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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Did my friends 22 yr old daughter

first-time Shybutready 2018-07-24

I don't care anymore I craved/crave her and now was time to fuck her...............Now both naked completely eating her pussy I was on my knees in my bed, she curled up starting jerking my cock again mmmmmmmm fully hard She said don't worry about a condom I want you bare and only you bare......So I lay down on my bed wanting her to ride me.......she lowered her pussy slowly on my cock moaning saying feels so good hurts a little but wont come off, there she was riding me, leans over and finally we are not kissing on the lips/tongue like lovers.

Secuction Ch. 06

first-time BigZeke13 2018-07-24

Mike then pulled out his cock and lifted it up a few inches and pushed it back toward Mandy. Nicki stared unblinking as Mike slowly pushed his cock head into her anus. It was like Nicki could feel Mike's load being fired into her own body and she collapsed to her knees with a huge orgasm. Both Mike and Mandy were recovering from their orgasms but they would have had to be deaf not to hear the thud as Nicki went to the floor on her knees followed by the muffled screams right at the now open doorway. When Mike turned to look at the door, his cock pulled from Mandy's ass.

The Virgin and the Gloryhole

first-time HornyDayDreamer 2018-07-24

The door swung open long enough for Kim to see inside the bathroom where she saw a hole in the wall of one of the stalls. Before reaching for the toilet paper, Kim let her hand wonder between her legs and felt the wetness oozing from her sex. Kim gasped as she felt the man stroking her slimy wet pussy. The stranger pulled his fingers out of Kim’s wet cunt and replaced them with his warm hard cock. Gradually, the stranger picked up speed as Kim’s tight pussy started to form to his cock. She was working up another orgasm when the stranger reached down and inserted a wet thumb into her ass hole. Kim came instantly while the stranger continued to fuck her and finger her ass.


first-time querico44 2018-07-24

Before long I was feeling pretty horny and there was a noticable bulge growing in my shorts so I got up and dove into the water swimming over to Bobby. Don't be afraid, it's OK." He pushed his shorts down and said "I look so small compared to you." "Don't worry you will grow as you get older and jerking off will help." I told him. "Wow it's so hard, mine doesn't feel like this." I told him it will before too long, be patient and I reached down to stroke his young boy cock. A few seconds later a little stream of cum squirted from his cock as he groaned, "Wow, that's the first time that has ever happened." I stroked my cock rapidly feeling the juices starting to flow.

Getting to know Adam

first-time garys35 2018-07-24

Adam had a serious look when he said, "that's a waist." He then asked, "have you ever had sex with a man before?" I said, "no but, I've done anal with my wife so, I know what it feels like." Adam quickly replied, "Do you?" I just smiled and said, "you're not talking about giving anal are you?" He said, "no". I asked, "does it hurt?" Adam smiled when he said, "what did you tell your wife when she asked that question before you fucked her in the ass?" I laughed and replied, "I'll go slow, don't worry." Adam said, "There's your answer, I'll do the same." About that time, we both got up and headed for the house.

The Day I Got Caught

first-time jakeburns 2018-07-24

She stood up and slipped her panties off then her top she climbed on to the bed and opening her legs beckoned me forward seeing that hairy pussy my 15 year old cock started to stiffen again pulled her pussy lips apart and said your turn to lick me, I must have looked scared to death as she said don’t worry I will tell you what to do, following her instructions I begin by licking the length of her pussy lips, I don’t think I had ever tasted anything so nice before or since for that matter she then told me what to including sticking 2 fingers up as well as licking and nibbling on her clit, as I got faster and faster with the fingering I could feel her body start to shake before she came very fast and hard all over my hand.

Margo, A Virgin

first-time robertreams 2018-07-24

Margo and I have made a date to meet a local band "White Trash" to hear them play at a local club near campus and ask if they will play at our rally.I arrive early, followed in about fifteen minutes by Margo. I know I'm probably making you feel a little bit trapped here, that I've taken a lot for granted, but I've made up my mind. It's only been a few weeks since I started to look at, examine my own ideas and feelings about anything, so try to understand that I'm trying very hard not to say something to offend you at the same time I'm trying to be open and honest.

my best fuck with deepty

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-07-24

I ran my hands on her perfect round boobs and within a minute I was sucking them biting them as I licked her nipples and she moaned and said give me your tongue in my mouth and her eyes were closed and she was sucking my tongue within a minute she took her T-Shirt off and also pulled my vest off of me and she hugged me tightly and on feeling her warm, smooth and fragrant body. We both laid down for 10 minutes in each others arms and then I started kissing her feet and licking her toes and she moaned so badly and said come on cum inside me, ever time she spoke something.

