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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

fucking my sexy wife for first time

first-time 2018-07-27

My friend was going out with my wife before but he was just messing with her for a few months she would tell me who she would love to suck dick and was a freak. later she said If I can fuck her and I was worried because I just met up with her after a long time. She said no I want to feel your dick inside me. I fucked her for a few minutes enjoying the nice view of her ass while she had her hands on our friends house. As I was ready to cum I pulled out to come on the side but she immidietly got back on her knees and started to suck my dick again and I exploded in her mouth right away.

Nurse Has Me First Time

first-time Myfaceusit 2018-07-27

I followed Nancy down the hall to gran’s bedroom, as she went into the room, the light was already on, and I could see through her dress, seeing the outline of her butt and fanny, man it was looking better all the time, I still had the smell of her nickers in my nostrils and my third leg was starting to grow again, I had to give it a little push to keep it from poking out to much. Nancy said that as it was my first fuck that she should teach me what to do for a women, she took my hand and push it to the top of her cunt, making me touch a little hard button thing, she told me that this was were a women got most of her pleasure from and that it was called a clitoris.

A Ride with the Dispatcher

first-time locateed2 2018-07-27

I told her I had an extra shirt in my truck, and she could just wear her jeans and boots, no one would know they weren't safety regulated. Once we finished loading, I told her she could get back in the truck if she wanted, all I had left to do was put away my equipment and the hose then we could go. I laughed, told her that with a previous company my wife had accompanied me occasionally and yes, we did shake the cab a few times! She smiled and said she wanted to close the curtain to see how dark it got in the bunk. I told her about a Love's Truckstop a few miles away and she said she could hold it until we got there.

Tease Me Till No End

first-time kinkygal 2018-07-27

By the first week of the holidays I started spending most of the afternoons with them; learning cooking with aunty and playing lots of indoor games with uncle, once he was back from the office. I went and sat on the sofa keeping my legs close to each other, making sure that the thighs are properly covered with the skirt. I sat looking at his those lovely eyes for some times... Slowly I removed my right hand as if to steady a chair; leaving my left boob all open for his stare. "My baby, just play around the house as you used to, those days, dear!" My blue top was looking like a beautiful bra with my boobs popping out of it.

Brandy Ch. 01

first-time JenniferGreen 2018-07-27

We lived in Notting Hill, England from the time I was 10 until my senior year of high school, and when I was there, although I attracted a lot of attention from men, boys and the occasional besotted woman, I basically focused my time on getting good grades and reading, one of my favorite pastimes. As I was still in school and living at home, we had to be somewhat discreet, but I would often spend the night at his house, and while I suspected my parents knew what was going on, they never said anything, as they had known Brian for years and respected him.

Blacks Beach

first-time TxRad 2018-07-27

"She's bound and determined to get a dildo shoved up her ass before she's through." Pat said looking directly at Debbie, but talking to Millie, "She can't find a boy to suit her, so she thinks she must be a lezzie." "Your nipples wouldn't stand a chance in this thing." Debbie said with a grin, her eyes riveted on Pat's overly large hard nipples. Pat's eyes were glued to Debbie's bare ass as she leaned over and then followed the sway of her hips as she walked around to the back of the car. Debbie rolled over and lay down with her face toward Pat. After she was comfortable she whispered, "You're ass looks wonderful with your legs spread like that."

Joe's Send Off to University

first-time BeautifilDreamer 2018-07-27

Joe's erection had a little more room now and had found its way up inside his trousers making a tent which he pressed against Gil's cheeks.She pressed back and squeezed against him and he almost regretted it as he felt his orgasm threatening to come, boiling up from the base of his shaft and tingling just below the ridge under his helmet. "That's right, you can suck harder if you like, I get so turned on when someone does that to me." Joe responded by pressing his lips together around a nipple and felt her body jerk in response as she sighed with pleasure.

The Mystery Of Children

first-time Gregg Dean 2018-07-27

Morwenna was sat cross-legged on a carpet of moss wearing a simple cheese-cloth cape. Wordlessly, she placed her finger over my mouth and moved her face to mine. "That was the mystery." She exhaled slowly and her warm breath blew in my mouth. I moved slowly inside her in long silent strokes, savouring the flesh I was touching, the flesh I was inside. She pulled me close, bit my cheek gently, my lips and again placed her tongue inside my mouth. Morwenna dreams for us both and I can only watch them and keep count, but together we share our tender moods and put tea candles inside the fabulous castle, extinguishing the bedroom light.

