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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mommy Tries To Resist

first-time qudduse 2018-07-23

So one night I intentionally leave the bathroom door half open while I start masturbating hoping that my mother will walk by like she usually does at this time. And without waiting for an answer from mom, I push my hard dick inside her wet pussy and fuck her standing up while she leans back against the countertop in a doggy-style position. Mom didn’t resist me and starts enjoying my hard dick in and out of her pussy while moaning out sounds of pleasure. After fucking her from behind for a few minutes mom said, “Ahh… son, you fuck your mom a couple of times already, I want to know how it feels to fuck you.

Confessions of a Nurse Ch. 01

first-time Pussyrider 2018-07-23

As soon as I've got my hooks into some nice rich surgeon, and fucked the bugger into marrying me, you won't see me for dust." One day, as we were sitting taking a rare break, Diana, lounging in an old armchair with a cigarette hanging from her mouth, gave me one of her smiles that meant she wanted something. It hurt at first and I gave a small cry; then my pussy seemed to accommodate itself to the invasion and I started to enjoy the stretching feeling, and the warm sensations passing through my loins and into my chest as Mr Martin swished his fingers around inside me.

Love Thy Neighbor

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-23

Tall, jet black, shoulder length hair, tight blouse, tight slacks, amazing looking rack, killer ass, carrying a plate full of cookies. OK?” she said as she turned, stared at my tented crotch, and smiled. came out as a request, but the hand on my head, pulling me closer felt babbled, fondling one of her breasts with one hand and holding my head her hands from her crotch, she held my head, pulled it to her breast and She pulled my head from her breast ans whispered, “ I’ve just got to She pulled my right hand to her breast, pressing her stiff nipple into Looking me in the eye, she added, “Now, fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!”

Caught Mom Practicing the Dark Art

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-07-23

"It's very simple, dear," Lana sighed while working her pussy up and down on her lover's massive erection, "your father is a total loser in the love making department, and for the past five years or so Tyrell has kept me from climbing the walls!!!" Tammy slumped against the wall in a state of complete shock while watching her mother ride that throbbing black huge cock for all she was worth! Once the head popped inside, Tammy gasped and moaned softly, "I-I don't think I can take it, it's sooooooooooo fucking huge!!!" Tyrell loved hearing white bitches pleading for mercy at the hand of his massive organ, but mercy was something he was all out of as he slammed his muscular hips forward, driving his thick black spike balls deep into the tight little cunt!

the begining

first-time jcmac 2018-07-23

wanted a taste of that pussy she pulled me back into a 69 and took my cock in her mouth. down till only one leg still had them one and drove my tongue up her pussy as I did she grabbed my ass drove my cock in , she reached down and started to rub her clit like crazy till she moaned she was going down and guided me into his asshole, it felt different from a pussy but in a good way , I watched as my cock slid in and out of his asshole as he moaned asking me to fuck him harder , it didn't take me

An old friend fucked my husbands ex girlfriend bac

first-time greenside80 2018-07-23

After chatting about it for a bit, I told my s****r-in-law to set something up so that we could all hang out because I would love to catch up with the guys. I was a bit flattered because like I had said, I was having some weight issues with my baby weight and didn't think that I could really attract a guy's attention since my husband wasn't giving me that much at home. On any normal day, I probably would've stopped because it probably would've felt uncomfortable to have their hands on me like that but today I was in a great mood and really wasn't feeling much pain after enjoying the margaritas so I went with it and had some fun.

My First Time with my First Girlfriend

first-time 2018-07-23

At the end she asked for my number and I gave but I did not asked for her number and next day I went to give interview in a collage and got selected their and I was so happy at that time and a call from unknown number came to me, basically I do not pick up the unknown number but at that time, I was happy and I answered the call and on the other side it was Charu. I cannot explain my joy at that time and she was sucking me with so enthusiasm and after 15 mins I asked her to stop as I was about to cum but she didn't, instead she speeded up and I came in her mouth. I again got an erection and I held her and made her lie on the bed I took a pillow And placed it below her Ass. I started rubbing my cock on her pussy.

Tricia's Tits

first-time andrewnin 2018-07-23

I didn't want the night to be over so I went back to kissing her and gave her a good dry hump, much more obvious and harder than before, hoping to make her as horny as I as and to let her know that I was still thinking about fucking. I sat there upright in REAL shock as Megan grabbed a pillow off the bed and placed it under her friend's head so that Tricia's face was now pushed forward, her lips only inches from the head of my dick. I wasn't sure what I wanted to look at more: the sight of Megan watching us in fascination, or the sight of my wet dick sliding between Tricia's tits and into her open mouth!

