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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Me and Corey

first-time evergreen1288 2018-07-26

When he finally took it out, I gave him a few tugs, enjoying how much my friend seemed to like it, and then I started going on and on about my "fuck bag." He was all curious, so I showed him how to do it. I don't think I am gay, but sliding in and out of the bag and all you got is your friend's sperm for lube, it's like the thing I have been waiting for. I am scared now because we jacked off in my room Monday after school and I tugged on his dick and got the stupid gay idea to put his thing in my mouth. I want to fuck that bag, but all I can think about if Corey and how he looks when he fucks my bed.

A virgin is brought to a whore house by a friend.

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-26

I know what you like." Mike didn't have to drag his friend any more, which was good because his eyes had started to wander the flesh all around. The next time she went down Damian felt her throat twitch just slightly but her lips were pressed against his stomach. It took Mika's lips against his to silence him and the steady grind of her hips bringing his cock back to attention for a second longer, more satisfying round where they kept their eyes locked the entire time. That time he watched Mika's entire body shiver as she got off on his cock just a second before he pumped a second load of cum into her.

Debs Threesome fantasy

first-time 2018-07-26

I slid myself out from under Deb and back onto my knees to get a better view of her getting her hot pussy pounded and soon after I did she moved onto her back and as I watched Tom put his cock back inside her I had the perfect angle to watch her take it all in. Not long went by when both Deb and I watched as Tom pulled out of her pussy and started stroking large shots of cum all over her stomach and breasts and I knew it was my time again and moved along side of her and with a look of total excitement on her face, Deb watched as I shot my second load over her breasts and face and it was so exciting to watch her lick and rub both of our cum shots all over her hot satisfied body.

s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 9

first-time Bigyin4u 2018-07-26

Janice told Jane after church choir practice "I need to talk to you somewhere that we will not be over heard." "No problem come to my home next Saturday afternoon at 2pm. "Jane, it might not be to you but it is to me." "Ok go on." "Well I followed your suggestion on my last date with Jac. While he was feeling my tits and kissing me, I put my hand down the front of his trousers. Loosening the waistband fastening Jane slid the slacks down and in the process slide her hands down the outside of Janice's legs. Jane reported to Jac what had happened that afternoon and she told him that it is probable that Janice will give him access to her pussy.

Black Cock College Threesome....

first-time BnEfantasy 2018-07-26

Well, if I invited Marcus into a threesome with Sarah and I, that wouldn't be the case any longer. "Just ask him if he wants to fuck me, I'm sure he'll say 'yes,'" she told me, smiling, knowing that no matter what I said, eventually I'd acquiesce. I merely watched as she took his hard, hot cock into her mouth, my hand wrapped around my dick but so charged up that I didn't jerk off, afraid that the slightest sensation would set me off. She was f***ed to stretch her lips incredibly wide to fit his thick black cock into her mouth, and seeing her pull off the feat caused my dick to jump in my hand.

Our first time with a stranger

first-time 69nik 2018-07-25

She was so wet I pushed a second finger inside and began to rub slowly so the guy wouldn't know what was happening. I said to the guy "do you want to see her tits?" He just nodded still rubbing his cock through the window. I unlocked the door, lay down next to my sexy wife and said "are you sure this is what you want?" She just lay there with this "sex look" on her face I had never seen before then nodded. The guy from the window came in and looked down at my wife laying on the bed wearing just a pair of black hold up stockings and a black thong pulled to the side slowly rubbing her clit.


But I'm Not Gay Wife Wager

first-time 425olds 2018-07-25

The note listed the normal cleaning and cooking duties, but also a few unusual instructions including being at the front door, on my knees, forehead to the floor, ass up high and hands behind my back. I heard Dani, err my Queen, open a package followed by the now familiar feel of her lubed finger probing my ass. Use me, fuck me, oh GOD YES just like that!" I was growling at him, my ass full of cock and the rest of me filled with lust. He'll still want to fuck you, Dani, but he'll always want cock from now on." Brian's voice was heavy with lust. I knew I would be fucking Dani this weekend, but I desperately wanted Brian's cock inside me over and over again.

His son (fantasy)

first-time youngsex 2018-07-25

The son walked in and said "I need to talk to you." He was looking at my bare tits so I took my time covering them up. He then jerked the pillow from under my head and straddled my face and said "Suck my cock like you do my dads" He then pushed his cock to my mouth. "Suck my cock and swallow my cum and be my slut." He then pushed his cock all the way down my throat and began to fuck my face. He told me "My cock likes fucking your hot cunt. A slut like you loves a young cock." I screamed back "Yes. Fuck me harder." and he began ramming me fast and hard.

