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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Time

first-time 2018-07-28

It was after one of our threesomes that I started realizing that I was as turned on by another man's cock as I was the threesome itself. I started wondering what it would be like to suck another man's cock, to feel it swell and cum in my mouth. When he had his cock out it was almost hard so I knew he was a little excited too. I licked and sucked around his head and moved my lips up and down his shaft. I started moving faster and I could feel him responding. When he started pumping I knew the cum was going to be there soon and I wasn't disappointed.

Debbie Does Skip

first-time wigwam25 2018-07-28

The girl dropped one of Skip's feet to the floor and continued to hold the other in her hand -- with her tits still inches from his face and trying their best to burst free from the lacy, low-cut bra. Again, he didn't kiss her, but instead looked steadily at her chest, as he pulled up her sweater and revealed the same lacy white bra that had let her tits loose those weeks ago at Charlie's party. Skip took the time to look carefully at Debbie's tits and pussy. She laid her head back on the pillow, closed her eyes and pulled Skip's ass toward her, as her hand guided his cock into the passage of her pussy.

At the Baths

first-time jakuk 2018-07-28

We rubbed and humped as long as we possibly could , both of us not wanting it to end , we were fondling each others arse and pulling our tits , and gradually started humping like a pair of demented rabbits , we were so worked up it just couldn't last any longer , we started cumming virtually at the same time , a wonderful long spunky come, breathing like long distance runners shooting load after load onto each others cocks and balls and bellys , ,

new fuck buddy

first-time discreetdriver27713 2018-07-28

"I don't want to cum too soon," I said as I grabbed a handful of hair and slowly guided her head and face as her lips wrapped around the tip of my dick, leaving a hot pink lipstick print around the head as she started to massaged my balls gently with her finger tips and taking as much of my dick as she could into her mouth. "I'm going to cum!" she screamed as I could feel my own release building and as I was about to release she hopped off of me quickly, removing the condom and wrapping her hands around my cock, jerking me off until I released my load, my cum squirting in long white ribbons across her abdomen and chest, as she continued milking it for every drop.

The Agency Ch. 04

first-time uvlas45 2018-07-28

Both Joss and his sister were not only enjoying sex together at home when they fuck like crazy but also with different friends. A couple of weeks after taking Sophie's cherry, Mum and Dad told us that maybe, and it may happen very soon they had to go away for a few days. As soon as I was behind my sister I pointed the head of my cock against her vaginal entrance before I started to push my dick back into my sis's hot volcano. There is one thing you have to worry about; be careful how to break Sylvie, otherwise, sure we will have ten days of real fucking fun.' Lisa advised. 'Well, one more thing Joss; before the holidays are over, mum wants to watch you making love to me(Lisa) and Sophie.'

Her Admirer

first-time 2018-07-28

She pinched her left nipple and stared into the eyes of her admirer. She now caressed both breasts with her hands which excited her admirer greatly. She was getting wet from not only the caressing of her beautiful breasts but of the stare from across the room. She ran her hand down her stomach until it reached into the front of her sheer white panties. Her caress went lower into her panties until she was rubbing small circles on her clit. She wanted to keep her eyes open but the feeling of her fingers running through her pink pussy lips and circling around her throbbing clit made it difficult.

The Wife's thought on big cocks

first-time beachbums 2018-07-28

Of course, now that she is occasionally sl**ping with other men, I am always slightly nervous that another man with a bigger cock will please her more. She admitted that recently, especially since her first sex with a woman, she has been having a desire to feel a big cock inside her again. Average men, or even small guys, have to make more effort to please a woman, so they learn to fuck like experts. (Of course, there are plenty of average guys who don't bother to learn, and it's just pleasant but mediocre.) As she has told me before: "Bigger isn't always better, but it's always good!" From her experience so far, the best, most pleasurable and joyful sex she's had is with average sized guys who are very capable and passionate.

I And my Boy Friend Fucked In College Time

first-time saraallen 2018-07-28

I giggled a little bit and whispered that my roommate was sl**ping and he said "that's okay, we'll be quiet." We laid down on the futon in my room and he slowly undid each of the buttons on my shirt. He took my bare breast in his hand and grabbed and it and tugged and it almost hurt but at the same time it felt so good. As we were making out, I undid his belt and slid off his pants...I took his cock and began to rhythmically move up and down on it. When he was starting to cum, I brought my mouth to it and swallowed every bit of what had come out.

The Beach House Escapades

first-time tribalsurf 2018-07-28

Once below her butt cheeks, which as I noted earlier are her most maturely developed feature --- round and firm and shapely and very nice to cup in the palms of my hands--- I use my fingers to urge her knees away from each other, spreading her legs so they are shoulder width apart. Now I take my right hand and run it up the inside of her right leg, beginning at her knee and continuing until my index finger is pressed against her vulva. Her breathing is now coming in ragged gasps and her erect clit button looks like a little man standing in a boat.

