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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Picture Story - Hotel Softcore Photo shoot

first-time imornery81 2018-07-20

My cock jumped every time I touched it and my mind kept thinking how awesome it was going to be when I finally got my hands on her and touch her. Finally, she went in and showered and came out in this one piece see through thing and she climbed up on the bed and with the sweetest, most innocent little girl look said, “So be honest. It was getting near dinner time and she said, “I have one more surprise for you, but you have to be seated for it.” So I made my way over to the chair and pointed out that with my arms bound behind me, this was not going to be comfortable. Does he want his nasty little girl to play with his big fat cock?” She said as she moved between my knees.

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 05

first-time jallen944 2018-07-20

His words caught in his throat when her lips closed around it and the head glided deep into her mouth over her warm, wet tongue. "You can cum in my mouth, if you want," she said, looking up at him. When he finished, she let his penis fall from between her lips and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. His hands moved around the curve of her hips, down to her ass, and squeezed, pulling her tight to his body. She didn't really care what Tom said, she just wanted Jeff's cock inside her. She took his balls in her hand, put her lips around his cock, and pulled it right down her throat.

Accidental Voyeur

first-time Ashson 2018-07-20

Moving along, Suzanne realised that there were people further back in the dunes, and she swung slightly off trail to see if she could spot them. She was eighteen. Their nudity probably quite shocked you." "Shocking, isn't it. You saw them and you were probably wondering what it would be like if you were that woman." Slightly surprised, Suzanne found herself walking along with him. You're eighteen, possibly nineteen, but no older. You're quite lovely to look at, easily embarrassed, blonde and a virgin." Did that girl back there get undressed for him or did he undress her?" There was an expectant look on Don's face as he smiled at Suzanne, waiting. If you're him, I'm one of your choir girls."


first-time 2fast2quick 2018-07-20

"I uh, saw a homeless girl outside that looked a little hungry, and thought I might get her something." I answered, shrugging as I grabbed the paper bag. I felt her cool hands against my back, and I couldn't help but grin like an idiot as her arms wrapped around me. "Sorry, I kind of ate like a pig just now..." She muttered as I saw her adorable cheeks turn a little red. We sat quietly for a couple minutes as the beautiful homeless girl kept eating chips, at a slower pace than she ate the burger, and sipped on my drink. My cheeks turned a shade darker, and I looked up to see her smiling softly, her hair obscuring her shining, stunning eyes.

My first man Fuck buddy.

first-time mycocknurass 2018-07-20

I started a membership on a swingers site and found that I had more men saying they wanted to suck my cock than I did women. Allen reached over and started rubbing my cock through my jeans and much to my surprise I got hard as a rock. Allen asked if he could kiss me and I said that I didn't really want to and I was sorry. He slowly rubbed my cock and told me how nice it was and he couldn't wait to suck on it. He took my now rock hard cock in his mouth and started taking it in farther with each bob of his had.

Being masturbated by a stranger

first-time argon54 2018-07-20

I decided I had to make my fantasy come true: touch another guy's dick. I was stark naked and erect and I was enjoying touching my dick in the sun when I saw him spying me behind some bushes, masturbating while watching me. I told him that I was straight but had always wanted to touch another guy's dick. He complimented me on my dick (I must admit it is good looking and women usually love it), started to masturbate me and said "don't you find this exciting ?". I came seconds after he took my rock-hard dick in his hands. I fantasize doing it again, with a good looking guy, 20-40, with a nice circumsized dick that I would lubricate and masturbate.

Commiting Sins

first-time KinkyKar18 2018-07-20

I suddenly realized he didn't know where I lived "Hey, wait, Jacob?" As if reading my mind, Jacob startled me, saying, "I've always wanted to try the new bar over on 10th street, and I've heard they have some great food, so I figured we could try eating there? And, if you think I'm too drunk to drive the few blocks away from your home, you could let me stay at your house." I felt my mouth hang open. "Uh, Jacob, maybe you should slow down," I said, a little worried, when he opened up his sixth Mike's. Suck harder you little bitch." I was getting more turned on the more he dirty-talked and the more he thrusted into me and the more he wanted me to hurt him.

Our first time

first-time Ilovesexyroundbutts 2018-07-20

After that it was hard to keep my eyes of her at work, she had the most amazing body and although we had kissed passionately I never really knew that she like me. Our first time was amazing and I can remember how tight she felt, pushing inside her was incredible and it felt so good, I was worried I'd cum too quick. Passion took over, we kissed and gropped each other as we fucked, I couldn't hold it in any longer and my body jerked as I pumped her full of cum. Tamara has got bigger, her boob's are now huge, 36ff and her bum has matched the growth of her tits, she still hasn't lost that amazing body shape and she is, in my opinion even sexier than she was at 17.

