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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jenn, my first BBW

first-time dj133 2018-07-20

I am so sorry, I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how to!" Kelly said in a rather loud voice that the neighboring tables and our waitress could hear. "Well, if you could, just take me just a couple of blocks to the bar so I can just let her finish up here." I said to Jenn. so I said, "ok." We get to her house and I sit down and she grabbed me a beer, the same type I had ordered at the restaurant. I walked into her room and I notice a small vibrator on her night stand. She asked if I wanted another beer, I said I was hoping for something stronger. She said I would find someone as pretty as Kelly again stating how beautiful she was.

My only bi experience

first-time flashman1807 2018-07-19

I quickly caught up but my good lady passed out so that Eamon and I had to carry her to bed. We stripped her off and rolled into bed before going back downstairs and discussed Jills body. He lightheartedly tried to pull me into the spare room and I pulled away laughing to slip into bed beside Jill and my hardon. I got up and quietly went into the spare bedroom where I could see Eamon laid in the bed in a low ghostly light. As I returned to the bed Eamon was still looking bewildered but stroking his cock. Fucking hell!' then lent forward, kissed him hard on the mouth and whispered 'Not a work, please'.

BestFriends Ex.

first-time 2018-07-19

So I took her hand in mine and we both left and went for a walk, I could tell she was upset still so I decided to head towards her home on the walk. We went in and we both decided that I would spend the night but that nothing more than just sharing the bed would happen...I knew this would be hard considering how much I wanted her. I felt her hand reach around and take a firm grip on my hard thick cock and pull and direct it towards her pussy. I felt myself slide in to her as every inch slowly entered her and stretched her tight little pussy.

The Only One I've Ever Lusted For

first-time Sugary_Comfort 2018-07-19

On my way back out my grandmother got my attention and asked, "Don't you think it's time for him to go home?" I looked at the clock and it was 1:30 in the morning. The chuckle wasn't long-lived as he began moving his fingers again and my eyes closed and I melted into the bed. As he'd pulled his hand out I'd sat up and when my grandma passed by the room, all she saw was us sitting innocently on the bed, each of us having one foot on the floor, as was also the rule. I wanted to help him, but I was too nervous to try putting my hand down his pants and even if we'd had the privacy for me to give him head, I had strong feelings against putting his dick in my mouth.

A Return to Suburbia

first-time 2018-07-19

Ron laughed, a gruff noise that annoyed the fuck out of me “You’re right on that one, you’re definitely going to get screwed.” He glanced at me again, then back at Alison, “So, why don’t you be a good girl and get your arse bent over that desk..and you” looking at me again “you stay out of the way. It didn’t go unnoticed by him, “Look at that”, he nodded to his cock, “All juicy and ready for my spunk!” He leaned forward, still pumping her snatch and pulled her head up by the hair “Tell him how good it feels..tell him you want to suck his cock while I fuck your gorgeous arse off.”

she knows

first-time marines1000 2018-07-19

she gets up and lays on her back as i bite and nibble on her inner thighs she moans taking deep breaths i start eating her out wiggling my wet stiff tongue all over her now wet pussy i start putting a finger in and playing with her g spot she almost screams but loses her breath i get back up after ten mins of this i grab her put her on all fours i put my now fully hard 10 inch dick in side her i grab her waist at first pumping it hard and fast i then reach over and grab her hair makeing her moan even louder then before she looks back and said "daddy im cumming " i go even faster now having one hand on her ass and the other on her black hard nipples i slow down i feel like my dicks going to pop i lay down and she gets on top of me now starting the splits down on my dick bouncing to a ponit i came all over her ass and back she turns around and sucks my dick even more making me cum again in her mouth she swallows she looks at me and said "now are u hungary " and heads for the kitchen

Show Me

first-time Ashson 2018-07-19

The girls were giggling and throwing little glances my way and I could feel the bulge starting to re form. I wasn't quite so fine with Jenny dropping a wet tissue over my erection (Yes. It was still standing tall.) and wiping it down, especially as she seemed to think that the head needed to be polished. None of the girls seemed to look at me any differently and I didn't hear any sniggering from amongst the boys so I was willing to assume that Kat and Jenny had kept their mouths shut. Like an idiot she promptly clutched hold of it, leaving my hands free to lower her panties, leaving her pussy on display for the second time that day.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 07

first-time BlewWater69 2018-07-19

As Suzie removed the towel and moved into the position he wanted, Curt went to the bathroom and came back with some lubricant. Curt wiggled his finger around slightly trying to work the hole open for the butt plug. Curt maintained his activities for several minutes and Suzie even wiggled her ass a bit as if she wanted it deeper. Suzie loved how he ate her pussy but nearly gagged on his cock when he started moving the butt plug back and forth in her ass. Curt took his time allowing her to adjust to each new movement forward but soon he had about six inches up Suzie's anal passage.

