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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Noah and Felicity

first-time Highlander1856 2018-07-21

I started to kiss my way down her body until I came to her tits. I took first one then the other into my mouth, sucking and nipping at her nipples until I could hear her breathing start to come harder. My tongue started at the base and came up slowly, dipping into her pussy and then I touched her clit. Felicity walked over to me, kissed me, took me by the hand and led me to the bed. "I can't love you any more than this" I said, and she replied "That's just the right amount." I pulled my cock almost all the way out and then slowly in again.

BabySitter's Instruction

first-time Ashson 2018-07-21

After a few moment I moved my hand over to her other breast, but instead of cupping and squeezing I just let a single finger trail over it, stopping and pressing lightly when I found her nipple. Cathy was breathing hard, eyes half closed, watching my hands teasing her breasts, half wanting to protest but enjoying what I was doing. Several times Cathy moved her hand away from where I'd placed it, but after a while it would come creeping back, feeling me through the material. Sitting there, holding my erection in my hand, I think it finally dawned on Cathy what was going on and what the end play would be if she didn't stop it.


first-time john1195 2018-07-21

sometimes and see Jon come into the room wearing his sweat-suit, a gym hard to see into the house, and, since it was so hot and bright out, Jon stomach on the mat, my face in the mat, Jon's weight pressing me down, his abdomen pressed hard into my crotch and dick. put his hand out and took my hard little dick in his hand as I went to the "Like this," he said, and opened his fist so I could see his hard dick flash before me as I lay pinned under Jon, his hard dick pressing into my thighs, my own hard dick pressing into his abdomen, and then he rolled off

Mowing The Lawn

first-time Ashson 2018-07-21

"I don't think you're going to catch me mowing the lawn in the rain," I pointed out, "and looking at you like what?" "Now look," I said, and Cat gave this little start and then lowered her eyes. I don't think Cat fully realised that her own hands were running over me, with one of them finally settling upon my erection and stroking it. Cat propped herself up slightly onto her elbows, looking down the length of her naked body to where I was kneeling, my erection rearing up and hovering close to her. A few more easy going moves and Cat was starting to press back against me, a dreamy look on her face.


first-time zandy661 2018-07-21

“She’s in the shower” said Karen, the girl who had let me in and I assumed they were s****rs, they looked so similar, very slim to the point of being skinny, long hair and hardly any tits but with a great smile. I was fidgeting about trying to get my cock in a position it wouldn’t be noticed when she turned round and asked me what I was doing. At that time I had my hand inside my trousers trying to get it sorted and I was lost for words but that didn’t matter because she immediately said “are you playing with your thing?” Just then Britney walked in and Karen said “Bill’s playing with his thing”.

First Black Bull

first-time 2018-07-21

About a week later after work my wife got a text saying “ man swap? Well all I could think about was that incredible ass so I just said tell her yes . I texted my wife and said I need to talk to you! This girl was giving me head when I heard my wife come in the door and upstairs to the bedroom. On her way out she looked at me and said I really don’t think your prepared for whats gonna happen to your wife and her pussy.Then she looked at him and said , NO MERCY! My wife has many Black Bull fuck friends but never has found one bigger than this guy.

Paying off a beggar....

first-time immalad 2018-07-21

I told her that i was gonna make her feel even better so i sat down and started licking her hairy brown pussy. She pulled my dick from her mouth and licked it all the way down to the base.She sucked my nut sack gently before taking my cock into her mouth. I tried again,I watched in total amazement as her young pussy opened up and allowed my hard cock to slip into her. She started moaning again, as i put her against a tree for support.then I pushed a little more of my cock into her teen pussy. Her cunt muscles rippled along my cock as she poured her cunt cream out around my stiff dick.She moaned as I pumped a huge load of my hot sticky cum into her.

Taking moms place

first-time youngsex 2018-07-21

"Spread your legs wide so daddy can get his big cock in your tight pussy. "Now that my cock is in your pussy, I am going to fuck you till you cum many times. He heard her yell "Oh daddy that feels so good with your cock fucking my pussy. In fact I am going to fuck you every night and sometimes during the day." He then reached down and his finger found her ass and he pushed the finger into her and began to finger fuck her ass and then felt his cock get hard again so he began to fuck her cum filled pussy once again.

Alexandra Ch. 01

first-time shadow_dreamer 2018-07-21

Her pussy accepted the entire head of his cock after a few strokes and Alexie began to moan. Curtis lowered himself onto her, his weight pressed her into the mattress and he began his journey of pushing his cock into his virgin girlfriend. Alexie's moans grew louder from the moment he reached down between her legs with his left hand and rubbed his middle finger against her clit. Fuck, yeah!!!!" he cried out over and over, breathing heavily as his cum shot streams into the condom covering his cock that was buried to the hilt up his girlfriend's pussy. It took minutes before they stopped and Curtis weakly knelt up and slowly pulled his cock back out of her pussy.

