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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time Blow Job

first-time 2018-07-29

I had always been a little shy of my curves…my full hips and my 38D boobs always made me want to hide away but as I watch you slowly unbutton your jeans, I reach for the hem of your t shirt and pull it over your head, holding you close to me, feeling the heat from your body against mine, no longer afraid. You twist my head so that you can see your cock make my cheeks bulge…and I smile at you…my eyes telling you that I want to take it a little harder. With your hands either side of my head, you quicken the pace, faster and faster your cock powers into me…my eyes beginning to watering now, tears streaming down my face as you assault my mouth.

Golf Club Wives Ch. 08

first-time mangrove jack 2018-07-29

Peter's mouth was dry as Darlene's heavy breasts rubbed against his arm and her hand kept squeezing and rubbing his cock through his pants until it was ready to burst. Twenty six year old Colleen Carmichael had felt herself grow a little hot as she sat on the bus watching Peter continually straightening the long hard lump in his pants. Peter looked up as she spoke and watched in awe as more and more of Mrs. Carmichael's long legs came into view. His mind was awash with conflicting thoughts as his eyes devoured the sight of Colleen's lush thighs and what looked like wisps of hair escaping from the sides of her tiny black panties.

we made love in my Chevy Van

first-time jabig6 2018-07-29

Through her friends, she kept asking me out, but I always said no. Then she asked me to a dance. About halfway through, the girl came up to me and asked me to dance. It was a slow song so we were dancing close. She was leaning against me when I felt her take her hand off my shoulder and slowly bring it down to my crotch. She stuck her hand in my pants and began to rub my cock. Then I went up front to turn on the stereo. When I turned around she was buck naked with her legs spread, playing with her pussy. We had sex 2 more times that night. It was great every time.

MY COUSIN part 2

first-time 2018-07-29

My cock now is starting to get hard as a rock and feels that pre-cum is wetting my red brief as i continued looking at Mike pleasuring himself. Then Mike opted to insert his still rock hard tool inside my ass. His whole 8 inch dick now inside my cold ass, and its like breaking the whole shit out of me like i wanna scream in pain yet it feels so hot and pleasurable... Pushing and pulling hard now, Mike continues to moan in ecstacy,, working so well inside my virgin asshole.. I faced him now, and Mike let me lay down on the table and started to stroke my erect cock..

Meeting a friend

first-time Tessa30 2018-07-29

I let a single finger slide into me, and then sighed as my hand pulled back up exposing my clit...I had to kind of squat down a little bit as there was no bench or ledge in the shower, but I was still exposed as my finger slipped across my clit, faster and faster. I am suddenly thankful that I had just experienced the amazing release I did, because looking at this beauty in her short dress, her legs exposed as she site on my bed, her breasts rising and falling beneath the thin fabric, I know that if I had still needed that release....Lexxii would not stand a chance to resist. Lexxii let her dress fall to the floor around her bare feet, her flats kicked under the bed a long time ago.

Making the most out of what i got

first-time hqkhaos991 2018-07-29

Rave isn't it pretty chilly out here do you remember the good old days when things where not as hard in location and all we had to do we keep away out of the police and I said that one day when you first joint that The crime will only get harder and look at us now,,,,Yeah thanks for that just had to remind me how it was when our mind is set killing or helping this person, you Know its snowing and well the winds heavy so we will have to use our remote arrows today....I know im not going down the road where you tell me everything over and over I love you do that for safety but please Stop Raven, Hey and shush there is something over there,A wolf out here but we haven't been told about any dangerous a****ls look there is a guy over there 12 o'clock can we take him,Not just yet lets see what happens,The howl of a wolf fall moon, Snow and its beautiful out here but the problem is There was more then one howl, all around in the distance we can be in danger Raven.........

Turn the Tables Ch. 04

first-time Pudmeister 2018-07-29

"Tell me why a cute little 18 yr old college freshman would want to shoot a porn video while being fucked by a strange guy?" I said pointedly Steve, hon go finish lunch I want to talk to Julie some more and I will be done soon." "Well actually, I was thinking about a story line where she seduces a nice young unsuspecting guy, who has alot of experience and will be gentle with her." I said smiling at him. Julie went over and sat on the bed and patted the place next to her indicating she wanted Steve to sit there. He pulled them off releasing his big cock and for the first time I saw some fear in Julie's eyes.

Best of two wives part 2

first-time bobcatexe36 2018-07-29

About 5 hours later they finished and called it a night he had cummed in my wife I think twice that night and she had got off 8 or 10 times like a wild woman. I still dream about how my first wifes ass use to feel when I was deep in it all the time and have my second wife close to me at night with still almost always a wet pussy it seems she has gotten from some man some where and she lets me enjoy it anyway I want?