Something Different

first-time StephyX 2018-07-19

My heart began pounding as Trisha smiled and moved over to me, our bodies getting closer until touching. She slowly began to kiss down my body, kissing each breast and nipple before working down my stomach, past my belly button and heading straight for my wet pussy. Trisha began moving back up my body before kissing me on the lips before hinting that I should do what she did. I wasnt licking for all that long before Trisha got me back up and suggested we better get going because it was getting late. WE moved out of the showers and began getting dried off but our eyes couldnt stay off our bodies.

washing my s****rs back

first-time funnycunny 2018-07-19

Leaving my s****r & I at home, we were chatting away catching up on things when I got down to my boxers due to the heat & she decided she wanted a shower to cool down & refresh. I started to masturbate while i watched her i can see she is washing her hair & is all lathered up with her eyes closed so i take a better look & pull the curtain to one side, Her bum looks so soft & juicy the water cascading over her buttox my cock throbbing with happines she quickly turns with one eye open & says can you pass me the face cloth.

Live Show

first-time Gehld 2018-07-19

Now I am standing there buck naked in a gay theater with two guys jacking off to me and a few more just watching. The guy sitting next to me reaches out and grabs my cock and starts sucking it and my balls. I felt the guy sucking my cock start to moan and pump his hips. He then started to moan, I looked back and watched him shoot a big load of cum all over the others guys cock and balls. Watching two guys eat my cock, balls and ass cum on each other. I am so HOT, I get that feeling in my balls and I start to moan louder than the movie and blow a load of cum all both of them guys faces.

Tom's First

first-time mangrove jack 2018-07-19

Sally-Anne loved the look she was getting from Tom. She was only 19, but she was experienced beyond her years in the art of turning men on. “My cricketing friends tell me you’ve got a good eye,” he added as he turned to Tom and Sally-Anne. She lifted her head to look directly at him and said, “Keep your hands to yourself.” Tom was devastated he had thought he was making a little progress. “Ring me any time you want to go dancing...on second thought, ring me any way, I like spending time with beautiful women, especially women with lips made for kissing, like yours.” Meanwhile, Tom’s date, Sally-Anne, was exchanging phone numbers with Robert Barton when Tom joined them after the last dance.

Alice and I

first-time clarkcrow 2018-07-19

"Maybe you got too deep for them," Alice said in her low voice, as if she'd known what I was thinking. After a little more talking to different people, it was around midnight that I decided it was getting too rowdy for me and I told Gabrielle I was leaving. "I tried to tell Jean not to invite so many people, but you know what she's like," Gabrielle said, correctly guessing yet another reason why I felt I wanted to leave. I waited for a few minutes before I started thinking about leaving, whether or not Gabrielle was coming back and just around the time I was thinking of calling her on her phone instead, Alice appeared at the door.


Schoolgirl Daughter Of The Milf Next Door

first-time toyboy2 2018-07-19

I looked out just to make sure that her husband had gone to work,then headed next door.I let myself in and proceeded to the bedroom.The room was still dark so could not see her as i went in.I removed my clothes except for my pants and climbed into the bed.As i leant over my eyes began to adjust and i got a shock.Lying in the bed was not the next door milf but her daughter dressed in her school uniform.I expressed my shock and was about to get back out of the bed when she told me to stay there.I asked what was going on and she just said,

My attempt to get Chloe 'Mafia' Khan wet

first-time graw369 2018-07-19

As i stood back to work out which hole to fuck my hand uncontrollably lifted and then came swinging down smacking her straight across the right ass cheek with an almighty crack and leaving an instant red mark. I released her arms from the restraints and grabbed her by the hair again pulling her in close and kissing her passionately our tongues exploring each others mouths, then I pulled her away again and told her that anytime she wants to feel used and treated like the slut she dreams of being to come and visit again but now she needs to get dressed and get the fuck out as I have work in the morning.........


Alpha Gene Ch. 01: Awakening

first-time MrAlpha 2018-07-19

While there were no incredibly drastic changes, I noticed that abs were starting to appear on my previously skinny stomach, and my muscles in general had a more toned look to them. My first time with a girl had been better than anything I could have ever imagined, and it was all thanks to the effects of the alpha gene. I had to reapply the Alpha-X formula every few weeks to maintain my muscles at their expanded size, but the lab was open again and I would soon have the opportunity to do more work on the formula. Word began to spread of my incredible 'gifts' and soon more girls would find excuses to come back to my place to 'study' or meet me after hours like Rose had done.