I met with an xH friend; it started like this...

first-time hotfun70 2018-07-20

I hooked up with an xH friend recently; it was he first time we met- I'm still playing it back in my head- a lot of fun and very hot for hours. She requested that she take off her clothes first and show herself to me while I stayed dressed- That alone was fuckin' hot and a sweet start- In 2 minutes, not only did I had a huge bulge in my pants, I had a wet spot where my precum soaked through my underwear and jeans. She got so wet so fast- I had to open up my pants and drop my underwear. We rubbed the precum between our lips.

spying on my virgin s****r

first-time ihadsexwithamonkey 2018-07-20

later that day i went into her room and change the blinds so i could get a better view and i saw that one of her undies was on the floor i picked it up and spelt it but then i her foot steps coming towards the room and i jumped inside the closet hoping not to be noticed my s****r walked and striped right in front of me her pussy was in plain veiw she put on a pj top with oit a bra she walked over to the door and locked it she lay down on her bed and started to rub her boobs her nippels started to harden and i pulled out my cock and started to stoke it she moved her hands in a cirlce over her breasts she moaned and was talking dirty to herself put i couldnt quite her it she moved to her pussy wet and rubbed her clit she said oh yeah b*****r thats it fuck harder b*****r i burst from the closest and slid my hard cock start into her wet pussy she screamed with pleasure her pussy was so tight it took all of my will not cum

Grinding our way to Orgasm

first-time adel5000 2018-07-20

Christine was shorter than Nicole, with a curvier body, larger breasts and straight must have been able to feel my hard penis pushing against her, and my nervous continued over the later weeks with Christine often rubbing her breasts against To my surprise I felt Christine’s tongue pushing its way past my lips and Christine sliding her hands underneath my shirt and peeling it over my head. look down onto Christine’s sweet breasts held up by a simple white bra. against her soft pink nipple, and Christine let out a small moan as I circled around wrap my lips around it and feel the hard pink nipple in my mouth. I was grinding the full length of my shaft up and down her pelvis, feeling her body


first-time JaJimLy 2018-07-20

Deborah feels the hard dick against her pussy and gasps into Helga's mouth, unintentionally making her break the kiss. Deborah's eyes widen a little in surprise as she felt Helga replace her fingers from one hand with those from the other, then prod the slippery digits at her asshole. Deborah reminded herself she couldn't feel pain as she invited Helga into her tightest, most intimate, if not forbidden area, and moans as her fingers piston her ass slowly while her tongue and other hand work the pussy. You know how I feel about you, and you can't top the surprise of your fine cock, either!" Deborah laughs, and so does Helga, though hers more like a nervous chuckle.

Slightly, Once Ch. 09

first-time Balrog 2018-07-20

Lots of requests for me to massage legs, looking to see if they could kindle jealousy in Kim. Instead, she gave exaggerated rave reviews and recommendations about how good I was with my hands. She jumped onto the bed and covered my face with kisses, laughing all the time, hugging me tight. I love that special place where butt meets legs, a slight curve of the thigh leading to a fold of skin, less so with Kim's taut, dynamite ass. Moving her hair out of the way, I finally got back to her neck, and lavished kisses all over it. "I love you so much." I nuzzled and kissed her neck, tickled by her long hair, still a little damp from her post-game shower.

Mom's Pussy Boy

first-time aprilatnite 2018-07-20

panties, garter belt, and stockings, she looked down at me, "Well, But as puberty arrived, I began to look at mom as a woman, and excitement, wearing mom's white panties. home after school every day and getting lost in her room. She was sitting on my bed, holding her come stained panties that I While she held her skirt up, her other hand slid inside her panties, "Well, panty boy, mommy's had enough." "A panty boy wants to become a pussy "That's right, stare at mommy's panties . "I'm mommy's panty boy." I could see a wet stain in the crotch of "So you want to be mommy's pussy boy," the words barely more "Now you're my pussy boy," she said, caressing my head as I lay

Cross Dressers First Time

first-time 2018-07-20

I would indulge myself and dress as my alter ego Paula at least once a month and enjoy time being a sexy lady. By the afternoon I had done my work and logged onto my computer and started looking at some of my favourite porn sites and enjoyed the films of some hot cross dressers I stroked myself through my panties but held off cumming as I planned a long night of porn and cum as I was not expecting to see anyone that evening. I fixed his drink and then slowly took off my dress revealing my sexy lingerie and hard cock.