Nothing Like An Aunt

first-time PoeticAvarice 2018-07-21

"You mean, you don't go for those girls with the hourglass bodies..?" Cecile leaned back and looked at me with a sexy little smirk. "Let me know what it tastes like." Cecile reminded me and I kissed her slit through the edible fabric. I felt Cecile's fingers running through my hair and I watched her bend at the waist, lowering her now naked tits closer to my face, as she tried to pull her pussy further into my mouth. Wow. How did you get so good at that?" Without letting me answer, Cecile grabbed my head and dragged up and kissed me passionately, pushing me back toward the couch.

I Told You

first-time xrexx 2018-07-21

From behind her, I grabbed each ass cheek of hers in full and spread them apart, not that they could go too terribly more with the way she was putting herself on display, using that little extra room to literally dive my tongue into her wet sex, lapping away at her puffy pussy lips and even within the small hole without discrimination. At some point as my lips parted from her skin after sucking heavily on her clit, her climax came as soon as the tip of my tongue snaked between her puffy pussy lips and touched just gently on her wet hole, and despite how my mouth had been arranged at that point, I gladly continued to lap away at her entire pussy, ignoring the way her juices fell out in effortless joy.

Summer of 63

first-time packy87 2018-07-20

I was heading to the front room when my aunt gave me my magazine and told me to take off my clothes and lay down on the couch as she washed dishes. My aunt walked in and took off her house dress and said it was too hot to keep it on. I was looking at this one girl with big nipples when my aunt asked if I liked that. My hand went to my cock and she told me not now just watch. My aunt walked into the bedroom and told me that my cock being hard was not useful and that it was just what they called a piss hard and for me to go to the bathroom.

More intimate confessions of a girl

first-time Courtney20UK 2018-07-20

my arms were around his neck pulling him onto my mouth, our tongues dancing inside each others mouths as we passionately swapped spit, my nipples were clamped and each of the two boys were just inches from my neglected crotch, I was desperate for either boy to touch me and started to respond by raising my bum off the grass, and then it happened, one did, then both were there, my neglected organ came to life and exploded, and as if not to loose the pressure I was humping against, I reached down and held the boys hand hard against it, while I bucked and finished cumming.

The Sweetest Lesson Ch. 01

first-time jake_lex 2018-07-20

She responds to this by moaning "Yeah, there", and soon she is lifting her hips up off the bed, and I have to follow her up, but I continue licking her, tasting her, as her moaning becomes louder, more insistent, and I hear her say things I never would have imagined hearing from her: "Oh, fuck, Jacob, I'm getting close, keep it up, suck my clit..." At that last instruction, I slide my tongue up and run it over her clit, then I wrap my lips around it, and I slide two fingers into her pussy – "Oh, god, yes Jacob, don't stop doing that..." and Rebecca is practically rubbing herself on my face, but I don't stop..."Oh fuck I'm gonna cum"...and that only makes me move a little faster, more sure of herself, her thighs tremble, I see her body tense, my face is buried in her pussy, and I just hold on for dear life, still sucking her clit, fingers still in her..."fuck Jacob eat that pussy"...holding on to her ass, clit in and out of my mouth..."FUCK!"...She arches her back, pushes her pussy up into my face, hard, I feel her squirt a little stream of wetness over my hand, and splashing my face, and she lets herself crash back to the bed.

House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale

first-time SweetcheeksSt 2018-07-20

Father Dale was standing at the mirror with his cock sticking out of the zipper with his pant still done up. When I got home, I used my portable friend and thought about Father Dales cock. I catch Father Dale a couple of time peek around a corner to watch me. He just sat with his hands behind him holding up his body .His cock stood right up .I wanted to burst in and suck it right there but I decided to finger myself as I watched him. He forced it over his cock with two hands and fucked the balloon with the same timing as the guy in the video.

Eighteen Holes

first-time lusthammer 2018-07-20

Alex's mother, Mrs. Dixon, came up and asked me if the girls could still ride the boats. Mrs. Dixon watched as I gave them the short safety spiel and started the engines on the two bumper boats. I half-way considered quickly jacking off to relieve the issue, but Mrs. Dixon was right there in front of me -- leaning against the railing as she watched Alex and Laurel speed around in the boats and bounce off the walls. Both girls stared at my shorts as they got out of the boat and I saw that Alex's shirt had gotten a bit wet -- making my hard prick throb even more.