Covering my cock with Heather

first-time delmohawk 2018-07-28

“I suppose you’re right,” she teased “but look on the bright side; if we had not been naughty that time we might not have little Sophie here” “Don’t joke about things like that” I said, but it was true. I desperately wanted to suck them and as she sat down beside me I reached out for her closest breast squeezing it gently and closed my eager mouth over her large erect nipple. She stopped sucking and started stroking me looking up with wicked eyes “I want you to fuck me Daddy.” She said, “I can’t” I said, “you are my daughter” “Oh please Daddy; let me feel what Mummy feels when you pump her cunt with your cock; you know you want to.” She lay back on the sofa teasingly spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy.

Jim and Alicia Pt. 02

first-time of_ones_own_volition 2018-07-28

From where Alicia was sitting, the bathroom window was just above her head, and it happened to be open with the screen in, so when she heard Jim peeing, she said loudly enough for him to hear, "I'm outside babe, come join me, I have a surprise for you." He pushed Alicia's hair out of the way so he could see the mouth-to-pussy connection better, and then Jim leaned down and began licking and sucking Sophora's left nipple, which was already stiff from excitement. Alicia looked into Jim's eyes and smiled, then pulled away enough to put her arms around Sophora's neck and push her tongue into her mouth. Alicia laughed and leaned her head down to bite and kiss on Sophora's neck while she also reached a hand between them to rub her friend's clit.

The Subliminal Tape Ch. 02

first-time cumcannon1977 2018-07-28

"I gotta see if this thing tastes as good as it looks!" With that Becky lowered her mouth to Matt's swollen throbbing cock. "Damn you lucky bitch!" Mandy said from the front looking at Becky slobbering on Matt's hard dick. Amy moaned her pleasure at the taste of Matt's spunk and used her finger to collect the juice on Becky's face and tits and eat it. "Look Matt, if you listen to it for one and a half hours you will have each of us to suck and fuck your brains out as much as you want." Mandy spoke in a near-whisper. Becky and Mandy continued showing him pants as Amy really started to maul his cock.

The Women Tribe Ch. 01

first-time TussUss 2018-07-28

The woman started inspecting my penis, looking under my balls, pulling back the foreskin. Then the leader woman started talking and after giving some sort of speech the beautiful girl walked up between my spread legs. When night eventually came I was again tide up and brought outside to the middle of the village, where I saw another boy who seemed a bit older than me sitting on the stone altar tied up. She then started to jerk my penis again, if hurt as hell, I tried telling her to stop but she didn't understand me. Suddenly I could feel her grabbing hold of my penis again, slowly jerking it, it again hurt a bit, though not as much as the last time.

My first time

first-time Teddy1307 2018-07-28

Fuck it was semi hard I sqeezed it tight but then he pushed me against the wall and kissed me right full on the lips I was out of control running my hands over the tops of his stockings .feeling the silky panties no hair anywhere .then he grabbed my cock oh my god my mind flipped My cock had never been harder the he dropped to his knees and opened my flies slipped out the throbber and kissed it .although I was 23 I was still a virgin.a thousand wanks would never top this then he stood up,oh what's going to happen now raced through my head.this beauty then turned around slipped her panties down bent over grabbed my hardon and pushed back against me and f***ed my cock in to her soaking wet cunt .riding me when I blew she didn't stop .there was some sort of loud noise in the hall and when my mind regained control I realised it was me srceaming.

First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease 2

first-time 204hw 2018-07-28

She gave me a boob job for a little, and we had fun with 69er for a while too. This was the first time I ever even got close to a girl’s pussy before, and I was never even given oral sex, so I was delighted to how good the feeling was, and how sugary Amy’s cum was, and I devoured every bit of the juice that was left beyond the hole and around my face and hands. Both of us were dead silent as we heard her footsteps come closer, and closer, then finally, the door opened, and we were seen like a deer caught in the headlights of a car on a dark night.

Doing the Girl Next Door

first-time KenJames 2018-07-28

Much later, Linda gently pushed my face away from her breasts and whispered, "I have a present for you." She reached into the drawer of her nightstand, pulled out a package of condoms and put them into my hand. Although I hadn't touched my penis, I'd actually ejaculated a few minutes after I'd started eating Linda out, leaving an embarrassing spot on the bed sheets. Linda squealed as the condom slipped out of her fingers and fell onto her chest, splashing my cum onto her breasts. "You've got cum on your face," Linda said. As she was fitting the tight latex onto my stiff cock, Linda asked, "Have you fucked boys in the ass?"