Amber's Teacher Ch. 05

first-time mr_corlucci 2018-07-27

As she talked, I teased her pussy, and as she finished, she was so wet that I easily slipped my finger all the way into her tight hole. "Hurry," she cried as she grabbed my cock and rubbed the head between her wet pussy lips, trying to get it inside. My sensitive cock head slipped just barely in and out as it felt like her pussy lips were polishing it. "Look at my cock going into your hot pussy," I told her. "If I hadn't been with such a little hottie, I couldn't have done that," I told her as my cock gradually softened and slipped out of her dripping pussy.

In Olden Days

first-time robinhod 2018-07-27

His 10,000 watt smile beamed towards us and, as he arrived he bent to shake my hand, and then Ann's and said "I've surveyed the entire beach very thoroughly and you two are the only interesting people to be found, may I sit with you?" At the same time, and without awaiting an answer, he plonked himself on the sand. Then Ann asked, with a twinkle in her eye "And would you do it for me here on the beach?" Then it got interesting: "No, of course not," he said, "my flat is just behind us, in fact the car is parked right outside it and we can walk there in three minutes."

A Day at the Beach

first-time Phallicwhale 2018-07-27

Ami had planned to wear the bikini when she had bought it this morning, but then had suddenly decided she wanted to have a little more coverage on her body, hence the second suit. Just as she reached the point where she would have either to stop, or allow the boys gathered on the shore to see her naked form as she ran dripping for her towel, Ami looked up and spotted a tall athletic brunette girl coming over the dunes. Ami had been acutely aware of the changes going on in her body for quite sometime, the warmth and tenderness of her budding breasts, the appearance of her pubic hair, and even the faint flushes she had felt as she looked at some of the boys on her swim team.

With My Sister's Help

first-time Jumpinjetta 2018-07-27

"So Mark, Kelly's looking pretty cute today, isn't she?" my sister Debbie asked, standing in the doorway. Kelly did have a really nice little body, although her small frame did tend to make her look a bit younger than the 18 years that she was. I noticed Kelly glancing down at her friend and started feeling really awkward eliciting such sounds from my sister, with my hands practically massaging her butt. As her body sped in its gyrations, her butt lifting and falling, grinding into my hand as it clenched and unclenched with each moan, Kelly partially opened her eyes and looked up at me.

after work

first-time 2018-07-27

I explore her exponentially in the shower sucking her tits, then her wet pussy for at least 3 minutes, but soon i ask her to bend over and show me her ass. At first she asks me to lick her ass again because it turned her on so much so i comply and for 7 minutes i lick and suck on her asshole. I did just that at first i went in slow but she soon said just go fast and hard for about 10 minutes i plow her ass without mercy she is moaning like crazy till i finally i cum explosively in her ass.

Dinner & A Limousine

first-time pamper1 2018-07-27

I follow the natural sway of your hips, the motion of your sexy ass in the tight dress, the shortness of the hemline exposing a pair of long sexy shapely legs in black stockings and high heeled pumps. As he stands awaiting your order, I watch his eyes as they move from your face to your upper body in the form fitting dress, he eyes the outline of your breasts before moving further down to the thighs of a goddess. Your moans fill the limo as your sexy legs tighten around my head and your hands pull my tongue hard against your clit.

Fucking The General's Wife

first-time PDumbledore 2018-07-26

John got down between her legs, and from what he remembered from his sex education classes in high school he started to lick her like a double decker ice cream cone. John licked the walls of Carol’s pussy, nipped and sucked on her lips, and when he got brave enough he stuck a finger up her ass. John started to finger fuck her ass while he was licking up the juices that were flowing from Carol’s pussy. With this beautiful babe riding his dick like a wild bronco, John could feel himself getting ready to shot his cum into her for the second time that night. John slammed his dick into her ass one last time and then started to cum while he was shoving his fist in and out of her pussy again.

The First Time

first-time jake1969 2018-07-26

"You wanted to kiss last week, I guess now you have another chance," Eric told Sara. "I can't believe I am doing this," Sara said for the second time that night and with a tone that seemed to really express her disbelief in Eric's sexual experience. Sara and Eric laughed some more as Chelle went on for a few more minutes about why her encounter from the night before was acceptable. "Gosh, I almost kissed you," Sara told Eric once Chelle was out the door. Eric leaned in and kissed Sara quickly before Chelle came back. Sara and Eric sat on the couch together and periodically interjected comments as Chelle talked about past conquests.