Fun In A Hot Tub

first-time Nympho13 2018-07-20

I kept rubbing gently, up and down, and then ever-so-slowly inserted my finger into her cunt, pleased and very turned on with her low moans and sexy voicings. She said that while she really enjoyed sucking him, most times she wished he gave her pussy some licking attention, too! While she told me this, I was gently stroking my fingers in and out of her now-wet pussy, causing her to stop talking every once in a while to just moan with more vigor! Serena then began to lick my dripping pussy and suck on MY clit. that lovely tongue felt so good with those long wet licks and plunges into my drenched cunt!


first-time ShyOKBoy 2018-07-20

A week into my senior year, and a week before she left for college, Dani surprised me, showing up with a "lunch" of sorts at my favorite spot to waste away the hour break before my final class of the day. Rolling completely off the bed with a thump and a giggle (orgasm-induced euphoria still slowly sweeping her mind), she popped back into view over the side of the bed with a look of desire I have yet to know myself glaring out of her eyes and boring a hole into my shorts, as if she was absolutely appalled that they were still there, hiding her long-sought prize from her.

Big Juan

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-07-20

I gently wanked him with my hand placed halfway down the sh*ft, and licked all around the head, finally tonguing the little I gently wanked him with my hand placed halfway down the sh*ft, and licked all around the head, finally tonguing the little He gently parted my b*ttocks, and with 'look no hands', pushed into my phenomenally very VERY so very tight little He gently parted my b*ttocks, and with 'look no hands', pushed into my phenomenally very VERY so very tight little I went down underneath and began licking the big, hot sacs, as he began pumping the huge shaft, gripping it behind the head. I went down underneath and began licking the big, hot sacs, as he began pumping the huge shaft, gripping it behind the head.

Penny and her first monster cock

first-time 2018-07-20

She got to her feet facing Russ who was still on the settee and took his massive hard cock in her hand and slowly wanked him for a little while before bending her head and taking his monster bell end and as much of his shaft as she could in her mouth and began to mouth fuck him. Russ by now was saying he was ready to cum again and Penny let go with her mouth and took his mighty rod in both hands and wanked him till he shot cum in the air, over his shoulder and leaving great streaks of his spunk on the settee behind him, down his chest and what was left, running down his cock and over Penny’s hands.

Mayan Sun - Meeting Changelings – Chapter 1

first-time 2018-07-20

Mrs. Norwood got a taste for oral sex with a sodomizing cock from Father Mc Inness, and did it with me, the Sheriff, and I heard years later from Ms. Alison, that she had gotten her husband's friends as weekly regulars also. With his mother lying prone on the little bed with hot semen seeping out of her slit, the aroused eleven year old sodomized her broadly spread butt cheeks and then got her sucking him just like his s****r had done while she was delirious from the surprise and enormous sex deficit she had accumulated with her husband. In addition, I went to her house two other times a week when I had sex study sessions, one with Amanda and the other with Katie who did not like sodomy, but liked fellatio before I sodomized Mrs. Norwood or fornicated with either Ms. Alison or Philly.

best friends ex

first-time bigcityguy 2018-07-20

My hands were now slipping down further on her firm ass and my fingers were exploring her hot wet region between her legs. As I turned Sara dropped to the floor on her knees and was now stroking my cock in both hands as she slipped the head of my hard cock into her tight warm mouth. Within 4 strokes of her hot tight lips over my cock I knew I was going to cum and fill her with a thick hot load of my seed. My cock was still semi hard when Sara reached into the sink and toke the cloth to wipe her face. I was now fucking Sara and watching my wife and Jeff continuing their talk only a few feet away.

Lust and Desire

first-time Jack T. Ladd 2018-07-20

My hips jerked and my body shuddered as she slid her lips further down, taking me deeper within her, then finally, wonderfully, swallowing me fully, I felt the head of my cock pressed now against the back of her throat. I stared down at the incredible sight, breathless and panting as I watched my swollen and hard penis, so long ignored, disappear magically into her mouth, her lips stretched lewdly over the width of the purple head of my bursting cock, before then sliding down the ridged shaft. My eyes closed tightly, I moaned deeply as I rode the hot flood rushing in eager thick waves, pulsing quickly along the length of my cock to burst painfully, fantastically, onto her lapping and demanding tongue.

What Love Really Means

first-time VladimirKnockoff 2018-07-20

I took my mouth away from hers to look down as I did it, and I saw her with her eyes shut, her face flushed, breathing heavily, taking little gasps of air in and out of her slightly swollen pink lips. I put my hand on her kneecap and slowly worked it down her right thigh, squeezing the wonderful flesh and strong dancer muscle as I went, kneading her hamstring, running my fingers along the inside of her leg. She heaved a great sigh of ecstasy as I slowed down and began the art of sex, slower, more controlled, pointed thrusts, sharp and quick but human, pointing my dick to the sensitive parts of her pussy, probing her depths, feeling her tight wet flesh slippery and massaging my super-sensitive organ like heaven.