Granny Sex

first-time zimabean 2018-07-24

Granny laid on the bed next to me and opened her pussy and told me to look and she showed me where her clit was and wanted me to rub it with my fingers. I felt her hand guide my cock into her pussy, granny told me to push it up into her which I did. Granny told me she loves the feel of a man squirting his juice inside her. Granny said she could feel my cock is still hard and she wanted me fuck her real hard this time and then push really deep when I was ready to squirt. I told granny that I wanted to see another guy squirt inside her.

What a beautiful pussy,

first-time 2018-07-24

She began to kiss and nibble my thigh and I had to take my fingers from her hair as she moved further down, along my leg and down to my foot, sucking my toes. She kissed her way along my leg, up the inside of my thigh, causing me to tingle all over in anticipation, and then I could feel Jasmine’s fingers spreading my lips. The sensations in my little clitoris doubled and I reached down, locking my fingers in her hair, grinding my hips, pressing my entire pussy against her mouth. Jasmine’s tongue flicking quickly from side to side over my clitoris was simply too much for me and I let go of her hair, threw my arms back over my head, arched my back and held my breath one last time.

The Age of Consent

first-time randemwriter 2018-07-24

"I treat the girls I fuck like shit," Ryan said, still paying more attention to the girl on the grass than to his friends. "Seriously, I was thinking if this thing actually works out, it'd be kinda nice to be able to hang with my friends and a girl at the same time, but if you guys can't deal, then I'll keep her away." On your hands and knees, like in the quad." She stood, biting her lip and breathing in quick little pants. "Ah fuck..." Ryan rubbed his cock over her face, smearing her bright red lipstick. Ryan violently pulled her face into his lap, shoving his thick cock down her tight little throat.

Bi Male

first-time 425olds 2018-07-24

More that anything, she wanted to see me suck a big, black cock, and possibly watch me getting fucked in the ass by one. I lifted Darrell's big cock out of the way, so I could suck on his balls. After a few minutes of some wet ball sucking, Darrell pulled back a little, and dropped his cock into my eager mouth. Darrell started fucking my white mouth good with his nice big, black cock. I told Darrell to let me know right before he is going to cum, because I want him to set the end of his cock on my tongue as it is stuck out. Penny said she wanted to see Darrell shoot a nice big load of cum in my mouth.

Greek Salad

first-time cuckold100 2018-07-24

Aunan had immediately taken to Ann and shown how much he liked her by emailing me video footage of himself wanking while looking at her photos on his computer. “Treat me nicely and I’ll let you later.” Ann replied, turning round and placing one hand over my trousered cock. As I entered Ann and Aunan quickly moved apart and I saw him move his hand from her thigh. Ann was obviously working her magical blowjob technique on Aunan as he was now groaning quietly and rhythmically sliding 2 or 3 inches of cock between her lips. Aunan now held Ann’s hips and as he thrust forward, he pulled Ann back to meet his slippery cock.

A trip and affair for Linda. (part 1)

first-time 2018-07-24

I caressed her body then I turned her around and pulled her close to me as I grabbed her wonderful tits.  I held her close and as I sucked and licked her earlobe, I said don't worry about me just let me please you.  Then as I kissed and started to lick her pussy, she told me that her husband Jim, never had gone down on her.   I liked hr inner thigh a bit more letting her recover, then I slid one then two fingers deep into her drenched pussy.   I looked at her and said that I would appreciate if you did and remember I did not take my lips and tongue off your clit when you orgasmed.

Life & Times of Sultry Savannah Ch. 01

first-time _Savannah_ 2018-07-24

Savannah lay on the bed of her hotel room, her hips pumping upwardly, yearningly, and she writhed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. She could feel him rubbing his engorged cock along her pussy, spreading the lips, letting the tip probe gently, teasingly at the opening, then pulling back. (Okay, one bellboy, two housemaids, and a gay couple that happened to be passing by.) As the paramedics took David away (don't worry, he's fine), and Savannah sat dejectedly in a hotel robe on the edge of the bed, one thought kept running over and over in her mind. Dillon came over her, kissed her on the lips, softly licked at her ear....."Hold tight", he said, in that deep, sexy voice of his.

A University Education

first-time WickedWastrel 2018-07-24

It took those six weeks for Laura to allow my left hand to stray up inside her denim shirt, creep up and under her bra underwire and cause her body to jolt and stiffen with arousal as I allowed my thumb and forefinger to gently caress the erect nipple of her right breast. As we kissed deeply she worked her right hand up and down my straining shaft as that outrageously exquisite burning feeling of lust beyond the reach of control mounted from the depths of my balls, surged up through my shaft and erupted from my engorged head to spray a long way up my torso, splashing the side of her right breast and liberally coating her hand still working my cock as the cum began to subside.

