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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The History of Stripping

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-07-26

I answered, "Miss Butler if you had come in here and shown me the pelt or modeled it over your clothes you would have made your point but the totality of your presentation was sufficient to raise your test grade to a solid A." In class Francine hadn't acted in any way differently but every time I happened to make eye contact with Miss Lee she extravagantly licked her lips which wasn't really a good sign. As we were headed up the Interstate he said, "While I'm confident you've been dwelling on the more salacious aspects of our presentation the girls and I want to be sure that you primarily judge us on the academic research which went into this project if that's possible."

Lucky Me

first-time areece 2018-07-26

She started by licking her fingers, then put her hand through my flies and under my boxers and then proceeded to pull back my foreskin and rub her saliva into my enlarged head. Then she whispered the words every guy wants to hear "I want you to fuck me; I want to feel you're big cock deep in my pussy!" Well I wasn't going to refuse, was I, so I gave helped her put her top back on and me made a dash for my flat. This time though I slid a hand up her skirt and onto her panties and started rubbing her slightly wet pussy. After a couple of minutes rest I decided now was the time to fuck this stranger good and proper and lose my virginity.

Happy Birthday Sis!

first-time AbsoluteXTC 2018-07-26

As we kissed I felt his hands begin to wander, those large calloused hands exploring my lithe, young body, eventually finding the zipper at the back of my dress and slowly, agonisingly lowering it. My breasts were beginning to ache as they swelled with blood, and I could feel my wetness slowly leaking down my thighs, I was soaked! Tom was beginning to move his hips in time with my head, when he grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me bodily so I was crouched above his waist. As I pushed down I felt his head push against my inner lips, the pressure was immense, I could feel myself stretching to accommodate that huge organ.

Mother needs me

first-time nana414 2018-07-26

Hugging my Mother increased my lust and I slightly touched my rock-hard cock to her bulging buttocks. After keeping my cock like that for some time, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth, rubbing deeply between my Mother’s ass cheeks. I started rubbing my cock in between Mother’s big ass cheeks. I fell to my knees and hugging her ass, kissed Mother’s fat, shaven cunt. After I licked for some time, Mother told me “rahul, my darling son, please get up, I need to have your cock in my cunt”. Mother fitted my cock head to her cunt hole and told me “rahul my son, push into my cunt”. My rock hard cock moved in and out of my Mother’s wet cunt easily.

Annette by request

first-time zandy661 2018-07-26

I rang the bell and waited and eventually she came out apologising for making me wait but she was just going out and asked if I could start on her lawn and she’s be back soon before I finished. The arm weather and all the flashes were getting me quite hot and by the time I’d finished I was sweating. I was very nervous being with an older woman and didn’t know quite what to do and when I turned round I nearly died, she was so fucking hairy, but for some reason it turned me on and her hand found my cock again and it was growing. It went all the way in and I told her I was going to cum again.

Let's Play a Game!

first-time VF_0079 2018-07-26

During my studies I worked part – time as a cook and stayed with my parents to save up on money, so naturally my social life went down the drain. To my utter horror, Victoria grabbed my hand and practically dragged me back to the beach hut where Claire and her friends were sunbathing. I guess the end result was satisfying and by my senior year at high school I ended up cooking full time. This was the first time I had chatted with a beautiful girl this long without making a complete fool of myself and what's more, she had agreed to come to my house for cooking lessons and to my dinner party!

He took my virginity

first-time tigerbiman 2018-07-26

but what made me rode my bicycle those 6 miles to meet him were those words,(actually 12 miles because I had to go back home) he sounded so sexual, so experience, such a good lover, so masculine, and attractive mmmmm mmmmm yeahh, had a little trouble finding his house, so when we finally met, I arrived to his two stories house, left my bike parked under stairs, started walking up when he came out, called me by my name (which was not my real name just the name I use for discretion, he does the same also) he smiled at me and I smiled back, walk into his house and I was so nervous, wondering Ok, what are we going to do, I really didn't know how or where to start, so he guide me to his room at the end of the hall, we both got naked mmmm mmmmmm he was looking so good and in shape, great body, very tempting, hot!!!

Bi Bi Naples

first-time walterio 2018-07-26

After spending the night with Paolo and cumming four or five times, I learned that oral and anal sex were not that much different with a guy than with a woman. The first time I fucked Paolo in a doggy position and I could not see his cock and balls, he looked no different than a girl with my cock in his ass. He caressed the back of my legs and cheeks of my ass as his warm, wet, wonderful mouth began sucking on my cock. Roberto took my cock out of his mouth and looked up at me as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged my bloated balls. I couldn't believe how much Roberto looked like a girl from behind with his shapely curvy ass pushed back toward me.

