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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

my first time in a adult booth

first-time loveer6262 2018-07-31

i didn't know what to do with his cum i let sit in my mouth for a little bit but then i swallowed it all and as looked up at him he smiled and said "thank you, by the way you are really cute did you enjoy it was my cum good " i answered "i was good." he pulled his underwear up i could see a his wet dick through then he pulled up his pants and left i got up and sat down again. he said "lick my cum off my dick" after i finished cleaning his cock he looked down to me he bent down and he grabbed his underwear and put them back on and i could see his dick showing through because of it being wet then he pulled his pants up.

A Fresh Cream Pie

first-time alsobbbwlover 2018-07-31

I rub a finger up and down your pussy slit getting your panties wet. I bend you over the sofa, I get behind you and I slowly slip my hard cock into your very wet pussy feeling it grab every inch as it goes in. I hear a moan slip from your lips I work my cock faster and I know I will not last long. I start working my hard cock fast and my thumb and I hear you moan and your body stiffen and your pussy warms with your juices and I can’t hold back any longer I fill your very wet pussy with a load of my cum it is over flowing.

Amen Corner

first-time alexxxis 2018-07-31

I know the older girls were pissed about this skinny little runt who was barely bigger than her golf bag making the team but like I said earlier, golf has some great equalizers such as SCORE DON'T LIE. When I say cute, I mean 'friggin' adorable' with longish black hair curling around his ears; brown eyes framed with eyelashes that women would rip off him to use for themselves if they could; perfectly white, straight teeth that could be used in a Crest commercial; a long, lean body that probably had 0.0002 body fat; and finally, long, slender but strong hands that wrapped around my skinny little paws like how King Kong held Fay Wray while climbing up the Empire State Building.

Snobby Surma Ch. 02

first-time uncannybal 2018-07-31

"My father never allows me to go out to parties or talk to boys outside our house," Surma said turning to Rakesh. Surma was stroking his now rock hard cock, squeezing and rubbing the tip with her finger as she ran her soft hand up and down the hard shaft. Surma pulled his foreskin down and squeezed his cock hard making him cum and immediately moved her hand to cup the tip of his spurting cock to collect his cum in her palm. As Rakesh was washing his hands, Surma rubbed her breasts against his back each time nobody was looking. They went to the living room behind her father and mother and Surma walked in front of Rakesh, put her hand back and squeezed his cock once more, before she sat down innocently.

Very open and friendly f****y sex

first-time 2018-07-31

I was a woman in my own rights, a woman in her late twenties, highly educated and more capable of making her own preferred choices in life, so yes shocking as it may appear, feeling the powerful urge for sex in an instant, and mounting the first cock available, to satiate that urge for a fuck, is perfectly normal, between consenting adults, so I fucked my own father, but the resulting orgasm was worth it, it washed away the tedium and the tension, eased my furrowed brow, and as I fell asl**p atop the man who used to cradle me as a girl, this felt more reassuring as a woman, perhaps lying there with his cock still inside me, was more than a physical anchoring point, there was a big emotional anchoring point there too, I liked it and feel asl**p into a slumber I had not known for years.


The Doll of the Master

first-time klammer 2018-07-31

Every day I was looking forward to these people coming and wanted to make all so that they would be longer playing with me. One morning I was masturbating in my bed when my new mother came in and told to me, that I am my fathers son and this cannot be for longer her interest to accept this. After a half hour i felt pain in my penis and said it to my stepmother. Weeks went by and i was frustrated by knowing, that i had no orgasm all the time now for 3 months after the tube was installed through my penis. One day a week the friend of my stepmother came to us and he didn't wanted to play with me Scrabble anymore.

Women's Work Ch. 02

first-time WifeWatchman 2018-07-31

"I've heard," said Katherine, "that the Iron Crowbar is making noise about that, and about the new ambulance service that you're proposing the Council give a contract to. Asked for a comment, a spokesman for the Town & County Police has stated they remain on elevated alert status, but so far have no indications that any of these fugitives have dared to come onto the Iron Crowbar's turf..." "Okay," said the chief of the guards as they went inside the room, a large holding area with caged cells holding equipment and boxes. Turning to the other man, I said "Okay sir, did this woman look like one of the four women on that truck?" I showed a picture to the chief of the guards, one of Karla Warner.