Fisting her incredable Pussy.

first-time txwood 2018-07-23

She always liked me eating her wet pussy and especially with a finger slid up her butt. This particular night was right before Christmas and I had just fingered her to a sloppy wet squirting orgasm. I slid a third finger in her and she moaned with pleasure pushing against my hand I continued till all 5 fingers were in up to my knuckles. In a matter of no time she began to orgasm her pussy contracting around my hand inside of her. As my sloppy wet hand slid out she squirted as she again moaned in ecstasy. I pulled my cock from her ass and slid my hand out and we collapsed next to each other.

shagging my s****r

first-time 2018-07-23

my s****r her name is natasha she said i am a better bf then luke but then she came closer to me and kissed me on the lips and then pulled away and told me to get naked and fucker so i thought should i and the i said yh ok then so i started to strip of my clothes. natasha came closer and started to give me a blowjob it was the best blowjob ever and after she told me to lick her pussy so i did it was nice and wet down ever. when we woke up in the morning my cock was still up her pussy she asked me what happened last night so i told her we fucked each other and she told me to go so i quickly got change and went out.

The First Time

first-time htos1989 2018-07-23

The pubic hair I’d shaved, well that grew back in a few weeks but I’d been bitten by the bug now and it wasn’t too long until I plucked up the courage to shave all my pubes off with the razor and when I had done it I loved my shaved look, it really turned me on and I still love it today and shave off my pubes several times a year but I still remember that night when I just saw the razor in the bathroom cabinet and felt the urge to naughtily shave off some of my pubic hair just to see what it felt like.

Strange Elephant Man Story

first-time GratefulFred 2018-07-23

I still wore the mask upon my face as she came near and I could see in her eyes that she pitied me -- the elephant man! Truly there must be a girl somewhere that can look pass my deformities and accept me for who I was. She looks at my masked face and smiles, something I quite didn't expect. We are alone, the girl and I, looking into each other's eyes knowing for sure that we were destined for one another. Next she removes the mask covering her face and I stand still looking at the most loveliest pussy I have ever seen in my life. My cock stands at attention ripping through the mask covering my face.

payback is a bitch 2

first-time denniswillard1 2018-07-23

We anounce are selfs to the room, young couple here bored and horny. After a couple rounds of suck his dick and finger her pussy the suggeston came up, he should fuck her ass. The room wanted to know what it would take to let me fuck her ass. She thought about it for a sencound and with a shy devious smile on her face she says i get to fuck him in the ass at my time of choosing where ever i want. I postioned my cock right at the edge of her hole and slowly started to push it in, then all of a sudden, she said paybacks a bitch and thrust her ass on my cock with a loud gasp.

First Time

first-time eroticbisexual 2018-07-23

I took a face cloth and cleaned his cock, it was the first time I had ever touched another man's penis and as my wife watched a million different thoughts flooded my brain. Once cleaned as per my wife's instructions I started to stoke his body and use my mouth to kiss and lick his nipples, gradually his cock hardened to its full size and then I took a spray can of desensitising spray and applied a liberal layer to his fully grown impressive manhood. I was ordered to cuff his hands behind his back, and the I slowly started wanking him, my wife came closer and his bare cock now touched her skin for the first time.

In a Silver Tent

first-time ReefBeach 2018-07-23

The harness feels good, my legs know how to step over the many roots, my hands know which trees to grab to steady myself. She has strong, dark eyebrows over eyes that are either intense or laughing ironically, a small nose, the barest hint of pits on her cheeks, a mop of straight hair with a few strands out at a silly angle. I try and catch them with my mouth, but the wet skin is too slippery and she is laughing too much at all the water I'm taking in. Remember me, 'coz I sure as hell won't forget you!" She leans forward and kisses me softly, slowly on the lips, the same as our first kiss, except this time there are tears on her cheeks.

Erotic Gangbang With A 26 Year Old Housewife

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-07-23

She asked driver to stop the car she has to change the dress and wear the sleeve. The tailor said that she has to wear a bra so he has a set and he has to measure her breasts. She sat on my legs I pushed the front seat and driver came from my side and sucked her boob and from other side my worker and tailor took out their tools out. I sucked her pussy continuously for 15 min I drank even her toilet go she was an angel the tailor took his tool and put it in her mouth. On the last day of our trip we gave her clothes and asked he to be naked before us and fucked her in all possible way.

