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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Too young, too dumb.

first-time hornyguyxxx12 2018-07-25

So here we were, a day off from school and hanging at the beach with Lesa! From being the ones who were more often rejected, always trying to initiate something, Lesa had taken us all by surprise. Inside we surrounded Lesa and began groping her like we did at school.. Things began to get a lot more relaxed as we took turns at kissing her and getting a good feel. One of my friends who was sitting next to Lesa had a turn at fingering her. That was the one and only time I got to play with Lesa. I still think back and dream of that wet pussy of hers and how I wish I had of fucked her!

New Year's Resolution

first-time Roxanne4u 2018-07-25

My plan to follow through with my new years resolution was to find a guy who was actually experienced and good in bed, rather than a newbie like myself. My dad said "Hey mom and I were thinking about going out on a date night next weekend, staying over at a bed and breakfast. "Well, as I said you're going to think this is weird, but I made a new years resolution to lose my virginity before I go to college this fall. I really want to go through with it, but I don't have a boyfriend, and there's no guys I know at all that I think might be good to ask, all my friends are just way too immature.

Watching Aphrodite

first-time NobleArtist 2018-07-25

It didn’t matter what she wore—Shorts, that showed off the soft muscular curves of her legs, tight jeans that highlighted the shape of her hips and butt, tee-shirt, sweat-shirt, blouse, or something more revealing; Sometimes, if she wore shorts or pants, I could see the top of her thong peeking out over the hem. She came in from the cold that morning, before school started, in her usual jeans and tucked in tee-shirt, leaning on wooden crutches, on her left foot a tennis-shoe, and on her right nothing but an Ace bandage, accentuating the curves of her foot like everything else she ever wore, and showing her pink nail-polish.

Eating Hot Cum from Her Pussy

first-time kingyendor 2018-07-25

My wife is very good at knowing when a man is about to blow and she stopped just before he blew and started in on me as he massaged her body all over with a nice smelling oil he had brought with him. My wife cums very easy and within two minutes of fucking she began to squirt all over his cock and my face. He started pounding her real hard in this position and my wife seemed like she was just in a continual state of cumming. He was panting and breathing hard and my waife was screaming and I was laying right their looking into my wife's eyes telling her how much I love her.

The Ride

first-time hunglo567 2018-07-25

I maneuvered my old hand me down pickup along the dark wooded back road that my GPS told me would lead to the small resort that I had booked for Shelly and I. As I got closer I could see that it was a girl with long dark hair in what appeared to be a very fancy dress standing on the side of the road with her thumb stuck out. While I got the blanket ready this strange new girl unzipped her gown and let it fall to the ground behind the truck, she wasn't wearing anything beneath. "They ****d and killed my little girl that night, now every so often, around this time of year some boy, like yourself comes in asking about the girl that he's spent the night with in a clearing just up the road.

Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion.

first-time Exakta66 2018-07-25

As time went on and the school year accelerated to a close, my yearning for Kate only got stronger. The end of the school year finally approached and the last time I saw Kate was at a sixth grade graduation party hosted by the parents of a fellow student. Before the summer I would have thought there could be nothing more attractive than the way Kate looked. Although my own home life left a lot to be desired, Kate's parents had a house down the shore. Kate's father seemed to like me, at least he gave me sly glances which at the time I took as a sign of approval.

Teacher Wife Goes Black

first-time easyballs 2018-07-25

"We're just checking out the cheerleaders white pussies lady teach, what's your problem?" and she felt threatened as they all three stood in front of her, "Perhaps you'd like to show us that white pussy of yours baby," and that's when she grabbed for the door, but Tony's arm beat hers and pushed it shut again behind her, Dave grabbed her hands and pulled her away from it, "Damn man, looking at all that white pussy has gotten me so hot and bent over like this sucking your cock Bro, her tits look bigger, I want to suck on them puppies," groaned Tony as he crawled under her swaying body, his hands reached out and found her tits, he began working on them straight away.



first-time jennifer1969 2018-07-25

Stephen, who was crying out in a quiet breathless pant, while I worked three fingers in his tight ass, opened his eyes and, with a smile that clearly showed he was having the sensation of a full orgasmic anal experience, held me tight and said, " You can fuck me, if you want." I settled for swirling my tongue around inside that wondrous hole, flicking the outside then pistoning my head back and forth, tongue fucking Stephens ass, his moans matching mine. As I climbed over the top of him and positioned the purple, throbbing head of my penis at his ass hole, Stephen cried out, " Oh God, please fuck me, please fuck me!", spread his legs wider for me and lifted his hips higher to accept my cock.

my first time was with my cousin!

first-time kitsuki 2018-07-25

Suddenly I feel someone’s hands holding my arms against the wall, his body grinding against me, and his lips locked onto mine. I could tell he was almost ready when he pushed my head away and stood me up, pulling off my shorts at the same time. He pulled out before he could cum inside me and shoved his dick back into my mouth forcing me to swallow his thick juicy cum. By the time I had composed myself enough to get up non-the-less get out of the bathroom, he was already asl**p so I went down stairs to where the other girls were sl**ping and stayed up all night thinking about what had just happened.

