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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gym Teacher

first-time sanchez4490 2018-07-30

My definition to this day of my perfect man is someone from 35 to 50 years of age, white, somewhat tanned, good amount of hair, and an athletic build while looking like a daddy bear. My school had 4 boys gym teachers who were all good looking men, but one of them stood out to me. During a last period gym class, near the end of the year, we were working out in the weight room.I would always be staring at him during class. Sometimes, he caught me staring and I would immediately start doing something; acting as if nothing was going on. At the end of the class in the weight room, I asked him for some help with techniques for a leg press machine.

My First Male sex experience

first-time hotmalefun 2018-07-30

Bobby answered the door and welcomed me inside where Luke an Chris were already seated on his couch listening to music and drinking a beer. All the guys laughed and continued teasing about my birthday spanking and I heard Chris and Bobby tell Luke if it was my birthday I needed to be in my birthday suit. I don’t understand why but it was true, I had a small sized cock at about 5” rock hard and while Luke spanked my ass despite the pain I felt incredibly turned on and by the time he was finished had a full blown hard on. I felt hands on my ass and and my cheeks being spread open and soon an oiled finger being pushed into my tight tiny little virgin hole.

The Hot Night of Forbidden Passions

first-time SensualBeauty 2018-07-30

Sheila said "I want you to open for me, my beautiful pocket Venus." Lyndith spread open her legs and Sheila moved her fingers down over her mound to rotate them around her pearl and watched her friend's face, the passion etched across it. She whispered in Lyndith's ear with a rich huskiness to her voice, "It's your turn my sexy beautiful friend."Standing up gracefully she leaned down to tenderly kiss Lyndith on top of her golden hair, her hands smoothing their way down her rich womanly curves to touch her breasts and pinch the nipples. Sheila said "Relax, please my sweet beautiful friend." Licking and kissing her nipples one more time, she moved her hot sensual mouth over Lyndith's tender supple body.

She loves her

first-time 2018-07-30

Mary then found the hole to her cunt and began to push a finger in her. Tongue fuck me." Mary licked and sucked till Pam had cum so many times Mary's face was drenched in her juice. As Mary fucked pam's ass the rod in her pussy made her cum many times. Then you can look at them in the mirror." Pam agreed so Mary removed her fingers and spread pam's legs and began to suck and put hickeys all over her pussy lips and on the inside of her legs close to her pussy. Mary then pushed her tongue into Pam's ass deep as she could and poked four finger in her cunt and began to fuck Pam hard with no mercy.

A New Step Ch. 1

first-time ZeypherValkyrie 2018-07-30

Looking down at me she yelled, “everything is fine I'm changing and I fell, I'm all right!” We heard the footsteps leaving and I came out and smiled. She did a trail of kisses too, she forced my pants off and she got in front of me and began to suck like no tomorrow. We lay together in her bed, our virginities lost to each other and I kissed her softly and we looked up at her ceiling, we were friends and our relationship had just moved to a whole new level but instead of pondering what the future held I was just glad I lost my virginity to a girl I was head over heals with and we dozed off in a loving embrace shared by a new type of special bond.


first-time hondo1906 2018-07-30

"God Damn that taste so good I want more black come in my mouth." The boy on the bottom was squeezing her tits hard and I could tell he was getting very excited by the way he shortened his strokes and began to shake, gasping "Here it comes lady, take it all." Grunting loudly, he raised and lowered his hips sending his black seed deep into my wife. Coach let her suck him until he was completely hard and then stood behind her taking his place where the youths had been with his cock pointing right into her open hole.

Amy’s Dawning Desire

first-time Intimate Confessions 2018-07-30

I was in total agony, my rigid cock straining against my jockey shorts, when in the silence that followed the couple’s passionate outburst, I heard the unmistakable sound of one of the guys lying on the floor nearby masturbating. Again from the floor of the living room came the sound of someone masturbating, this time I couldn’t tell if it was a guy or a girl doing it. Just as his cock erupted, the door opened and the girl with the pale legs in the jersey emerged, brushing past him as he helplessly squirted stream after stream of come that spattered on the floor as he watched her make her way back to her place. Amy didn’t reply and then she said, “Why don’t you slap your cock like he did”.

