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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

More summer of 65

first-time rymare 2018-07-28

That night as I lay in bed, I thought about John, his cock, how big it had got and the way he had pulled and pushed mine, also the wonderful feeling I had when the “white pee” had squirted from the end of mine. As I lay thinking about every thing, I realised my cock was big and hard, I started to do the same as John had done, it felt really good, I pulled it, I pushed it and finally the head came out, “WOW” I thought, I can make it do that as well.

The Soccer Girl

first-time fuckingenglish 2018-07-28

Watching Carla's perfect round ass slapped over and over again was too much for Hank, and that sexy look she followed it up with was enough to make him never come back. He often tried to avoid her in his masturbation fantasies, but she always found her way into his head - waiting for him breathlessly in nothing but her soccer socks or yoga pants, begging for his hot, hard cock - but he knew that it wasn't going to happen, and did his best to censor his imagination. He was getting close, thinking of bending her over on the soccer field and pulling her shorts down to her knees, lining his cock up with her waiting pussy, when Carla walked in without knocking.

Finding a Roommate

first-time sexykamel 2018-07-28

With the thirty days coming to completion, Sean sat with me at the local bar on Friday night and said, "She has to go." I took a long swallow of my beer and asked, "Any particular reason?" On the way back, she directed me to what she said was supposed to be the best ice cream parlor in town and came out with a brown bag under her arm and a soft look for me. She looked up with her trademark quirky smile and asked, "If we try gin again, will it cause trouble?" Her hand was reaching between my legs and liking the hardness she found there.

Beloved s****r Kiran

first-time 2018-07-27

The feeling of my s****r's finger that first touch my penis head was like an electric shock sweep from it's tip and ran all over me. She grabbed and squeezed my penis like it would shut the spurting but, once she let loose her hand, more of cum spurt more on her gown. I buried my face down her pussy and working my tongue at the hot soaking clitoris, which sent her hips starts bouncing. I just can't stand the feeling I had to pull out and thrust my hips, the stiff penis of mine plunked half way into heaven. "If you didn’t then you should now." She said as she was thrusting her hip to make her pussy meet my penis, yet again.

A Mother and Her Son 8 Last

first-time 2018-07-27

Tommy walked up behind his mother and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck and squeezing her tight. Then she looked over her shoulder and smiled, saying, "Do you want to fuck me in the ass?" She leaned slightly forward and reached back, spreading her cheeks. "I know that I'm not saying this right so let me give you this and then maybe you will understand," Sue said, handing him a wrapped package. "Tell me Mom, tell me what you want," Tommy said holding his swollen head near her equally excited hole. "Here it comes Mom, here it comes, take it, take all my cum," Tommy responded, feeling the f***e of his load traveling down the shaft and into his mother's body.

The first try

first-time Everman 2018-07-27

Things were going well in school, the usual, medium to high grades, the teachers liked me, we were happy people. I cooled down and started thinking about geography, ever lasting drought before P.E. It was a strange new world this of mine, I had always been told men are to like girls yet, they never really appealed to me. And you have an A+++-he lifted his hand and it was dripping pre-cum, my dick was so hard it seems like it was going to burst through the trunks He started to take my trunks, and when I was naked he looked at my dick, 6,5 inches just twitching and he touched the head.

over the teachers desk

first-time dogtied 2018-07-27

the instant our moths touched he moved one hand to my bum drawing my pelvis towards his and our hips ground together as we kissed each other passionatelyb his cock pressed hard against my crotch i knew we should probably stop but i was far to turned on to pull away his hands were roaming all over my breasts making my nipples stiffen, and soon my top was up and dragging down my bra hungriliy sucking ob my tits.

Parents Out

first-time xenes 2018-07-27

My left hand makes its way back up my body to start rubbing my nipple. I rub faster on my sex, feeling my juices come through the denim, soaking them slowly. I slowly start to go faster, making jolts of pleasure make their way up my body. I rub faster, I palm my clit harder, the sounds of my juices against my fingers filling the room as well as my moans. "Yes, Marius, Yes!" I yells as my juices start flying out of my drenched pussy for the third time. "Ah, Jenny, what brings me the pleasure, mon beau?" Marius says, and I run my hands over my overly sensitive pussy.