Her First Anal Time

first-time 2018-07-25

I put two fingers in her pussy so wet was she i didn’t need any more lube at this time the first finger went in easily and she went ahh as the second nudged its way in slowly it met with resistance and she gasped a little, I just left them there a while before moving in further and moving them about so she was easy with the action, as I started twisting them she gave a pleasing grunt and actually pushed back on them to greet them a bit. I then got the middle size dilator ready rubbed it along her pussy which was dripping for lube enough and gently pushed this fully in her to the hilt she gave a bigger gasp as this widened her more, it is just a little smaller in width than my cock so she would still widen more when that went in.

My High School Wife

first-time Epmd607 2018-07-25

I looked at her when we got in the car, Heather and the other girls thought she was harmless, this gullible little high school girl. "Nah, I want it to be a surprise." She kissed me, I explored her mouth, sucked on her little pink tongue. But I didn't want to, because I knew I'd have to become her boyfriend for real, I'd have to dump Heather and deal with Nate and Georgia's mom. "Hey Karen, since you're my favorite sister of all time and Georgia loves you too, we wanted you to be our witness when we got married." To say she looked surprised was an understatement, her jaw dropped.

Great sex Bi-curious

first-time fitlad12 2018-07-25

I reached over to the shelf and grabbed the lotion that Donna uses when she gets out of the bath, and as I turned around to put it back on the shelf I noticed someone standing in the doorway, I assumed it was Donna, so I said "come give me a hand of you want", Paul said " it got me quite turned on so started watching Babe-station" I just laughed and thought poor guy. He eventually got up and sat on the edge of the toilet, I put my foot up on the edge of the bath tub so my legs were wide open, he started moving down and licking my balls while stroking my hard cock.

Stella Maris: SM in Spain #1

first-time petdyke 2018-07-25

A role playing game starts so innocent, but soon turns kinky second day we play. Stella Maris loves to explode right away, when she feels I'm coming deep inside her. She loves my long big banana entering her from behind while my knees spread her legs wider. For the foreplay I found a short-cut at Stella Maris, to warm her belly up to it all. I serve Stella Maris in our big bed. Fast forward to our long love hot holiday in Spain with some sexy role-play One day I propose Stella Maris to spice it up by a bit of role-play. Stella Maris loves it and we make love the way she likes it.

Friends daughter

first-time 2018-07-25

She wanted to know if her daughter could stay with me until she found an apartment and could I help her since I can tell her where the good neighborhoods are. She had this strange look on her face and said " Jackie did you like my kiss?" Amanda said " well I have to tell you I have wanted to do that since I got here but wasn't sure how you would respond. I was shocked at her directness and said " well you are right I do look at you and it is sexual but I'm not sure we want to pursue that. As we stood there her naked and me dressed she said " I remember seeing you in a bathing suit and you have a cute little body.

A first meeting

first-time 2018-07-25

Over the year of chatting I know now what it felt like to be fucked in the way I have wanted to be. In no time I am feeling this warm sensation squirting in my mouth. Then I feel your hands slide down on me and start to rub my clit. We both look at each other and both know it is time for the real dessert. The last night we just lay next together and cuddle and talk and I watch you fall asl**p. I want to stay up all night because if I fall asl**p morning will come to fast. You sit on the bed next to me and kiss me goodbye.

Three Stoner Chix - Blue Dream

first-time CHICA_and_the_MAN 2018-07-25

ringing any bells?" While he was thinking about it, Amy used her shoulder to secure the phone to her ear and leaned over Dana Lee's lap and wrapped her lips around the mouth of the bong and slowly sucked in another lungful of smoke. Finally, as Dana Lee's laughter began to subside, Amy said, "That was some really good shit we smoked. Amy pursed her lips together and leaned her head to one side as she said in agreement, "It's true, Dana Lee. Your brother's a fucking perv." Suppressing her fear, Alyson said, "Don't be a goof, Amy. Just rub it in for me." She turned her back to Amy, and her eyes instantly fell on Dana Lee, whose full, oh-so-kissable lips were sucking on her cigarette.