First Time For Everything

first-time Subby72 2018-07-23

Although it wasn't the biggest room in the house, I knew that it could hold Dillan, his wife, Vickie, and their girlfriend, Jessica. About 20 minutes later, Vickie and Jessica came through the living room headed out the door, saying that they were going to get something for supper. At about the time I thought I couldn't take it any longer, Vickie squealed with a very intense orgasm while pulling my nipple to it's breaking point. The sensation of being fucked so vigorously and having my nipples stimulated at the same time, caused me to have three more orgasms before Dillan finally shot his load with one last hard thrust. Dillan had stopped kissing me and was finger fucking Jessica while my orgasm was happening.

Real story - How I Lost My Virginity

first-time Tommie_tomm2 2018-07-23

The third time we dated I so wanted to kiss her, thankfully she helped me by holding her head up and close to me as we said goodbye, her up against my car and me pressed gently but firmly up against her (my rod rock hard by the way). Moving down my body, she wrapped her hand around my cock, gently pulling it, then slowly, moved her head to just above it. Overwhelmed, I felt the amazing sensation of a woman’s warm, wet mouth loving my hard cock, moving up and down the shaft with her lips and tongue. I felt the warmth, the wetness, the amazing feeling of her vagina wrap itself completely around the head of my cock, then move down my shaft.


first-time 2018-07-23

Once I was about to leave for office, when I heard a shout from their house, I saw Rekha rushing out and on seeing me, pulled my hand in and crying asked me to help her son. My fingers were now moving in her cunt and meantime, she was busyholding my semi erect lund and trying to take it in her mouth, I went on kissing her cunt and sucking it till she started her moving her cunt to reach my face as deep as possible. She took my hands in her lap and said –‘you had made rekhas life wonderful with the short time you spent with her.

In Ass We Trust

first-time Angelus_1753 2018-07-23

First though, I was going to get a good taste of her before I got to the main course, so I moved my face in towards her inviting pussy and started to kiss and tongue her juicy little flaps. But next though, I was going to concentrate on making sure she had a good doggy-style drilling, so I manoeuvred my hips up against her raised ass and proceeded to gently sink my seven-inch cock in between those moist flaps, until my balls were resting snugly against the tops of her thighs. She let out a soft moan as I thrust in and out of her with gradually increasing pace, as my hands moved their way from her ass cheeks up to her beautifully perky little breasts, which were bobbing to and fro with a nice rhythm.

Porno Party?????

first-time a_chord90 2018-07-23

What is important however, is that this scene is being played for the whole audience of party goers in this parking lot, and this girl is on her knees violently shoving this guys cock into her mouth while making noises that sound remarkably like an otter. Is it really possible that this chick could be so crazy that she would invite a guy to a party where a bunch of people are going to sit around and watch a movie of her getting gorilla fucked and not let him know what he was in for?

Caught Masturbating...PART 8

first-time rocketstud 2018-07-23

“Well, you seemed to have a pretty big orgasm right there at the end when she was standing in the door,” I said, “So I’d say you liked being watched yourself.” Tara fought back: “If I can’t say I didn’t mean to, then you guys can’t say you didn’t care,” she said, looking at me and making me feel embarrassed. Tara was now totally nude, her legs spread in the recliner, and was furiously rubbing her vagina and watching me pleasure my wife. I felt the gush of warmth flow over my fingers and hand as my wife climaxed, and at the same time watched Tara close her eyes and bite her lip as she had her own orgasm.

First Time for Everything Ch. 01

first-time Cool_Beans_Aus 2018-07-23

It's not that he had trouble talking to girls he was just not very good at making conversation which made things awkward so he decided to write high school off and wait until University to try and get a girlfriend and move into a relationship. He was not sure if having Kaila as a roommate was a good or bad thing but decided that there was nothing he could do about it even if he wanted and left it at that. Ben gave Kaila a playful glare then continued, "My parents and I just asked some of the staff and students and they pointed us in the right direction."

San Diego: Part 3 - Losing my Anal Cherry

first-time 2018-07-23

After a while I felt a wet finger push into my tight virgin ass hole. Finally after teasing me a bit he pushed in and all of a sudden I felt this very intense, sharp pain, and pulled away. There was some discomfort and pain when he pushed all the way in but I got used to it and soon my dick was rock hard and oozing precum. Scott pushed my legs back and I could now really feel his dick work my prostate as he fucked me with long deep strokes. As my orgasm subsided I was breathing hard and all of a sudden when he filled me up with his dick on the in stroke, I felt this intense urge to push his dick out.