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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Day After Her 18th...

first-time CNYWriter 2018-07-30

I looked over at Carrie only to see her right back eating her food as if nothing had happened. As I was paying the bill I asked Carrie what she wanted to do now as it was only 7:30pm and I hadn't made plans for after dinner. "My god you're wet" I told her while she was stroking my cock slowly through my boxers after having already removed my jeans. My head fell as I fucked her pretty face for a few seconds before she pulled away and quickly rolled the condom down my dick. Carrie's pussy was griping me like a vice, I knew I needed to go slowly at first in order to loosen her up a little.

The wifes boss

first-time curioucityler 2018-07-30

She said she went to her knees and started sucking on his dick. He led her to the sofa and sat back while she sucked his cock and licked his balls she told me. I started thinking about his dick and balls and wondering what it would be like to do as she had done. I was nervous still but I put his dick in my mouth and started sucking, just like she does. I took it out my mouth and started licking his balls while his dick played across my face. I knew that my wife liked to lick asses too do I thought about it but figured he'd lead me there if she had done it.

Innocence and Honesty

first-time Bazzza 2018-07-29

Hayley smiled, "I know what you meant, it's just that you'd do it the first chance you got now matter what she looked like." With his sun glasses on, David gazed back over her body, the black bathing suit hugging her bronze curves as she lay on her stomach, her thighs slightly parted on the towel below. Hayley went into the house and returned with two cold beers from the fridge, handing one to David she beckoned him inside. An aroused Hayley waited for David to make advances, she wanted to feel his hands on her body, to be touched in all her private places. They soon lay side by side exploring each others bodies, then Hayley rolled onto her back and spread her thighs so that David could explore more closely.

The Campground

first-time 2018-07-29

She set him on the bed kneeing in front of him taking his cock between her boobs and have him tittifuck her while her pussy was dripping cum and creating a puddle underneath her, and sucking his cock every time he came up, it didn’t take long before he started getting contractions and then he shoot a big load up on her chin and face, from where it dripped down on her boobs, but his cock didn’t relax, he even got harder, and me watching that made my cock hard again, what braught a smile on my wife’s face, so we had her going back down on all four and fucked her again into her still cum filled pussy taking turns and making her come three more times before first I and then Tony shoot our final loads on her back and ass.

Amnesia cum fest.

first-time ghost201269 2018-07-29

It was one day she asked if I could come over and hangout with her so she could talk about her boyfriend she had just been with. I came again after several moments and she got on her kneeze and licked my cum off my dick and keppt deepthroating my hard dick. She came while I was eating her and she pulled my head up and madeout with me while I cum on my face. we cuddled and watched more movies until her mom got home. I waited a few weeks and asked her "what started all that" and she said "started what" with a perky smile.

Unexpected Morning

first-time 2018-07-29

his hard body shining in the candle light before her……”close your eyes young lady and lie back”……lying down her body burning with desire…..feeling his electric energy next to her head, filling her nostrils with his scent as he starts to run his hands over her shoulders……strong hands moving down her body…..moving around her breasts……..her nipples already swollen with excitement, her body shakes as his fingers move over them…..teasing and sliding them between his strong fingers…..hands moving gently over her stomach down towards her open legs……..easing the oil into her soft skin…..just when she thinks his fingers are going to slide over her smooth wet lips he stops and runs them down the outside of her thigh……..lifting her leg he slowly starts to kiss along the inside of her thigh……his lips and tongue brushing over her sensitive skin…….lowering her leg his lips move closer towards her moist pussy ……..slowly moving his lips around the outside he kisses and licks his way over her flat stomach and up to her rock hard nipples……sucking a nipple into his mouth Eva gasps as his lips hold it tight…..flicking his tongue over its swollen tip!!

Cocking a Virgin Ch. 03

first-time kenya_tree 2018-07-29

After I had kissed the lovely girls till they were out of breath, I said, "Neha, will you please remove Pooja's clothes?" She stared at me. Neha got into the rhythm and put her mouth on Pooja's breasts, she started licking and tugging at the nipples. I put Neha's hands on Pooja's breasts and she started caressing, squeezing, pinching and tugging her breasts and nipples. I pumped fast and Neha sensing Pooja was near to come, increased her torture of her breasts and nipples. Neha increased her pull on Pooja's nipples and pinched hard till Pooja cried out in pain. Neha was moving her ass on my cock as I played with her nipples and Pooja with her pussy.


first-time crazyxxxcash 2018-07-29

Sammy twitched and glanced down at his penis…visible through the tube, and then he looked to his side at Sondra as if he expected her to say something…but her face was pointing down…her eyes locked on the clear tube in which his dick was elongating once more. She watched the woman’s hands and realized that the older woman was still playing with his sack…oblivious to the fact that he was nearly three quarters erect…that his cock was dangling just inches above her massaging fingers. “Linda’s not the only one who wants to get her hands on your big fat cock, little boy,” Shannon said as she tossed the towels she held into the sink basin and stepped forward towards him.

