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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Excerpts From My Inexperience: I Blew My Chance

first-time Shylass 2018-11-23

Having realised that Sprawlish Rabbiton was less than fifteen minutes away by train, I had lurched myself into the scariest act of spontaneity in my entire life, and I looked like crap. No time for messing around worrying, I bent down, my big boobs squashing against his thighs, and I ran my tongue over his sac, sucking a little, flickering up the underside of his cock, and then... I'd told him I wanted to swallow his load, and I was prepared to do it, but how could I answer such a question (or any question) with a mouth full of cock and whatever slimy mixture of snot, spit and pre-cum was lubing everything?

My First Pussy

first-time Tiepinkraider 2018-11-23

Because her mother liked me, we were left to our selves, sitting around her living room, and we started to make out on the sofa. I honestly had no idea how it could ever progress to getting my hand into her blouse to feel her tits, but I sure wanted it. One Friday night after dinner at her house, we were sitting on the sofa directly across from the dinner table, while her mother did the dishes in full view of us. I sat down expecting her to sit with me so we could resume that pussy/ thigh investigation that has me so hard, but she came over to me and climbed onto my lap facing me.

Seducing my Best Friend and Co-worker, Steve

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-23

It was close to eleven, so Steve asked that I check the pool area to make sure the access doors were locked. I knew Steve could see me on the closed circuit pool monitor, and even though he had seen me completely naked on more than one occasion, I found it kind of fun and thrilling to know he was probably choking it, watching me on the monitor. “Why don’t you get com- for -ta- ble?” Steve remarked, his final word breaking up into parts, with pauses, as he looked over and saw me stretched out on the couch. “How do you want it?” Steve asked, as he looked up from between my parted legs. “No,” Steve replied, “It’s a good thing, you still need a jump.”


I Got Fucked By Three Hot College Female Seniors D

first-time bava12 2018-11-23

Later Soumya came into action and without wasting time I started sucking her big breast and she was making sounds like “Ahhh ummm ya ya suck it..” with one hand I was squeezing Kalpan’s breast she was loving it and moaning “haa ahhhh ahhhhh” and with other I holding Rupa’s head who kept my dick in her mouth and doing a nice blowjob and she tasted my juice. Next Rupa asked me to fuck her pussy and I took sucked her pussy first then started banging her ass and she screamed “ahhh ahhh fuck me faster and deeper, Kavin..” I said “I will do whatever you order mam..” and she cummed and her juice came out of her pussy.

Erica's first time

first-time NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-23

When Anne and I walked into the small conference room where the meeting was held, I saw Mike sitting to one side at a table. Mike got his fishing gear ready and while I watched him a chill ran down my spine, I shivered and when he saw me, he said, “that’s the sunburn letting its self being known. “Here we are, take off your T-shirt and your bikini top,” said Mike, and handed me a jar of some kind of white gooey stuff.  Mike blushed, and said, “Sorry, it was some time since I last touched a woman.” When I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better his hands moved up my belly and his fingers began to gently pinch my erect nipples.

First times are never what you expect them to be

first-time charlie1980 2018-11-23

With my head buried between her fabulous tits I mentioned that this was my first time, to which she smiled and said simply, "It's my turn now." I put my hands on her head and took control, slowly fucking her mouth, watching my cock disappear between her soft moist lips was made sexier by the lust in her eyes as I used her mouth for my pleasure. I moved my head in between her legs, and kissed up the insides of each, stopping just short of her sweet glistening pussy each time. At that point, for the first time I slid the tip of my thick cock slowly inside her tight pussy; it felt so good.

My s****r And Wife Seduced By His Old Friend

first-time bava12 2018-11-23

Then he asked both his wives to lay together and took Archana’s right leg and Aarthis left leg and put them on his erect cock and started to fuck their feet. And after 15 minutes he pulled out of Aarthi’s pussy and went near Archana and made her lay on her back and inserted his hard cock inside her very soft pussy and fucked her for some times all the while he was fondling and sucking all over her body. After some time I went asl**p and when I woke up I found Archana was fucked by Rahul as she fondles his back hold his legs around the little boy’s body and Aarthi was sucking Nadheem’s cock and he was sucking her pussy in 69 positions.

The Senior Football Star

first-time SexyGator 2018-11-23

As football season came to an end, Ryan and I started talking about the upcoming hunting trip. This was my first year going, my dad wanted me to be sixteen before I went on a week long trip. The day of the trip finally came, my dad and I drove over to the Anderson home, once there we all divided up into three cars to start the long drive to the cabin. I had my own room upstairs, our dads took the downstairs bedroom with the two queen beds, and Ryan and his brothers had to share the upstairs bedroom with four twin beds and a window bench that doubled as a bed. Our dads had told us that as long as the door was open, Ryan could sleep in my room.