Bi Boyfriend?

first-time APRILBLOSSUMS 2018-07-27

I would never want to hurt him but when I felt Michael's huge hard cock pressed tight to my ass my knees started shaking. Steve grabbed my ass pulling my hot wet pussy to his lips as Michael licked and nibbled my nipples. it was more than I could bear when Steve leaned backward pulling me over his face, his lips sucking my clit, his tongue sliding inside my pussy was ecstasy. Michael slid down on the floor and put his finger in my tight little ass as he started to suck Steve's huge hot cock. I leaned against the couch, playing with my clit, sliding my fingers into my soaking wet hole as I watched Steve pound his cock into Michael's ass, over and over, faster and harder.

The First Time

first-time touch 2018-07-27

I think it was good from the very first time I slipped inside her, from the moment that I first felt her soft fingers wrap around my hard cock, slowly moistening the head of my penis as she traced the length of her pussy. I like to remember that the first penetration was heaven, that something happened as I slowly slipped inside her, as we shared a simultaneous breath and surrendered to what we became together. My fingers left her hair to gently cup her jaw, softly turning her face toward me as I slipped down the bed, our lips meeting somewhere in the middle. She would gasp when I slipped a finger inside her, slowly, an inch at a time, moving inside her in the same way she welcomed my hard cock.

A Whiter Christmas Than Ever

first-time henlar 2018-07-27

A high-pressure front had not moved as anticipated and it looked like the snow was going to continue for at least 24 hours, perhaps longer. Lisa had a wonderful glow in her eyes and her cheeks looked just as hot as mine felt. There was a new pause until Lisa, giggling and with a daring expression on her face, began to push her duvet off using her feet. I didn't know what signs to look for and continued until Lisa pushed me away. It has stopped snowing and I found myself fearing that the road was cleared and my dad would come and pick me up, but the wind was still keeping the roads closed.


first-time cambriakid 2018-07-27

of thought told me that Sara had spent the night at a But one of Sara's friends, Leah, went a bit further In the end Sara tied me up and gagged Sara said that was that was fair, but I watched Leah That's when she and Dave grabbed Sara, tied her to the Sara said Dave wasn't up for Sara told me to do it, then told Leah to push her ass Sara told Dave to wash his cock and come back quickly. Leah was going crazy and Dave was hard in a minute. Sara gave me the camcorder and told She gave us a copy of her tape of me and Sara Anyway, Sara likes to watch all three tapes, and just

My step-s****r Sara!

first-time adel5000 2018-07-27

I woke suddenly to my door opening and someone walking into my room, I looked over at the clock slowly, it was 4:00 am, so I just stayed still until I saw in the moon light that it was Sara walking over to my bed wearing only a sexy pink bra and a matching pair of panties, I didn’t know what she was doing, so I started breathing softy and evenly and pretended that I was still asl**p.

Nothing Else To Give

first-time Angelpheonix 2018-07-27

Her face was always over her microscope, so intensely involved in her work I barely knew what she looked like. "I don't know, maybe these things are making it a little awkward around here." She says as she begins to stand up. "In that case," she says taking a seat directly beside me, she leans in and rests her head on my upper arm "Let's start the movie." I start to gently caress her waist with my hand, each time moving closer to her breasts. After a short time of this free groping I felt her tiny hand grab mine and gently pull it away from her breast.


Finding a Sissy At Work Part 1

first-time captjim51 2018-07-27

Tim looked like the nineteen year old petite little nylon clad baby doll that he was. Tim was wearing a small black bra, black panties which covered his small cock, and a garter belt and nylons accented by a pair of four inch stiletto heals. I just stood by the edge of the bed admiring Tim’s slim body, his clothes, makeup and wig made him look so feminine, the only sign that he was a male was his small erect cock sticking out of his black bikini panties. Tim then stopped sucking and said “ the lube and condoms are in the nightstand, use plenty of lube and be gentle with me at first, until I get used to your cock inside me”.

Lustrous Labia

first-time tantricattention 2018-07-27

He knew that for even the briefest and most casual encounter she would be determined to feel, even if only faintly, some rippling sensation passing over her clit. The risk of a trickle of pussy-juice reaching her ankle where he just might see it would appeal to the exhibitionist in her, serving to heighten her covert self gratification. Because he believed this he would have, during even the briefest and most casual encounter, looked out for the trickle of pussy-juice rolling down her inner calf. He knew that in one smooth swift motion he would feel warmth then hair then the glorious sensation of thrusting his fingers into her ever-moistening hole.

