prostitute...... when I was 16yr old

first-time 2018-07-31

She left the room and after 2 mins the old asian lady walked in the room where she also told me that I was too young and gave me my money back. When I got outside I called another place and they told me the price and location. This time when I got to the apartment a young chick answered the door and she let me in and led me to a room. She asked me what I wanted and I told her 1 hour and gave her $200. She asked me what I wanted and I told her 1 hour and gave her $200. When she started to put a condom on me I asked her If I could fuck her raw but she said no.

wicked one

first-time tight_virginal_ass 2018-07-31

todd just laughed & said, "don't try 2 fight it, bitch, u know u want this big fucking cock deep in your throat !" knowing that there is no way out of this, i slowly open my mouth & let the fat, purple head of his long, throbbing prick slowly slide between my horny, wet lips. as my cock exploded & my belly & guts clenched tight, gripping reggie's massive pole, he pulled my hips back & rammed his ass-r****g cock all the way in2 my clutching man-hole & i could feel his thickness expanding even further inside me, stretching me so fucking wide, then i felt the first spurt of his climax, spraying from his cock & splattering all over the slick inner walls of my rectum, filling me with wonderful heat.

57 Chevy Moves Ch. 01

first-time sdsioux 2018-07-31

"Got to go to the auto parts store first," I replied, "hop in and I'll have you home in a little while." Doreen had changed into a white blouse and dark pants and had undone the top three buttons revealing a little hint of cleavage. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better she pulled it out and squeezed both of her titties together and said "Lick both of my nipples at the same time." With her hand still on my cock but holding it away from her tits she said, "If I rub your cock on my breasts will you cum for me? She was rubbing my cock back and forth on her swollen nipples smiling and knowing what was going to come would be white and gooey.

My wife and her toys

first-time BushBuns 2018-07-31

With the event of time people too became more open and respondent about porn sites and soon my mates were exchanging tips and even web addresses they had been to. As I got more familiar with the use of the internet and various sites, I discovered more and more alternative sexual tastes and appetites. It was like a c***d with a new toy: surprised, not quite sure what to do with it, but visibly intrigued and a knowing smirk lurking in those sweet green eyes. Through all this she even managed to shove my cock into her sweet pussy, along with the toy – riding my cock and the dildo at the same time, while fucking me in the arse!

Fucking bit titted step daughter at last

first-time bigmacirish 2018-07-31

I pulled her forward, we kissed, then she got back up a bit leaning on her hands and moving her mound against my cock. I slid it in, lay down on her to kiss her and tell her “I have wanted to do this to you for a long time” and she said “I know, I see you looking at me, I think about you too when I feel horny” She asked “Is it OK, it doesn’t feel exciting” and I said “Oh you don’t get it, it’s beautiful, like a different pussy is doing me, I’ve been wanting to fuck your tits for ages”

Chisholm Trail Blowjob

first-time captjim51 2018-07-31

I looked over at my tent mate Josh, it was 1871 and it had been twenty days since we left San Antonio, Texas, on this month and a half long cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail to Abilene. I began to feel his enormous organ, I started at the top of his cock and my hand traveled for several inches before I felt his soft balls. I concentrated on each ball, licking and softly sucking it in my mouth, then I gave Bart his surprise, I began moving my lips down his shaft as the first three inches of his large cock entered my mouth.

shades of grey part two

first-time 2018-07-31

When Alexa suggested I come to a private club with her, I was a little unsure after what had happened before. I mentioned this to Alexa and she told me she had fucked him the last time she was there and that he was really good. I turned to him, and without any warning he pulled my little lycra dress off, and pushed me onto the bed. Shivering and covered in sweat, I put the little dress back on, tried to look normal, and left the room. I couldn't understand it......until I saw the giant movie screen, and me being fucked by the black guy, with my screams echoing round the club.