Saving Maggie

first-time Nepenthe 2018-07-28

I didn’t want anyone to see me come with a guy, then leave with a cab, so I was waiting for the party to die down. My stomach felt queasy to think how close she had come to being raped and she didn’t even know it. When I handed it too her she gripped it with two hands, just like the drink last night, and said “thanks”, one more time in that quite way. I could smell her sex, and I knew she was just as wet as the night before, but this time I would have her. I set her on the bed, and without a word, without taking the big, tear stained eyes away from me, she pulled the shirt over her head.

My first sexual experience (13 YO)

first-time TalkDirty 2018-07-28

I am on my way to summer camp on the bus sitting next to Tyler and we hit a bump his face lands in my breasts ( i matured very early ) and quickly retreated and as he did i saw his cock move in his pants.....i smiled Back at camp i had to share a cabin with a boy cuz there was an odd number of boys and girls so i shared with Tyler. I woke up at 4:00 nobody else was up i lead Tyler into the bathroom and as he started to scrub my tittys i saw his cock move i smiled once again. About 11:00Pm i heard moaning noises so i looked around the cabin and saw Tyler jacking off with MY bra!

Decisions Ch. 02

first-time Maddog14 2018-07-28

"Little Miss Innocent is really one hot slut!" Enrique smiled and said, "I will have to finalize my plan to show little Miss Slut what a great fuck is!" he told Ken to go back to their hang-out. She will beg me to go all the way." Rob reached down, but Jill pushed his hand away. Rob lowered himself onto her again, this time his dick brushed her pussy lips, causing Jill to flinch. "No!" she said, "I am not ready and you promised." She curled her pelvis against his cock and for a moment Rob thought he might abandon his promise. "I am sorry Rob. It was as much my fault as yours." Her hand was on his zipper and the next thing he knew, his cock was out of his pants.

Scott Chadwick, Summer Associate Ch. 04

first-time Victor C. Anderson 2018-07-28

Wilson looked at Adele, wondering if he or she should tell Scott about her other plans for him. By the time Evelyn returned, Scott and Quentin were facing the pool, believing that presenting their backsides to the women was less embarrassing than frontal nudity. No longer aware of her surroundings, Evelyn left the towel at Wilson's hips, lifted his cock with both hands, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and took as much of the head in as she could. During the last week, instead of leaving the school, which I normally did, I got a chair and looked into the door window." Evelyn, Scott and Quentin looked at Wilson, confused.

D is for Deira

first-time legzzzzzzz 2018-07-28

She joined in and they were all laughing for a minute and then her fiancée said "get back to sucking" He figured out the light on his phone and took close ups of her snatch and belly ring while she kept sucking his cock. Deira wondered if their married life would be like this, sucking his cock while he took pictures of his pussy and talked to his little b*****r. "What is that?" Deira said, and little b*****r turned to look at her, full-frontal, just answered and continued the game. Little b*****r was talking about the video game again but her fiancée interrupted and pointed to Deira, specifically to her pussy: "Look at that, it looks like a vagina within a vagina," and he pinched it.


first-time 2018-07-28

The small but firm breasts looked so smooth in the picture he wanted to touch and kiss them. He wanted her to wear a little black dress he’d seen in a picture with stockings and heels , but she was too embarresed in case she looked like a tart! Soon he stood there in front of her, naked, smiling allowing another woman other than his wife to see him as nature intended, his cock hard and at full length standing pround inviting his new lover. He realised he had cheated on his wife, but the pleasure he was feeling in his heart, mind and groin was like something he hadn't experienced in many years.

Online Becomes Real World

first-time Rede772 2018-07-28

His body was long even when he sat in my small car, and I couldn't wait to finally hug him and feel his arms around me. This girl that can kiss a guy like that—this girl that's going to fuck him! My eyes fluttered closed as I trailed my hands down his hard chest, his stomach, and finally caught the edge of his shirt. "I loved the thong," he said between kisses down my chest and stomach. "I really want to taste your cum sometime," I whispered in his ear, "but right now I want your cock inside of me." Fuck me harder!" My head fell back, and he kissed my neck almost frantically as he thrust deeper, harder, and faster inside of me.

Afterschool Hours 01 - Intro to characters

first-time John_Phallus 2018-07-28

I sort of expected our math teacher to come in and begin the long class right away without delay. I would survive the long boring class by fantasizing over her tight, round, black ass. "We have new school safety officers - both women with nice big butts," Diamond motions with her hands in the air as if she were squeezing imaginary ass, "and we have two little white girls, actually women, working for Pedegrinno." But her hips are really wide and her ass cheeks are so, like, so lifted?!" I asked in awe as I beheld the bewilderment of Kimiyak's uniquely freakish shape of her white butt.