Grace's First Time

first-time xtcnymphette 2018-07-26

His cock was so much bigger than she expected it pushed deep into her and she felt his hand cup her delicious buns and he began to ram into her like a man possessed as she shivered and moaned rising to another climax. Grace could tell he was so excited he could barely stand it and when he finally felt his cock between her sumptuous breasts with her mouth greeting the tip with wet sucking and tonguing, he exploded cumming over her hot tits and shooting streams into her luscious lips. Bruce moved his hand to touch her breasts and she pushed him a way as the kisses became heavier he tried again this time she let him feel her nipples rise under the soft silk dress and the warmth of her flesh beneath.

Sleep Well, My Soldier

first-time CarrieJames 2018-07-26

a pocket of her mind had closed itself off, had resisted melting, so that it could record every touch, every smell, ensuring that later she would be able to conjure up the soap-anise scent of his skin, the heat of his breath on her face and the ragged edges of his scars beneath her fingertips, the precise moment his smile contorted into a gasp, the sinews running through his shoulders, flexing under her palms, and the tendons in his neck straining like cords as he draped her dress over her shoulders and craned his head to kiss her naked breasts, exciting her nipples into hard buds with his tongue, as hard as the button of flesh between her legs where his thumb rubbed in a circular pattern too exact to be improvised.

“It’s my turn now

first-time adel5000 2018-07-26

I pulled my left hand back and licked her juice from my thumb and slowly inserted it up her tight arse, she moaned quite loud at that, then started to eat out her pussy, it was the sweetest juice I’d ever tasted. I stood up and pulled my thumb out of her arse, she turned and kicked off her jeans and panties, I remember the smile on her face as she leant forward and we kissed, it was the first time I’d tasted her tongue and the taste was incredible, her tongue was almost electric, like licking a battery.

Sexy Stepmom

first-time nobigwillie 2018-07-26

I had guessed that my dad must be very good at sex because Julie always screamed very loud. One day while I was in my room I was watching porn that featured a teenage boy having sex with his hot neighbor. "Hey Evan, did you hear about that 16 year old boy in the news who got caught trying to steal a laptop from Wal-Mart?" I can feel my orgasm build once more as my cock slides deep into Julie's hungry pussy. I can feel my cock grow as my cum rises and I can't hold back any longer as I shoot my load inside her hot slit. Julie grinds out the last drops of cum from my cock and she collapses onto my chest panting, "God, that felt sooo good.

Sex Slave Application

first-time Daleharris 2018-07-26

I chatted with several guys online ...Exchanging nude pics, cam to cam, and roleplay. One evening, I got into a chat with a man who was looking for young Bois to train. Over the course of a few days, we continued to chat online and exchange emails. He handed me a pair of jeans to try on and a camera. He ordered me to look up as he took more pictures. He liked the look of fear in my eyes as tears were running down my cheeks. He got this look in his eyes, which terrified me. He let me wipe my face before going hard back into my mouth. I got dressed and looked in the mirror.

How to make babysitting pay part 2

first-time Baby_sitter 2018-07-26

When he took Shelley home he would chat to her, and she doesn't know to this day, why she told him about the boy that was in the 6th form, that had offered her a fiver if he could get his hand down her knickers, and when she let him, he never gave her the fiver. He pulled over and said to Shelley "Always get the money up front" and with that he handed her a fiver. She scurried across the seat and sat on his knee, his hand went very quickly and very expertly inside her knickers. "Now take my cock out" he instructed Shelley put her hand inside the guys pants and felt her first ever cock, it wasn't huge and Shelley was glad about that because she was pretty sure was would be happening shortly.

Confessions of a Cum Slut

first-time zimabean 2018-07-26

Mr Thompson soon came and white cum bubbled out of the end of his cock and ran down onto Ellie's hand. The next time Mr Thompson needed a bath Ellie let me jack him off. Mr. thompson said he really liked the two of us jacking him off. She swallowed it and said it was a great feeling having his boner squirt cum in her mouth. A couple of days later I tried the blow job thing and Mr. Thompson filled my mouth with his cum. I did like the texture and taste and feel of his boner pulsing in my mouth as it pump the sticky cum. Ellie lifted her dress and she had a cum filled pussy also!

