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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kip and Salina Ch. 04

first-time rmlooker 2018-07-22

Cricket then said she could not drive Kip's van and asked her what would be a good day for Trisha to start picking her up for the ride to school. Cricket asked how she knew that and Trisha said who would want someone paralyzed in a wheelchair that can't even feel her pussy. Salina said that sounded good and she would give Trisha something to do in the kitchen and she could watch her and Cricket doing things with their hooks. Trisha looked like she wanted to ask a question and Cricket said what? Cricket had noticed the hard nipples when Trisha was watching Salina so off hand she said how beautiful Salina was with no arms.

All the Way to Heaven

first-time AfroerotiK 2018-07-22

Aaron wasn’t a virgin and he knew that Taisha was going to remember her first time until the end of time. He wasn’t sure he was up to the task of making someone’s first time memorable and special but he made the decision in his heart and in his mind that he wanted to share this with Taisha and he was going to do what he needed to do. He’d done all the typical stuff, like making reservations for dinner and ensuring the sheets were clean and the apartment tidy but he had also gone to get tested for STDs because he wanted Taisha to feel safe and secure in his arms in every way possible.

A terrible doubt about my mature wife Rossella

first-time Bassotto8 2018-07-22

After some time during another sex session I made her admit that she’d like to be fucked by George Clooney (that is her idol), astonished for the confession I asked her if I could watch them and she answer “maybe”. I found Julio near the pool and ask him to come in our bungalow, he smiled and declared to be very happy because my wife is so sexy for him. We arrived in our room and Rossella was lying on the stomach over the bed, naked with only a small towel across her ass. When Julio passed to other leg my wife spread them a little bit more, so from my position on a chair I can catch a glimpse of her trimmed pubic hair.

time for a change - a conclusion

first-time red_kate 2018-07-22

he´d come to my pussy willingly and lick me until i screamed, and when i wanted a hard hot length between my lips his cock was always there swollen and ready for me to mouth, and a lovely explosion of cum ready for me to gulp down. i tilted my pelvis down and it was what he needed to find the right angle as his cock entered me fully, his thickness feeling so good as he pumped, his knot bumping at my pussy lips. he stopped pumping and stood still, and a torrent of hot cum erupted from his cock deep inside me jetting against the neck of my cervix, hotter and far more than i´d ever had in my life.

Heather Ch. 01

first-time maudecardy 2018-07-22

It was just so good to watch her body as she moved and twisted, looking at her tight wool-covered arms as she searched through the box, with glimpses of soft grey breast as she bent forwards in her searching. I was dumbstruck, and began breathing harder, trying to take in the exquisite moment: the sight of her body, the tight grey wool buttoned tight over her breasts, her pink wrists with the wool hem stretched tight over her skin, the feeling of her expert fingers on my cock, the total embarrassment of her touching me - and exciting me so much.

my friend fucked my girlfriend

first-time rrodriguez6805 2018-07-22

i knew in high school joe had a little crush on rachel and had checked her out or tired talking to her for while, but the thought of him fucking her made me crazy horny for some off reason. asa they all left, joe had texted me asking if rachel had really wanted to fuck him. joe had put his condom on as rachel got on the bed getting in doggy position spreading her nice ass and pussy for my friend to enter. rachel had grabbed my cock as joe slid out of her and she sat on it riding my dick so fucking hard the pain and pleasure had kicked in.

Babysitting Daddy Ch. 01

first-time luvrobbijo 2018-07-22

The conversation was incredible, and I had a great feeling about her as a daycare provider for my kids! After thinking about it briefly, she said, "Sure!" So, Robbi Jo was now moving into a new home with the kids and me! Then, a few months later, when the kids were at their mom's house on a weekend, Robbi came out of her room in flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt while I was in the living room. She said, "I thought you would never ask!" I then fucked her hard in her tight ass until we both came again and fell asleep in my bed.


Virgin on Bourbon Street

first-time christo 2018-07-22

Other people walked past and paid them no mind, and Brian guessed that this wasn't the most shocking thing Bourbon Street had ever witnessed, a sexy woman toying with a petrified teenage boy. "Girls, this is Brian," Vanessa said, wrapping her arm around his waist and snuggling close. "Hey, Brian," the black girl said, drawling out his name so it sounded like, "Braaan." He looked around. Brian squirmed, waiting breathlessly for her to lick him, and when she did, when her pink tongue slithered between his dark lips and caressed the big bulb at the head of his cock he squeezed his eyes shut and moaned like the frightened boy he was.

Two First Times

first-time litpervgrrl 2018-07-22

Tall (not as tall as me, but tall), long red hair, flashing blue eyes, curly eyelashes, tight butt, big (but not too big) breasts, amazingly fit; I don't think there was an ounce of excess fat on her, and she had beautiful shoulders. It turned out that Kathleen was one of the only other students on my floor who had stayed at school for the holiday. I worked up my nerve and asked Kathleen if she would like to hang out and play cards or listen to music or something. Understand that, although I had a healthy fantasy life, and had been masturbating to thoughts of Kathleen for months now, I didn't really know much about the mechanics of girl sex.