A Brief Exchange

first-time NobodyWorthKnowing 2018-07-29

Jonathan's mind whirled, spellbound by her promising embrace, he filled with desire for his friend turned lover. Nadjia clenched her jaw; head thrown back, nails digging into Jonathan's back, scratching painless welts across his body. Her gentle smiles that rode the soft waves of bliss now turned to intense expressions of boundless ecstasy, and she felt her body arching and quivering, building a feeling that she suspected could not be matched even by paradise. Nadjia arched her back out, pushing her body as close to Jonathan as she could, her head back, jaw out, mouth open as her mind slipped into the beautiful oblivion of its own inferno.

Nick Helps Val with a Problem

first-time Cerby565 2018-07-29

She thought it would be a good idea to let me cum once so that I could last longer later, so she took my cock into her mouth and slowly licked around the head. It wasn't long after I had began to suck her clit that her hands were pushing my head into her pussy and she was climaxing, giving me a nice fresh stream of juice in my mouth. We lay like this for some time, her hand gently running up and down my chest, before she realized that she was leaking cum all over her bed. I quickly called home to let my mom know that I was staying at a friends, and what followed was yet another sleepless night, only this time for a reason I was quite happy with.

Shy Knight Tempting Fate Pt. 01

first-time dbp4281 2018-07-29

My sister's tone changed quickly into bratty child talking like she was a taunting little girl as she reached around the front of Carrie with both arms and said... Carrie then laid the underwear down changing her tone to a seductive woman as she moved very close to me causing me to take notice of her sexy demeanor and very quietly said. "Wow I fantasized about this after seeing your undies but never thought it would be so big, and sooo, hard, or happen so fast." She said looking into my eyes with such lust as she started rocking her pelvis pressing her pussy on to me making my dick twitch with excitement.

I Really Shouldn't

first-time Loki01020 2018-07-29

Frozen in place, unable to believe what was happening, yet completely undone by the feeling of his tongue going where, well really nothing but his finger once or twice, had gone before. If you let me put my dick there it will feel ten times better than this, I promise." He began to move his finger in and out slowly at first, then faster as her moans got louder. "Feel how hard you make me Hunni Bunni," he said, taking off his jeans and wrapping her hand around his hot fat cock. "Come on Hunni, let's just try," he said, and the next thing she knew he was kneeling between her legs, aiming his cock at her little hole, and trying to figure out how to fit them together.


Step Mothers perversion.

first-time ORGASMSrfun 2018-07-29

She would always wear a silk or satin chemise with spaghetti straps that would hide her swollen breasts, tummy and the top of her thighs but little else. My young, swollen cock was thrusting forward at a slight downward angle and rubbing the cotton material every time I moved. By now I was envisioning myself with my young soft hands grasping her hips, kneeling directly behind her while pulling my sweat pants down and positioning my strained cock against her tight, wet, silken cunt...waiting for her to demand I fuck her and letting myself enter her slowly and completely with one smooth long thrust. Would it feel as good as the soft cotton that kept my cock from her eyes?

My favorite sitter.

first-time badboy4320 2018-07-29

After my mom left, she told me that since I was so good for her, I could stay up and watch tv as late as I wanted, as long as I didn't tell my mom, and I went to bed before she got home without a fuss. We both fell asl**p the couch and in the morning when we woke up, we both acted like nothing had happened in front of my mom, but when it came time for her to leave, she hustled me in to the hallway on her way out.the door, and whispered in my ear that there were more things for us to try the next time she sat for me.

Barnes & Noble Girl Part I

first-time anderson0987 2018-07-29

After letting the bartender know she didn't want her tab open she reached to take a sip of her drink when she noticed a little envelope that was left under her cup like a coaster. Some just said things like “I want your cock.” Or “I have a tight ass.” To the right of the toilet paper roll, maybe a little higher there was a hole in the wall, she inspected it, and it seemed the hole was covered with a black curtain from the other side. She started to suck him hard and fast, grabbing the base of his shaft she took it out of her mouth and looked at the wet shiny hard cock in her hand as a challenge she had to over come.

Russian Shemales 2: Electric Boogaloo

first-time TransContinental 2018-07-29

I am feeling as though I want to kiss this beautiful woman who is actually my best comrade, when he takes a step backward, and without releasing my penis, sits down on the bed. Serge sits back, and I sit back on my bed, and tuck my quickly shrinking cock away. There are tall men dressed as women, but not looking as much like women as we do. The men are talking business, I believe, but stop when Ana returns with a drink for Svetlana and myself. Svetlana drinks hers quickly, and Ana motions for me to do the same, and when it is finished, tells us to go to the dance floor and have fun, but to stay out of trouble.