My teacher

first-time 1120scott 2018-07-30

( I didn't notice that till I was walking out) I had the feeling come back and I stood with my legs a little farther apart watching him do a problem. I stood next to him, and when he gave me the problem to do, he put his arm around my waist with his hand just touching my pants. Instead of writing a math problem, he looked up at me and rubbed his hand over my crotch, pressing against my dick till I was hard and smiled. He reached into my pants with ease and ran his fingers over my dick till I was hard. With both hands he slowly pulled down my underwear, I reached up to stop him but he said it's alright, finish the page.


first-time YankyPanky 2018-07-30

I knew i loved filling this women with cum, sitting back to smoke some herb, then continuing...feeling that smoosh of pushing thru my cum mixed with her sweet crotch was near heaven. Her insides were wet with cum, it felt like warm KY jelly sliding down my dick everytime she rose up slowly. The thought of her husbands cum finding its way to my ass crack and that turned it up soo much for me... She was really sucking the juices off by balls really good when i buried my face in her pussy filled with mine and her husbands cum and just sucked away with delight.

Tied to Sam

first-time Sara2000Z 2018-07-30

We're halfway into the programme when I wriggle my toes, trying to relieve the tension of watching imaginatively macabre criminal behaviour – Nordic noir, and all that, loving it – and Sam shifts around a little bit, dropping his hand from the back of the couch to my ankles. 'I don't really know, Sam. Just didn't feel like I wanted to do more at the time.' He drops his hands to push the dress off my shoulders and down my arms as I release it, button by button, pulling it open, his eyes moving between my face and my breasts. I turn my head away from Sam's, wanting to see what we look like together.


Birthday Surprise From Janice

first-time Rex Siter 2018-07-30

She was too close for me to see lower but her breasts were as rounded and high as I'd always thought, and as the water streamed through that golden hair and down just as I'd earlier imagined she said," No point in wasting water, is there?" Her voice broke into my confusion, as she took my hands and placed them on her water splashed breasts."Let's get dried." And she turned off the shower. She stood up straight her breasts jutting towards me and said, with just a slight sensuous clouding of her eyes, "I've been looking at you for a long time. As though she'd read my thoughts, her hand reached out and grasped my aching eager cock and drew it, as she turned her body, to butt against her nipples.

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 02

first-time CABONE 2018-07-30

"I told you yesterday to call me and since I saw the guys last night, all I can think about is you and how you're gonna be leaving." The tone in Joni's voice had changed from a teasing tone to one that sounded almost shy. "Thanks for asking me," Joni said, "I was afraid after I laughed you might be mad." Chris is not going to wet himself like that dork Frank did, but I can see he's getting pissed." Joni said as she rescued me. "OK, OK, sorry kid, I just get a real charge outta fuckin' with Joni's boyfriends." John said, sticking out his hand.

Chance Meeting

first-time Jmuncut 2018-07-30

After a couple beers and sitting in the Hot-Tub unwind and relax" she said "I though they close it at 9" I told her " They dim the lights you can use your key card to get in"  Started thinking about how hot Mary looked it didn't take long before my cock began semi-hard. She said "It sounded like a good idea to sit in the hot-tub. Seeing her breasts near the top of the water a very attractive women it the hot-tub with me my cock began to get hard! She said "I'm so horny I need a cock !" She sat on the edge of the tub opening her legs!

Lisa's Confession Sessions Ch 2 Rubbing and

first-time 6988slutty_rbckyy 2018-07-30

Gwen placed my hand on her ‘outty’, I soon leaned was called a ‘clit’, and began gently rubbing my fingertips around in a circle. Gwen told a white lie, but very convincingly, “Well, girls can sometimes be jailed for watching things they are not supposed to. An hour later Gwen, wearing the clothes we wore to the mall, but substantially more makeup, especially on her lips and eyes, pranced downstairs and welcomed Ricky. Gwen knew that was all for show and that a minute after they closed the door I would be in my hiding place in the guest bathroom watching in the dark though the open door.


first-time mustanger7up 2018-07-30

Tammy never said anything, so this time I touched the edge of her swim suit on her crotch, running my finger slowly on it, and she edged her ass towards my hand, like she was wanting me to touch it. She then took her bottoms off, and I saw her gorgeous hairy pussy, Her hips flared out and her tan legs ran up to a white panty space with her dark pubic hair contrasting against it. My dick was throbbing, so I kissed her again wanting to taste her mouth again, she smelled like coconut from the sun tan lotion I had out on her, as I kissed her neck. Then as she slid back down Tammy held my dick up and her pussy open with her other hand and inserted it into her.

Kitty's Bi Surprise Finale

first-time Wanderer53 2018-07-30

As I said, made my cock hard just looking at her!When Lisa saw Kitty sitting there with her pretty Summer dress in shambles, her big tits hanging out with hard erect nipples, her legs spread wide with Lisa's she-male b*****r's cum running out of her cunt, she walked right up to Kitty, smiled that sultry innocent doe eyed smile, and dropped to her knees. She came too with Lisa still moving the dildo around inside her making it's big fat head explore every tiny bit of Kitty's tightly stretched pussy walls. She came hard on Lisa's rubber cock as she stared at Layla's dick pumping my tight, no longer a virgin ass, full of hot cum.

