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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pool Reversal Pt. 01

first-time GemimaCav 2018-07-21

I pulled back and Kyle's cock was still flexing and shot cum over the left side of my face, and as I backed away the next stream hit my neck and started its slow ooze down my cleavage before another rope landed on my robe. But I kept ahold, and while my left eye was closed, I pulled again at Kyle's powerful cock and another burst of warm cum dropped between my upper thighs. I reached down my middle finger and scooped up a small amount of his cum, raised it to my open mouth, looked Kyle in the eyes, and closed my lips around, sucking loudly.

Our "Slumber Party"

first-time isuktoes 2018-07-21

As soon as my breasts are released from the bra, Whitney begins rubbing them both. Whitney slowly starts to flick my nipples with her tongue, alternating between the right and left one. Whitney stops for a second and asks "Doesn't Danny lick your nipples?" I dip my head down and slowly start to lick circles around the pink little buds. I can feel my pussy getting wet as I'm sucking on her little peaks. I slowly start to creep my hand down Whitney's navel and slide under her waistband. Whitney licks my pussy lips, slowly tasting my sweet little virgin pussy. Whitney slurps up all my sweet juices, slowly letting up on the assault on my pussy.

Handsome Ch. 25

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-07-21

I was still morose following the dinner, striving not to show my displeasure at my Aunt and Krista Marie, when Krista Marie kept her word and introduced me to the Carson twins, who were identical in every sense, except for the fact that June was a brunette and January was a blonde. I shifted my body slightly and found June waiting patiently, her face tilted up to mine, her lips parted receptively, and as I kissed her my hand moved under her sweater and began to play with her bare breasts and hard, little nipples, rolling the rubbery nubbins between thumb and forefinger and feeling her push her firm boobs against my hand. In no time at all, the girls had my jacket and tie off and June was running her hand over my chest, having opened several buttons on my shirt while I kissed January.

Erin learns vibrator sex

first-time paulywill 2018-07-21

If we start with Daddy helping you have clit orgasms first and then maybe Daddy will let you have a turn with my cock up inside your lovely little fanny to help you find where your G spot is, which would be very sexy. Ok Daddy’s cock is very big now so I will just rub it a little to keep it nice and hard, you keep pushing the vibrator up and down inside you and Daddy will rub your clit for you as its getting a lot bigger now and you need to concentrate on your cunt feelings, keep pumping in and out my little sexy girl and I am rubbing your clit faster and faster now and sucking your nipple at the same time.

Selected for Sport Ch. 06

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2018-07-21

The woman ostentatiously wet her hands in the tub ahead of her knees, and lathered them up in a rich, fruity liquid soap that she had fetched from the table, indicating clearly that she needed to remove the wrap to wash Alanna. The woman reached for the wrap again, and Alanna batted her hands away, colour firing across her cheeks while, annoyingly, a different fire simmered into light in her blood. The Tahl exhaled a heated, low murmur and the woman kneeling behind Alanna lathered up her hands a second time, smoothing fragrant bubbles up the skin of her stomach to press underneath the full globes of smooth, rounded flesh, lifting and offering them to the watcher.

caught watching

first-time pcarter 2018-07-21

into her tight little pussy, her juices making his cock "I think we like you" she said looking to Steve who wanted was to sink my cock into that tight wet pussy but With that Steve pulled out, allowing Samantha to climb From my position looking up at Samantha's pussy I saw an on my cock Steve slowly pushed himself back into her You like having a hot cock in your mouth don't suck on Steve's big fat cock. I briefly lifted my head from Steve's lap to look behind Steve's cock while Samantha began to find her pace. deep and hard and Steve's cock now sliding all the way the sight of this as Steve pulled his cock free making

Forget to Remember Ch. 02

first-time apathykiss 2018-07-21

I feel like I've been running for days but as I see the shipwreck in the distance and planks of broken wood surrounding my tired body sprawled on the sand I know what made my muscles weep. In a moment before I pulled away, I felt his lips move under mine and they opened, his tongue searching in my mouth. He pushed my body onto the wet sand and kissed me once more, almost as if gaining energy from out joined lips and holding me tighter and closer with each passing moment. It wants these kisses from his lips and it wants to feel his bare skin under my fingers pull and break from my nails.

Hayli's "Sliding Door" Ch. 01

first-time Menderman 2018-07-21

As he turned away for the pay desk with his lunch he surveyed the canteen for spare seats next to a good looking female, suddenly he recognised the stunner he had seen the first day and he made his way over to sit down beside Hayli without even having the good manners to ask if the seat was taken or not. Paul & his mates; Hayli & Sarah; and Tony all arrived within about 20 minutes of each other from different directions but all headed to the bar first to drop off their communal supplies and grab a drink before working their way out into the throng of students filling the place.