A letter from me to my girl

first-time aero98 2018-07-22

lips and slowly start nibbling on your ear as I lick I slowly remove your bra and start licking my way Slowly I beging to remove your pants as my tounge works I pull you panties down and begin to suck and nibble your clit whileI finger you deep and hard I suck and lick and finger fuck you wildly. slowly I spin around letting you take my cock in your your hot, swollen, dripping wett and sensitive clit allowing me to use my tounge to lick your sweet jucies You moan as you feel my cock bottoming out deep inside giant cock as you slowly get use to its massive size so you pull my close and slowly suck my still swollen cock

Back Dive Ch. 09

first-time Strawberry_2051 2018-07-22

He placed his hands inside Sarah's panties again to grasp her naked ass-cheeks, and then pulled hard to complete their almost naked embrace. Sarah took in a deep long breath as she felt the head of his penis approaching the entrance to her panty covered pussy opening. "UUnngghh!" they both grunted as Sullivan's hips flexed and the head of his cock pushed on her tender opening. Suddenly the panties slipped all the way to the side and the head of Sullivan's dick firmly seated itself in her pulsing opening. "AAAGGNNHHH!!!" Sarah almost yelled as the head of Sullivan's aching dick popped into Sarah's grasping hot pussy. Every fiber in Sullivan's body was intent on placing the head of his dick at Sarah's pussy opening.

Lustful Mom

first-time 2018-07-22

I was so horny that when Carol removed my pants, my cock slapped her in the face, this drove her mad and she sucked my prick like a porn star, her lips were stretched over my cock head and her eyes bugged out as she tried to deep throat me. In my room I was stroking my cock thinking about my naked mother in the shower, I knew I would cum soon and it would be a huge load. She had the toys and magazines all over the bed, the black cock was impaled up her Pussy and anal beads were shoved up were ass, but what was most shocking was the fact that she was sucking on the pillow that I had saturated with my cum hours earlier.

Blonde Ambition

first-time SweetGeorgiaBelle 2018-07-22

And I've seen how you look at me." I lean forward and whisper in his ear, "I can hardly wait to get your hard cock in my sweet tight, virgin pussy." I don't wait for a reply. Standing up, I lean back into his body, I grab his hands and pull them around me to my breasts and grind my ass into his cock seductively. His hands grab my hips and he begins to slide in and out , slowly at first, letting my body heat back up and enjoy the feel of his cock filling me, stretching me, making me weak with lust and so, so wet.

My Wife and Baby Brother

first-time cwp342020 2018-07-22

Dee Dee would tell me that she knew he was lonely, but also believed he really liked looking at her naked body and recalling when he and his wife were young together. Dee Dee said she was very comfortable with being naked in front of people, but admitted that when our parents first come to visit, she would be clothed, so as to not offend them or make them uncomfortable. Dee Dee asked him if he would be too embarrassed to swim naked with her, and said she would get him trunks if he wanted, but that she would prefer him to swim nude with her. After a short while, Dee Dee noticed that Alex was really getting more excited and kept talking about how his dreams had come true by getting to see her naked.

The Making of A Sissy-Part One

first-time midsummerman 2018-07-22

Sometimes the girls would take an audience of boys behind the mall and make their sissy lift his pink skirt and drop his panties; they would all have a good laugh at his tiny cock as he blushed as pink as his pretty dress. One morning whilst with silky pink panties hallway up her milky thighs, Bella’s cock was being rubbed as she admired the developing breasts of the young girls as they displayed their puberty proudly whilst humiliating their sissy; a strange tingling feeling came over her, and she was bathed in a delicious warm feeling as her little cock spent its milky cream for the first time.

Designated Driver

first-time Swtt21 2018-07-22

The rush of giving head while driving was getting Jenn excited and she began to suck faster and harder, she squeezed harder on his aching balls almost begging him to cum in her mouth. She wiped a drop of cum off her lips and licked it off her finger, and then she leaned over to Daniel and said, "every time you see Kay, I want you to think of that." Jenn pulled him onto her and began kissing him passionately, but Daniel wasted no time and moved one hand to her breast, and the other down her pants. He pulled Jenn's shorts back up and fastened them, and right before he stepped out of the car, he said "every time you see Kay, I want you to think of that."