My first time Act IV End of the season

first-time orcyclist948 2018-07-29

After questions about whether Ronnie and I had any fun together, not with coach, the subject changed to "my special talent" I'm not sure which of the men brought it up, but he mentioned in a very complementary way that Bob says that you have an amazing natural gift. Ronnie could get his hands around Paul's beer can cock, but he couldn't get the head into his mouth and had to be satisfied with it pressing his lips open to the max. I couldn't see how much of Leo's cock was in my mouth but when I heard voices say “ A gold medalist here, Bob." Amazing, Ed and just a little more.” I knew that I was doing good.

My c***dhood Friend

first-time rickk1 2018-07-29

He said he wanted to watch the video called Cum Shots. As the video started, I noticed he was staring at the tv screen watching the first dick spurting cum all over some babe's face. G's face lit up as he then asked me if I wanted to suck a cock and when I said YES, he blushed then he asked me if I wanted to taste the cum too. My mind was spinning now, my cock had woke up, and I heard my voice telling G that I really wanted to suck a cock and taste some cum. His cock was dripping precum down his hot bobbing shaft as he slowly stroked it.

A lady no more

first-time Aryan92 2018-07-29

Then when every single Gold cloak is spent you’ll be tied to the city gates, so if by some miracle you’re upstart b*****r should reach Kings Landing he’ll be greeted by the new Sansa Stark...” Joffrey was now so close to Sansa his breath stung her skin like a razor as the last of his words slithered out of his mouth. Take it right down you’re whore throat!” Joffrey shouted whilst her mercilessly pounded into the girls, all Sansa could do was frantically try to breath between gagging on the king’s fat cock. Her already raw throat began to burn as she was thrown into what seemed to her would be her death throes as she began to feel her life f***e slipping away, it was here, when Sansa Stark felt the closest she ever had to death that Joffrey reached his climax.

Exciting day at the nudist beach. Our first experi

first-time jabof 2018-07-29

I was a bit surprised but pleased and excited when K****e said she looked forward to masturbating in the shelter at a beach some time. We lay together but with excited nervousness, I kept leaning forward out of the shelter to check the man's progress along the beach. She laughed and in a soft denial said something like, "there is no man there" and proceeded to open her legs giving me greater access to caress he lips, clit and glistening pink entrance. After a bit he said he wanted to collect his bag from the other side of the headland and after his departure K****e and I engaged in some more sensual touching that progressed to doggy style sex again.

Lindsey's Special Night

first-time AliceShayne 2018-07-29

She'd had a few boyfriends, but not that made her feel the way that Devin did -- and she certainly never felt sexy in her own right. "Lindsey, love," he told he, "first of all, I've never met a girl with as pretty a face or as gorgeous a body as you." He groaned like an animal, rubbing his face all over her chest. As she ran her tongue over his lips and worked more deeply into the kiss she realized that the taste was not the taste her own body but the taste of the deeply personal pleasure her boyfriend had just given her, and suddenly it became arousing to her. Lindsey could feel the head of Devin's cock now rubbing against her, its erection finally forcing its way through his clothing.


first-time catchercradle 2018-07-29

Ellen joined the karate class about a year after I had done so and I don't remember what her body had been like when I had known her at school but now her curves had my imagination working overtime. It was a hot muggy evening which combined with the wine may or may not have influenced Ellen letting her robe open gradually more and more as time progressed. Ellen let out a contented sigh and pulled my other hand across my body and placed it on her left breast. My kisses started moving down her body as I let a mixture of wanting everything to be good for Ellen, instinct and my reading of porn guide me. I sat up and pulled her body against mine as Ellen let the pain gradually wash away.


Fine line between pleasure and Pain

first-time ChestyLaRue69 2018-07-29

When he started to kiss the back of my knee it tickled and I squirmed.He began to settle between my thighs I could feel the heat of his cock going up the back of my thighs nearing my pussy. Not quite making me cum but Fuck I was dripping wet at this point my legs began to shake. That is when the first few drops of hot wax landed on my skin stilling me with pain and pleasure. Then once he was happy with my skin covered in the sweet melting wax he started to thrust in and out faster and faster until my pussy was tingling and my hips lifting off the bed.

My. Co-worker part 1:

first-time john1195 2018-07-29

hand on his shoulder and turned him to face me. left shoulder to the base of his head and neck I wiped his face with my left hand and gently pulled him closer and kissed him... I pulled back and said "me too" I led him to a back of the storage room he ran his hand up my shirt and pulled it up over my head then Hands working on my belt then he quickly and swiftly pulled my pants and pulled back out when he got to the tip he sucked hard then took me back deep then flex his cock in my ass it felt incredible... I said whose there, Scott it is Jenny are the drinks ready.