Student Nurse, Part 3: Advanced Sex Ed

first-time Paddler 2018-11-23

It feels very good to have my nipples rubbed and sucked, and it really turns me on.” She held both her breasts from beneath, bouncing them up and down, grinning at Henry, charmed by his wide eyes. Nice and gentle.” She let him fondle and squeeze for some time, then said, “Henry, why don’t you lick my breasts and then kiss and suck on my nipples? You sit there a minute and I’ll do something like cheerleading before the next play.” Lois got up, clad only in her garter belt, stockings, heels, and panties and pushed the coffee table away. Henry slid down her body as he removed his fingers, paused a moment to look at her open, wet cunt, then kissed it and licked up and down the lips.

Payton and I

first-time puddingnomer 2018-11-23

Half way into the movie she layed her head on me and I wrapped my arm around her. She began stroking my bulge as I twirled my fingers round her panties. My mouth worked its way down her neck to her breasts where I began sucking as I played with her pussy through her skirt. I begin to lick and finger Payton's beautiful pussy. Knowing she had to return the favor she stripped me and got on her knees. Payton sucked hard and fast until I couldn't take it any more. Eventually I lost my cool and began thrusting into her as hard and fast as possible. I took a handful of her blonde hair while I thrusted into her from behind.

Claire's Awakening 4: Lesson 2

first-time PrincessC3 2018-11-22

The second I left the door someone grabbed my hand and started leading me down the corridor. I cleared my throat and asked my question, “Could I see it...?” Scott tipped his head back and let out a little laugh. Scott grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his shaft, squeezing it gently. “OK, just wait a moment and I’ll walk you to the stop.” He grabbed a tissue out of his pocket and quickly wiped up the mess, then passed another to me for my hands. Then he threw my bag over his shoulder, grabbed my hand and led me out from behind the science block and we started walking towards the bus stop.

A long, hot summer

first-time SirSpewalot 2018-11-22

Without the slightest embarrassment she nodded and said, “You’re too close to coming to last inside me this time, so come here.” I walked to where she was seated on the edge of the bed, and she opened her mouth and licked the head of my cock. A few minutes later she shifted herself underneath me slightly and tilted her hips a little differently and soon climaxed, “Oh God, yes!” She pulled me down to her and sucked my tongue into her mouth as I felt her soft body underneath me. I looked over her shoulder at Harry as we continued fucking, gasping at the sensations of our cocks so close to each other, and just before we climaxed I said, “I’ll bet your ass feels just as good.”

Big Bill Sandy

first-time RoxanCD 2018-11-22

Looking over my eye caught Sandy setting sideways on the seat and her legs open exposing the tops of her black thigh high nylons. While work on my beer could not help but keep looking at Sandy legs as her skirt rose higher. As Sandy came out of camper was then that realy looked at her and saw how hot she was dressed. I looked over at Big Bill and he had his free hand down inside his overall rubbing his own cock. Sandy wasted no time in wrapping her hand around my cock and taking it head in her mouth. After about five minutes Sandy rose and swung her head down over my cock and her pussy in my face.

Veda And AJ More Than Step-Mom And Step-Daughter

first-time luvdr 2018-11-22

My legs were splayed as Jim laid between them and on top of me with his dick thrusting in and out of my wet pussy. Mmmm I love what you do to me, god, yes fuck me hard Jim. I’m cumming again.” I fingered her as she twisted her body to join Jim at my dripping and cumming pussy. AJ was screaming now as Jim pulled her to his chest and started to pound her pussy like a jack-hammer. Fuck me harder Jim. Oh my god I’m cumming. I felt her stick her tongue in mine and I shuttered and hunched her face rubbing my pussy and butt cheeks up and down.

Stolen Virginity

first-time JackiePie 2018-11-22

But here I was, arching my back and losing control as Brad's dick deep inside my pussy and his thumb furiously rubbing my clit made me scream, tears running down my face as my whole body filled with a tingly sensation of joy and ecstasy. "Yeah, but because you did it with an experienced senior like me, you actually got off and got to go to prom." Within a few minutes, Brad's head rested on his big bicep next to my head and he started to snore. And so here I lay, feeling used with the smell of Brad's sweaty pits and crotch filling the air, his body hairs scattered across my naked body, clinging to my skin from the sweat he spread all over me while stealing my virginity, a gift that really belonged to Steve.

The House Sitter Chapter 1

first-time _O2_ 2018-11-22

Dave let Samantha and Lani know Karen would be a few minutes, suggesting that they check up on the dogs who could be heard but not seen. Lani smiled after looking to see what Samantha was doing, she noticed some slight tan lines around Samantha’s breasts and smiled to herself. “You have nice boobs too girl, I know some who wouldn’t mind having those.” Karen reveled in the way Lani made love to her breasts, it didn’t feel odd at all having this beautiful young woman enjoying her body the way she was. Lani had offered her the couch if they over indulged, which both Karen and Dave liked hearing since they didn’t want Samantha drinking and driving.