Eve (A true story...OK, maybe not)

first-time Exakta66 2018-07-20

I uncover my eyes to see Adam standing there with a big proud grin on his face and Eve looking a bit unenthusiastic. Later that day Adam took me for a tour of the garden with Brenda as Eve stayed home and did her chores. I picked a rose and handed it to Eve. She took it and smiled at me, her big eyes sparkling in the morning sun. Once again Adam got excited and started humping Eve from behind as Brenda jumped up and down wildly. Just as I was starting to think I want out, an apple fell out of the tree and hit Eve on the head.

she had a COCK bigger than mine ..oh my !

first-time jerkme 2018-07-20

yup you guessed it i RAN over there like she was hurt lol thats how sexy this lady was she always smelled good and her accent was such a damn turn on cock would be solid hard half time i went there. thats what the bicth said she really asked me what was wrong,,ha i just stood there and said "you have balls??" before i could say more with no hesitation she grabbed my cock and continued to suck it back hard again it felt soo good her warm mouth and long tongue i couldnt make her stop and she knew it.

The Beginning

first-time charlessmythe 2018-07-20

After about thirty minutes more of playing I told Marvin, "Now you just sit back and relax." Then I got down on my knees between his legs and put his small hard cock against my chin and rubbed its cute little marble size head on my lips. After about another thirty seconds or so, I felt Marvin's cock started to pulsate, and the now familiar salty, sensation of his hot cum spewed across my tongue and hit the back of my throat. I took my tongue and lick it a little and then as I pulled away, I'd look up at him so he could see it coming from his cock back into my mouth.

A Delightful Young Lass

first-time goinstrong 2018-07-20

I wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated your reaching out!" With that, she leaned in again, put her arms around my neck, and gave me a solid, firm, tongue-washing soul kiss. When we broke apart, I pushed her back a bit - made eye contact - and said, "BethAnn, you know my age and your own. "Enjoy your body, BethAnn, while I do the same!" She began to slowly caress her tits, and I moved to the waist of her leggings. Leaning in again, I whispered, "Make love with your tits, and let's take you to paradise!" She intensified her attention to her tits, and began pulling at her nipples.

Sex and Education Pt. 02

first-time rhimshot415 2018-07-20

The next time we got together, when Kylene knocked on my door, I pulled her in quickly and kissed her face and her neck, and blew into her ears as I sucked her earlobes. But I said, "Perhaps that is so, Kylene, but I won't know until I try it, and I look forward to doing so." The smile she gave me then, as well as the kiss, told me everything would work out. One day, Kylene knocked on my door, as usual, but after kissing each other for a while, she asked me: "Gary Rothberg, have you managed yet to learn how to fuck my cunt?

Her Night with Him

first-time theisland26 2018-07-20

The conversation took a more upbeat turn and suddenly the young Marine had forgotten that he was speaking with this woman of simplistic, yet raw beauty -- shoulder length black hair and rich white skin that bore the tint of the slightest sun kissed color, big brown eyes, round, mesmerizing, piercing all in one -- and the two became lost in talk of movies and music, which evolved into his confession of a passion for acting and her inquiring further about the life of a man of whom she'd only thought in passing.

My First Time

first-time 2018-07-20

I get there and she's like the k** is asl**p and my friend works till ten. So we turn on the TV and set on the couch then she's says i'm a very open person, so I start to lick her face, she seems to like it and starts licking my face back, next then you know both our tongues are down eachothers throats. She then stradles me and starts humping me she wants to know if I ever had sex before, I tell her no, shes like will lets fuck but not on the couch so i follow her to the bathroom. So I ram my cock into her wet pussy and hump away like a dog in heat.

The Adventures of Alice

first-time mr_nick 2018-07-20

Alice called her back straight away to ask what was wrong and her friend just said it was to do with her hubby and she really needed Alice to help her out with something. "Well that's why I wanted to ask you over Alice..." her expression changed slightly and she looked straight into Alice's eyes "....he likes when girls dominate boys and I was wondering if you'd help me get my own back on him for hiding things from me?" Looking down she saw her friend working a vibe into her pussy and starting to lick her clit as she was furiously wanking herself off and her gorgeous hubby on a chain in ecstacy as he was watching them playing and licking and sucking on Alices feet.

You ready to be my Bitch Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-07-20

The hand on my waist was pulling me down and his big cock head was pressing against my hole, pushing it's way in. He groaned and pulled me back down and I felt his cock head push through deeper into my ass. Each time I took him all the way deep, I could feel his cock head push through deep inside me and he would groan. My gaping ass was throbbing, winking at him as he pushed his cock head against my hole and then in one slow stroke, he was in balls deep. His fingers found my face and were soon in my mouth, I sucked and tongued them as he stroked his cock in my ass.