Michelle and I Make Love

first-time EroticaSeanStyle 2018-07-30

Michelle, ever the dresser, was wearing a white dress shirt -- I think she may have stolen it from my clothes hamper when she slept on my couch last week; we were too drunk to make love, so we had to push it back a week. I prefer to see someone a little closer to me in her bra and panties." I reach out to rub the arm I slapped as we kiss. Michelle raised her ass off the bed as I pulled her pants down her legs and off her body. Then Michelle took the offensive, kissing my neck, rubbing my chest with her hands, until she dropped her hands to my lap.

There's a First Time for Everything

first-time SSlutred74 2018-07-30

she landed a part-time thing there and danced, in secret, from the rest of her family every Thursday and Friday night, all summer long until she went back to college in the fall. Anyways, one night her normally nice tame brother-in-law had a face full of whiskey, and his gorgeous little sister-in-law was sitting WAY too close to him... Her body was absolutely flawless, perfect like only a nineteen year old body can be, and only a brief moment of self-consciousness flashed across her face before it glazed over completely with lust as the AC/DC started to thunder out of those ancient old Cerwin-Vegas. I watch as my gorgeous little sister-in-law coats her long, suntanned legs with sperm.

Rubber Restriction Part 6

first-time revzillo 2018-07-30

The man in his mid fifties and of stocky build with as gruff a face as his voice, was standing with the right hind leg of a horse between his thighs,No and was deftly trying to shoe a rather frisky mare, who seemed to be giving him some bother "For F.... Miranda followed as only she could , behind Vanessa lifting the hem of her dress as high as she could and trying not to look too nervous as Rons stare came upon the split in her long pencil skirt, Ron gave her a lecherous smile and remarked "Nice bit of thigh showing there miss !" and he gave her a wink.

The Move Day 01

first-time Chrisbike 2018-07-30

I went to work on my lathe where I had a bowel that I was putting the final touches on with fine sand paper and emery cloth, the discussion with Jennifer the furthest thing on my mind, why after all, would a girl as breath taking as her be interested in me? Turning around I saw Jennifer walking up the driveway her black hair dancing with the gleam of the spot light on her, like a runway model, my breath taken away as usual. Yes it was defiantly bed time, turning off all the lights we went into her room, she light a few candles by her queen size bed pulled down the covers and asked me which side I usually sleep on?

Airport Surprise - Chapter One

first-time lasersight5432 2018-07-30

The door opened and Taylor walked out dressed in only a towel. The angel said I should sl**p in a chair and let her have the bed. The angel said I should join her, but keep my hands to myself. I looked and realized I never got ready for bed. Later my mother and father sat with me and we talked about. Then one night I went to their room and asked him to fuck me," she paused. For the next two years I spent at least three nights a week in bed with my mother and father. "All that changed when that mother fucking trucker took them from me," she said, with an edge to her voice.

You and I, part 1

first-time 2018-07-30

Been thinking bout him in that period and deloved him in a sexual way, but still had and have feeling of friendship (though in this story will be sex between 2 of us, u must know that this story is a sort of a mixture of my emotions for him) so I contacted him (just said: hey, so u cant get enough of porn do u?) and we became friends again. I decided, fuck, its time to finally move on, so with my sweaty hands I opened the doors and stepped out the car (bfore had to fix my cock, making it less visible), took my presents for him and started to walk (trying to act nonchalant) towards him.

The Train

first-time Military Mech 2018-07-30

Doug and I got on the bus, and stuck up a conversation with another serviceman, and a slut. Doug was eating this up, and I being the inexperienced virgin was mortified to hear a woman talk like that. Doug and I started talking with the slut while the Serviceman went and got a room. She flipped me over, and started riding me like a slut cow girl. I let the slut start to suck on my cock. The serviceman got in between her legs and started to stick his cock in her ass. As Doug lunged forward, the cum came spurting out of my cock in a stream like I had never seen before.

Problem Student Ch. 02

first-time spamwich 2018-07-30

"Nope, it's not going to work James, but I have an idea!" Mrs. Myers opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out an ace bandage. "Please move your hands James." she said softly "There's no need to feel embarrassed." Again, he complied, and the teacher was now staring at his over sized genitals, barely 18 inches away. "You really should have some support anyway, so I'm going to wrap this bandage around you to keep things in place." Looking up, she smiled and said "Just think of it like a custom jockstrap!" James smiled back, a bit uncertain. When she reached to pass the bandage around James' back, his now foot-long boner sprang out of the wrap and slapped heavily against Mrs. Meyers cheek.