Overcoming My Shyness Ch. 02

first-time romparounder 2018-07-25

I would work Mandy's garden during the day, stay overnight, and drive her to Aunt Jean's the following morning. "Dribble it in to my ass John and use your finger to open me up," said Mandy. Blindly at first but Mandy's hand was quick to give direction I dribbled the oil in to her crack before she gently guided my index finger in to her passage. Mandy smiled and adjusted her position placing her gown over my lap whilst continuing to stroke her pussy. Mandy was gasping a little more frequently due I was sure to the more urgent movement of her fingers between her legs. Mandy lay face down on the sofa as I moved to mount her with my cock straining to get in to the action.

My Favourite Memory

first-time bispyguy 2018-07-25

At this time I'd occasionally admired the cock of a bloke on a porno and been turned on by a good cum shot but hadn't gone any further. Dave tells me his favourite bit is coming up and we watch as a big titted girl fucks and sucks in a classic "spit roast" style. In my head there is the mixture of memories of the gang bang we had and watching a slimey cock ease in and out of a hairy snatch, the feeling of being blown quite expertly and also the ongoing porno vid on the TV. My left hand begins to grip faster and pull harder, quite wildly and then Dave releases my prick from his mouth and groans.

My First BBW

first-time 2018-07-25

Now Madi was 5'9, an inch taller than me, with curly red hair that went a bit past her shoulders, with 38 DD breasts and a rather flat ass for a girl her size. "I've been wanting you for years, and I'd break up with him right now just to have you." Madi licked the tip as she worked her breasts on my cock, twisting her nipples at the same time. Once she leaned her head up a bit, I began to thrust, loving the look in her widened eyes as I fucked her mouth and breasts. Cum on my ass, please cum on my ass!" Madi moaned out through her covers, making me even more excited and rammed my cock as deep as I could.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 02

first-time jacktar48 2018-07-25

My mind swirled with the images of Mrs. C's lush lips closing around the head of my cock, and her moans as I spurted my hot load down her throat echoed in my ears. I probed her mouth deeply with my tongue until she moaned and rubbed her small hard breasts against me, her hands clasped firmly behind my neck. I remembered the feel of them in my trembling hands, and couldn't help mentally comparing the feel of Jennifer's hard little 18-year-old knobs. "You want them bigger?" Jennifer pouted, nonetheless slipping her hand into her blouse and massaging her small breast. "Mom mentioned that I'm a pressure-cooker too," Jennifer murmured into my neck, "and I guess I ought to mention that I feel like I'm about to explode too, right now."

Donna and Wendy

first-time charlieboy2262 2018-07-25

I start to lick Donna's legs and work my tongue to her panties which are soaking now I expose her sweet lips and pussy flicking my tongue from pussy to clit making Donna move down deeper to my mouth and tongue she nearly cum with the first lap of my tongue and pushes my head away .......... Donna gets dressed and I place her hands behind her back supporting the sexy body that she's got and sitting on her long tanned legs and I find sex toys in the bedside cabinet and Donna can't really move now with the position I've got her in and I slip the pink g string to one side and push up a toy into the wet sweet pussy ........She moans with delight and joy as I work it deep into her love hole ............

My Blonde Goddess

first-time bigcarl796 2018-07-25

I became more aware of the her, the smell of her perfume, the sound of her breathing, the warmth of her body, the feel of her breast pressed against my chest, the feel of her belly pressed against mine, the bulge of my penis pushing just between her thighs, the head of my cock pressed against the front of her pussy. As the tips of our tongues touched, I started losing my breath, my hands roamed up and down her back, until they rested on the cheeks of her ass. This felt so good I was panting like a dog on a hot summer day, and I could feel my legs getting weaker.

Kelly Ch. 01

first-time Balrog 2018-07-25

That was the 1973 term known these days as "hot." As she asked, she clasped her hands in front of her with extended arms, in a way that squeezed her breasts together and amplified her cleavage. "Kelly," I said, swallowing hard and bracing myself to say what I felt, what I had practiced saying to myself to prepare for a moment just like this. "You've made a good start," she said quietly, and took my hand, "Come inside with me and let's talk some more." I noticed that she had goose bumps. "I said that sometimes I feel like I need to be rescued.

Woodstock Ticket

first-time radk 2018-07-25

The station management didn't think that the listeners would go for the tickets because the venue was so far away so they decided to distribute them to the staff instead of offering them as prizes. I wasn't sure if Carolyn's parents would let her go 350 miles from home for a weekend, but I was determined to make the offer and try my hardest to convince them to trust us. I interpreted that as her not wanting me to start anything physical right there in her front yard so I did the only thing I could think of, I turned and walked away. I can still remember to this day, more vividly than a lot of things in my life, the sound of her new boyfriend laughing at me as I walked to my car.