My s****r Sylvie just loved to give head.

first-time bobbylite 2018-07-24

“My s****r’s too shy to talk, Hank.” Sylvie told him, “Hannah,” she said, looking at me, “this is your chance. “My s****r is sucking your cock, Hank.” Sylvie told her lover, “Is it good?” Sylvie stroked my head and looked into my face, giving my cock an excruciating little tickle. Sylvie would dress me up once or twice a week, and I got regular blow jobs as well as getting to watch her making out with her boyfriends. You don't think he wants anyone to know that he likes boys to suck his cock, do you?” We snuggled and kissed like lovers, with me still in my makeup, and Sylvie stroked my cock and balls in the most wonderful way.

I love cocks!

first-time danalover 2018-07-24

My mother laugh and said to me that Rajko is good man and that she realy liked him to be my husband but she also knew tat Rajko was married man. I meet those new huge cocks and they knew that I am horny for cocks as my husband have a tiny small cock, they said Rajko and Marko told them about me and they wanted to help me as they like me. Milorad move to another country and he asked me to go with him but I love to stay with my " husband" Valentin as I knew if I go with Milorad I will never see new cocks anymore but with Valentin, I am as a single 15 years old keen for dicks.

ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #11

first-time FrankSinner 2018-07-24

Freddie stopped suddenly and looked into Jade's eyes, his sexual activities halting and, using the non-fingering hand, touched her face softly. After she came for the second time she felt herself being released and she collapsed on the floor, her body red and tired, her pussy leaking with juices, her hair a mess, her makeup looking awful, and to top it all off, James now stood above her and as she seemed to beg him not to, despite Jade really wanting this finish, he fired at least seven thick ropes of cum all over her face and breasts.

Secuction Ch. 07

first-time BigZeke13 2018-07-24

As Jeremy continued fucking Nicki and Justin was sucking her tits and Mandy moaned and thrust her hips up and down, Zach began jerking himself off. Jeremy had stopped but Nicki didn't want that so she started pushing her pussy up and down his static cock with her legs and hips. Jeremy had apparently pushed his own orgasm forward and as Nicki was reaching her peak, he pulled his cock out and began jerking on his cock as his cum launched out onto Nicki's tits and Justin's hand. Nicki heard Jeremy's exclamation and pulled her head off Justin's cock and turned to see what was going on. Zach stood up and moved in front of Nicki and pulled her head back onto his cock and all the way to his balls.

Erotic Anticipation

first-time smellsgood 2018-07-24

When he slid his hand between her legs and pressed hard against her jeans, the excitement turned to pure lust and she pulled him closer as they continued to kiss. He slid a finger deep inside her and started to lick hard and fast again, and this time the sensation was too much. Suddenly he grabbed her hair and pulled it as she squeezed him, and when he put his other hand to her face she started to suck on his finger. This was too much for him and as he heard her breathing faster, he pulled his finger out of her mouth and reached around to stroke her clit while he pumped harder.

My 2nd sex without strings adventure

first-time sam_slade69 2018-07-24

I would often think of the chubby girl with big tits sucking my cock and longed to find another sex buddy. Her big lips felt awesome as she sucked in hard and moved her mouth down my shaft. She sucked me like a vacuum and it was so hot to see this sexy black girl pleasing my cock. I moved off of her and she stuck her big round butt up in the air pushing it towards my hard cock. We laid down next to each other and she laughed and said "Damn that was hot!" After a few minutes we got into the shower and I keep staring at her not believing that I just fucked this hot black girl.

Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 4

first-time 2018-07-24

At the moment, he saw Aunt Dee's arms reaching up and pulling the girl's naked hips Herb started sliding his prick in and out of his aunt, feeling the cushion of her ass, Aunt Dee's cries of lust at first frightened Herb, but as he felt the woman rising to Aunt Dee brought her mouth down to Herb's cock and kissed it near the center of its Aunt Dee lay ass-up, and Herb reached over and fondled those cushions of flesh, "Want me to suck your cunt for you, Aunt Dee?" Herb asked. be fucked and sucked by in return, Herb thought, as he rode Aunt Dee. His prick slipped in and out of her hot, tight cunt, making his aunt moan with

A Drink of Milk

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-07-24

"Oh god you're so big!" She moaned quietly rocking her hips in time with the short little strokes I started to make, working my cock into her a little bit at a time. Her arms wrapped around my back and pulled my chest to hers, driving her tits and hard nipples into my chest as our bodies jerked and trembled, emptying my cum deep in her pussy with each jerk of my cock. I pulled my suit on and followed her down the shore a short time later, climbing the stairs to the camp area from the river edge, my cock still hard at the thought of her body and the sensations, and also at the open invitation she had left.