A long time cumming

first-time captbobpa 2018-07-21

As we got in the truck Betty smiled at me and said, “Here, let open this other button so you don’t have to try so hard to look down the front of my shirt.” “Yes, I have wanted too for a long time, but I needed the margaritas to give me the courage to ask you, I have always wanted to have sex with you.” Smiling, “Do you like what you see?” As I slowly opened her shirt to reveal her full breasts resting on her chest, her hard nipples were poking straight out begging to be sucked. Her eyes looked up at me and I started to gently push her down and told her, “Swallow, swallow my cock baby.” She was a trooper, she started to take me deeper in her mouth and I felt her throat begin accept me.

lucky guy (part 4)

first-time wankersoffagain 2018-07-21

I tried to carry on decorating as normal but found myself fantasing about Ray and i didnt do much work to be honest,so i decided id go for a walk with the dog to clear my head. Oh well she said,im sure youve seen a pair of boobs before Adam,er yes i just managed to mumble and she went into the bathroom locking the door behind her. I carry on doing a bit of decorating but before long the door opens and Ray pops her head round the door and says "Adam have you been in my room for anthing?" No i havnt Ray i lie,Rays walks into the room, a towel on her head and one round her body.

Secuction Ch. 04

first-time BigZeke13 2018-07-21

[Refresher: Zach and Nicki are high school seniors stumbling their way through the wonders of sex with the aid of Nicki's mother, Mandy who is using her supposed good intentions to support her own sexual desires for Zach's ten inch fat cock. What is she up to?' Mike walked upstairs to Zach's room to tell him he was OK with Nicki's plans for Friday night. "It sounds like she may be taking a shower." Nicki, with her hand still in mine, pulled me to the stairs as we climbed to the second floor. I know I have been complicit in your participation in our 'lessons'," as she gave air quotes with both hands, "But, you went way past acceptable when you seduced Zach in the Living Room.

Jenna's Boy, a Mother's illicit love

first-time 2018-07-21

He was scared to move, he did not want to loose this feeling, but his mother was moving, she gasped and was making little noises he had never heard her utter before, then there was a sense of overpowering dominance, she had reached for his hand and was brushing her nude breasts with it, he could feel her nipples rock hard, she was riding hard against him her buttocks humping hard, he was momentarily shocked when she said, 'Fuck me', her legs entwining his, she became possessed as she fucked, he knew he had entered into her, but did not know from experience what it was like to fuck a woman, even though this woman was his mother, she rolled him onto his back, mounted and f***ed him inside her, she straddled and fucked until she orgasmed, releasing a string of expletives, similar to those utterances he once only read about, he marveled at her sexuality, he loved that he had carnal knowledge of his mother, and when she sank onto him sweating and heaving, they cradled and kissed as if this was normal, neither felt the shame, only the pleasure and now they were at it like two sewer rats, they were in love with each other, the only danger being others would recognize the signs and report them.


first-time dickanderson 2018-07-21

left, right,left,right,i switched every few jaw was being overworked so i moved back to her lips and kissed her some more..with a strength i had no idea she could possess, she grabbed my hair with a fury and moaned into deeply into my mouth. Her hips bucked upwards for a second time that night and excreted a copious amount of cum all over my hands and face.her moans had turned into screams and wails "pppleeeaaaaassssee, fuuuuucck me, i beg you". she straddled my dick and started to bounce on it like a c***d on a bouncy castle,both hands on my chest to support her violent thrusts.i grabbed her breasts and squeezed them but not too hard.

First and Last Unforgettable Time

first-time manremote76 2018-07-21

But as soon as the effect wears off, the lust was conquering hi mind and his cock seemed to be the leading his thoughts. He started to kiss her. He started to kiss and lick her body. After slowly kissing and licking her belly, he found her clit. He continued sucking her clit until he heard her moan and scream. Slowly coming down to his cock. He never thought he could cum with a blowjob. He always thought that pornstarts were spitting the cum and he wondered whether swallowing was an urban legend. The second time she cummed. Before leaving, and between the kisses, she told him that he increased the room temperature deliberately, to make him agree to take of the boxers.

Great Life in School

first-time kbking70 2018-07-21

OH WOW, it stung like hell at first but he just stayed there for a bit and the pain turned to incredible pleasure, David grabbed my waist and began fucking me, the pleasure was so intense I was in a euphoric state, my mouth open gasping oh oh oh oh oh it wasn't long before he said I’m Cumming and cum he did, after that we collapsed on the bed David still buried in my ass and still hard. David and I jacked, sucked, and fucked each other for 3 years, we would 69 and cum at almost the same time, eating each others seed, then waiting a few minutes get rock hard again and fuck like rabbits, before he moved away we had tried every position that two boys could do.

A Notch in My Belt Ch. 01

first-time chaseonswrd 2018-07-21

About thirty minutes later, I walk up the street to Donnie's house. I guess I was turned on, because he got really rock hard, and pressed the head of his dick at my opening. It wasn't going in with my bike shorts on, but somehow he pushed hard enough and half of his head went in. I had decided at that very moment, I wanted to know what it felt like to have a dick in me. He reaches down between us, I felt something going up and down my slit, and then that feeling again. I was extremely tight, and I could feel every time his helmet slid in and out of my virgin pussy. I wanted that rush that I saw come over Donnie's face.