My first sex (part 1)

first-time adler24 2018-07-29

On the second day, I had school, and as soon as I came back, I slowly went into my room after I heard the water running in the bathroom, I put my bag, took my clothes off and slightly opened the bathroom door to get a little peak on her while I jerk off. So then I went to my parent's room, where she was sl**ping, and told her I spilled juice on my bed, and asked her if we could share my parents' bed for the night, she couldn't say no, so I went in bed with her, she always slept in a big shirt, with no bras or panties, and I slept naked that night, she couldn't see me cause the lights were off when I came in.

Dress up with my s****r priya part 1

first-time 2018-07-29

One day being extra horny after PE lesson where the girls were doing gymnastics in there tight clothes in plain sight I went straight into my room and started to masturbate. I just started to talk and try to explain myself I didn’t know what to say “Sorry I forgot to lock the door...what do you want? She said “you have to wear these and sit on the bed and wait for nurse Priya to tell you what to do”. I told her I was about to cum and she said “ok let me have a sample for testing” She went back In and I released the biggest amount of cum in her mouth that I have ever shot out.

Rob and Susie

first-time SlamDuncan 2018-07-29

Rob and Susie had been best friends since they were five years old, when the Bakers moved next to the Quinns in a quiet neighborhood in the small city in Illinois where they lived. Rob had been swimming naked before, but it was a new experience for Susie; the water felt wonderful rushing over her breasts and swirling between her legs. Classes at the community college had started, and every morning Rob picked Susie up and brought her home at the end of the day. A moan escaped from her mouth, a growl caught in his throat as her hand reached under his briefs and caressed his throbbing cock.

Coming home

first-time 2018-07-29

Then i followed him to his house, i was not sure what to do, this guy was fucking my wife for how long now? I looked at my wife and told her" here we go, suck his cock baby" Then i told her to lay down at the pooltabel, "so i can watch him fuck you while you suck my cock" I could feel my cock getting harder when she came so i decided it would be time to fuck my wife myself. Frank i and i fucked her hard and fast, and i t was such a great feeling to stuck in her and rubbing against his cok, and she liked it as well,

Aunty Ann

first-time rodma 2018-07-29

I was going like a jack hammer, as I fucked a women nearly twice my age and had her begging for more, feeling my cock start to throb and pulse, I groaned loudly unloading my full load, Ann shook and squirted like a fountain, everything got soaked as we rode out our massive orgasm, I collapsed on Ann still firmly rooted in her pussy, breathing heavily I sucked her nipples’ softly as I gained the strength to sit up, my cock slowly slipped from her pussy, as cum seeped out, with her pussy juices, oh my god John I’m soaked never squirt before and couldn’t help it, as I stood up my cock hung down Ann looked “John my boy you’re a true god send for women that loves sex” John held out his hand and helped Ann up both stood naked and started to get dressed, they sat in the car and drove home, chatting as they went, getting in mum and dad where home cooking dinner, Heather came storming in crying and run upstairs, I run after her and went in her room finding out she had, had another row with gob shite I hugged her and, made a joke about her getting laid by a guy that held on long enough to get his cock in her pussy Heather smiled “I bet you could john with that huge cock you have”.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 06

first-time Browniepoints 2018-07-29

Tears streamed down his face, as he said, "I love you, Claudia Fitzpatrick." She sat and pulled the door shut. She pulled out her cell phone and looked up to the studio window, "Goddamn it, Brody, open this fucking door now. Just before he closed the door, he stepped out and had one final thing to say to her, "Hope you're fucking happy here, alone." As he headed back to the SUV he turned and smiled at her, "Oh, and, by the way, yes, I did sleep with her. And then...Frank Hennesy mailed Brody a letter with pictures and videos of Shannon doing things that were so depraved, so scandalous they would make the typical housewife look like a fucking saint.

My very first experience with my classmate

first-time Slave4str8twinks 2018-07-29

My mum was a working single parent,so i had so much time to spend alone,by myself at home after the class....I was discovering my curves as a hormone-fueled teen in front of the mirror and observing what was happening to my body,this transition was scary but on the other hand,it was hard to resist my sexual desires and instincts..In front of the mirror,i was slowly teasing my own nipples,rubbing them gently and dreaming it was my classmate sucking on my tits..This arousal was causing my tits to swell and get hard like rose buds.. The good thing was,i knew his GF was a virgin and he wasn't allowed to do anything desperate wanker,i noticed his growing bulge a few times through his trousers ( we were going to a private college and had uniforms,hard to hide an erection with those cotton school trousers).

my baby sitter

first-time silverfox62 2018-07-29

Sure, said I, feeling her massive boobs nudging into my side. She leaned over my lap, her arm brushed against my cock, and began to massage my leg and worked her way down. She spread her legs a big, undid the zipper of her shorts, and took my other hand, and guided me to her piece of heaven. She came a bunch of times, nice and messy, my big hands fingered her pussy firmly, and one finger went inside her. fingering her hot spot and giving her a man rub on her big boobs. Maybe next time, I want to find out what you feel like inside. For awhile of cuddling, hugging, and stroking each other, she said she was getting tired, and wanted to sl**p.