Nikki Ch. 01: Never on the First Date

first-time RONIN1869 2018-07-24

Nikki squirmed and spread her legs wider to accommodate my hands as they siphoned off the salty-sour of her beautiful pussy. I just need to get fucked." And with those words, Nikki bent over the coffee table and presented her beautiful heart shaped ass. Nikki would later tell me that the first pop of cock in her pussy always made her gush just a little. No longer consumed by an itch she needed scratched, Nikki moved her hips up and pulled me in by locking her long luscious legs behind my back. I grabbed Nikki's legs and moved my hands underneath the back of her knees and slid them up her calves.

Two Cocks are Better DP Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-07-24

Glen didn't often suck my cock but it felt amazing to have his large body over top of me and his dick filling my mouth as Kurt began to fill my ass.  "Mmmm yes," I moaned out and laid against Glen who wrapped his arms around me, reached back and tried to pull my ass open more for Kurt.  I think you were built to be fucked!" Kurt told me as he continued to push against Glen's cock and into my ass. Glen started calling out, "Yes, yes, yes!!" and Kurt began to quickly beat my cock, my balls contracted and I felt my orgasm build and edge up my penis. 

Jealousy and Revenge

first-time Cybertease 2018-07-24

It only takes 15 minutes to get to your street and as I pull into it I see a car in your drive I recognise straight away. Who wanted to keep your precious virginity till you were married, were going to find out what fun love making could be. I ran back to the car but didn’t feel like going home. I knew some dangerous places that might provide me with some people to help me achieve my revenge though I wanted her for myself. Her body lifted to fuck hard onto the vibro I held in my hand, watching her moan as she fast approched another orgasm. She loves you so much she wants you two to marry!” as he said this in a croaky voice I watched his eyes glaze over.

The Scene Ch. 05: Curtain Call

first-time YoureWet 2018-07-24

"Last week was incredible, I don't think I've ever lost myself in a role like that," she said, and she slid her hand slowly up her thigh. "I was just telling Harry you were moving away next week," her mum said, unable to see Chloe moving her hand even further upwards, taking the skirt with it. "Oh, I'm sorry Harry, I wanted to tell you myself," Chloe said, glancing down quickly between her legs. Then Chloe slid her middle finger down and started rubbing the tiny crotch of the G-string against her pussy, while she ate one-handed in front of her mum as if nothing was going on. "Well maybe you should come over and stake your claim, Harry," Chloe replied, her eyebrows raised, as she rubbed her clit with her fingertip.

My First Interracial

first-time SarahMJames 2018-07-24

I have a big black cock I want to put in your pussy!" I smiled coyly and said, "Now that is a package I'd love to take delivery of!" His hand went under my skirt and began to finger my pussy again! Ron moved in between my legs and began to eat and finger my wet pussy. He brought my legs up, bending me in half, and pushed his entire cock into my stretched pussy! I wrapped my legs around him, put my hands on his ass and pulled him deep inside me. "Deliver that package of cum deep inside my pussy!" Ron pulled out leaving my pussy dripping with cum.

Camping with Stepdaughter 13

first-time 2018-07-24

Susan ran her hand slowly down Lesly’s flat stomach pausing for a moment at the soft patch of hair above her swollen little flower. I put Susan’s legs up over my shoulders and told Lesly to guide me into her friend’s hot little pussy. I soon started moving my hips faster, pulling almost all the way out before plunging in until my nuts would smack Susan’s sweet little ass. . I took her legs off of my shoulders and looked down at her hot young pussy as pulled out my throbbing cock. Susan came down and lay between our legs and started licking Lesly’s pussy as it would fly past her face and rubbing my balls.

my first sex teacher mrs suvarna

first-time bigdickbipin 2018-07-24

she was teaching me nd as usual i was staring at her tits she caught me again doing the same thing she asked me 2 pay attention in studies and not at her boobs I said ma'am ur i cant get my eyes out of ur tits i just want 2 see them once she was shocked hearing this and i suddenly said i would surely concentrate on studies after seeing them And then her hand reached my cock it was hard like rock she started stroking it gentely and i was still playing with her tits And then she was out of control she asked me 2 fuck i agreed and in no time v both ver nude and then she started sucking my rod and i was finger fucking her pussy she sucked for 10 mins

The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 1

first-time sushicook 2018-07-24

And, like I was often before clinging to my friend Amarsis, when I was shaken by the bitter tears of grief, so I'm pressing Tarsis trembling body now to my heaving chest as he throbs in his ultimate ecstasy, and as the fertile waters of his excited manhood finally flood my holy temple of Hapi in such blissful waves - just like the mighty river Nile floods the vast fields of the wide Egyptian valley since uncountable generations every year again and again .