Richard's Education Ch. 05

first-time l8bloom 2018-07-21

Richard and Louisa looked lost as children on the first day of school. Someone wearing a yellow belt caught Richard's eye and pointed to her right. Richard and Louisa did not have much time to waver in confusion; the teacher pointed to one of the black belts. As Louisa left the mats, Evan mentioned to his son that his mom would really like to see him. Richard couldn't think of a reason to say no, especially when his dad said Louisa was invited, too. Louisa didn't look especially pleased when Richard mentioned the invitation. Louisa stared in fascination at the hot young man who had turned her life around. Neither of Richard's parents seemed able to stop staring at Louisa, though for different reasons.


Évangeline, vierge déflorée

first-time 2018-07-21

Ton doigt m'entre dans le cul....C'est quand même plaisant...Mais mon cul est trop loin de tes mains...Je me retire donc, pour me positionner le dos à toi, et remonte sur ta verge....Je caresse tes cuisses...Fais promener mes mains partout, jusqu'à tes 'gorges de coq'....Qu'importe à quoi cela sert, j'ai le désire de les explorer...Elles sont dures et douces...Je les tripotte tout en me baladant sur ton manche, qui me semble encore plus profond dans moi.. Je ne peux pas bouger...Je suis totalement sous ton control...Tu m'encule de plus en plus fort...Je sens tes couilles me frapper la chatte à chaque élan...Rien au monde ne peut être meilleur que ceci....Je rétrécies mon anus, pour que ma paroi soit encore plus serrer....Ta queue continue de me prendre...sans relâche....Je remet mes doigts dans ma vulve, va au clit et recommence sans arrêt.....Mes temples sont engourdis, des picotements couvrent tout mon corps...Je vais encore crier...AH OUI...OUI..OUI....ENCORE.....AWEEEEEE


A Gentle Awakening Ch. 02

first-time julia so sweet 2018-07-21

He fell on her body and kissed her hard sliding his tongue into her mouth as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her innermost secrets. "Oh yes baby boy yes, fuck me now!" she moaned into his mouth as his cock began its final assault. He, still unsure what to do but knowing he wanted to pound his body hard into hers, was hesitant, but once his cock head past inside of her his instinct took over and all pretense of finesse was over. He looked down at her beautiful face smiling up at him with her cum covered tits and he collapsed on her, still breathing hard from his exertion.

bbw babysitter pt 1

first-time 2018-07-21

chelle was a full figured woman, curves in all the right places though.A sweet girl that for the last 8 years had been my sitter whenever my parents were away. I rushed to my bedroom slamming the door, then as i lay on my bed i thought of seeing Chelle and having her spend the night here. I lay on the bed, thinking of rubbing my hands all over Chelle's fantastic body. Jumping out of bed i went downstairs to see Chelle standing in the hallway as gorgeous as ever, dressed in a long summer dress, her long brown hair tied up in a pigtail. CHELLE" you are gonna make a woman so happy one day" she smiled

The Scene Ch. 03: Props Department

first-time YoureWet 2018-07-21

"I can assure you, Mrs Cox, I have no intention of exploring inside your daughter's knickers," I said, praying to God that my face didn't show what I was thinking: I'd only ended up with my finger inside her daughter last week because she hadn't been wearing any. "I know, but she's still my little girl," her mum said. "Well I've got my stage knickers on now, so we can do the panties thing!" she said, sitting up excitedly. "God, Harry, you're right!" Chloe said, then she calmly sat up, slid off the bed, and walked over to the closed door. "If it makes you feel any better, Harry, I'm so wet inside my knickers right now," she breathed.


first-time BellDonn 2018-07-21

Jason stopped kissing her crotch, watching her hand slide between her thighs to the side of her panties. Using two fingers, Erica slowly slid her thin black panties to one side, gradually exposing the most beautiful pussy that Jason had ever seen, nearly causing him to cum on the spot. Jason pressed the fat head of his penis against Erica's swollen, moist, pink pussy lips, and began to run it up and down her entire slit. He kissed her, and Erica wrapped her arms around his neck, thrusting her tongue far inside his mouth, kissing him eagerly, gasping for breath as the biggest cock she'd ever had was far inside her.

Evie's Promise

first-time AdamZasse 2018-07-21

Evie propped herself up on one elbow, and with her finger tips, started to gently rub Meg's tummy with slow circular movements. Meg lifted her ass off the bed, as her orgasm started to peak, Evie inserted her finger deeper, angling it up, looking for that magic spot. When it ended and Meg collapsed on the bed, Evie removed her finger and quickly moved up along side the panting woman. Meg's eyes followed her hand as she lightly brushed the trimmed, almost blond, pubic hair covering the slightly bulging mound of Evie's pussy. Meg slipped her hands under Evie's ass, cradling it, feeling the firm yet soft flesh. You have opened my eyes to so many new things," Meg said, raising her voice for Evie to hear.