Masturbation is his hobby, common in retirement co

first-time trevor100a 2018-07-25

He discovered the porn almost immediately and it helped him start masturbating regularly again like he needed. He learned to lighten up on himself, feel good about doing it, started working on his cock with pumps and masturbated even more. I could feel its spongy head pulsing and swelling large at the end of his shaft and more cum shooting and running down deep in my esophagus. "Masturbation has gotten big among retired men like me." He said, then he reached over to gently stroke my own hard erection. He started talking to my cock, "I'm so happy you get stroked and cum so much at your young age. I masturbate more when I use a new toy, especially if it helps us cum harder.


first-time LongJoe 2018-07-25

Walking across the school grounds the boys spied Miss Pirie; Robert, to raucous laughter from friends, let out a very loud wolf whistle at her. Robert's parents were equally mystified by their son's sudden attachment to reading; maybe, they thought, the incident with the teacher had forced him to take a good look at himself. He was disappointed that Lawrence provided little description of what Lady Chatterley looked like but felt sure she was a "stunner" (the highest accolade Robert could award any female), a mature version of Philomena Whyte. She carefully closed the book, placed it precisely on the table in front of her and looked at him, as a teacher waits patiently in the hope that the pupil might answer a difficult question; but Robert said nothing.

For Lacey

first-time MatthewVett 2018-07-25

I could only imagine what a beautiful sight would await me if I were to open the door at that moment: Lacey, completely naked, her platinum blonde hair gently resting on her chest, not quite long enough to hide her pink, erect nipples from my sight, or my lips. Suddenly she stopped and gazed into my eyes, slowly sliding her hand downwards until it was firmly grasping my cock. Her eyes widened and hungrily ran up and down its shaft, she bit her lower lip, and she tightly wrapped one hand around my cock, used the other to brush her hair out of her eyes, and went to work. "Now," she said suddenly, "when can I have seconds?" She looked from my eyes to my cock as she stroked it slowly.

Unexpected! 1

first-time Nikgal 2018-07-25

She lifted her up abruptly and pulled her up without talking in an old building that was near the park after they started playing with their tongue, picked up her t-shirt and pulled out the big chest with the standing roses out and started licking it, She was squeaking from the big gut that he felt, his hand now with three fingers in it, and it was becoming more soaked !!!! Suddenly, while she did not wait, she grasped her hand and led her to his swollen dick that had been pulled out of time, pushing her a little on the shoulder and pointing her low down to his furry dick, Gianna with one put him in her hot mouth , While every now and again ...

Jenny comes home, horny from school, 1st time

first-time petdyke 2018-07-25

Master had just informed me, he had decided to send her home with a letter for me. So why you weren't punished right away by your Head Master, what do think, my Jennnifer? I know you're hot, despite all fear for your private penance, as you were wet with the boys. Yes Sir, I started to try right away. Jennifer looks at my eyes, while my focus lowers to her tight teen slit, now so close to me. Time for proper pussy punishment, as you love to show it off for your excitement, my dear. I wonder how long it will take Jennifer to confess her daring dirty foxy fantasies to me?

A Summer To Remember

first-time Erotonaut 2018-07-25

By the time I'd cleared the dishes away, gathered my thoughts and walked across the garden to the canopy under which the hot tub was sited, my cousin was stretched out beneath the frothing water, her arms spread so that her hands rested upon the concrete surround. At first, I thought I was myself dreaming, but a split-second later I realised that Maria's right foot was now resting against the front of my shorts, pressing ever so gently upon my groin. "No worries." And as Maria turned to walk back towards the house, I swear I saw the faintest indication of a smirk, as though she knew there was no way I could get out of the water till I'd slipped my shorts down and given their contents a thorough sluice.

Mom dream

first-time Bnice2rambo 2018-07-25

my mom takes bath early in the morning usually when I am fast asl**p one day I got up earlier to study and was washing my face when she came out of the bath room wering only pettycoat it was the first time when I saw a nude boob that too my moms it was really large and the nipple standing hard (may as an after efect of her bath in cold water) seeing me my mom ran back to the bath room once I planed of seeing her taking bath one day when I reached hom I mad a cut in my bath room and waited for the next day to com early next morning I got up but remained in the bed pretending to be sl**ping when I heared her taking to bath room I silently went to my privete hole and started watching the procedings.

Studenthouse Master Ch. 02

first-time Spritty 2018-07-25

After I had taken a first deep puff and felt the relaxing feeling of the weed, named Snow White by the way, and handed it over to her we fell into silence for a couple of minutes. Soon my contemplation ended and I raised my hands to her breasts, playing with her pierced nipples between my fingers and feeling the curves with wide eyes. Just when my mind turned over to the events of that evening, I heard a deep breath and my attentive eyes followed a hand moving underneath the covers towards Bella's sensitive center and I knew, I was about to be entertained with another show.