A Night With My Younger Step s****r

first-time 2018-07-26

I had other ideas, however; I wasn't about to cum again without holding those fantastic breasts of hers, so I lay down next to her and lifted up her side, spooning her into me as I slipped one arm under her waist and d****d the other over her leg, guiding my cock back inside her before running my hand back up her body. Reluctantly leaving one of her breasts behind, I moved a hand down to her crotch and spread my first two fingers one each side of my cock as it pushed into her, stroking her pussy lips as I thrust.


first-time 2018-07-26

She extended her arm to grab the glass and the back of her hand caressed my cock briefly. With a desperate frustration I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back unil she sat nearly upright on my cock. “I want back inside your pussy.” I told her but she just smiled and rocked her chest from side to side, smacking my face with her tits. She moved her hips as though trying to catch my cock in her pussy. I responded with a****l-like grunts as my cock gapped out her pussy. Christina jerked my cock and moanded as I continued to bust the biggest load of my life on her smiling face.

My soulmate (broken love)

first-time ghassan3 2018-07-26

I do not know what I believe in anymore. & that alone drives me crazy, and I can feel my heart beating out of my chest, like my bones can't hold it in anymore. I can't hide the fact that I do believe you are my soulmate. I find myself smiling like a baby , and I can't help it. No it's not love, because I've never loved before, and I don't really know what it's like; but I know one thing for sure, It breaks my heart, what we've become. But I know that no matter how many people I meet in my life, I'll always believe you are my soulmate. I really do wish you will always smile, and I know one day you'll be shining, you're very smart.

my first gay experience.

first-time 2018-07-26

Nice cock you've got there the coloured guy said not bad for an old man. You've got a nice one as well my man looking up at a cock that was about te inches long The coloured guy said would you like to have fun with Jimmie he likes his cock sucked. like fuck.As I was getting really into this sixty nine cock sucking I began to relax. He rammed the whole ten inches right up my arsehole.It hurt like fuck to start with sucked each others cocks.After about ten minutes I felt that tingling feeling in my balls Then with a loud groan he rammed his cock in balls deep and shot his load. I took one look at that giant cock and started sucking like mad.

My Best Friend's Mother

first-time brownbull100 2018-07-26

Babu was not home -- he had gone to visit his uncle in Chandigarh for some work -- so I planned to go there, pick up my book and go back to the hostel... I told her that I planned to go back to the hostel after picking up my book and she asked me: "Why?" "Don't you think Raj that you can stay here even when Babu is not home. Or was it my son?" Shamefaced, I answered, "No aunty, I had used them earlier." (I used to pull her panties from the washing basket and shag in them and put them back when I was staying with Babu...)

Could it ever happen?

first-time vincienzo 2018-07-26

His erect shaft, 12 inches, was sticking out like a deep rooted tree, and his legs were open so she grabbed his balls with one hand reaching from under his thighs and with the other she tried to hold the stick in the middle in order to enjoy sucking on it while his tongue licked her pussy dry one minute and totally wet another minute. Then she turned her head and moved her hair and looked at the black guy as if she was saying you can fuck me now. the black guy would make arrangements, and in half an hour or so, he could be seen riding the blonde dick reverse cowboy style and crying for someone to suck his aching cock and let them semens out.

Watching from The Bar - Part 2. Helens Story.

first-time andyhounddog 2018-07-26

Steve was just coming back into our room and said “That pretty young girl on reception just told me about a bar in town. She said she likes to go there with her boyfriend and sit and watch the other customers.” I had a little pang of jealousy as he described the reception lady as pretty, but the reality was she was young and hot, so I pushed that aside. Steve got back from the toilets with a flushed look on his face and started telling me about the size of the guys cock in the urinal next to him! Steve had a 'little boy caught in the cookie jar' look on his face and said "Well, you know.

My First Time

first-time Molly_Hart 2018-07-26

With all concerns second, I took my first taste of another woman as I softly ran my tongue over her perfectly waxed pink lips, with each lap of my tongue I pushed deeper and deeper inside her as I felt her hands on the back of my head, gently pushing me deeper into her while with my finger and thumb I rolled her clit around softly squeezing and toying with her until it happened, a huge full body orgasm exploded over my face and into my mouth as my own pussy began too twitch once again from the enormous pleasure I was giving to the goddess before me.

Friends Go Swimming

first-time Anonymous77 2018-07-26

When we got to my room, I jokingly told Marissa she needed to get out of her wet bathing suit, she just gave me this shy smile and slowly walked towards me, got on to her tiptoes and whispered "is that all you want me to do?" I was just in shock, I got an immediate hard on, it took me a minute gain my composure and look into her eyes and say "Then we can go under the covers and warm up." So she stripped out of her bathing suit and got in my bed, I followed right behind her.