The Mistress Ch. 03

first-time Emmanjoy 2018-07-31

I think it's one of the sweetest things that ever happened to me, even if it's not a nice feeling with a "might have been", when you still care for someone after so many years and happy knowing all your wishes for that person come true, even though she can never be yours... Emman: I am pinning you on the wall the moment that door closed...we're hugging tight...I'm kissing your lips...I'm sucking your tongue...just the two of us...we could do everything that we wanted to do to each other...we could be loud...not like when we were at your house where your family was around ...kissing your neck...licking your ears...biting your ear lobe...we're holding each other's faces while kissing ...caressing your hair...I'm taking off your shirt...your bra...I'm fondling and sucking your boobs...


first-time Otis136 2018-07-31

Two days later I was sitting across the table from this incredible woman who had left me with an aching hard on over 20 years ago. Towards the end of lunch, she asked me if I remembered that night and if I ever thought about her. After a coupl of months,she told me that her husband was going to be out of town for the weekend and that there was a summer concert she wanted to go to but didn't want to go alone. She began kissing me, and telling me how many times she had thought abought me over the years. As she sat back down to catch her breath, she told me that is was the first time she had ever received oral sex.

It Started With a Snog Ch. 02

first-time stevetruestories 2018-07-31

Penny looked her friend up and down, 'it was a bit of a turn-on he seemed so polite and sensible, but some of the things he was saying, I didn't expect at all, someone like Neil you know exactly what he is going to say.' 'Yes you did James, but,' she paused, 'I want to see what my panties were wrapped round and what you were bashing away on the other night.' Penny smiled as she sat herself on the bed, deliberately swinging her feet backwards under the bed towards where she thought James would be lying and then beckoned Neil forward.

En-Gauge-ing Love

first-time twelvegaugegirl1989 2018-07-31

His hand slid up to cup the back of my head, and the other moved lower, pulling my body closer to his. In answer I raised my arms above my head and he pulled the shirt off, leaving my chest naked as I had taken off my wet bra earlier. A low growl escaped Gauge's lips as he took in the sight of me naked except for his baseball sweatpants hanging low on my hips. "Oh god, baby, there aren't words to describe how gorgeous you look right now," he said softly causing me to blush again. Soon I could feel the head of his cock brushing against my pussy lips. "Gauge, really, I want you to fuck me now, please?" I asked softly, looking up into his eyes.

s****r fun.

first-time 2018-07-31

I had ran around the neighbour and was boiling hot from the hot summer sun so I decided to run home and not carry on. My big juicy white ass basically popping out of the shorts in my little red thong which was wet with sweat from the run. I ran my hand down over my tits and down my small petite body to my pussy and gave it a quick little rub threw my thong. I was caught up in the moment and ran upstairs slowly and quietly still just in my sweaty and a little cum soaked now red thong. I peaked my hear around the door to her room and seen her there naked and wet as the sun shone threw on her body.

Younger Man

first-time sexgodess0114 2018-07-31

He ran his hands up my inner thigh, around my pelvic bone and back of to my face, holding me there so he could kiss me. With my body being so close to his, I could feel his cock getting harder. My lips and tongue started moving down his body until I reached the rim of his boxers. I put the head of his cock in my mouth moving my tongue around it, teasing him. Not wanting to get him off yet, I pulled him out of my mouth and slowly rubbed him down with my hands.I was so hot and wet by this time. I let out a soft moan in his ear and started moving him in and out of me pushing faster and harder.

Girl Friend and I Become Step...

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-07-31

As I rubbed Nestlé’s pussy and clit, she went to moaning in my mouth, and then mom and Larry were right beside us with mom putting her hand on my hand, and showing me how much pressure to put on her clit, “I see that Nestlé is loving what you are doing to her, so just keep it up Roger, and suck on her tits, like you would if you were trying to get milk out of those beauties.” “You will straddle Roger again baby and lower yourself down on his cock, but before you put his cock in your pussy you might want to rub the head of his dick around between your pussy lips to get it wet, or you can give it a few more sucks with your mouth to make sure it is wet, then put it in your pussy.” I heard Larry tell Nestlé as I got on my back again.

Angie's Education Ch. 1

first-time CNDPhD 2018-07-31

“Hi!” the girl said “I’m Tina, you must be Angie… this is so cool!” Angie met her new roommate and the girl’s parents she began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. Continuing to organize her items, Angie realized it would take a minor miracle for her to fit a word in edge-wise as the good natured girl continued to fill the air with interesting but ultimately meaningless details about her high school friends, their problems, and how happy she was to be “FINALLY” going to college. As Angie turned away, she accidentally caught a glimpse of dark areolas and large, hard nipples, as well as a small patch of dark pubic hair as Tina bounced around the room to the music.

Sadie Shows Mike The Way

first-time edgiver83 2018-07-31

I felt her legs moving apart and her mouth close to my ear breathed, "Lower, Mike. But here was Sadie with her head in my lap, her mouth gently sucking on my spurting cock and taking every drop down. "Oh, yes, we're there, Mike." And as she said it I felt her tongue licking the length of my semi-hard cock. Came the night when Sadie was cumming like a mad woman as I pounded into her, yet even as she was gasping her appreciation of such an orgasm, I was able to go on thrusting and plunging to bring on a second one.