Maui- my first rim job

first-time bufffreak 2018-07-21

I kept glancing at Lisa, she had a rock hard body, very tanned with long lean legs. I wasn't sure but I thought Lisa was gazing at me at times. Drew made some drinks and Lisa headed to the rest room. As Drew handed my a bourbon Lisa came out of the rest room, wearing a sheer outfit. "Rick, Drew said, we like entertaining a third person sometimes, especially someone as attractive as you. I came up and went right for her pussy with my throbbing dick. The hands spread my cheeks and I felt a tongue caress them. As the tongue swirled around my ass I got a grab hand job. I awoke a few hours later, Drew and Lisa were asl**p.

Daddy cant stop

first-time 2018-07-21

He shouted through that her lemonade was on the table and she shouted great back, unaware she was being watched, for the first time Harry suddenly felt attracted to this gorgeous young girl, he started to notice his penis reacting to her like never before...he was getting turned on by his own daughter...he closed the door and shook his wrong that was to feel that way, she's your c***d for god sake, he wrestled with his thoughts for a while then dismissed them as fantasy and went back to his room where he changed into his swimming shorts, he was still semi hard when he changed and touched himself he couldn’t help but pull back the foreskin of his 7 inch cock, it felt nice and the image of his daughter came back to the fore front of his mind.

Kate's First BJ

first-time Agnol 2018-07-21

Our eyes locked in a stare for what seemed like a long time and I wondered why Kate wasn't bothering to move. Slowly I pulled my mouth off of Mark's cock and I saw Kate's lips twitch nervously as the head left my mouth, a strand of saliva dripping from my lips. I swirled my tongue around the head of Mark's cock while I watched Kate's eyes. Still wondering if she was ever going to leave I started to take him into my mouth again and then Kate looked up into my eyes. "I'm going to give John a blowjob." Kate's eyes lit up as the words left her mouth. He had sat down on the couch and watched television, turning to look at Kate's bedroom door every so often.

hot aunt

first-time hotamiit 2018-07-21

one day i was taking bath but forgot my towel. my cock became hard in her hand. suddenly she took mt cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking my hard cock. she took my hand and put it on her boobs and pressed it. hey she said wana fuck me? come on boy fuck me hard with your hard cock. she was now rubing my cock on her hot pussy aaaaaaah..... i was now very hot i put my cock on her hot n wet pussy and pushed hard, my cock was in deep in side her pussy n i started fuckinf her harder , faster and deeper. she said fuck hard boy ya....

Sir John and the six rooms

first-time 2018-07-21

The brides he chose were slim, pretty, large tits, huge nipples, tight pussies, and round asses. The light material high-lighted their tits and asses making him want to fuck all the time. He then asked the father if he could fuck the wife as his cock needed relief and he did not want to fuck the daughter fast for the first time. The wife had a very sexy body like her daughter and the hottest ass he had seen in a long time so he chose to fuck her ass. The father pulled his pants down and stuck his cock in the mom's mouth and she started to suck it as Sir John fucked her ass deep and hard and soon filled it with cum as the father filled her mouth with his cum.

A Massage At The Beach

first-time bill30341 2018-07-21

When she told me her back felt much better then I moved down to her feet and started massaging her feet. Eventually I began massaging her calves and worked my way up behind knees. I told her that nothing I did had been anything but the****utic with firm touch and that I didn't understand how she could have an orgasm from what I was doing. After we got into the car she explained that she has never been comfortable with a man touching her and that she had never had an orgasm with a man. She explained that she just felt comfortable with me and that the back massage had really made her back feel better.

My First Blow Job

first-time alexanaika 2018-07-21

One afternoon, after Alex took his time kissing and working up my body, he laid on his back, lifted me on top of his chest, and waited for me to ride on his dick as usual; nonetheless, I had another thought. I stayed there for a while, enjoying the feeling of the stout shaft twitching like a trapped animal between my tits, the soft bag at one end radiating warmth on my belly, and another rather congested two lobed head prodding on my chin. I wanted to kiss Alex, but my lips were badly swollen; so I just moved my mouth and nose on his cheeks and neck several times, then I let my body slide down to his left side keeping my head on top with my right cheek on his chest, looking towards his groin.

Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part three

first-time Karlos79 2018-07-21

Once again she was grinding her clit into my mouth, Amy had placed her hands on the back of my head, she was moaning and thrusting her hips into me. Amy was grinding her pussy and clit into my mouth, I was pushing my tired tongue back, and I loved making her cum! I was shaking my head side to side, using my tongue, lips, and most of my face to stimulate her pussy and clit, my face was covered in Amy sweet, pussy juices. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so after a few minutes I mustered up the strength to stop Amy. I gently pulled on her pony tail to pull her head off my cock.

my teacher

first-time rrodriguez6805 2018-07-21

she turned immediately, thinking she was mad at me, but she had this tempting look as she bit her lip and whispered in my ear " your so big." by that point i was so hard and she so amazed she couldn't keep your hands off of my cock. i grabbed her hand and immediately left the club to my truck, she didn't know what was going to happened but i surely knew what i wanted. i told her the truth that i had been wanting to fuck her for the longest time, she got turned on while i briefly explained my attraction, i knew this because while i was talking she began stroking it faster and faster.