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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Time

first-time betterthanexpected 2018-07-23

Shae was a beauty, standing at about 5 foot 3 inches, long dark black hair, pale milky white skin, curvy in the best kind of way but not fat by any means, she had a set of supple small tits probably about size B and the nicest ass I had ever seen. I grabbed her ass, trying to pull her panties down, at which point she playfully smacked my hands away, shaking her head not saying a word but wagging her finger at me like I was a naughty boy being scolded, she pulled her panties to the side and showed me her dripping wet pussy lips, grabbing the head of my cock and rubbing it against herself, guiding it between her folds as it found her entrance for the first time.

The Winding Staircase

first-time sr71plt 2018-07-23

And it seems like every time I had an occasion to walk down the back hallway to my parents' bedroom, she was there, standing on the winding staircase to her room above. That fall, after I had returned to the States and started junior college—and begun expertly fucking the coeds at the college—my mother let me know in a letter when I'd asked how the maid, Inga, was doing, that they'd had to let her go. Mother didn't tell me why and by the time Dad's assignment in Berlin was over and they'd moved back to where I could live at home while attending college, I'd pretty much forgotten about Inga.

Teacher and Students

first-time BrianCaster 2018-07-23

I washed my pussy which was opening and closing its lips like it tried to complain for not getting satisfied and needed a real dick. See inside my bra, there are two breasts, I should uncover them, so you can look at them clearly;" So I took my bra off so that the guys could look at the naked top parts. He started kissing me, caressing me with one hand on my soft breasts and the other inside hungry pussy! Everyday in my bathroom, with my dildo, but she says that I never get a feeling which you can give with your cock," and as I teased his cock by thrusting my hand inside his brief, he laughed loudly.

Jessie's Sister, Jill

first-time Epmd607 2018-07-23

"I see it as you take her for ice cream when the Sun's going down, and sit with her on a bench and as it's just getting tough to see you give her a nice kiss, no tongue...maybe a touch of tongue." Jessie was always particular about the way things should be done, but this was surreal. I just want her to experience as much as possible, you know?" Evidently she wasn't jealous, she was asking me to think about having sex with her little sister. This isn't as harmless as a kiss." ...And it's actually insulting that you think of her as a helpless little girl who needs her big sister to pimp her boyfriend out as to let her experience life.

The Peeping Mom

first-time AuthorApril 2018-07-23

Kim stood transfixed as she first saw his pubic hair and then watched Brandon's penis hang before him as he reached down to pick up both the underwear and jeans. His body began to tense and Kim knew from her own masturbating experiences that Brandon was nearing his orgasm. As he finished his orgasm, Kim saw Brandon remove his hand from his shaft, dropping the engorged organ to fall towards his body and lay on the hanky. Brandon's hard cock, his hand furiously stroking himself, the engorged purple head, the tensing of his body and the eruption of his semen--vividly played out in Kim's brain.

My b*****r

first-time loloishorny 2018-07-23

We said good night to mom and daddy and went down stairs. I went in the bathroom, put on my new bra and my night shirt and a clean pair of panties. He then grabbed me and sunk his head inbetween my tits, pulled the cups to the side and started to suck and nibble on my erect nipples. I cum a few times and hear him moan witha smile, he says that my pussy juice is much better than his gf. I walk over to him, bend over and put his dick in my mouth and suck him hard again. We were shocked, but atleast I had my shirt on and a sheet covering my wet pussy and my b*****rs hard dick.

A Game of Cards

first-time Zamlock 2018-07-23

You sit back and look at your hand, thinking hard. So I make sure you win that hand, and you say, "The winner gets thirty seconds of anything they want." I am thrilled with the idea. I stop to regain my composure, then start rubbing each nipple lightly with my cock, After about 2 minutes you say the thirty seconds is up and we go back to the table, breathless. You grab my cock and start sucking it hard while you squeeze the shaft with your hand. I gently part your legs and put my still hard cock into your pussy, and we mutually decide that strip poker is the greatest game in the world.

He Wasn't What She Seemed

first-time eroticbi 2018-07-22

I leant forward and lightly kissed her lovely, full lips and felt her tongue flick across the inside of mine. I kissed her neck as my hand slipped inside her negligee and started to caress her nipples. I moved my lips to her mouth, placed my naked body onto hers and started to stroke her cock. I moved my weight onto my left hand so I could stroke her cock against my belly as I fucked her. Her cock jerked in my hand as I screamed at the painful joy of my ejaculation, pumping my cum into her loving ass. She did as I asked and I took more cum off her finger and, keeping it on the tip of my tongue, kissed her so we could share the beauty of her essence.