Breaking Sammy In

first-time MarmadukeHoggingtoff 2018-07-31

There was no turning back now, Sammy had been pushed around her whole life and as she lay there getting fucked for the first time, ridden bareback by a stranger, she could see this trend was going to continue. The man who last night claimed he was unaware that she wasn't on the pill now knew full well that she was completely unprotected, yet regardless, proceeded to give her a good hard bareback fucking. Having experienced little pleasure from the brutal defloration she'd received the night before, she returned the following night a sexually initiated woman and although her concerns about pregnancy were never far from her mind, she couldn't help but lose herself somewhat in the good fucking that she was receiving.

A Night at Delta Chi

first-time AUBandGuy 2018-07-31

Sighing again, I headed out the door; I decided to just walk to the party, seeing as it was just a little ways away and I didn't want to leave my car there after a night of drinking. She said, "I've already gotten an M.I.P. and my parents said that if I got caught drinking again, they'd pull me out of school and have me work from home for a year." I looked to my right and saw a door in the fence and said, "My place is a five minute walk, we can head there until we both sober up and then I can drive you home."

After The Swim

first-time mtnaire 2018-07-30

I must admit I was anxious as her hand slid into my shorts and she took a firm grip on my hard cock. We kissed more as my fingers worked their way into her wet pussy and she single handedly stroked my hard cock. “Does that feel good?” she asked as she caressed my rock hard cock and gently caressed my balls. With one hand at the base of my cock and the other on my thigh, she opened her mouth and put the head of my cock between her warm soft lips and slowly started sucking. She reached down between our legs and gently guided the head of my cock between her soaked lips till it found the opening of her hole.

My first time. with a step aunt.

first-time paguy13 2018-07-30

She swam up to me and said would you like to see something cool? She asked do you like this I said yeah kind of neat. She asked my Uncle and my Mother Can J come back tomorrow and clean the pool and cut the grass I’ll pay him something and he can swim some more. she said good I am going to teach you. SHe spread her legs and said come closer get on the bed silly. This was new like heave felt so good in seconds I thought I was going to explode. I did as I was told she started to say yes like that n was grinding down on my face t meet what I was doing.

Thankk you Liz

first-time roblor2791 2018-07-30

Stepping out of the shower we grabbed a towel each and dried each other, Helen paying much attention to my cock and me to her fanny, she knelt down as she dried my legs and ankles and as she came back up she kissed the end of my cock, took it in her hand and pulled me by my cock into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed which had already been pulled down, Helen opening her legs wide and saying “ My pussy needs a nice wet tongue” My face descended onto her fanny as though it was meant to be there , I gently licked here cunt hole, then the inside lips of her cunt making them wet with my saliva as her juices which were beginning to flow, I knelt on my knees and placed the tip if my cock against the warm wet flesh of her cunt, I raised her knees up and back with her feet near my shoulders, as my cock slid up and down between the rosy red lips and up to her clit, “Oh God” she said as I continued, “put it in me” so I continued exciting her even more, her hips started moving up and down trying to get more pressure from my cock on the lips and clit.

Loving on the Levee

first-time Rumple Foreskin 2018-07-30

Debbie looked at her best friend and gave him a big, I-know-a-secret-and-you-don’t, smile. What she hadn’t mentioned was that the dream did a lot more than just get her out of a bad mood—it had reminded her just how much she’d fallen in love with Mike Floyd, her life-long best friend who, if she had her way, would soon be a whole lot more. Debbie had been trying to break them up all summer, but she’d told herself it was because she despised Rene and knew the little tramp would be so bad for Mike. God knows I didn’t want to stop and it damn near gave me the bends,” he said, giving her a rueful grin.

Justin and Amanda Ch. 01

first-time Bman11973 2018-07-30

"Oh My Justin, keep doing that, right there." Amanda took my head and pushed it closer to her pussy and that gave me the hint. "Holy Shit Oh God yes, Keep humming baby, I love it." With Amanda's voice filled with moans of pleasure becoming even louder and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. "Oh Fuck right there Justin, keep going, that's it make me cum." "I am going to cum so hard, Oh God." Her moans I am sure were heard throughout the hotel as she was in the best pleasure of her life. "Wow Justin that was completely amazing, we are definitely going to be doing this for a very long time." She said erotically.


my first threesome

first-time mcglasgow 2018-07-30

We had discussed on-line how we wanted this to go but also just do what felt natural so i let Paul take the lead with the other girl while i watched at first as he leaned over and kissed her several thoughts ran through my head most of them horny then as his hands explored her body sliding over her dress squeezing her breasts though her dress down on to her legs running up and down them sliding slowly under the dress between her thighs i felt my heartbeat raise a little as my hands went onto my own legs touching the top of my thighs i was sure i could feel my pussy moisten then they stood up in front of me kissing as she undid his shirt dropping it to the floor he unzipped her dress as his trousers were undone a bit her hand rubbing his crotch 'mmmmmm getting excited are we' said Sarah as Paul slipped her dress off her shoulders to the floor.