The Murphy Sisters – Jenny

first-time PrincessErin 2018-07-27

She knew that Jamie and Brett had been having sex for years yet her parents were in denial and believed her sister when she gloated that she was waiting for her wedding night. Jenny just didn't feel the urge to go all the way, especially with the guys she dated in high school and at her current job at a fast food restaurant. Jenny was trying to ride his cock but his hands were gripping her hips. Zach let go of her hips and she immediately started bouncing hard and fast. Jenny didn't say a word, only guiding his hand against her clit and rubbed back and forth hard and fast. Zach's cock was still hard and having him inside her as she came was amazing.


A First Timer's Tale

first-time PuckIt 2018-07-27

It seems like a lot of people want to hear about those stumbling fumbling bumbling real "no shit, true story" first times any road, so here goes. We'd been going out for a couple of months, maybe three, and hadn't done more than hold hands, kiss, and a little light petting (and very little of the last), when we reached that fateful evening in late October. My brain turned off and I forgot all about worrying about such things as saliva being a bodily fluid and thus capable of spreading some diseases albeit not the worst like that new HIV shit they were talking about in high school health classes and the news.


Lesbian sex in our own village

first-time pari4aj4pari 2018-07-27

Maid said this lady is nice she is about 40 nice body she have. Jiti said your maid is very nice lady. When Nalni put the tea on table Jiti also said why only 2 cups are u not drinking with us? Jiti asked does your husband mind or he don’t know. Jiti said that is great that u get satisfied every time. I said yes hairy fuddy(cunt) not tasty don’t like hairs in mouth. Jiti said she is glad that Nalni shave too. Nalni went to Jiti and started to kiss her on lips. Nalni asked to Jiti how did u like my malkin? Nalni said that is good/ would u like to get satisfied by man?

My First Sex Teacher

first-time 8inchesofsalaami 2018-07-27

I was an eighteen year old over-sexed guy who seemed to have a perpetual hard-on in Mrs. Prasad's presence. Mrs. Prasad was bent over the desk, her saree lifted to her waist, egging Mr. Reddy on. For the first time, Mrs. Prasad opened her mouth, "What do you mean? Mrs. Prasad bent over the same desk on which Mr. Reddy was gamming his boots in her. I positioned my cock at her entrance, and in one hard motion shoved it all the way into her ass till my balls hit her pussy. As I walked out of the office, Mr. Reddy called out from behind me, "But you can suck my cock anytime!"

Becoming Gem Ch. 01: Confidence

first-time LadyMireille 2018-07-27

Just then, a blonde, beach-babe from our graduating class, Shelley—I think, grabbed hold of Josh's upper arm from behind and whirled herself around to his front, pressing her scantily clad breasts into his chest. "What's going on, Gem?" Swiftly stepping in front of me, Josh put his hand on my upper arm, concern etching his brow. After what felt like a solid minute, Josh glanced down and mumbled, almost to himself, "I don't know what else I can do..." After a pause, his eyes bore into mine and he muttered, "Maybe this." His one hand still clutching my arm, the other cupped the back of my head, and Josh pulled me to him, closing the distance between our bodies.


Very hot faggot sucking bbc story i found and find

first-time 2018-07-27

You one of them white boys that like black cock, aren’t you cocksucker?” As I continued to lick his cock, I mumbled, “Yes, I love black cock.” I didn’t even realize what I was saying at that point, I was still mesmerized by the smell and taste of his cock and the feeling of it sliding in and out of my mouth, and all I wanted was more! “This bitch just sucked the hell out of my dick and wants more cock, and he loves black cock”, he said with a smile on his face. “Look at this cocksucker, his dick is hard as a rock just thinking about sucking more black cock!” “Let’s give him some, then”, says one of the other guys.

The Dance

first-time fireball6969 2018-07-27

I had tried to talk to her about sex many times before the dance and she said that she was waiting for that special someone. I said that i wasnt gonna rush her cause i loved her and thats stronger than sex. Well of course me being the gentleman i was i asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with this and she said i love you and then yes. so i stopped and asked if she was ok and she said just keep going so i went a little slower tryin to get in this time.

Made To Suck Cock

first-time Iraqi_ 2018-07-27

At one point as I had the length in my mouth as far back as it would go, I looked up at Mistress and she spoke "James, you better suck my cock perfectly, because if you don't , you do realise I will make you suck a real one." Initially I just got used to it, but then after it thrusting in slowly a few times, I started to suck it like I did Mistresses cock. Mistress then said, "okay, it is clear he cannot take a cock and suck one at the same time, so show him how you can fuck his mouth, lets fuck this slut."