Stand In Granny Landlady

first-time lovethemold 2018-07-22

My cock was now getting hard at the thought of what might happen and as I asked Vera to allow me through she just moved forward again. I deliberately thrust my hips forwards so that my hardening cock rubbed against her backside and I placed my hands on her hips and then ran them down her amble arse feeling the outline of her knickers and to my surprise suspenders! Pulling my cock coated in Vera’s juices and my own cum out of her pussy I parted her cheeks and drove it home into her arse hole….she screamed out as I thrust into her, thinking I had gone too far she shouted “Oh my days!

Marc takes Moni camping

first-time 2018-07-22

Carl held Moni by the hair with one hand and untied Carl was f***efully pulling Moni's head up and down his dick, and Moni had to let go of her breasts to Carl had let go of her, Moni was still working her her mouth up and down Carl's thick, hard dick. straddle Carl and put his dick in front of Moni. The guy straddling Carl was coming, and Moni was started rocking slowly on Carl's dick, while holding I backed off the table and let Moni pull the two guys guys up front shot a stream that went over Moni's head off guy shot his load right over Moni's shoulder onto Moni bent over and closed her mouth over the guy's

How I learnt to love sex...

first-time timea87 2018-07-22

But that’s alright as long as you let us teach you… maybe time for a new instrument in your life, no?” That was John who said it and he stood up, opened his pants and took them off. One was longer, the other one larger… I like Pat because he tried to be so nice and I felt less sure of myself with John, but I didn’t want to sound as if I preferred his buddy for fear of making him mad… John said “You want Pat to do it, hon, right, that’s ok, don’t worry…” and he made me stand up and took my skirt and panty off.

Suzi's Shoes

first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-07-22

He wanted to, but Suzi was too quick, the blonde moving away to leave Alan working a fist over his cock in the corridor. "I've got a hot young virgin cock to suck," she went on with a low moan while looking at Alan through eyes heavy-lidded with need. Seeing his reaction to having his cock sucked had Suzi squirming as she fucked the dildo in-and-out of her body, and if he kept on making those noises she was likely to come. She moaned and closed her eyes, head lolling loose, platinum blonde hair spreading across Alan's stomach and legs while the woman fucked herself with a robust, bed-shaking action.

Office Party

first-time faggyboi 2018-07-22

In the car with Vic, she also put DeCarlos Washington and Sarah Nettles. Sarah was on the account management team and DeCarlos worked in accounts payable. Vic glanced at his watch, "Can your connect come thru fast." The car pulled up to the apartment complex where DeCarlos lived. DeCarlos came back into the living room wearing a pair of red Lycra boyshorts and a neon green tank top. Vic moved to the far corner of the living room after laying a thirty bucks on the coffee table. "Yes, sir," DeCarlos said. DeCarlos got on the bed. Vic slid in behind DeCarlos. Vic's fat dick entered the tight, brown pussyhole. "Fuck me, daddy," cooed DeCarlos. "That looks hot as fuck," Vic elated.

Tom and Abbie

first-time buttyninja 2018-07-22

This was the third trip and by this point Abbie had become determined to spent quality time with Tom. Jake had fished out some DVDs he thought they'd both liked, which seemed like a good idea as it would minimize the need for conversation. It wasn't long before the hard pounding of his pubis on her clit sent her over the edge, she screamed as she came, and Tom felt her already tight pussy clamp down on his cock, drawing him in and seemingly begging him to come. Abbie felt a flash of anger; something was going on that she didn't know about, suddenly Tom's sheepish look was starting to make more sense.

Wife's first DP

first-time kykpl 2018-07-22

One of the single guys said he was told to leave the local whore house because the girl wouldn't fuck him because he had a 12 inch cock. I told him to lay down so my wife could suck both cocks at the same time. All of the married women wanted the guy with the big dick to fuck them so they could see what a really big cock felt like. The women were fucked by 6 guys each, we did not use condoms so all of the ladies had pussies full of cum. My wife and I would invite one of the single guys over now and then for a little double fucking in her pussy.

Spending the Day with my Uncle and Niece

first-time jsh0033 2018-07-22

My niece asked our uncle if we can pretend to go swimming like they did last time. My niece looked at my Uncle and said that they pretend that our underwear is our bathing suit. She said she wanted to try something and knelt down in front of me, took my penis in her hand and began licking the precum off. I told her that I loved it but I felt like something was going to happen. He told me that I wasn't going to pee and that when I get so excited my penis will squirt and I will feel one of the best feelings in the world. He said he would tell us when he was going to squirt and that we should open our mouths.