Leslie Gives Her First Blowjob

first-time nvision 2018-07-19

Leslie was a super hot girl I dated in college for a few years. Needless to say I had an instant raging hard on, which the girls noticed and they both started kissing me and swam away. She was planning to stay with an old girl friend of mine, Ellen who lived in a nearby dorm and Leslie said that she wanted to see me. Nevertheless, she grabbed my hard cock at the base and started running her fingers up and down the shaft, examining it. I said, “What you can also try is putting your lips around it and suck the skin on my shaft”, which she promptly did as she kept tonguing the shaft and alternatively sucking the back of my cock.

Rest Stop and the Road Side Sex

first-time prettynun2010 2018-07-19

Do you want to take a ride with me brother?" she said and offered a ride to him, making the fat friar feel surprised and gave him a dilemma to accept her kindness, because the vows of poverty and chastity he had held for hisentire life, but now a lady who is young enough to be his daughter is offered him a ride in her luxury car. But when she pulled up her skirt to clean the spill she revealed more her legs to his sight, nearly to her crotch, the friar felt like it was stuck in his mind although he turn his face in another way, and then he noticed that his pole got hard and bulged out his habit like a tent.

How I turned my shy co-worker Anne to a freak Par

first-time TherealdealTD 2018-07-19

Anne started working at my firm in Jan 2016. She always wears these sexy tight skirts to work. As we finished I joked with Anne about needing a drink after that day. I started tell her how wonderful she was at the job but that she needs to act like a boss. We both have had a few drinks by now and feeling a bit more confidence I decided to flirt with my suggested. We laughed together for a bit and I quickly changed the topic not wanted to look like a fool. She said remember that little bit of advice you gave , well it worked. Give me your number and one day you may get a pic lol.


first-time hockeychick 2018-07-19

After a few weeks of classes, I invited John to play with us some night. Just thinking about John getting naked in the other room got me really turned on. John, being the new guy, got beat up pretty good. He was not just a good looking guy, he could really play. Usually, I'm not modest when it comes to the opposite sex, but knowing that John was in there made me think twice about getting naked in front of the guys. I must confess I was a bit nervous at this point, I had never done anything like this before and wanted to get it right. We picked up the pace, and soon I felt like I was going to come again.

Taking the Valedictorian

first-time JonoX 2018-07-19

Thanks Beth.” I was using the opportunity to look closely at her beautiful hair and imagine what it would look like pulled up in a ponytail; how it would bounce around as she walked; and how it would feel when I scrunched it in my hand. “Your hair really is sexy this way, Beth,” I said as my eyes were locked on her ponytail as I tried to commit to memory the feel of her soft, curly hair in my finger. When I finally got my face between her legs and licked her clit for the first time, Beth groaned loudly and took my head in her hands.

Radhika Deflower By a Uncle From Bus

first-time 2018-07-19

I never liked the boys my age, I was always interested in the Man. So whenever I had a chance to help any grandfather climb a stairs and use to lend my shoulder as support, I would just tingle in all the right places. My stop neared and I got up, I looked at him and smiled and asked him to move a little behind as I had to get down. As it was peak traffic hour the auto driver was going slow, Uncle oh his name was Sanjay, he asked me what are my ambition in life though I wanted to say to devout my life worshiping my idol, I said designer. He started touching me and kept kissing me I asked him to ring the door bell he said he has the keys.

From the start

first-time steviebicd 2018-07-19

I wanted to play with his cock the mags had put so many thoughts in my head I was not just looking at the pictures, now I was reading the stories and letters how the women in them were being used how they would dress up for men to be fucked. I had started wearing their undies, putting my mums stockings on her suspender belts and I had worn so many pairs of her panties wanking myself as I looked at pictures or read stories from one of the magazines I was the slut being used. He said he'd love to have someone wank him off, I said I bet you would like it sucked as well and cum in someone's mouth as well at this stage we were both horny as fuck both adjusting our trousers or touching our cocks briefly.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 11

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-07-19

"It looks amazing." Jacob had to stop himself from texting the words, wish I was there. Jacob smiled at her again and this time he looked across the table at her face. Through her glasses her eyes looked a little bigger than they actually were but Jacob liked the effect. It sounds like you need a friend." Heather's text said. "So what did you want to do?" Jacob said as the two of them walked into his living room. and two weeks without getting off makes me really want to, I don't want to do any more sexual things for a long long time." Jacob said. "If I went two weeks without masturbating I would be ready to explode." She said looking into his eyes.