The Last Day

first-time DarkAngel69 2018-11-22

Twiddling with a bright yellow pencil with my left hand, and running my right hand up and down my upper thighs, I thought about all the nasty things that my former 10th grade teacher could do to me since it was the very last day of school before college. I mean, I know that you are right about you being out of school, 18, and not my student anymore, but I don’t know what you want me to do about how you feel.” He looked down into my hazel eyes with sympathy. “So this is what you have been keeping from me all these years.” He smirked once more and ran his right hand along the inside of my upper thighs while his left hand caressed my ass cheeks.

My First Virgin

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-22

I fucked Alexis for over an hour, just going slowly, finally getting just about all of me inside her, taking our time, relishing in this wonderful, beautiful naked young woman under me, oh, there were times, a number of times when I had to slow way down, even stop, to let myself cool down. I've had sex with a few women as I've said but Alexis, when she started sucking me, oh, it was the most deliriously wonderful feeling of satiny, silken smoothness my cock had ever felt. "Mmm, even that feels so good," she said about my rubbing her pussy lips so I did it a few more minutes, really taking the time to smear the head all around up, over and under her pussy as she moved around enjoying it.

The London Eye

first-time suckmedownthere 2018-11-22

I looked at him and said "I'd never do that to you if I was your girlfriend." He looked back at me with his soft eyes and said "I know." With his finger he lifted my chin and slowly started to kiss me. When we got out of the boat, he asked me if I wanted to go to the London Eye. I just kissed him and said "That's my answer." We pulled away and in a husky voice he said "You like that baby, you like me rubbing you like that." I kissed him a yes, and he started nibbling and kissing my neck. After about 4 minutes, he pulled my bra off, and started sucking on my nipples, and took my whole breast in his mouth, devouring it like a hungry lion.

My first blowjob. More sweet than bitter...

first-time Paul87 2018-11-22

Kristen squeezed both of my inner thighs rigidly with her small hands, stretching the crotch of my pants firmly around my enlarging erection. I trembled wonderfully beneath her touch and I could feel my ballsack tighten around my testicles and all of the blood in my body rush to the tip of my noticeably rocking cock. She kissed slowly up my rod and wrapped her wet lips around the crown of my cock, my head disappearing beautifully in her warm mouth. She began to work faster, supporting her quickly moving upper body with her hands which were pressed hard up against my pant covered thighs. Kristen quickly removed her mouth from my cock at the same moment the first thread of cum discharged from my spit covered member.

First Time With My Best Friend

first-time AsianSexGoddess 2018-11-22

I decided to finally tell him how I felt when we had our weekly Saturday movie night. I could feel Jacob getting hard, so I started grinding against is crotch. Jacob's hands started moving up and down my body and I couldn't help but moan. Jacob put his hands on my breasts and started massaging them, playing with the nipple. Jacob started massaging my breasts as I ground my hips against him, stimulating my clit. Jacob started thrusting, meeting me in time as I bounced on his hard cock. Jacob reached behind and started massaging my clit while he fucked me. I felt Jacob dump his load in me, his hot cum filling me up.

Sometimes it's less embarrassing with someone you don't know

first-time bonbons 2018-11-22

At his door stood, a life-size replica of the most exquisite porcelain doll, complete with alabaster skin, slender limbs and a childish curve to a figure that looked like it barely made it on time for puberty. “Look, I thought you wanted something more special for your first time, but if you wanna do this like a one-nighter, fine by me.” Her screams softened into moans as he began to flick his tongue swiftly across her erect nipples, sending waves of foreign pleasure through her body. Her vagina began to contract with wild spasms, which brought forward his orgasm, and as he pulled out he came, spurts of white spread across her torso like the milky way.

Dream wife

first-time woreout 2018-11-22

She said she had pushed the top so it only covered her nipples and when he came into the back yard she had forgotten about her breast being exposed that way. She looked at herself in the mirror and checking out her skirt and then pushing her chest out she said it's a shame to hide these perfect tits, they had beautiful nipples. She bent while looking in the mirror, my nipples can be seen and my skirt comes up so my ass shows. I caught my wife bending over as if to look at something giving the guys there a good look at both her pussy and nipples.

My first creampie

first-time Boston31 2018-11-22

As we were kissing, Lisa reached her hand up the leg of my shorts. At the same time she pulled her hand out and unbuttoned my shorts, quickly releasing my hard cock. As I ate her sweet pussy and fucked her with my fingers her moaning and breathing got deeper and harder. I grabbed my cock and placed the head at the base of her wet pussy. Lisa said, "Cum inside me baby." “I love your hot cum inside me” Lisa said. Lisa had her legs wrapped around me with my cock buried deep inside me. In no time I had my tongue pressed deep inside her wet pussy. I quickly pushed my head forward as Lisa began pushing my cum out of her sweet pussy.