A Fullmoon Night

first-time sami22 2018-07-22

He had been sitting in his favorite sofa gazing vacantly toward the black barren hill, I was contemplating the shimmering lights of Jerusalem which were gleaming in the very far distance. It is a dull place for him to live: a single room in the darkest street of the town, on the roof of a high shabby building as if he wanted to be close to the moon. I kept silent, I don't know if I was inducing him to talk by my silence. At this moment I turned to look at the moon, it was departing, descending slowly behind the barren black hill, gleaming its last trace as if it was saying good-bye.

Krista and Lia

first-time CanisMajor 2018-07-22

On her back laying on her bed, her arms covered her small, pert breasts while Lia's hands had grasped onto the waistband of her panties, the only article of clothing on her body before she'd be completely naked. Lia moved in closer again and gently lay her hand against Krista's pussy. "Very warm," she noted and started rubbing her hand against Krista's pussy, "warm and wet." Lia trenched a finger between Krista's lips. Lia climbed into the bed at Krista's knees, and she looked into Krista's eyes while gently spreading her thighs apart, kissing her way to her pussy. Lia's tongue and lips worked up so many new sensations in Krista's pussy.

Fantasy cum true in Train

first-time mycockdancing4u 2018-07-22

I took the liberty of locking the door cause I do not expect someone to board a moving train unless super man gets tired and decides to use Indian Railways to reach Delhi. She straight away kept her hand on my erect dick over the jeans and said, "Are you always like this or today and exception ? She did not move for sometime although I knew she was not dead :) I just came and sat back in my seat feeling my dick and slowly jerking it while looking at her. She took her hand in her pussy and started feeling herself while I continued jerking myself. I took her dress, placed it on my dick and continued jerking on it very very slowly cause I could reach anytime now.

Public Shame of BBW

first-time dodger125 2018-07-22

I was pushed backwards again as two of the girls took an ankle each and proceeded to spread my legs. Another girl opened my vagina, pulling it apart to reveal my sex, my wet labia glistening in the dim light. They continued to laugh and the girl with the video phone was still filming. The girl pulled the bottle out and I fell to my knees, bodily fluids trickling down the insides of my legs. They disappeared back through the side gate leaving me sat up on the dirty ground, naked with my exposed wet pussy on show to all, my nipples hard in the cool breeze and no doubt, displaying my cum face as I felt flushed, lips slightly apart panting for air.

My girlfriend's mother

first-time 2018-07-22

It was a different time, but people were still horny and wanted to fuck, but we kept it more to ourselves than the way things are today. After about 8 weeks of no sex she asked me to come and stay with her f****y for the weekend so that I could get to know her parents. She had really dark hair and was a few inches shorter than my girlfriend, her legs were thicker and her ass was really nice but shaped different from her daughter's. I could catch a glimpse of my girlfriend's parents, it looked like he was on top of her and her legs were spread, I could hear moaning.

A Welcomed Affair

first-time mikebray41london 2018-07-22

Each time you cum, it seems like it is more intense than the last, you decide you want one earth shaking orgasm, so you lay me back on the bed, pushing me back and you straddle me and tease yourself by just rubbing your pussy and clit along the shaft of my hard cock and just as you reach the brink again you slide my hard shaft as deep inside you as it can go with one long hard thrust. I smack your ass hard and grab your breasts and squeeze them, telling to fucking ride me hard fucking cock, you start to hit your peak once again and I can feel your pussy clamping down on my hard cock and I feel my balls tightening and my cock begins to throb, suddenly you screaming out "OMG MIKE I AM CUMMING!!".

it fells good

first-time 2018-07-22

when i bent down to pick up mii ipod tha had fell then i turned around and he droped his panties i saw he was hard and he like the way i licked my lips so i got on my knees and start suck on his thick black dick. then h told me to get on the bed and i did so he took off my shirt a started suckin on my breast is was so good tha i put mii hand down my pants and started ruding myelf. then i started titty fucking him and thats when he came so got in my mouth and it taste so good.

the message

first-time 2018-07-22

Gary went over to his lover and gave him a long hard kiss on the mouth, their tongues probing each other while Gary let his hand caress Frank's big pecker. Frank pulled his mouth away and asked softly, "Want some of this, baby, daddy wants to feed his baby his bottle!" Gary kissed his lover one more time and whispered back, "Mmmmmm, yes, let me have some of your "milk", daddy!" Frank stood in the middle of the room with his gigantic hardon and Gary on his knees quietly sucking it like a baby does a fresh bottle. Gary was in seventh heaven, there was nothing in the world like Frank's erection filling his mouth, and from the feeling of his nut sack, soon Frank would be feeding him a full load of his hot sweet nectar!