Skinny Dipper

first-time Ashson 2018-07-26

"Mmm," murmured Fred, and Mattie swallowed, staring down at the big hands that were stroking her breasts. Mattie found Fred was holding her hand while sinking to his knees. Hand's tangled in Fred's hair, Mattie found herself holding him against her breast instead of pulling him away. Mattie pressed her hands against Fred's chest, determined to push him away. On the other hand, Mattie decided with some satisfaction, he was going to take her and it wasn't her fault because she couldn't stop him. Acting on instinct alone, Mattie pushed hard against Fred, trying to match his driving thrusts. Mattie was no longer thinking, only reacting to Fred's erection, feeling it dance its dance of excitement deep within her.

Dude I'm Not Gay Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-07-26

Do you wanna dress like a girl and get fucked?" Natalie said with a sly grin. After a couple of minutes of smoking I saw Natalie's hand on Marcus, the d**g dealer's, dick. My cock goes in your mouth and you suck til I cum." Marcus said as he put his strong hand on my head. I didn't answer so he started again, "Now, if you want to play with my fat black cock tonight just tell me your room number. "Get ready, cocksucker," Marcus said as the first rope launched out of his flaring cock head. Besides, she's already got a two minute video of you sucking my big black cock," he laughed.


first-time rajoo888 2018-07-26

I was about to get married in about three months, but was very curious to have closer look of a pussy. se removed her clothes first, looked to me why I am hesitating being a male! Then I gathered courage, by which time I had got nice erection, this happens to every man when a woman is very close, in front and naked, willing to oblige. I had very close look like a doctor or an obstetrician would do. She took my erected dick deep into her pussy, encouraged me to jerk, squeezed my balls gently. After couple of jerks I shooted it, what a life time experience! after couple of minutes she wanted it again, how is it possible.

GTO: The Beginning Pt. 01

first-time GTO_Racer 2018-07-26

Let me tell you, after a couple of VERY interesting confrontations during the first two weeks (Apparently Aunt Elizabeth is really good at hiding her true persona from the rest of the family) it became a really educational summer. Aunt Elizabeth started asking me questions about my life back home. Jenn opened the door (remembering to let auntie out this time) and followed us as we went inside. "So, Gail, what do you think of the club." Aunt Elizabeth asked with a wicked smile. Maggie Aunt Elizabeth, and I began talking for the next 20 minutes about normal things that were going on. Maggie, Aunt Elizabeth, and Jenn all turned to look at me with a 'what is wrong' expression.


Knocking On Heaven's Door

first-time Otazel 2018-07-26

Richard and I were still sitting in opposing corners of the sofa and, even though there were other chairs available, Liz came and sat between us, her dress falling open a little to reveal two beautiful thighs and a small vee of lilac panties. Looking left I saw Liz with her hand buried inside her husband's fly, clearly trying to pull out his cock. At that point Liz looked around at me and, seeing me watching, gave me a tiny, almost shy, smile, as she began slowly wanking Richards cock. Right up to then Liz had been playing with both me and Richard in an almost absent manner, just reaching out sideways, still watching the video and taking no real notice of either of us.

a real estate of erotica...

first-time mrclitoralman 2018-07-26

Feeling the edge of orgasm roiling within me I tightened my grip on her hair and moaned out, "Oh gawd babe...I'm gonna' cum!" Chrissy squeezed the base of my cock and slowed the pace of her motion, holding back my orgasm, then slid my throbbing cock from her mouth and with a wicked grin she hissed, "You want to cum for me baby?!" I groaned deeply at the loss of her mouth around my cock and rasped out, "Oh fuck, YESSS!...Make me cum for you!" Holding me on the edge of orgasm, Chrissy looked up into my eyes as she smiled and swirled her tongue around my purple swollen cock-head while rapidly stroking her soft fingertips and thumb with a feathery touch along my hard shaft, her other hand massaging my balls, coaxing me to ecstasy.


first-time Christie052780 2018-07-26

He told me that I was going to hurt my debating if I stayed up too late, and offered to let me sleep in his room in his extra bed. He touched my neck as he said this, and it felt sort of good. so I took hold of it and started rubbing myself with it, but it didn't feel as good as his fingers had, and I told him so. Sometimes his head would rub my clit, and that felt really good. I was glad, because I liked his head bumping me, and his fingers felt better on my clit anyway. I was just sort of rubbing his head over my lips and pressing it to make sure it hit the top of my vagina.

Fantasy Realized

first-time sunshineone 2018-07-26

I have had a bondage fantasy for as long as I can remember so when the man I was seeing started to talk about it I was excited but still a bit apprehensive. We talked about it some and finally the time came. I trusted that he wasn’t about to break my heart. Lol I knew that he had a lot of experience with countless women so I was sure that he would know what to do and how to make it pleasurable for me. He teased me and then he would lay the whip on waiting skin. He knows how to make his fingers dance over me and touch me in ways that no one else ever has.