Daddy,The Newspaper, and The Rocking Chair

first-time mostlyroxy 2018-07-29

It feels kinda good to rub on your chair like that, doesn't it?" I smile at Daddy but it's only halfway cause the feeling between my legs is making my face change weird and it's making me feel hot and kind of sticky all over. Yours used to go to waste in the bath water but now your grown up enough to do it all on your own, and it's time Daddy gets a good dose from his baby girl, to keep him strong and healthy so he can go to work and make money so he can buy you all the things you want, like the little mermaid VHS."

oh fuck me

first-time stif266 2018-07-29

I licked the thin strip between her ass and her pussy for a few seconds before running my tongue up between her engorged pussy lips collecting a thin film of her tangy juices in the process. Before Ann had time to recover I slid my tongue between her very wet pussy lips and licked ... Ann started to push her hips at mine - wanting to catch my cock in her pussy. I could feel my cock starting to breech her cervix once again - each in-stroke seemed to be deeper until it popped through her cervix and my cock slid all the way into her pussy with my balls hitting her ass.

The Virgin Slayer

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-07-29

The young man looked over at me, nodded in greeting and then turned back to the bartender, "Yeah, let me have Sam Adams." He then looked up at me, smiled and reached out his hand, "I'm Yuki Watanabe, you're new here aren't you?" I couldn't help but think he seemed a bit out of place, I pictured him serving drinks at a beach bar somewhere in Southern California or Mexico, not dressed in a tux handing beers to drunken businessmen. Looking back to the young, and short man sitting next to me, I asked, "Yuki, what do you do for a living?" "Look, let's go sit at a table," he said, grabbing his beer, the bowl of nuts and nodding to a nearby table.

nurse nikki service patient

first-time 2018-07-29

I start to to take off his clothes, but an old man object and told me to take off mine since we are alone in the shower room. So at that time i have no choice to accept the fact of what did an old man told me. An old man told me ohh girl your so nice, ohh yes , yes good, yes girl ohh yes as he is moaning and don't know what to do' He told me i love it girl c'mon make me happy. I told an old man ohhh my god i want you to fuck me hard. I told him fuck me hard old man please, ohhh yes fuck me more please.

Hot Time at the Lake

first-time beccajane 2018-07-29

It was a hot sunny day and we went to the lake. This felt so good with the hot sun beating down on me. He kissed my neck and ear, I felt a wetness overcome me. His mouth continued to kiss me and moved down my body. My nipples hardened with excitement as I know there was more to come. He kissed my stomach and I arched with pleasure. He moved my bikini bottoms aside and placed his mouth on at this point very hot wetness. I removed his bathing suit along with my bikini bottoms. He place himself into me and I was overcome with a great pleasure, the sun beating on us as he deeply enter me.

One Night in April

first-time Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-07-28

A van pulled up about twenty minutes later and April jumped out Followed immediately by her Soccer Bag. She trudged up the drive and came inside much like I had done. "Really?" April said with a fleeting smile. "So is Brad paying you for this gig Mr. Babysitter?" April asked. "It was right about the time I started dating Meg!" I said aloud I ran my hands over her tight and toned body and sighed, was this really the same girl whobonly a few short years ago was having Tea Parties and playing with Barbie dolls? I pulled out and prepared to cum in my hand but April took control again, she grabbed my hog and tugged my nut out onto her tits.

Fucking Mommy&Daddy

first-time mariah567 2018-07-28

AUTHORS NOTE: My name is Mariah, 22 yrs old and a lover of all things sexual ;) if you like this story and feel like you want someone to listen to your filthy fantasies, then im your gal : D Do you want Daddy to make you feel good?" I nodded and he slid over to me, reaching for mybshirt and pulling the neck down so that my left nipple was exposed. I began drooling with excitement and when he grabbed my pants and yanked them off, i screamed with anticipation, to see him spread my pussy lips and see it running wet. He suddenly brought his finger to my dripping pussy, inserting his pinky into me, shoving the cake further in me and watching me squirm until i moaned loudly and went limp.

Slave Sanctuary #5: Full Moon-1

first-time petdyke 2018-07-28

From behind we take the tasty sexy slaves in both their horny hot holes till they orgasm for us all! Slave Sanctuary wants to avoid inbreeding so Professor Peter hopes for fresh male off-spring this time Slave Susan longs to become a mother one more time by Professor Peter's prick at her cervix's mouth Fast forward for some dozen years: we teach the three teen boys how to sexually satisfy my sexy slaves Freddy is fucking his auntie as well, as he loves their firm big boobs boobs and tight teen-like twats Fanny has inherited the tasty talent to please Professor Peter from her hot mother, my awesome Ashtyn Franny fingers her love lips all time, she comes every time she sees Peter is watching her tight twat